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🕒Karu: Yo, 'dis shit is whack!
🕒Karu: *YAWNS AT*
🕒Annabella: o_o
🕒Karu: (´○`)~*yawns*~ゝ
Karu shakes the Magic 8-Ball. It settles on: Ask again later
🕒Freya: (( Aaaand... fade. ))
🕒Freya: ... *She'd cast a dull sigh, bowing her head.* The theatrics...
🕒Crash Wilder: *He'd laugh on into the night like a mad scientist, shaking the very hangars with his laughter* Do not worry dear Freya! I fully intend to pay you back for saving my life 100 fold! BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
🕒Freya: *She blinked wildly as he came at her with all three instruments in his hands... and mouth. Why of all things the Power Drill? That'd just do more damage! She started to inch back, yet the locks secured her* ... Eep! *She'd yelp as she was worked on.*
🕒Crash Wilder: *He'd pull up a wrench in one hand, a screw driver in the other, and a power drill in his mouth, holding it like some madman with a three sword technique.* Bwwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha! Don't worry Freya! You're in good hands! *He'd move in, and begin work on her.*
🕒Freyr: *He casted his sis a very worried look, noticing the wound, but quickly nodded his head* ... Right! *he runs off, dashing through the hangar and out the front door, doors slamming shut behind him.*
🕒Freya: *She'd exhale a sigh, hobbling herself back onto the rack, the Yggdrasil unit slowly mending itself. She looked to Crash, nodding her head.* Brother, send word that we were attacked. Something is in the camp. Crash, I'd like you to hurry with those repairs... just in case.
🕒Crash Wilder: *He slams the door opener, the doors sliding and locking shut, creating a big barrier of steel from the creature. He looked to Freya, mystified at the heroics of the smaller Valkyrie.* ... Ah... heh... *he rubs the back of his head* ... Thanks for saving my bacon, Freya.
🕒A Shadow: *A hiss escaped the creature, and it pulled away, jumping back into the shadows. Rapidly it moved into the darkness and zipped away, leaving droplets of the elementally charged liquids that fueled her form.* ...
🕒Freyr: *He fell off the bench when he noticed his sister being attacked, summoning up several chest-sized rocks from the ground, moving to intercept* YOU GET THE HECK AWAY FROM MY SISTER! *He'd chuck the stones at the creature.*
🕒Crash Wilder: *He blinked, feeling her yank, snapping connectors in the YGGDRASIL repair station* Freya, what the... HELL?! *He blinked wildly as he notes where the blade was going towards, only to be intercepted by the Battle Maiden* FREYA! *He snapped his a combat rifle, raising the cybernetic gun, firing a barrage of quick shots.* GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER, MONSTER!
🕒Freya: ... Energy Signature detected. *Her eyes snapped towards the creature. She ripped herself free from the YGGDRASIL limbs, wincing and narrowing her eyes, as she slid out of the locking system, baring only one hastily attached arm, throwing herself in front of Crash, grabbing the tendril, the blades and spikes ripping violently at her palm. An energy field surges up in front of her, and inside her, just barely stopping the tendril as it puts a few inches of itself into her body, slowly pushing it out, her eyes narrowed at the darkness.* ... Intruder!
🕒A Shadow: *Their guard was down. Leaping from shadow to shadow the creature moved, swiftly, darting around in the blink of an eye. The shadows swelled up suddenly in a quick burst, and a spikey, bladed tendril snapped and shot towards the group, aiming for Crash's heart, a single, burning bright red eye staring from the black abyss at them.* ...!
🕒Freya: *Bits and pieces of her started sliding off and into various holster racks, locking her body in place so she wouldn't fall, almost like a tree-sort of design, several metallic limbs holding her up. YGGDRASIL UNIT 02 was planeted on the ground beneath. She let out a calm, relaxed sigh.* ...
🕒Crash Wilder: *He sighs, moving away from his but, twirling a wrench.* Right right right. I gotcha. *He moves over to her, sliding a screwdriver in his mouth, as he begins tuning the girl up, using bots and pieces of the surrounding hyper-advanced architecture to begin her repairs.* Gotta admit, your tech amazes the hell outta me. I am absolutely honored you trust your chassis to this high talent merchant~!
🕒Freya: *Yoink! She'd be pulled so quickly she'd leave a small dust trail where she was standing, hands folding in front of herself neutrally.* Very well. You have my apologies. *She moved over to her own part of the back, pieces of her starting to open as she stepped into a large, glowing circle, casting a gaze back to Crash.* ... I require maintenance. The soldiers have been giving me a hard time, despite their lack of nutrition. They may be dying, but they have incredible spirit. Like the Einherjar.
🕒Crash Wilder: Hey hey hey hey! *He'd grab hold of her and yank her away from the bot, look quickly turning defensive.* Listen, if you ain't gonna spiff the old girl up, at least have the decency to not take a peak at her unmentionables! It's not nice to look a lady's systems over without her permission y'know...? *Wink!*
🕒Freya: "Less regulational". So illegal. *She gave him a look for a moment... and then a shrug, refocusing her attention back towards the bot.* "Plus System"...?
🕒Crash Wilder: Mm? Welp. *He'd cast her a shrug, then wink at her* The old buzzbot here has some... ah... lessay "less than regulation" weaponry on it. They don't make stuff like this anymore lemme tell ya, and if we're gonna keep those shipments off the planet, we'll need all the fire we can get!
🕒Freya: *She'd calmly step up to the robot in question, holding out her hand.* Accessing diagnostics. *Her eyes flicker and several small bits of code roll over her eyes, quickly processing the unit over.* I am noticing a few of these parts are custom creations, using a mix of high end and older. Why do you have it like this?
🕒Crash Wilder: ... *He paused, staring at the boy for a moment.* A Magic Golem instead of a Mobile Suit? Man, that's a stupid idea. It'd never work. *He goes through the motions of diagnostics, checking the various weaponry.* Gotta admit, Freya. I wish I had your modificational power in this sucker. That way I could have a huge edge on the enemies. *He casted her a look, something of a mix of greed and envy, but also fondness.*
🕒Freyr: *He was sitting off to the side, swaying back and forth like a bored boy with too much energy, staring up at the sky.* Ohhh... maybe you should try rolling around in a magically infused golem? Just think about it! The wrath of nature at your beck and call!
🕒Crash Wilder: *He was kinda leaned ove ra console, looking up a large, bipedal mecha, armed to the teeth, though looking just a shade... junky. Definitely not the best, definitely not the worst. Higher range at the very least, though parts looked piecemeal. Sitting to either side were the brother sister combo.* Mmff... the enemy is getting smarter with their space drops. I gotta up my game but I don't know how...
🕒A Shadow: *A figure slides through the inky blackness of the night, slithering and stretching past the bits of pale moonlight as they make their way towards one of the lesser armed areas... inside, 3 figured, all focused away from the open doors leading out into the darkness of the night.*
🕒Nathyrr Elemmiire: ... A vampire, you say? That would explain he disappearances... and the lack of blood as well... *He looked off to the side.* ... A vampire on the loose in our camp, thirsty for blood...
🕒Aura Cain: *He had a grim look on his face, looking to his sister. The two siblings looked at one another knowingly, then back to Nathyrr.* You say that there are no bodies, and no bloodstains. People are jus disappearing. Furthermore... she hasn't eaten. That tells me that she's fully embraced the spirit of the cursed Kyuuketsuki sword... and has become a Vampire.
