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Admin notes: MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES TO THE CHAT. which are on the welcome page

If For some reason you are having issues being accepted as a handle you can contact the chat owner On Discord

Click here to see what Factions are what. If you want a new faction please reply to the post with faction name and a 15pix high icon.

This is probs not a good idea so please don't abuse it. This is so you do not need to wait around on an e-mail that may never show up or wait around on an admin to add you as a user, an OLD e-mail box of mine that I don't use anymore will get spammed, so I'm not bothered. If the password changes I will just delete it.
This is a public use handle for you to add users you can only add them as:
Members (people that do a bit of everything)
OOC (people that only ooc or a default handle to log in as to save the details on the chain)

Name: Add Users
Password: 123456

Anti-spam question:
The earth is ...?