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 Welcome to the dangerzone
The Watcher
11:11pm, January 14, 2015

Banned Canons:
Certain characters and canons are banned due to the power imbalance they tend to include. Cannons are as followed--

Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy
One punch man

If you are unsure about a character speak to an Admin. Thank you

Rule Number one: No Proxies, please. People who use proxies typically are up to no good. if this is you and you wish to be a part of this room, ditch the prox

Rule number two: No chatroom hanky-panky horizontal mambo beast with two backs or more commonly known as stroking we commend you if your stroke game is that powerful but we only ask you be respectful of others. at least not in explicit detail. If you must, Drop a tasteful hint and off-screen it for the sake of younger readers/viewers/players or people in general with different more reserved views.

Rule number three: Mechs are allowed. But must scale to the enemy threat. For a human/humanoid nothing taller than 4-5 stories. Mech vs Mech may be within 10-30 feet difference. Mecha vs Kaiju scale may be within the same scale but no larger than the opponent.

Rule number four: Godmoding. This one is a mixed bag. To an extent, main antagonists/villains and otherwise what could be considered boss types are typically difficult to defeat.
Nigh impossible at times, but thats what makes the victory all the more rewarding in doing so. but just regular characters who have craploads of powers for no clear reason and can take everything out in little to no effort makes the whole thing moot point, No one wants to deal with that. Prime example being one punch man.

A character that faces no adversity in play or little to no obstacle makes for a short and otherwise boring experience.
The adventure is only fun if the road less traveled is taken

Rule number five: Critical strikes and Magic effectiveness. Injuries happen at times. Especially in combat,
No characters can be deemed "Safe". Healing a character that hasn't suffered a mortal injury is fine.
Healing a character before the last spark of life is clutch, but doable.
But if you can't catch it before that last breath is taken then that character's fate is sealed.
There are also powers that do not mix well if at all. Magic cannot heal force damage/corruption and force(light or dark) Cannot heal black magic curses and damnation.

Rule number six: now We're pretty lenient when it comes to characters and cannons. but please, keep it clean, that's all we ask?

Rule number seven: now this is the big one. don't go impersonating, picking arguments with, or being dick bags to the admins, owners, and members for that fact. we're all in this together trying to have what was known as a good time. if there's someone in the chat you've got beef with? fine. keep it to yourself. but I will not allow it to be carried on in this room. you wanna fight? scratch your eyes out? hold a yo momma so ugly contest? take it outside. if It is seen here someone is getting the boot. so in short, if you ain't got nothing nice to say. don't say it.

Rule number eight: the most important of all. have fun, make friends, etc.

That is all


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