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It is recommended that you check if there is another chat of nearly the same theme as the chat you want to request before doing so.
Please check with the Chat Master of any such chat if you perhaps could incorperate your ideas in their chat instead of starting a whole new one.

You must read and agree to these rules:

Terms of Service
As written 20th of April 2004

Bold text are section titles.
Underlined text are sub-sections.
Italic text are comments.

What is this?

This document contains the rules for,,, and all subdomains and subfolders thereof.

By using the Project JJ service and storage space, you grant Tino Didriksen conclusive power over any content used within the service.

Who wrote this?

I, Tino Didriksen, set these rules and guidelines.
I am the highest authority while using Project JJ systems and/or services.


This document is subject to change without prior warning. Due to Tino Didriksen not being native English nor trained in legal writings, the contents of this document may not be without fault. If you are in doubt of the exact meaning ask Tino Didriksen for a clarification.


Mature Content:

It is allowed to have chats with a mature theme and graphic nature, but all such chats must identify themselves with the chat rating NC17 or R as applicable so that minors can filter those.


A chat is regarded owned by the Chat Master, in the sense that the underlying software is not part of the chat itself. Thus, all contents of the chat is legally owned by the Chat Master. This includes, but is not limited to, deciding who has access to the contents, deciding who may alter the contents, and deleting the contents.
This means that a Chat Master has final say in who does what in his/her chat, within the constraints of international law.

It is not allowed to advertise in a chat without prior written consent from the Chat Master of the chat. If the advertisement is for-profit, then it is not allowed without my written consent.


Any personal information gathered from Project JJ services may not be given, sold or otherwise turned over to third party without the written consent of the user. This includes, but is not limited to: Name (first, last, middle), initials, title, occupation, address, country, telephone number, email, income, expenses, maritial status, conversations, documents, emails.
An email is regarded equal to a sealed letter, so it can be used for written consent.

Failure to comply:

Not complying to these rules will result in a warning or being blocked from the service, at my discretion. Should the failure continue then removal as Chat Master, at my discretion, can ensue. Users can, at my discretion, be blocked from the service.
Chat acronymSWNA (Star Wars New Age)
Master nicknameHan Solo
Master passwordd7g3sg6j
TermsTick if you have read and accepted the Terms of Service.