The Terms of Service is required reading!

Login Screen
Fill out the form and click 'Enter Chat'.
The 'Reload' box only applies to registered users. It is used to reload your last used color/link/image so you don't need to fill in those parts.

General Commands
The letters/numbers infront of names are idents. They are generated from your IP. Used to make impersonation more difficult.

Use [x] where x is either of i-u-b-t for italic-underlined-bold-alternate text. End with [/x].
For example [u]Word[/u] will output Word.
Alternately, /word/ will output word, _word_ outputs word and -word- outputs word.

Links are created by writing any line with tp:// in it.
Example would output link

The 4 boxes labeled B, I, U and T will make the entire line the style of the checked box. Can be combined with the [] styles for extra effect.
The last box, labeled IP, will make you show your entire IP and not the encrypted one. We do not encourage chatters to use this.

Use '/me text' to make an action.
Use '/nick newname' to change your name to newname.
Use '/link http://something/' to change your link.
Use '/image http://something/image.jpg' to change your image.
'/undo' will remove your last post from the log (will not affect the complete log). Cannot undo msgs or other commands.
'/whois username' will check when that user was last in the chat.

Use the 'Log out' button to exit, or the alternate /exit command.

Registered user commands
'/msg username message' will send a private message to username. If username is in multiple words, exchange spaces/whitespace with _.

Moderative commands
'/ban ident seconds' will ban everybody with the ident for the amount of seconds.
'/unban ident' will unban the chosen ident.
'/muban' will clear the ban list thus removing any bans.
'/gag ident seconds' will gag everybody with the ident for the amount of seconds.
'/ungag ident' will ungag the chosen ident.
'/mugag' will clear the gag list thus removing any gags.
'/rem text' will remove any line that contains 'text' from the log (will not affect the complete log).

Admin commands
'/clear' will clear the chat and userlist of text, forcing a clean log.
'/raw HTML line' will insert the HTML line into the chat log without changing it. Please make sure it is correct HTML and that it won't mess up the log.
Admins also have access to the Message of the Day. Go to the Members Area and select 'Edit MOTD' (only if you actually have a useful thing to say, of course).

Chat Settings

Main text window refreshes every 22 seconds.
Userlist does it every 60 seconds.
Server posts are color #ff0000.
Identifiers are 5 long.
200 lines are stored, but max byte data is kept as log.
People not posting within 900 seconds won't appear in userlist.
Images are 200 x 200.

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