🕒Nathyrr Elemmiire: *He'd shrug, looking off to the side for a moment. Then to Qeglax. A quick nod between the two as a psychic field forms around the office.* That Manabot Child that we uncovered, Freyr, was able to access the data stores of the planet's memory, reliving what happened. Apparently Umrae'une let her out. To what ends I do not know, but I don't expect the best of the traitorous fiend. Most likely to pit us further against one another by using your daughter. Your daughter refused to eat any of the food we gave her, it's amazing she's still alive...
🕒Aura Cain: ... *He was silent about this. He mulled it over for a few seconds, his eyes shutting, exhaling a light sigh.* Nice to see some things don't change. My warcamp also had issues controlling prisoners. So wait... how exactly did you lose her?
🕒Nathyrr Elemmiire: ... *Smirking, he raised his tea cup, sipping.* Thank you, Qeglax. Always the finest brews. *He'd look to Aura and Cecilia with a calm look.* Now then. We... have a slight issue with your desire to see, much less release your daughter. Apparently she escaped... and since your stay here, we've had some of our soldiers going missing. No bodies... just completely vanished. Not even bloodstains left behind. Odd isn't it...?
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She'd tilt her head at him.* ... Ah? No... you didn't ask for one... perhaps next time you should step up and ask nicely if you want something, brother dear... *She'd toss her hair casually.*
🕒Aura Cain: *He'd snarl a little* Stop calling me pouty...! *He'd ahem, then look at his sister. Pouty childish look.* ... Sis, you didn't make one for me?
🕒Qeglax: *He'd sit the tray of tea cups down aside his Lord, making sure to slide the papers out of the way mentally, stacking them calmly, then setting the tea out, pouring them both a cup.* Miss Cecilia you are truly a delight... your brother however is a pouty little child...
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She slips out of the kitchen next to Qeglax, smiling at him and seemingly giggling at something he said. She was in complete good spirits, sitting next to her brother with a cup of Hot Chocolate.* I'm back~! Alright. Now then. Shall we discuss the finer details of the entire business with my niece?
🕒Nathyrr Elemmiire: *He shrugged his shoulders, then looked onward at the documents on his desk. He pulled out pen, put it to paper, and began to write.* Very well then... if you'd like to just pout in silence, by all means...
🕒Aura Cain: *He held up a finger, cutting the man off. He casted him a piercing gaze, eyes narrowed.* You kidnapped my daughter. You can wait until Celia gets in here...
🕒Nathyrr Elemmiire: *Enter the main office of Nathyrr. He was sitting at his desk, arms folded on his desk, casting the grumpy Shadow Man a raised brow. Eyes drifted towards the kitchen, then back to him, where the smells of freshly brewing Tea and Hot Chocolate rolled from.* ... So...
🕒Lotus: [...]
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🕒Abigor: ((You want her to just leave you alone, stop doing shit to drag her back into your bullshit))
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🕒Ryoko Cain: *TO BE CONTINUED.*
🕒Ryoko Cain: ... *A shadowy figure slips out of the darkness of the underground jail, her eyes narrowed, cheeks sunk in, destitute... and dripping with blood. She licks some of the blood off her cheek, and when she does, the skintone and definition starts to return to her cheek. She looks on into the darkness, eyes burning red with a lust, fangs bared to the pale moonlight.*
🕒Umraeune Auyryval: *Still buried face-first in the ground.*
🕒Nathyrr Elemmiire: ... *He smiles at the two of them, ushering everyone inside... being carried by the Oni woman protectively.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: Alright! *She hops up, fists raised and clasped in encitement. She about doubles over from pain and injuries.* ... I am alright... *Shifty eyes* No one saw that...
🕒Aura Cain: *He'd sigh lightly, nodding his head to Cecilia.* Alright, alright. Lets get healed up and fed, then talk about all this in the morning... and yeah. I did. That we were the bad guys here... *He looked over the cuddling Drow and Oni.* ... Everything I know is wrong. Heh. But I'm also pretty happy about that...
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She'd look to Aura, giving him one of those pretty please looks.* What do you say, brother? You felt it too... right? I doubt they'll hurt us when our backs are turned...
🕒Nathyrr Elemmiire: (( Pic/Handle change. ))
🕒Fallen Star: *He'd nod calmly to the both of them, removing his helmet, finally, to press a soft kiss to the rough skin of the female oni, returning her hug tightly.* Forgive me. I worried you both. Thank you for standing beside me so thoroughly, even in my darkest hour. *He turned his attention to Aura and Cecilia.* My name is Nathyrr Elemmiire, and I'm the leader of this Drow Army and the Against All Odds arena team. It's a pleasure to finally meet you both. Please accept our hospitality and stay the night. I'd like to talk with you both.
🕒Fuki Horie: *She dropped the rogue Priestess to the ground, pulling fallen up off the ground and into her arms, cradling him.* ... Hey. Don't you ever scare me like that again alright? Otherwise I'm claiming spousal abuse from whatever I happen to do to my liver. *She hugged him tight against her.*
🕒Qeglax: *He kneeled beside Fallen, smiling the best smile the squid-like man could give.* Welcome back, My Lord... you know for a minute there you started to smell like a warmed outhouse. Guess your father really was full of shit...
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She gave the man a soft look as he peered into those pure hues, nodding her head.* ... *Her own holy energy dropped out of her, since the essence of Baal was now gone from her.* You are absolutely welcome... "Sir Nathyrr", was it? *She smiled brightly at him.* Hey bro! *She waves at him* I just saved the world! And someone! Beat that! *She grinned ear to ear at her acco,plishment.*
🕒Fallen Star: *With all his might he swings his weight forward, snapping the blades to pieces, shattering them from the hilt downward, breaking the spell, and destroying the last memories of Comson. He exhaled a light sigh, dropping to his knees, looking up at Cecilia, resting a hand on her shoulder.* Thank you. I am in your debt...
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She was silent for a moment as she stared at the eyes of the pleading leader. She moved over to him and nodding, grabbing the swords. Her gauntlets began to violently vibrate, digging into every little droplet, every atom of daemonic power flowing through the sword to weaken it's bonds. Vibrating so hard her arms would start to bleed.* ... Give it... EVERYTHING... YOU'VE GOT!
🕒Fuki Horie: *She gave the man kind eyes, even in her drunken stupor she still had her wits... and her heart. Yet when she heard Umraeune screaming, she'd whirl around, grabbing the woman by the face, lifting her up off the ground, and squeezing, exhaling loudly, with the most wicked of looks on her face. She dropped her to the ground, with all her weight and power, then yanks her up and slams her down again, over and over and over until she feels Umraeune start to crumple a bit on her grasp.* Fuck off fangirl. He's already spoken for.
🕒Umraeune Auyryval: No! NO NO NO NO NO! Not like this! I won't let you take Lolth's consort away! *She made a break for the field, trying to get the two away from the would-be comson, Kris dagger drawn as she leapt at the Oni woman.* BACK AWAY FROM MY GODDESS'S MAN!
