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 The Rules of Philadelphia: City of Shadows
4:04am, February 24, 2013
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Banned Franchises and Canons | Character Registration

Welcome to the City of Shadows! Before you begin roleplaying, it is suggested that you read the rules before getting in character and taking off with a roleplay.

1) Be mindful and respectful towards other players. Some of us maybe far more experienced in roleplaying than others, and some of us are new to roleplaying. Please be respectful towards the roleplaying style of others and be patient with each other. For better guidelines, please see our First Impressions thread.

2) Trolling. Being purposely antagonistic between one another or more is strictly forbidden in City of Shadows. We want to try and maintain a friendly roleplaying environment. Issuing is three warnings-- Third strike, you're out. This would also include flooding.

3) Chatroom Wars-- Absoloutely forbidden here in this chatroom. Whatever happens in another chatroom is no one's business here. Bringing conflict to CoS via another chatroom will result in immediate bannings. Any persons caught doing this are to be reported to me for immediate action.

4) Power Gaming: Otherwise known as God-Moding or God-Modding, is strictly forbidden here. A Warning will be issued. If the violator continues, a second warning is to be issued. If they still continue, a First Ban is to be issued. Future offenses still require the two warnings prior to the ban. The amount of time for the bans is as follows:

1st: 24 Hour
2nd: 72 Hour
3rd+: 1 Week

5) Canons are expressively allowed and welcome into CoS. Diversity is what we want, but if they are too powerful according to the continuity which they come from, please try to tone them down. Sonic the Hedgehog and Disney Type Furries are not allowed though, but Original Furries, Weres, Mutates are. To see the difference between Weres, Furries and Mutates, please see the Furries vs Weres vs Mutates thread.

6) Magic is allowed here, however characters are to learn how to use it and put in practice. Magic is meant to be difficult to learn and quite taxing on the user depending on the usage and output. Players cannot have their characters learn abilities at a whim and cannot become Gods through magic. Magic is not something to handwave problems away, so don't abuse it and ruin it for everyone. Please refer to the Magic Guidelines to get an idea on how magic is treated here within the CoS Universe.

7) Teleportation: Allowed but limited. This can be done with technological or supernatural means, however the range of teleporting is 20 to 30 feet max.

8) What happens out of the chat, stays out of the chat. If you have a problem with a player due to differences, simply just block them from your AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, or whatever. Done and done.

9) RP Pause: Effective immediately, there is going to be a limit on pause for roleplays. There is a week long limit to continue an RP which has been placed on hold between players. If a party has not returned to the RP in three days, characters belonging to the involving party are free from the pause to continue roleplaying.

10) Immortality: Immortality is extremely limited here within the realms of CoS. To enforce this rule, Highlander Immortality rules will be used. Here, Immortals can die just like mortals though in a rather specific manner. Decapitation of the Immortal CAN and WILL kill an Immortal. Total body destruction CAN and WILL kill an Immortal. Characters who have regenerative properties ala Wolverine are allowed but decapitation and bodily destruction WILL kill an Immortal. No questions.

11) Death: Death will be done by consent of the player or if the player chooses to end their character's life for roleplaying storyline purposes. Killing a player's character out of OOC spite is unacceptable.

12) NO DRAMA WHATSOEVER! Unless there is a dispute concerning roleplaying, outside disputes concerning personal issues is not tolerated here.

13) ASK BEFORE YOU JOIN! It's simple common courtesy and good manners to ask to join an RP already in progress before jumping into it. Not only is jumping into an RP just plain rude, it also fucks with people's posting orders, and leaves everyone confused. So it's a good idea to ask to join before jumping into an RP.

14) ABSOLUTELY NO CHATROOM ADVERTISING AND LINKING! It's strictly prohibited that people go out and shamelessly plug their own chatroom or an external room here in CoS. This also extends to Private Message plugging as well... Doing this will result immediate banning.

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