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 Chat Rules
2:07am, June 15, 2009
(modified from EarthNOW's, with the chat master's approval.)

If a Mod tells you that what you are doing is breaking a rule, take it to an Admin.
If you've taken a grievance above a Mod, to an Admin, then do not take it higher. The Admins will bring it to my attention, if needed.

01: Flooding - Defined as 'the repeated posting of a message, in order to deny other chatters the use of the chat' - is forbidden. There will be no warnings for flooders. Permanent Ban.

Special Note to Mods and Admins: Allow at least 5 posts to be sure. During Chat Lag Time, allow 10.

02: Trolling - Defined as 'the repeated insulting of a chatter, in order to distress and annoy' - is forbidden. Two Warnings. If the second warning is ignored, a ban of half a month is issued, and tracked in the banned topic in the forum.

Mods and Admins: This one requires a little more 'wiggle room'. If a person makes a single comment or two, then drops it, leave 'em be. If a person is repeatedly tossing insults left, right, and sideways, about a specific user...that is a violation of the rule.

03: Chat-warring - Defined as 'Entering other chat rooms and posting remarks specifically intended to cause trouble between that chat and our own' - is forbidden. One Single Warning is to be administered to violators. Afterwards, a ban of a 3 month period, to be tracked in the banned topic in the forum.

Mods and Admins: If someone is caught doing this, inform me immediately, so a statement of intent may be issued to the other chat.

04: Imitation of Chat's Administrative Staff - Defined as registering a handle that identifies oneself as a 'Master' 'Administrator' 'Mod', 'SysOp', or other authoritative positions, without actual authority to USE said prefix - is forbidden. Handles in violation at the time of this rule's activation will be stripped of false titles, the owner notified. Afterwards, said handles will be turned down, with no notification.

Mods and Admins: A rule with no need to ban anything. Delicious?

05: Powergaming - the use of indefensible levels of force IRP - is forbidden.A Warning will be issued. If the violator continues, a second warning is to be issued. If they still continue, a First Ban is to be issued. Future offenses still require the two warnings prior to the ban. The amount of time for the bans is as follows:
1st: 24 Hour
2nd: 72 Hour
3rd+: 1 Week

06: Canons - Defined as characters from other works of fiction - are NOT allowed, simple as that.

07: Fancharacters - Defined as characters made to fit within a pre-existing work of fiction - are a touchy subject, and will be somewhat frowned upon. It's suggested to ensure they are tweaked into something original working within the chat's premise; asking a mod or admin about their views on the subject is in order there, but seriously-- try to stick to original characters, it's the point of this chatroom.

08: Character ports - We're allowing it under certain conditions-- the characters used within Ahinyel will be unique versions. In short, you can't use the same version of your character to RP both in Ahinyel and another locale, but you can make an alternate version of him or her with a backstory reflecting the setting of Ahinyel.

09: Common Courtesy - I refuse to insult people by actually DEFINING that here~! - is required. I will now paste the section from NKCC's old rules, because, honestly, I feel it to be more than adequate, with whatever changes are seen fit:

Common Courtesy: It has been brought to my attention that apparently nearly no one knows about common courtesy while roleplaying. Yes, it's VERY common stuff, and no one wants to use them. So, here's the basics to Common Courtesy. It's up to the player to actually follow the rules and respect the players. Just like it's up to the player to use the common courtesies to make the room MUCH more peaceful.

-What's too strong?- If it CAN'T be killed or broken into/out from then it's TOO POWERFUL and will fall under godmodding, and powergaming. If your character or your characters base/location happen to falls under this common courtesy the solution is very simple. TONE IT DOWN! If your not sure after toning it down, just whisper a mod and ask them for their opinion.

-Asking before Joining- Yes. Ask. Ask before you join in a roleplay. I don't care where or how, but ask. Most times in asking is when people are focused in a fight and will miss/ignore your post all together. Don't blame the player who you targeted in missing if you decided NOT to ask. Joining a roleplay that is already in session implies that there are people already in it-- you will NOT ignore those players.You asked to join, so deal with everyone present.

-Time Efficiency- If you don't have the time to finish up a fight (WIN OR LOSE) then you shouldn't have started it in the first place. If something happens to have popped up randomly, then you should pause it EXACTLY where it was, and pick up when you are more available in doing so. This is to help even the score in fights and is infact another common courtesy. It's REALLY rude to start a fight, then stop it abruptly because you knew you had to be off at a certain time. It's your fault for starting it, and not letting the other player know. Of course, Real Life does take precedence, so this only applies if you KNEW ahead of time you weren't going to be on long enough to 'Finish the Fight'.

-OOC- While fully allowed, understand that this is a roleplay chat. There won't be any banning, or whatnot, but if there's roleplay going out, try not to flood it out with OOC and try joining it instead. Simple, right?

Setting-related Rules :
Respecting the chat's setting is something of a must-- the rules are implemented for the sake of keeping consistancy and negating even the possibility of a RPer using the exact same version of their characters from another chatroom.

The current world leader for technology is Nerealis, with a full countrywide implementation of steam and gear-based technology-- they are making experiments in technology running on energy crystals; it has not been fully implemented. Nerealis possesses steam-based airships.
The runner up for technology, Sereans, actually has better ability for this "electricity" with a liquid variant of te energy crystals, but the implementation relies heavily on magic to function and therefore does not count as a fully advanced technology.

There will be NO technology that goes beyond those limitations. There is no space travel or dimension travel, guns are low-tech (no desert eagles and whatnot-- in fact we suggest NOT to use guns), and genetical experiments are pretty much impossible. Time travel is not allowed either due to the possibilities it brings. If you want to implement some sort of newer technology, it'll have to be ran by the admin team, and to be honest it'll probably be refused.

TL;DR : Nothing high tech, think magical instead. And everything has to come from within Ahinyel, so no dimension/time/space travellers. It's impossible within the setting.

Edited 11:08pm, July 18, 2009 by Wedge, author.
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