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 Welcome to the dangerzone
The Watcher
11:11pm, January 14, 2015

Banned Canons:
Certain characters and canons are banned due to the power imbalance they tend to include. Cannons are as followed--

Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy
One punch man

If you are unsure about a character speak to an Admin. Thankyou

Rule Number one. No Proxies please. People who use proxies typically are up to no good. if this is you and you wish to be a part of this room, ditch the prox

Rule number two. No, and i mean ABSOLUTELY no chat room cybering not everybody wants to see it. and i don\'t feel like dealing with complaints about it. so keep it in your trousers or take it elsewhere or take a cold shower or something.

Rule number three. Mechs are allowed. but nothing over 5 stories tall and nothing made of adamantium. in other words no invincible robots with no weak points

Rule number four. Teh god hax0rz. now. this is a big problem, not so much roleplay wise. but personality wise. see, we allow magic in moderation, Healing magic as well as spells must be dice rolled to determine effectiveness and amount during attempting of the said spell. If the roll is 0. no effect or magic failure. if its higher. moderate effectiveness depending on amount. if it rolls 10 , roll success. players must also factor in a physical response regardless of how high it rolls, i.e fatigue with overuse. it may be magic but it still draws on the body and by extension, life force. this is to prevent over use and minimize disputes between players. just because you know a few dozen spells. doesn\'t mean use\'m all at once unless the magic is channeled through an external item. i.e healing artifact or a proverbial wizards staff, Same for kinetic abilities since it too requires a degree of concentration to use depending on how much, how powerful and what kind of ability you are using. and critical strikes. critical strikes are determined via dice roll. but if you\'ve got someone out there, whose pretty much immune to everything, cant or wont take a hit and roll with it. or is just plain ole uuber powerful to the point where he/she/or both(seen some strange shit.) are a god. then we have a problem. yeah I\'ll warn you about it. but i wont warn you past 3 times. you reach that third warning then you gotta go.

Rule number five. Critical strikes and Magic effectiveness. this rule dictates that players must dice roll to determine the effect of a critical hit, or the effectiveness of a magic attack/spell. this keeps things fair for both sides-- and adds up to less sore asses at the end of an rp cycle.

Rule number six. now im pretty lenient when it comes to characters and cannons. but please, keep it clean, alright?

Rule number seven. now this is the big one. dont go impersonating , picking arguments with, or being dick bags to the admins , owners, and members for that fact. we\'re all in this together trying to have what was known as a good time. if there\'s someone in the chat you\'ve got beef with? fine. keep it to yourself. but i will not allow it to be carried on in this room. you wanna fight? scratch your eyes out ? hold a yo momma so ugly contest? take it outside. if i see it here someones getting the boot. so in short ,if you ain\'t got nothing nice to say. don\'t say it.

Rule number eight. the most important of all. have fun, make friends ect.

That is all

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