Dungeon of the Damned

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DICE: Mori rolls 478, 314, 659, 244, 566, 551 = 2812 on a 6d666 +0.
Mori: ....I'm here for the gangbang?
Mori: /roll 6d666
a creature: Who else be here?
a creature: So very bored here
Silicon Cowboy: Lurks in..
Masque: Test
TheBeyond: Simth oh Smith, where art thou
Ghoulshack: Hello There!
Jay: Wow... seems there are others that long for the old days...
B@dboy: Hello
Space Priest: Anyone around ?
Space Priest: It's so typical of me to talk about myself, I'm sorry I hope that you're well
Space Priest: "Hello, How Are You"
a creature: <3 Gohan
a creature: GOHAN! Choo here. Lost my password some 20 years ago.
Zer0 C00L: Hello ?
The Shadow Brokers: (So It Was...So It Is) So It Always Will Be
The Shadow Brokers: Hi
Gohan: CHOO?!
Gohan: Gohan still lives
canDman: Anyway anyone around ??
NICK: CANDMAN is now canDman.
CANDMAN: yo gabba gabba too much candy
5PH1NX: Hello
a creature: SweetEvil checking in 4-14-20
a creature: choo here lurking.
#Kitsune: Ola folks. No one else jumping into the discord?
Moonspell: I guess since everyone on the planet is in quarantine we have time to think about the past and see what's going on. Stray strong earthlings!
Fuquaa: How in the goddamn hell is this place still here?
Bone crusher: Good evening 25/2/2020
moonspell: Wow. I am simply stunned that this place still exists, even into 2020 *lol*
DarkSe1d: Hello, Friends!"
Nikon: “good afternoon”
Tɛslə: Good Morning
Techn0Priest: My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.
Techn0Priest: “Hello!”
Mr WH1Z: Hello, friend.
Dside666: Where's Snowqueene

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