🕒Fallen Star: *He let out an enraged scream of fury as he thrashed madly against what amounted to his minions at this point* LET ME GO! YOU'RE GOING TO LET HER WIN! SHE'LL KILL US ALL YOU FOOLS! *Yet those voices calling to hi deepest, darkest psyche caused him to pause. He looked up into the eyes of the Oni woman. He could feel the weakness of Qeglax's tone. His arms started to relax... and he dropped his arms.* ... Qeglax... my friend, my brother... Fuki, my love... *THose screams hit him hard again. His sweaty brow tensed, and he fought with all his might against the darkness within him. He pulled free from the two, slamming the swords into the ground, sinking them in deep. He twisted, pushed, shoved, with all his might, trying to bend and break the blades. Yet nothing. They were a force of hell even he, the daemon in control of it, could not break. He looked to Cecilia with weak eyes.* ... Please, I implore you... help me...
🕒Cecilia Cain: *Screams of pain and agony tore from her with each rake of the blade across her form, yet she was still surging. She could still fight. The country, even the world itself, was counting on her to stop the monster before her. Yet she paused when she looked at the man and his friends starting to pool around him. She'd move to quickly scoot back.* ...
🕒Aura Cain: *He was silent, watching the scene unfold, his arms crossing over his chest, looking at his sister.* ...
🕒Fuki Horie: *He watches Qeglax move in, pulling herself off the wall, silently trudging past the priestess, not even bothering to snarl in fury at her. She moves up to the Drow man, arms resting on his shoulders, looking down at him.* ... Against All Odds, Nathyrr, you were the one that brought us together. This isn't you. This isn't the man I love. Enough...*She leaned in, pressing her forehead against the cracked helmet he wore, shutting her eyes, all the while leaving herself completely open to be attacked, even killed by him. Vestiges of the trust she held for him.* ... You believed in the good in me when no one else did. You are the only reason I'm still here. Because I believe in you too.
🕒Qeglax: ... *He was silent as he watched onward, dragging himself off the ground. He shot a dirty look back at Aura.* It doesn't matter anymore. I'm going to save my lord, even if it kills me. *He moves towards Fallen, dizzied still by the blows to the head, throwing his arms tight around his midsection, then pulling up under his armpits, locking him in place.* NATHYRR! Please! This isn't you! ... Stop... please... I don't want it all to end like this...
🕒Fallen Star: *He whipped the blades around down at her, laughing maniacally at her.* See?! SEE?! This is what you get for trying to KILL A GOD! I'm going to kill you, then your entire shitty family, then anyone and EVERYONE you've ever met in your life, and their families! I am the INCARNATION OF SUFFERING! *He let out a shriek of laughter as he tore into shield and body like a mindless berserker, soaking himself in ribbons of blood as he cleaves through armor and flesh, his swings mismatched and placed in chaotic ways so he couldn't be predicted by her shield, moving to chest and legs.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: *The explosions rip across her form and she screams in agony, tossing her defense aside and sending her spinning, spiralling off her feet and hitting the ground, arms raising to protect herself with her shield as she knew what being grounded in a fight meant.*
🕒Aura Cain: *He raised his brow, noticing the loss in Qeglax's eyes.* ... *His eyes then shifted over to the form of the Oni, and the Drow Priestess, taking in just what was going on around them. The psychobitch of Lolth was screaming in glee... and the softer spoken ones had completely lost it. Suddenly, HE felt like the monster here, folding his arms. He nudged Qeglax with a foot.* ... hey. Failed? What do you mean?
🕒Qeglax: *The series of blows hit him, and he was flattened, frozen by a sudden out of body experience. When he finally snapped to, he was cold and panicking, shuddering and shaking. He... felt tears start to flow from his eyes as he watched Fallen dance that dance that was never his. He buried his head on the ground.* ... We failed. It's over. I give up...
🕒Fallen Star: *The weapon hits, cracking his helmet in several places. sending him scattering to the ground. Yet every moment on the ground he's pulling in more of that corrupt daemonic force into his body, surging. He gathered himself, roaring out in rage, pouncing off the ground and rushing her down. He let that full daemonic power ripple from his being, coating him, buried in every cell on his body, beginning a mad dance as he swarmed around her in a full offensive, blades slashing and thrusting through any opening in her armor, tumbling and changing direction to tear into her leg, especially going for her achille's tendon and her hamstrings, with each slash causing a small explosion of hellfire that would aim to throw her around with concussive force.* DIE! DIE! DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!
🕒Cecilia Cain: *The slash hit, causing her to yelp in pain as the daemonic weapon burned into her very being, leaving a scalding mark. She caught the shield as he rebounded back, it flying where Fallen's head had been using the force to carry her back and away from the trip, rolling on the ground, throwing the weapon at him mid roll.*
🕒Aura Cain: *He let the wave carry him off, rather than defending, flowing with the attack, sutras scattering across the ground as he flew away. He'd whine and yelp in pain, sounding more vulpine than human, though he'd disappear mid throw, reappearing falling in mid air to slam his shakujo onto Qeglax's back. When the blow hit, the sutras would turn into beams of light and dark, shooting into the staff, then delivering crushing force almost like a pneumatic pressure weapon in the form of a soul strike aimed to Qeglax's spine.*
🕒Qeglax: *The continual blows to his head and stress of all the psychic force caused his head to pound, veins forming along his head. He was squeezing his hands tight, trying to get himself together. He pushed out a wave of energy from his form, aiming to throw the man of him, and cause searing agony in every nerve touches by the way* GET OFF!
🕒Fallen Star: *He'd dodge the shield, feeling coy about such an obvious attack, though when she jabbed, he'd tumble aside and slash her side, then sweep the back of her legs, aiming to knock her down.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She'd move in towards him, fists raised, shield snapping back to her. She'd throw out the shield quickly, sending it flying off towards a nearby tree, then focus her fists in throwing jabs, testing the waters for his reaction speed.*
🕒Aura Cain: *He pulled the arm out, using the freeze in his foe to spin around, completely materialize, and slam the heel of his foot into the back of Qeglax's head, aiming to send him flying off his feet. Once he was airborn, he'd take a pose like he were about to jump,. disappear, then reappear in a flying dropkick, slamming the man to the ground, and throwing a lightning quick barrage of punches to the back of his head.*
🕒Qeglax: *He took the blows on the first few hits, though when the fist passed through him, he froze up, mentally and physically. He wasn't that far gone, and knew if he did that, he'd have a hole in his chest shaped in Aura's arm.* ...!
🕒Fallen Star: ?! *The flash blinded him for a moment, getting smashed to the ground flatly as he noticed all too late as he swooped her. He screamed out on agony from the hit, almost dropping his swords as his armor shattered from his shoulders and cracked along his arms. He pulled back and away, shifting, swaying, focusing his attention on her... particularly the breaks in his armor. He'd have to swiftly work around them, but it was doable. Another surge shifted through him as the two personalities clashed. One screaming to charge in and slaughter, the other wanting to wait and counter.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She'd throw her shield at the ground, creating a burst of light that'd send her flying over the daemon claw, fists igniting as she dropped down on Fallen star with all her might, double slamming him with hammer fists as she dropped down, aiming to smash both his shoulders, dropping her weight on him as she swooped down. When the blow hit, her gauntlets would ring, sending a sonic wave of divine power surging through every little molecule of his armor, aiming to shatter and destroy it outright.* VOICE OF GOD!!!
