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 First Impressions are the Last Impressions
5:48am, February 24, 2013
Dear City of Shadows Members,

Here at City of Shadows, we value nothing but the very best of our players and value quality above many things. We look for the very best out of our players and we also strongly encourage development and growth with lesser experienced roleplayers as we are more than willing to help lesser players keep up with experienced ones.

However learning is a joint effort from both the experienced players and the newer ones, and therefore both sides must be willing to give it their all to create an enjoyable experience for experienced and newer players. We are a community and we wish only to help build a world which we can all immerse ourselves in for roleplaying.

Players, experienced and new, are to be treated with respect and courtesy. We will not accept any big talkers who seek to make a name for themselves, thinking that they are the next big thing.

We will also not be accepting of those who are uncompromising or hopeless beyond the point of learning.

Here at Philly: CoS, you need to prove yourself in order to earn a place here within our roleplaying environment. In short...

The First Impressions are the Last Impressions.

So make it good.


Philadelphia: City of Shadows Chatroom Administrator
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