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9:25pm, October 08, 2012
-Don't be a dick when dealing with admins. Have a little respect and you will be treated with such.
-Respect each other.
-No god moding.
-No name calling.
-No racism.

-This room is rated R, but don’t make the sexual content explicit. It makes some people uncomfortable. Like me. Take it to whispers. Or better yet, take it to where no one can see it. Please, no orgies or penetration in the middle of the chat.
-No canons. All characters must be original. If I find out you’re using a character from some anime, game, or comic, you will be spoken to and your character will be retconned out of the universe. Yes, we will do the research.
-Anthromorphs are allowed, but they cannot be mobian based. Like Sonic or Knuckles. That is not allowed. (Keep in mind that gold bloods tend to be lion in appearance while silver bloods are strictly wolves and black bloods are dragon/wolf in nature.)
-No killing peoples characters off without permission. Sometimes death can add a lot to a RP and can be tragic, but certain characters are good for moving plot along. Also, don't be afraid to kill off a character no matter how attached.
-No homophobia. Some people rp male/male or female/female relationships. Some people even rp the opposite sex. Get over it.
-No harassing people.
-Not a lot of OOC. It’s distracting when you RP. If the whole chat is OOC that is fine. If you need to clear something up, that is fine. Hell, I OOC like mad, but I try to be considerate of the rpers.
-Rated R means 18+, but I’m not keeping tabs on age. If you have a problem with gore, cussing, and other perverted or mind boggling things, don’t come here. I don’t want to hear whining about she said this, or he did that. Expect the unexpected.
-Leave all real life issues OUT of the chatroom. If you rp with your bf, gf, whathaveyou, and you’re in conflict, don’t pile it on everyone else. If you were friends with a fellow rper, and are not anymore, just try to ignore each other. Or better yet, FIX IT. Come talk to me and I’ll try to help sort it out. I want a comfortable, friendly, and inviting atmosphere in this room.
-Try to acknowledge a characters post. It can get so annoying when you enter a post and it goes unseen. For all you know, you could be great friends later on. (Don't be cliquey, in other words)
-Racism is allowed IC and IC ONLY. Like most drow avoid other races, dwarves keep to themselves. Your human may not like the way that furry thing looks. Yeah. That’s acceptable. And only that.
-Angels, demons, goddesses, gods, werewolves, vampires, dhampirs. Face it. These are some of the most generic races/classes that people take advantage of, and even stamp a bad name on. I will allow these if you provide a profile I can look over and approve of.
-No time traveling. This is a medieval based chat room. However, evolution can be considered. Like engineering and guns, but keep in mind that this isn’t War World II with atomic bombs and nuclear explosives.
-No 1337. kthx.
We're not trying to sound too bossy, just want everything to flow and for all of us to have fun. We're a pretty chill staff, just easier to have a few mechanics in place in a free form room like this

Stuff we like, which might get you brownie points:
-Awesome rping. Put a little emotion and description in it! Or at least try.
-Friendliness. Friendliness will take you a long way.
-Fighting, with boundaries of course. We don’t like saying this character is more powerful than that one.
-Thick, JUICY plots. Having conflict IC is great. This story weaving with that story; but remember, this is IN CHARACTER. Don’t take things inside of the role play literally or try to bring it into real life.
-Understandable posts.
Stuff for people who just don’t know:
RP: Role play.
IC: In Character.
OOC: Out Of Character.

If you're new to RPing please don't get scared. We'll help you figure it out. We all gotta get started somehow!

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