🕒Aura Cain: *He'd glance his feet and fists off the rocks, moving to curl around and push them away, then wallow him. He'd pause for a minute before disappearing, rushing into Qeglax. He'd rematerialize behind him, passing through him as a spirit, fist ramming through his chest, waiting, fully expecting for him to grab him in his material energy form, so he could go fully flesh and burst his ribcage then and there.*
🕒Qeglax: Both of you can do that?! *He roared in fury, now completely off his game as he tried to sense Aura each time he leapt into reality. He knew he couldn't fight him by grabbing him, so he opted to rip rocks up out of the ground, getting battered by blows. The stones rapidly circled around his form, and any touched would try to throw him off his feet and smash him backwards.* Bastard! Hold STILL!
🕒Fallen Star: *He rushed in to meet her, not even taking time to snark or laugh at her, wicked giggles echoing from his form as he rushed her down. He twisted one of his swords upside down as he moved in at her, aiming a phantasmal daemon claw to form under her, lashing at her, to throw her off her game, and open her up for a brutal slash from that blood-hungry soulcleaver of his.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She'd nod her head, grinning to him lightly, turning to focus on Fallen.* So, looks like Cecilia gets to save the world... I've been waiting a lifetime just to make you pay for what you did to us and the Fort... but Aura and Naida always stole the glory... *The Shield in her hand would start to ring, vibrating with holy force and she rushes in.* COME ON THEN! HAVE AT YOU!
🕒Aura Cain: Hey sis. *He motions to Fallen* ... Switch with me. *He focuses on Qeglax, suddenly rushing towards him, bounding through the spiritual and physical planes effortlessly, coming upon him with a rapid barrage ofpunches, mixed into a handstand and flurry of kicks, using his entire body to mix up the blows, yet at the same time jumping between flurries so as to keep out of his direct gaze.* ...!
🕒Umraeune Auyryval: *She was laughing maniacally, smiling to herself with precious glee, clasping her hands tightly.* LORD COMSON! CONSORT OF LADY LOLTH! STEP FORWARD AND SLAUGHTER OUR ENEMIES!
🕒Fuki Horie: *There was only furious silence as she burned inside, watching the scene with a near hopeless gaze. Instead, she poured herself another cup of sake, and swallowed the whole of it.* ...
🕒Qeglax: I'm... going to kill you... for taking him...
🕒Fallen Star: *He simply raised his swords up in front of himself, readied.* I'll enjoy pulling you apart and making a pillow out of your feathers... *Hands trembled as he held his swords at the readied, body surging with the pure power of the abyss.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUK6tJMlGI8 )) Aura... this is easily one of the stupidest, most dangerous goddamn ideas you have EVER had... but... thank you, brother, for your belief in me... *She'd ready her shield as she landed softly on the ground, facing them both.*
🕒Aura Cain: Correct. The Heavens found it pertinent to create their own "Baal" should you ever return. With that Baal energy, you are naturally stronger than we are, so I had to push you over the edge to even the score, and bring out her power. It senses you. It knows you. It's created specifically to hunt you down and kill you. And guess who they chose to give that power to...?
🕒Qeglax: *he was just silent now, he didn't care anymore. His friend was gone, replaced by the bloody psychopath that had destroyed entire worlds. Yet his rage was focused on Aura solely.* ...
🕒Fallen Star: *He looked over her form silently, noting all the marks along her form. Where there was once silence, there was sound. Whispers. Music. Even laughter. Echoing from that form. A grim tone rippled from his form.* ... The Metatron.
🕒Cecilia Cain: (( Pic change. ))
🕒Cecilia Cain: *As if on cue the rope and chains would be shredded, burned away by pure light, to the point the light have evaporated the materials outright, reducing it to simple atoms that flew away like dust. Rising from the puddle of broken self was the Paladiness, her body shrouded in absolute divine light, a holy, sun-like mark surging behind her, woven into marks all along her body, her eyes now pure white.*
🕒Aura Cain: ... My God? Nowhere. But my Goddess? Well... *He motioned past the two of them, a casual smile planted firmly on his features.*
🕒Qeglax: *He felt absolutely powerless as he stared at him, though Aura didn't even seem phased.* ... Bastard... you corrupted him, took him from us... AND WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SMILING LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT?!
🕒Fallen Star: *he slowly but surely turned to Aura, focused wrath in his hands, swords raised in front of him.* ... So good to see you again Mr. Cain. A fierce reminder that even when the world falls to pieces, you'll find a way to scurry out of it and live. And you've even managed to finally purify yourself and embrace the light and darkness in you... all that neutral, balance nonsense. Tell me Aura, where are you Gods now, when you stand before a God...?
🕒Aura Cain: (( Pic change. ))
🕒Aura Cain: *The moon that shown down on him consumed his form, drawing from the pure light and the tar-like darkness that fought over day and night. He embraced nature, he embraced himself, and the spiritual fire in him was lit. An athletic-looking vulpine creature stood where Aura was, the soft moonlight reflecting off his form, taking a readied stance as he looked at the two.* ... And about... now...
🕒Qeglax: *He looked terrified, saddened, infuriated, overwhelmed as the scene played out in front of him.* ... *he just stumbled back, looking aghast.* Nathyrr... Nathyrr no... we had so much work to do... we were going to make things right...
🕒Fallen Star: *He was just slumped forward as the Father and Son clashed violent in his skull and in his soul. He looked like he was trying to scream, but couldn't get a sound out, his hands clenching and unclenching the swords rapidly.*
🕒Aura Cain: *He slowly stood up, bathing in the darkness of the night, and the light of the moon, sighing softly and shutting his eyes. Yet his gaze snapped open when he said "Nathyrr".* ... Did you say "Nathyrr"? You fool... I see... so that's why... *He shut his eyes* Word had it that there was a Gladiator that was elected to take the power of Comson and lead the Drow army. Nathyrr was that champion. Also the bastard son of him, funny enough... *He pointed a finger at Qeglax.* Your friend was already gone the second he let that evil into his soul. *As he pointed, the light touching his arm would start to see soft, almost silken hairs start to spread over his form.*
🕒Qeglax: You...! You broke him! What have you done to him?! *He rushed over to Fallen, shaking him* My lord! Wake up! MY LORD! This is not you! *There was a genuine fear in his gaze now as he stared at the man, concern in his gaze.* NATHYRR! COME BACK TO ME! PLEASE!
🕒Fallen Star: *He seemed completely out of the loop of their conversation, flinching, shifting abruptly, feeling like his entire form was burning away inside, something hammering deep in his mind. He could see visions... no. Not visions. Visions are pictures. This was him LIVING A LIFE... stabbing babies in cribs with a Kris Dagger. Spilling blood of innocent for fun. Forcing himself on a woman as she begged him to stop. That last scene rippled through his entire frame, and he was silent.* ...
🕒Aura Cain: *He takes a seat on the ground, in a mix of meditative pose, inhaling, then exhaling, as he focused to release the last of his "demons", motioning towards Fallen.* ... Comson, I knew you could never turn away power. It's not in you to, no matter how risky. I could see the monster in you coming back, and I knew what I had to do... to hand you Baal.
🕒Qeglax: *He gave Aura the weirdest of looks when he started to laugh, tilting his head to the side.* Now what in the heck are you laughing at...? You basically just unleashed Hell On Earth... and you're cracking up...?
