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10:17pm, November 11, 2011
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to RIFTHAVEN, a Multiverse world where canons, OCs, and watermelons meet, interact, and try to blow each other up. Like most other places, we have rules here, and as long as you obey them, there should be no trouble. Feel free to reach me at Caladbolg346 if you have any questions. If you're new and wondering about the setting, see This Thread. If you know this handle, and me, please see This Thread.

1: FLOODING - Do not flood in this chatroom. Flooding is the act of filling the chatroom with constant posts so users can't use the chat. Permanent Ban for this.

2: HARASSMENT - No means no, please respect your fellow chatters. Insulting only to annoy and offend, also known as trolling. Don't do it. If you have to really rip into someone, please do it in private. Exceptions are made if you're talking about a flooder's momma, because someone obviously went BM into that gene pool.

3: CHAT WARRING - Don't go into other chats and tell them how much they suck and we rule. While we appreciate the sentiment, we'd like to stay on good terms with the majority of other chats around here, and their owners.

4: POWER GAMING/GOD MODDING - No Gods will be playable unless you get direct permission from an admin. This is to stop people from tossing their characters incredible upgrades and metagaming.

When you enter this room, you can be defeated, your powers are not limitless, so no calling hits or being invulnerable to everything. I fully expect you to balance/rebalance whatever characters you bring in here, especially based on who you're fighting. Please remember that this chat is for EVERYONE'S enjoyment, not just your own. This includes not taking death (immortals can be beheaded and killed), and trying to force people to kill of their characters for good.

Keep in mind that the current "max" power level of the chat is somewhere around games like Final Fantasy 6, or D&D Eberron. This means there are characters with super powers, but they can't wave a hand and destroy entire cities, or wash away entire mountain ranges. Where Warriors, Gunslingers, Magic Users, Psionics, and whatever else have you meet, cavort, and all are equally viable, with their own unique spin.

Basically: If you can blow up an entire city, it's probably overpowered.

5: DEATH AND RESURRECTION - Character death us controlled by fights. Permanent death is only at the discretion of the owner of that character, canon or non-canon. If you want to kill someone off forever, get the player's permission. There is no limit to when you can be resurrected, and how many times. HOWEVER. After resurrection, you will be much weaker for the next few days. Keep this in mind.

6: CANON IS NOT GOD - Canons are no longer allowed here, unless the case is made explicitly well for their re-addition.

7: OOC - OOC is allowed here, but try not to be excessive with it. If a bunch of people are trying to RP, it's probably a good idea to cool it. If people ask you to chill out, please be respectful.

8: CYBERING - Heavy petting is allowed here. Making out, groping, grinding, etc, all good. No penetration is allowed, for fear of weirding out other chatters. Don't ask me why I can chop someone's head off, yet I can't take my love to the next level. I just want people to be comfortable in here.

9: RESPECT - All the rules above are about respecting the other chatters. Basically, don't destroy people's property, or interact with their characters without them being there. If you have a problem with someone, TALK TO THEM. I will not solve disputes for you. We're adults here, we're a community. A community is not a group of people who love each other; they tolerate one another. Don't like them? Then ignore them. See people arguing? Ignore them. It's a feature entitled to all my users, and I'm not going to be dropping bans for you. You're grown-ups. Act like it.

10: STAFF - This goes for the Head Admin, and any mods I may enlist. We're human. We make mistakes. We may also be tweaked to play favorites with our friends. If you genuinely suspect we're doing this, bring it up. Even with me. I don't want you to be afraid of me, I want you to come to me as a last line of defense, and make your case. If you have proof, if you truly believe your case, I WILL hear it out, even if it concerns how much of an asshole I am.

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