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 Furries vs Weres vs Mutates
5:45am, February 24, 2013
As some of you want to know, Furries are officially not allowed in the realm of City of Shadows. Many of you are pondering as to why I have put such a restriction on these particular character types and rather allow Weres and Mutates in rather than actual furries. To be blunt, the answer is quite simple-- furries do not simply fit within the modern setting of CoS. This doesn't mean I am entirely against anthromorphic characters, far from it, but there is a fine line between Furries, Weres, and Mutates.

What I consider to be Furries are characters from certain fandoms like Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series, or Disney's Tail Spin, Duck Tales, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers-- to name but a few out of a numerous list. Basically these are just characters who were simply born with human-like traits, with the ability to walk, talk, etc. For further information on Furries, please visit:

Weres and Mutates are most definately allowed though as there happens to be a difference with Furries, Weres, and Mutates. Furries were born the way they were, meaning they're just a walking, talking animals where as Weres are, depending on the source of material, are humans who are cursed with lycanthropy, or are a sub-species of human who are born with the ability to shapeshift into an anthromorphic form. Mutates on the other hand... are a different story altogether. Unlike Furries who were born simply as they are, or as Werewolves who are cursed with lycanthropy, Mutates were CREATED by design or by accident. Lets take for example Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters, whose origins were that they started out as ordinary pet shot turtles but then later on mutated when they happened to wade in a puddle of TCRI mutagenic ooze, which resulted in their large size, appearance, intelligence and their ability to talk.

While this restriction is on furries, this doesn't necessarily just mean that only Weres and Mutates are allowed. Mythological and Cryptozoological beasts and animals are allowed as well such as Kitsune, Sasquatch, Mothman, Merfolk, etc.


For information on Lycanthropes, Mutates, and Mythological creatures:

TMNT and other Strangeness

After the Bomb

Mutants: A WOD Expansion by Peloquin
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