🕒Fallen Star: *He exhaled a soul-heavy sigh, shudders rolling through his form. Waves of screams of ungodly pain and fury echoed through his entire being, as if he had becoming the incarnation of some twisted divine retribution and suffering.* This... this power... I remember it...
🕒Aura Cain: *He just laid there for a few moments, crumpled on the ground, yet fire was starting to roll over his form, burning away the darkness that had consumed him with divine purity.* ... *he flopped on his rear, wincing as wounds cauterized and began to regenerate, albeit slowly. He just started... laughing. Smiling and laughing.*
🕒Umraeune Auyryval: *Her eyes welled with tears... and she smiled. Finally it was complete. Finally he was back. Her look was one of pure pleasure and glee as she felt the trembling forces of Baal shuddering through the area.* My lord... my lord is back~...
🕒Fuki Horie: *She was walking around, slapping her face, punching building nearby, snorting, full of rage and fury at this sight. No. No. This was fucking wrong. This was bad. This was not Fallen. This was not HER lord. She was clearly anxious by the sight, and even she, as an oni, could feel what was going on inside him, and it tore her to pieces.* No! FUCK NO! Fuck this shit! This is all wrong!
🕒Qeglax: *Now he seemed worried when he saw what had happened to his lord. The link had been shattered by the pure force inside him, and he couldn't tell what Fallen was thinking.* My lord, are you alright...?
🕒Fallen Star: *When the swords plunged in, they'd form a sort of spiritual circuit with the Baal mark, and he'd rip the very force out of Aura, delivering the title, and all it's powers, unto him, delivering that lost daemonic near-godhood that had been afforded before. He screamed out loudly as his eyes burned bright red, his entire form surging with apocalyptic power, he himself rising to the sky. There was a silence, before he slowly descended, the translucent imagery that had been around them fading away.* ...
🕒Aura Cain: *Sure enough, he was grid locked. Take the physical or the mental. If he lost control of this power, if he did become that Aura... it was too much. Yet there was a glint of mischievous fury inside him as the swords entered his form, yelping in pain as he fought with all his might to retain his sanity.* Nnggghhhhhhh!
🕒Qeglax: *He'd wait for the moment, using psychic force to shroud his lord, linked to fallen psychicly. When Fallen arrived, he had the added benefit of Qeglax's psychic presence flowing through, purple energy tendrils pouring from Fallen's body and snapping around Aura's form, forcing him to defend himself physically, or mentally, and be crushed by the madness inside him.*
🕒Fallen Star: *he takes a few blows, though parries the next few, quickly breaking away and dashing towards Aura, swords at his sides. He could tell his movements were being hindered, pain flaring through his body, especially up his spine as it worked so hard to steadily keep him aloft and moving. He started to pant, cleaving through one of the arms and moving in to rush him through the shattered bone matter, moving to ram both swords into Aura's body.* That power does NOT belong to you...!
🕒Aura Cain: *A series of 9 rings opens beneath them, one after one being thrown open and shattered by a dark force throwing open the locks, each step breaking another one, until the very core of the abyss is torn open, filling the area with the twisted fury from below. Hundreds of spectral hands begind to form, disembodied, some arms, some just wrists, all grasping at the ground. A skeletal one bursts up in front of Fallen, swiping at him, each one daring to touch him adding weight of sin to his body, aiming to slow him down and cause his entire form to burn greater and greater with infernal agony.*
🕒Qeglax: Absolutely, my lord... it is just as you said it'd be. *He floats off the ground and over to Fallen's side, palm raised to the sky as he focused his mental energies, locking his gaze on Aura. Psychic link establishes.* ~I'll take the physical, you take the metaphysical. Ready when you are... and... don't lose yourself in there.~
🕒Fallen Star: *His eyes shifted over to Qeglax, giving him a nod of the head as he focused his attention forward.* It's time. Are you ready? *He raised both his swords, getting ready for the fight about to take place.* ...
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She felt the force and it grounded her completely, almost taking her breath away from the sheer magnitude being belted out. She clenched her fists, trying to break free of the grip of the abyss on her. Just then, WHAM. She was coldcocked, knocked to the ground, dazed, unable to even feel the chains and rope tying itself around her.* N... nnhh...
🕒Aura Cain: (( Image change. ))
🕒Aura Cain: (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=982hs0CeBL8 )) *He stepped towards the throne, where a much longer-haired, youthful form of Aura sat, taking a seat on the throne.* Yes and no... you see... this is the image of the Worst Timeline. In this timeline, I gave up everything. Nihilism took me, and I decided everyone, and everything, would suffer the losses I had. In this timeline, I accepted fully the throne of Baal, ursurping and killing him. *The mark of Baal flared to life beneath him, draining the true powers of Satan's right hand into his form. mixing and twisting the two Auras together. He would embrace this Aura, leaving only bits of himself behind to control the darkness within.* ... *After a few moments, he rises from the throne, a geyser of dark power surging up around him.* Comson. I killed you once. I will kill you again. Over and over and over until I've ended your miserable life... even if I have to hop every reality and carve you and whatever life you lead to bits and pieces, or reboot the entire multi-verse without you in it...
🕒Qeglax: *He blinked, noticing her unfocus, using his psychic powers to grab chains, rope, and heavily weighted pieces of metal from nearby, chunking all of it at the woman in a frenzy. The first down on her, smashing her from overhead, then the others went to snare around her while she was stunned from the blow.*
🕒Fallen Star: *The darkness flowing from him began to weave through Fallen as well. The crackling energy that appeared only every so often between flickered now rippled across both swords like a livewire, before becoming pure sheathes of energy pouring from the depths of the abyss.* Oh ho... this power... *He muttered lowly to himself, small his of childish glee in his tone as he could feel the very abyss opening beneath them.* So it's true... you still hold the Key of Baal... no wonder it never passed on to that half-breed that beat you...
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She was about to pounce the man when she got distracted, coming to face Aura as she saw the darkness that was POURING out of every ounce of his being. To a divinity like her, it was strangling. YEt she knew this feeling. It was years and years ago, but she had felt this force before.* ... *Her gaze went wide, disturbed even, shouting to him* AURA! DON'T! YOU CAN'T CONTROL THAT POWER!
🕒Aura Cain: *He shoved the other back with a blast of dark energy that radiated from his form, negative force rolling through his body now. Through the crimson staining his view, he moved to grab at the air, a black tome appearing from the darkest depths of his soul. He reached out, grabbing the tome firmly in his grasp. CHAPTER BLACK was written on it, and as he opened the cover, the pages came to life, flipping through them. A daemonic circle began to unfold beneath, the area becoming filled with transparent imagery. Of note, it looked like the insides of a blood red cave, with a single throne on the far end of it, overlooking a pit straight into the abyss.*
🕒Fuki Horie: *She was watching the fight with folded arms, not looking pleased at all from the fight, even though her lord was winning. Something was off... she had never seen him so brutal, so violent, even mildly maniacal. Yet her gaze was soon found on Umraeune, noticing her... way too jolly demeanor. Something was very very wrong now, but she couldn't tell what. She decided to keep watching the fight... but keep tabs on the priestess. What erred her on caution the most was her being near the jail. Was it interrogation? Torture? She couldn't tell. She remained focused, arms folded, sake cup in hand, so big it was almost the side of half her head, slurping from the crimson-red ceramics idly as she watched.* ...
