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 1. Welcome!
DM Dudeladyjinn
7:43pm, March 25, 2014
Welcome to Tides of Adventure!

This is a friendly, relatively free form role playing environment filled with greatly creative individuals! We hold skill based events and quests to help characters grow, while immersing our players with rich storylines and detailed locations to interact within. It is actually encouraged for the players to entertain one another versus relying on admin run events.

Before you take the dive into the chat, we ask that you read over Our Rules. Furthermore, we also suggest making an OOC handle to really get to know the chat before you decide you are ready to take on creating a character in our room.

While we are a rather open role play room, we do have some structure that we require for our players when it comes to creating their characters for this room. Please be sure to read over Character Creation before really getting started with the beginnings of your new character.

Various other information about locations and events can be found on the chat’s Message Board.

We do hold an admin staff within this room and each one holds a different duty –

DMDudeladyjinn – Chat Master; oversees all that happens, puts together events, is the only person to approve or deny character applications, runs quests, guides players, and has all final say regarding all within the chat.

Meg - Moderator; helps with warnings and will ban when necessary. Meg also helps with brainstorming to help with RP and events.

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