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 Rules and other suff
12:40am, August 23, 2012
Setting: The main story occurs in a world where several alternate realities have collided for unexplained reasons to form one big universe comprising many if not all of the time eras and worlds of Megaman. At the center of all this though was the Megaman X universe where the worlds collided. Prime locations being Dr. Light’s Lab (Megaman) Maverick Hunter HQ, (Megaman X) Giga city (Megaman X Command Mission) ACDC Town (MegaMan Battle Network) Kattelox Island (Megaman Legends) Neo Arcadia, Rebellion HQ (Megaman Zero) Cinq Ville (Megaman ZX) Dream Island (Megaman Starforce)

Acceptable Characters: Anyone that comes from a Megaman universe is acceptable whether he or she is cannon or fan made. And speaking of fan made, try to keep your character fair and balanced as well as original. We don’t expect your fan made character to be revolutionary but at the same time we encourage folks not to flat out copy. Also when applying for a fan character be sure to include a short description, nothing too elaborate just a short paragraph that tells us about the character.

As far as cannon characters go, four per player. And when registering a cannon character be sure to specify which game/universe their from as there are many versions of staple characters. On a related note each player can only have one version of a character, for example if you have Megaman registered, you cannot register Megaman exe, X, Megaman Casket, etc. Also make sure you’re dedicated to Rping that character and that you’re familiar with him or her and just aren’t registering im for the sake of registering them. Finally if a player goes on hiatus for more than a month then any regged cannons they have will be up for grabs.

Rules: The rules here are like most other roleplay chats and they’re probably ones you’ve seen and read before dozens of times. So we assume you’ll have no problem following them right? ^^ And if you have any other questions always feel free to ask.

1. If some one is causing you grief or problems take it to a admin or mod. We’d like to avoid flooding the chat with walls of text of arguing. So either take it to an admin or mod or simply take it outside of the chat. And on a final note, what the mods or admins say is final in whatever the case may be.

2. Try to keep cursing and swearing down to a fair level of moderation.

3. No flooding! Violators will receive an instant month long ban, no exceptions!

4. Try to keep the blood and gore down to a fair level, while death may be common in plotlines we don’t always need to go into specific detail.

5: No god moding this would entail ignoring and or avoiding every single attack thrown at your character.

6: No Metagaming and or power gaming.

7: No harassing or giving out personal information

8: No sexual acts, making out is alright but for everything else keep it off screen!

9: When Rping is occurring keep OOC chatting to a minimum

10: no posting or linking pornographic material

Warning System:

Violators of any of the above rules aside from flooding, will first receive a warning

If they ignore that warning they get banned for a day (24 days)

If they again violate the rules after that period they’ll be banned for a week,

A third violation will result in a month long ban.

A fourth violation after the month long ban will result in a year long ban. Two months into the year long ban the player may appeal for a probation. Should they again violate the rules during this parole, they shall be perma banned.
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