🕒Ryoko Cain: *Her form was gaunt, almost lifeless, a few trays of untouched food nearby, some of it outright spoilt, her eyes dim with depression. She looked up towards the opening door, regarding it for a few moments.* ...
🕒Umraeune Auyryval: *The spider would find Ryoko in the darkest depths, crawling into the cell with the girl.* ... Child, it is time to awaken and take what is rightfully yours. To soak in the blood of your foes and climb up upon their corpses... Drink deep in their suffering, their very lives... *With that, the spider unlocks the door for her, then fades away. She steps away from the jail and back to where she once was, looking... accomplished.*
🕒Qeglax: *He felt his soul shake in his body, getting thrown into the air, only to notice too late the form coming at him. He tried to cross his arms, to build a fragmented, weak psychic barrier around himself, the blow smashing him to the ground, grinding across the ground a bit on his face, creating a trail from impact to where he lay, now bleeding and snarling.* ...
🕒Fallen Star: *But it wasn't enough. He zipped around Aura in an overwhelming fury of malicious intent, A slashing sweep. A pinning thrust. A twist of the sword so the butt faced his foe, then swinging around his staff and bashing him in the side of the head, all while kicking at his shins, and the wounds he had formed, just to make him that much more hurt, overwhelming Aura with a show of true, bloodletting force.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She laughed loudly, bouncing back and forth on her feet. Fists raised and swinging at the air. She slammed her fists to the ground, shield first, creating a jut of divine force that would explode under his form, throwing him up into the air. She'd them jump, and with his hands clasped, spike him down like a volleyball with a double axe-handle.* GET! DUNKED!
🕒Aura Cain: *Stab. After Stab. After Stab. The blows rained down on him, yelping in pain as he tried to cover his form, each blow searing his very soul from the wicked energies flowing through his swords, like he were viciously trying to pick him apart surgically piece by piece. He roared out in rage, pushing back on the man.* ... That... is enough... *He looked down, seeing scarlet around his legs, and feet. His own blood.*
🕒Qeglax: *The blow hit him hard, lifting him right off off the ground and sending him crumpled to the ground with a wheezed scream of agony. His eyes were wide as he fought to regain his breath, trying to focus his gaze on Cecilia, but delirious from the sudden loss of breath.*
🕒Fallen Star: *He was pushed back by the staff, blowing, focusing on the rings specifically. He whirled around Aura in a Dance Macabre, looking for opening before belting out a furious barrage of sinister thrusts, aiming for the rings as the staff head passed around Aura's body, then drawing just as quickly as he thrust, mixing with tumbled slashes that sweeped his legs still, moving around him with an overwhelming flurrious fury.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: *Her body would flash from view, becoming divine light, entering her angelic form and moving between the physical and spiritual planes, blurring white as she streaked forward and through all her force into a blow to his solar plexis.*
🕒Aura Cain: *He blocked the first few slashes with his staff, aiming to redirect them away, a calm fury on his face as the father sought to reunite with daughter, and the fiend standing in his way was blocking him. When the tumble came though, he was surprised, yelping as the thrust was attempted to dodge, only to have his leg be cut across, though the roll was blocked by a swing of the staff, to knock him away.*
🕒Qeglax: *A dismal sigh escaped the mindflayer, a hand raising as though to swat away a pest that was buzzing around his head. That keen psychic force swells within his form, lifting Cecilia again off the ground, and flicking her away without such much a care in the world.*
🕒Fallen Star: *He hit the ground with a thud as the blasts of light crackled violently against daemonic energy flowing through his swords. He was silent for a bit, before rising from the ground. He focused all his force into those swords, and the essence of the swords into him. There was an odd silence from him, till he finally raised up both swords at the ready, and dashed forward, moves becoming dance-like and elegant, throwing himself through Aura's defenses with a barrage of quick slashes with his sword, slashing, thumbling to the side, thrusting at his leg, then moving to slide between his legs, twirl his swords around, and double stab him in the back as he moved past.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She held her shield up, crashing into the building, letting out an angry groan when she hit.* Oh... you are working my LAST nerve...! *She pulled herself free, then turned to face him, rushing him down again. Divine light was starting to build off her frame as she rushed him, giving her a speed boost.*
🕒Aura Cain: *He moved in quickly, smashing his hand to Fallen's chest, to one of his arms, the opposing leg, then smashing the head of the staff into his chest, igniting the other seals, throwing him completely off his feet with a blast of divine light.*
🕒Qeglax: *He watched the woman charging him, arms casually folding. A pale outline of purple energy wraps around her form, and pitches her off to the side, throwing her into one of the nearby buildings. Now he had the most bored look on his face.* ...
🕒Fallen Star: *A scream of agony ripped through the air as the holy flash hit him, grabbing at his face and near dropping his swords from the amount of pain, both physical and spiritual. He stumbled around a bit, his gaze now filled with bright lights.* ...!
🕒Cecilia Cain: Oh god dammit Aura, why do you always give me the bullshit fights...?! *She quickly recovered, taking a ready stance.* ... Gah! *She rushed the other male, fists raised.*
🕒Aura Cain: *The slash came, and he winced... but he got back on balance, smashing his palm to the visor of the drow, quickly pulling away. He extended a hand to him, a sutra planted to his face, then snapped, a flash ripping through the air, like a mini-solar flare exploding outwards... and into Fallen's eyes.*
🕒Qeglax: *His face tendrils wriggled, staring the woman down for a moment, just... stopping her hands, right in front of him, exhaling a light sigh.* This feel so one-sided I actually feel kind of bad... *With telekinetic force he lifted her off the ground with a simple gesture, tossing her away like a piece of trash. A dull look soon found her.* Are we really doing this...?
🕒Fallen Star: *He felt the jostle, seeming to let it hit, if only to test Aura's power, fighting through the sudden shift in vision to hook his sword hilt under aura's leg and redirect his kick, throwing aquick slash to his exposed side as he moved to knock the man off balance.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She sized up the man, then rushed him, throwing herself completely into the fray at him. Fists raised, eyes focused, shield at the ready, her entire form a flawless flow of metallic fury as she bobbed and weaved herself into Qeglax's space, throwing a few quich test jabs at him.*
🕒Aura Cain: *That made him mildly bitter. Just mildly. He took a step forward, rushing the man swiftly. He moved in quickly, planting the staff firmly with a thrust downward to create a spiritual shockwave, aiming to jostle Fallen's very soul, then moving to use the staff like a balancing weight, kicking off the ground, throwing a quick leaping kick at Fallen's chest. Which each movement the rings would jingle, letting off pulses of spiritual energy.*
🕒Fallen Star: *The drow readied both his swords, two drow-craft long swords, each teeming with a blood red energy that crackled viciously along the blade, his eyes narrowed, his form flawless, ready to carve the two of them up, giving Qeglax a dry look, before focusing his eyes on Aura.* Guests are allowed the first move. Call it Noblesse Oblige.
🕒Qeglax: *He'd arrive, stalking out of the nearby building with his arms clasped behind his back, standing tall and proud, eying the man and woman silently. He finally nodded to them both a greeting, before taking his place beside Fallen Star.* I am here, my Lord... *His eyes shifted to Aura's cranium, then to Fallen, tone turning sarcastically sweet.* You brought me junkfood, my lord. You're too kind...
