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pJJ: Desert Bus for Hope 2019: website & live stream #DB2019

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Chat TitleDescriptionActive ChattersCurrent ObserversStatus
47 of 126Show Full Descriptions6/312/13-
The Danger ZoneEnter at your own risk. [R]00Open
ShadowrunNo Description [R]00Open
Star TrekNo Description [R]32Open
Rising EmpiresNo Description [NC17]02Open
Real VampiresThis chat is for all interested in the truth about real vampires, dispelling both old and new myths about them, plus providing some guidance and assis [R]00Open
Winter Rose AcademyWinter Rose one of the last few civilizations on this realm when all else had been lost to the ecological collapse. The academy and city was protected [R]00Open
WoS: Silver Raven InnFreestyle Semi-Turnbased High Fantasy RPG based loosely on D&D & Forgotten Realms, D20-Optional [R]05Mod
Philadelphia: City of ShadowsUnusual things have been occurring within the Philadelphia area. Things unexpected, things which go bump in the night. [R]01Mod
The Cantina, a Cross-FranchiseA Multi-Universe Role-Playing Extravaganza! Based chiefly in a smokey little bar on Tatooine, any characters, stories and settings are welcome! [R]01Lock
WoS: Afterworld500 years after the events of WoS: Nations Divided, on the heels of the Caellyra war, Spyridon is in ruins and the inhabitants of Spyridon have coloni [NC17]01Lock
A Den Of Wank+++ OOC insanity..leave your presumptions at the door and chat subversively. permissive moderation. potential adult content, oh! +++ [R]00Open
*Advent of Time*A planet that which is entwined in chaos..magic, technology, time..blended onto one. Pure chaos. What adventures shall befall those that return? [R]00Open
Armands Catacombs OOCStrang e, Savage, Ghastly and Dark. Dark Art, Gore, Gothic, Horror, Horror Movies, Heavy Metal/Industrial/Dea th Metal/Gothic Music, Living dead, Va [R]00Open
Ben's~Be Seen~ [R]00Open
Dungeon of the DamnedT he Dungeon of the Damned as it used to be. Alternative Culture! OOC..**Not A Roleplaying Room** -Moderated-< /b> [R]00Open
Empire XNo Description [R]00Open
EvolutionSetting: San Francisco. The main team is gone on business leaving the city to team members with less experience to keep order. [R]00Open
Goth ChatA Chatroom,To talk about the Gothic Subculture or Anything else on you're Mind.. [R]00Open
HAC 2Hide Away is a Free Style Multi-cross universe Role Play chat, for those of us into things like D&D, sonic, anime, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, or what e [R]00Open
Hollywood Nights:WoDWelcom e to WoD:LA! An old world of darkness based RP room. This is a Horror/Fantasy room that allows old world of darkness characters and some free [NC17]00Open
LizdoonvarnaWelcome to Lizdoonvarna. You are about to embark on a journey of adventure, magic, and wonder... [NC17]00Mod
Los Angeles: The Lost City ‡You can check in any time you like, but you may never leave.‡ &Dag ger; [NC17]00Open
LothianFrom mysterious stone circles of Callanish, to ancient tales of banshees & sea spirits - the Lothians have long been shrouded in cabalistic myth & sa [NC17]00Open
New Orleans New Orleans VTM Game [NC17]00Lock
New York NightsWelcome to New York: Freeform roleplay [NC17]00Open
OMG WTF IS THIS CHATROOM Not a Star Wars/Trek, Marvel/DC, Vampire chat. It's over saturated with that enough already. That said - This chat is dead...probably [R]00Open
Operation:SyndicateThe year is 2021 and the World is on the verge of a 3rd World War unless the people of this world have anything to say or do about it. The United Stat [NC17]00Mod
Planet Mobius ChatPlanet Mobius, the home of the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. PMC is a dedicated, long-time RP community based on the titular blue blur. Open to many who [R]00Lock
Port of MysteryNo Description [NC17]00Open
RifthavenRifthaven, the World between Worlds, a place where multiple continuities meet. Chaos at it's finest. Not to be confused with the game RIFT. [R]00Open
SAILOR MOON CHATRemember BeSeen? REMEMBER SMC?! So do I! [NC17]00Open
[ shola + achoris ]No Description [R]00Lock
Star WarsThe Galactic Rebellion Era [NC17]00Mod
Star Wars: BattlefrontsThe galaxy is at war. Will you fight for the Republic or the glory of the Empire? Dice optional. [NC17]00Open
Star Wars : Tides of War Planet Vallera, 30 ABY. The only important thing you need to know is that there is no Vong. [R]00Lock
Storm King's ThunderA DnD campaign set in the north of Faerun. Adventurers wanted! [R]00Open
Teenagers From Outer SpaceNeo Tokyo High School, where the students can be from anywhere! Just watch out for the Monster of the Week! [R]00Mod
The Jedi Creed: The ChallengeThe Jedi Creed is based on 'The Challenge of the Force' Chat Room during the late 90's. We hope to inspire you into realizing your abilities. [PG]00Open
The Like Minded IndividualsFor serious discussions on all topics. To learn and share for mutual personal growth. Looking at subjects from every collective perspective. [R]00Open
The Stygian PathThe Stygian Path is a horror role playing room that is centered around a small Ireland town named Ciarin that is located in the County Offaly, near th [NC17]00Lock
The Unknown Roomjust a chatroom [R]00Open
The Warehouse DistrictDilapidated buildings covered in woody vines. [R]00Open
Tides of AdventureRelatively free-form. Use of dice for events, battles, ect. A world where fantasy meets technology [NC17]00Lock
WatermarkNo Description [R]00Open
Witchcraft ChatWitches, Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, Pagans and all who are interested; Hail and Welcome! [R]00Open
WoS: HavilundWorld of Spyridon: 500 years ago, Havilund is a near barbaric territory in the nation of Shareem on the northwest area of the Seridian Peninsula. Pir [NC17]00Lock
WoS: Nations DividedWorld of Spyridon: Modern Spyridon ravaged by 100 years of drought. Not many villages survived the devastation, but then the rebirth happened and rain [NC17]00Lock
47 of 126-612 (13)-
Chat TitleDescriptionChattersObserversStatus
Chat Title: Very simple, and exactly what the name says.
Description: The chat theme/setting as the admin writes it.
Chatters: Number of people in the chat.
Observers: Number of people looking on the chat. Includes chatters.
Status: Open, Moderated or Locked. Access ranges from View/Chat over View/NoChat to NoView/NoChat for unregistered users.

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