🕒Aura Cain: *Out of habit he checked behind them to make damn sure a Drow wasn't going to pounce and stab them in the back, or worse. Call it a hunch, or just bad feelings from his last meeting with the guy. He then turned to Fallen Star, hand extending, creating a beautiful golden staff, a single large ring atop it, with several smaller rings contained within it, 3 on either side, 6 in all. A Shakujo. In his other hand, black and white sutras.* ... *He exhales a light sigh.* Really don't want to do this, but very well... let's get this done.
🕒Cecilia Cain: *She'd exhale a light sigh, pulling out her shield, nodding her head to him.* None taken. *She felt a little better with her shield in hand, eyes wandering around the Drow moving AWAY from the battle and to the outer reaches of the camp.* Expecting a big show huh?... Well, heh, I'd hate you disappoint... *She got in a ready position, her divine aura flowing around her body, creating the image of angel wings for just a moment.* Ready!
🕒Fallen Star: *He peered right up into Aura's eyes for a few moments, before slowly pushing his chair out, then standing. He casually pulled his swords off the wall, then moved outside, turning to one of the soldiers* Call Qeglax. He is needed. *He looked back to the two of them.* If you want to duel, very well. I will not be going into combat without my right-hand man. As I know you, Aura, you will do almost anything to win. as such, I'd rather not take a chance, especially on your sister playing nice. No offense, Lady Cecilia.
🕒Aura Cain: *He stepped forward, pressing the tips of his fingers to the desk, leaning in to look at the man with narrowed hues.* You do realize, Comson, that I am not leaving this warcamp without my daughter? So it's up to you how this goes... we can part amicably with my daughter in tow... or I could remind you why I led, and when you led, everything fell apart...
🕒Fallen Star: *He lifted his head from the bushel of notes and maps, exhaling a haggard sigh. He looked upon the two of them with war-worn eyes, nodding his head in greeting to them, arms folding over the desk.* I'm afraid we can't. She was attempting to smash through our blockade, and killed several of our soldiers before being captured. As such, she's a prisoner of war.
🕒Aura Cain: *He'd be led to, and open, the door to the office of Drow Leader... Fallen Star. He looked around, noting a severe lack of pretty blonde guys in cages.* Yeah, this definitely isn't my Warcamp design... *He had a playfully sour look on his face, before stepping up to the occupied desk. He stared down his opposite, arms folding.* We meet again, Comson... as much as I'd like to catch up, I'm here for my daughter. Please release her and we'll leave peacefully.
🕒Umraeune Auyryval: *She watched the two of them enter, a deliciously devilish grin spreading across her features. Quickly she made her way towards the cells, dropping one of her spiders into the darkness. It'd skitter off, heading to the darkest depths, in it's mission... to find the prisoner.*
🕒Cecilia Cain: Hey, you catching this, bro?... It appears they've got Dwarves working for them. Very sturdy. very metallic, built for brunt. Looks like Comson upped his game, and got ready for a full on assault from the Fort should his plans fail... *She seemed apprenhensive, guarded, though she made no movements to summon her shield and start the throwdown to end all throwdowns.*
🕒Fallen Star: *Guards would look upon him, one running to find their leader, with the second moving to open the gates and allow them in, per instruction. They'd lead the group into the depths of the War Camp, which had a very strikingly different design to it than Aura's own old camp. Most of it appeared to be of Dwarven make.*
🕒Aura Cain: *A pair of figures made their way through the blackened forest, their only lights the moonlight, the coming light they were stepping up to. After a few moments, the man calls out to the guards. These were no ordinary guards though... they were Drow. This was the main camp of the Drow Army, and standing before them, guests they had been awaiting for a while.* Hail. My name is Aura Cain, and this is my sister, Cecilia Cain. We are here seeking the release of my daughter, Ryoko Cain. I wish to see your leader. *he kept his tone friendly, though the idea he would be facing down Comson of all people again twisted him deep inside.*
🕒Qeglax: (( Test. ))
🕒Aura Cain: (( Test. ))
🕒Gavin Enmar: *He noticed the two stepping up behind him.* Hey! Sis! Bro! *He had the biggest of smiles as he waved at them.* You cats came to swing?! Because if so, you came to the right place! We're havin' a grand ol' time, pull up a chair and relax! *The scene fades on the group and he throws himself back around to face the piano, and continue to play.*
🕒Akahito Enmar: *He looked between her, and the stuffy, boring, trashy war room off in the distance, at the castle. Back and forth, back and forth.* Y'know. I'd say you're overworked. Let's cut loose for a night... and just have some fun. *He'd walk in after her, the door shutting behind them.*
🕒Akahito Enmar: (( *Waves* ))
🕒Estelle Enmar: *She came running up after her brother, panting and huffing from having to sprint such a distance her armoring.* ... You... You are... *huff... wheeze... cough!*... Are an ASSHOLE! *She blinked, noticing the belting tunes inside the bar, making her way over to the doors, then inside.* So, whose job is it to drag him away...? Or should we just sit and take in the music?
🕒Abigor: ((oh..))
🕒Gavin Enmar: *The two of them would find themselves entering a bar not too long. Sitting at a rustic, stained, wooden piano was a young man hammering on the keys like a champ. Sitting atop the piano, just above the keys, was a glass filled with ice and a honeyed liquid. The man himself was wearing a white, button up shirt, black pants, black suspenders, black shoes, and a frickin' black fedora of all things. Not in the hipster sorta way, but like he jumped outta some 1940s/50s era movie. Same could be said for his music, which had the few remaining townspeople with actual supplies and the soldiers especially perked up.* (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP-G_TAD2hg ))
🕒Estelle Enmar: *She'd go wide eyed as he took off, shouting after him* God dammit Aka! Not fair! *She claps her hands, the haunting image of neon red brushing over her frame, the forgemaster rune snarling to life on the back of her hands, the heavier sections of her armor burning away as she took off after him, now in lighter armor, like one would expect an expert Lancer to wear.* Get back here!
🕒Akahito Enmar: *He ponders this for a moment, looking onward into the night.* Y'know. I'd like that. If we can't have sis with us here, the least we can do is have all three of us there. Let's do it, sis. *He'd grin at her, and move ahead of her.* Race ya! *he quickly took off.*
🕒Estelle Enmar: *She'd nod her head, and lead the way.* Should we get Gavin? I'm sure he's probably hanging out at one of the bars trying to cheer up the patrons... *Her eyes moved to the scene of the coming builds as they re-entered the Fort, now turning completely to the man with her hands on her hips.*
🕒Akahito Enmar: *She gave her a look, shifting eyes between her and the kiseru at his hip.* Ah, gee sis, I dunno... it's such a nice, windy night tonight... not too hot, not too cold. You wanna stuff me up in another war room meeting though... *He'd shrug, exhaling a light sigh.* Ah... fine. Lets go hang out in your personal clubhouse of shiny people wielding stabby things.
🕒Estelle Enmar: *After a few moments she releases him, turning towards the fort gates.* I'd appreciate your input and whatever you've scouted out back at the war room. Come back with me? Or are you gonna hang out here on the edge and make peace with your pipe? *A lil smirk as she rested her hands on her hips.*
🕒Akahito Enmar: *His look turned a little somber when she hugged him, throwing his arms tight around her, his eyes shutting as he embraced her, rubbing her back lightly as the two siblings clung to each other for support.* ... You too sis. Thanks.
🕒Estelle Enmar: ... *She turned to her younger brother, approaching him, and just threw her arms around him, shutting her eyes as she held him against her, letting out a relaxed, even happy sigh.* ... Thanks, bro. I needed this chat.
🕒Akahito Enmar: *He returned that coy look of hers, and burst out laughing himself, hands coming up to rest behind the back of his head, dropping his fan into the back of his robes, where it'd disappear. His eyes locked out across the horizon, taking in the visage of blackness... and what felt like hundreds of eyes in the blackness watching them. A grand army ready to stomp on them.* ... We'll survive, sis. We're survivors. Proud dragons with a noble lineage. We got this.
🕒Estelle Enmar: *She blinked a few times, noting the smouldering smoke coming from her mouth. The dragonic fire rumbling inside her... and the sulfur that came from it. She let out a fiery huff as she turned from her brother, waving him off with her hand.* Yeah yeah, I get it, you smoke pipes and I breath fire, and we both smell like shit. at least we smell better than bodyspray. *A coy look crossed her features, before she suddenly burst into laughter.*
🕒Akahito Enmar: *He'd grin lightly at her, a fan slipping out of the sleeve of his clothing, dropping into his hand. He quickly raised it, and started waving it inches from his nose rapidly.* Something smells like rotten eggs! Sis you smell awful ! *The look on his face showed he was completely shit-talking her at this point and pushing her buttons, an impish look adorning his features.*
🕒Estelle Enmar: *She was taking in his arguments for why they MIGHT not just get completely rolled over.* You're right... and a Commander like myself can't get wrapped into the details. If the troops see me flinching, they'll flinch t-... *She'd suddenly blink at his outburst, stepping back.* ?! What is it?!
🕒Akahito Enmar: *He set the pipe back to his side, giving her a shrug as she mentioned the awaiting death that was about to collapse down on them.* Sis, the way I see it, no matter what we do... whatever will be, will be. We gotta Flow Like Fire, and if we burn ourselves out before the fight even starts, we'll have no chance. We have a small one. *He gave her a playful wink, raising a finger at her.* Remember, we're Cains AND Enmars. Two of the greatest heroes that the Fort has ever seen. We can handle this... and we still have Uncle Aura and Aunt Cecilia out in the wilds. They'll probably return... probably. And hopefully with help. *He paused, then suddenly gave her an offended look, and started waving his hand in front of his face.* Ew!
🕒Estelle Enmar: *She let out a yeowch! when given said think, rubbing the top of her head with a snarl, lightly belting out of a huff of fiery red embers from her mouth. She turned to him... and in turn of the nose prod, gave his a quick flick, neverminding she was wearing gauntlets still, giving him a sharp glare for a few moments.* Checking in on you. *Her huffy look went from huff to weaker when she turned away, looking out on the horizon.* ... Are you worried? The final march of our enemies will no doubt be soon. We have no supplies, and we're facing Comson of all enemies... even when the Fort had it's best defenses, he almost won. He's going to kill us... or capture us and toss us in that shitty arena of his...
🕒Akahito Enmar: *He paused, looking at his sister with a raised brow. True he was smiling when hugged, but that smile became a smirk when he noticed she was holding her breath. He brandished the smoking-tool in his hand, twirling it, then giving her a light thunk on the head with the underside of it.* I could, yes, but it's a habit. I don't do it nearly as much mind you... but the leaves come from Grandmother's village. It reminds me of the summers we used to spend there. Grandma and Grandpa were always good to us, and the people of the village even moreso. It's also where I got the pipe. *He motioned to the underside of it, showing what appeared to be an ornate, if not faded emblem of an eastern clan.* Doesn't answer my question, though. *he leaned in, poking her in the snoot.* Sup?
🕒Estelle Enmar: *Her nose wrinkled a bit, letting off a light cough from the pure smell coming off the man. She inhaled, then threw her arms around her brother, giving him a big hug. She then let go, stepped back... and exhaled.* You still do that? You know he doesn't really pop up around here anymore... you don't have to do it anymore...
🕒Akahito Enmar: *Sure enough, a figure was standing in the tree line, holding what appeared to look like some sort of pipe-shaped bludgeon weapon. A Kenka Kiseru. The bowl was tipped forward, bursts of red flaring up as he inhaled, exhaling with a deep, calmed sigh. He blinked a few times. ? O-hay-yo, Sis~... *He dropped down from his perch in the trees, as he landed flipping the pipe over across his arm, smacking the mix of metal and wood against his arm, dumping the leftover ash of tobacco leaves. He twirled the thing, then holstered it at his side, grinning and raising a hand at her. Unlike the ragged look on his sister's face, his was easily the most relaxed, either oblivious to the hell about to come for them, or having a genuinely laid back approach to their impending demise.* Eh heh~... and what can I do for you, mm?
🕒Estelle Enmar: *She nodded her head, waving to the woman.* Thank you, Alteia. I'll try to have someone come and relieve you so you can get some food. *She'd continue past, her eyes locked onto the tree-bound figure, waving a hand up to him.* Hey, you gonna come down, or you gonna make me shout all the way up there?!
🕒Alteia Cain: *A hand raised, pointing the way to a line of trees, the everwatchful look on her face being betrayed by the smallest hints of a calm smile.* He's over there... *Where she pointed, a figure was standing, every so often plumes of silver rising, with a small, fiery red smart burning in between releases.*
🕒Estelle Enmar: *It made her feel better to have such a powerful, dedicated guardian in their midst, exhaling a light sigh as tension dropped inside her. Yet still that smell on the air was getting stronger. She made her way past the gate, following the scent, looking back towards Alteia.* Did you happen to see anyone come past this way...?
🕒Alteia Cain: *Sure enough, the Dark Knight herself had her sword rested, blade tip towards the ground, looking as cold and emotionless as the very statues surrounding. She had pledged to protected and serve these people, and she wouldn't stop till the last breath in her. Her demeanor changed, however, as the heavily-armored woman turned to look at Estelle. A hand raised, a weak smile showing.* I did. I... ran away, trying to do right in another world. To help there. Something about the walls of reality being torn asunder. But when I heard just how bad things got here, and how the Lord I had pledged to serve ran like a coward, I had to return. If he will not protect these people... I will.
🕒Estelle Enmar: *It was a nice, windy summer night, calm before the storm it seemed. A stressed looking woman wearing what appeared like a weird blend between a Knight and Mercenary's armor made her way across the streets of the fort, taking in just how dire the situation was. It was strangling. Worse, they had lost the few vestiges of hope they were really holding onto. A sigh escaped her, that usual calm, collectedness looking grim... until she smelt something on the wind. It was a familiar smell, her eyes focusing down the road and to the outside of the fort, noting the high wall. She'd make her way over towards it, the steel of her equipment clicking and clattering with every labored step. She'd spot a figure standing upon the highwall, quickly realizing who it was.* ... Heh. So, you stopped running and came back home again. Welcome home, cous.
🕒Estelle Enmar: (( *Pops knuckles.* ))
🕒Estelle Enmar: (( All handles set up and ready to go. ))
🕒Estelle Enmar: (( Test. ))
🕒Vaci Sinto: (blarg)
🕒Jhutatia Fett : (log in test))
🕒Jhutatia Fett: (meep)
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