Dungeon of the Damned

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Gohan: Choo I am glad you are alive
a creature: Happy New Year! Hope you bunch of reprobates are having a great one!
Paperheart: Hello
Moonspell: And it still remains................
a creature: Choo here, let's flood this weirdo out
a creature:
a creature: Y RU hear❓
Gohan: Someone get this dumbass conspiracy idiot a book!
Fagabeefy: Come find my ass on Twitter if you want. I'm lonely and need people to bullshit with.
Fagabeefy: It would be funny if these old pages got some traffic .. pretty nostalgic that it's still here. I like the simplicity of the format ... Facebook is a mess. No one sees your stuff anyway because it filters your feed to like 10 people. What's the point of having hundreds of 'friends' if you only see so few. The story of Zuckerberg is also pure lies and propaganda ... DARPA created Facebook ..
Fagabeefy: Is this the DotD run by that chick Tally? Or the other dude? I know there was some weirdness about the two different sites .. eh, .. whatever, there were some cool people on there a while back. ... Remember to eat your Oatmeal
Fagabeefy: Probably will put together some art for Instagram since I finally got around to getting a smart phone. .... Tell all your friends about me. I'm Batman.
Fagabeefy: It's either for 'disinformation' or hate speech ... the more you get flagged, it exponentially gets worse with the algorithms
Fagabeefy: Anyway .. If any of you people who know me want to find me, .. I'm making a twitter account because Facebook censors me for 30 days every time I get on there. That platform is done.
Fagabeefy: Listen to these trash bags .. they're serious about this. https://www.bitchute.com/video/WkH2OyQnhOtF/
Fagabeefy: It's not a secret conspiracy ... It's a conspiracy, but it's not secret. They're in the open bragging about this crap at their meetings in Davos
Fagabeefy: The Political Zionists aren't modeling their plan after the United Federation of Planets ... Look up smart cities and the World Economic Forum
Fagabeefy: It ain't Star Trek
Fagabeefy: Anyone who believes world government is a good idea has just watched too much Star Trek
Fagabeefy: And the World Heath Organization .. unelected body of technocrats and central bankers circumventing all individual rights .. always for the 'safety' of the collective. It's always the same with these people.
Fagabeefy: Another boogie man ... the invisible 'threats' seem to be their best scare tactics .... It's just a way for them to control everything in your life. Wait until 'mandate' , 'climate change' Lockdowns.
Fagabeefy: "Covid" was just the seasonal flu rebranded ... PCR doesn't detect viruses ... The damned inventor of the test explains it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmZft4fXhQQ
Fagabeefy: Injections are just part of the acclimation
Fagabeefy: forced injections and the mask submission ritual ... Yeah, nothing weird or dystopic about that ... Just wait for the CBDC and social credit scores via biometric tracking
Fagabeefy: Any of you people still buying the 'covid' fraud? ... The zombies loved it... they seem to really get into being told what to do. ­https://www.nathanfiveashart.com/dreams?pgid=kjen7­8fm-592f7da7-96f3-4be6-9e0c-c0f0de021116
Fagabeefy: https://www.nathanfiveashart.com/dreams
Fagabeefy: Going to have to fix that
Fagabeefy: Hey that's weird, .. I never noticed it doesn't have the next button when you post just the link.
Fagabeefy: Is this goth enough for me to be in here ? I have some black t-shirts too and a fetish for hot chicks who dress in black plastic ­https://www.nathanfiveashart.com/dreams?pgid=kjen7­8fm-caa72746-fa40-49f4-8a2a-bc193f9eebd6
Fagabeefy: Pork Lotion
darksyde: “There is no right and wrong. There's only fun and boring.”
SoullessPain: Seen. Ignored.Rejected. What else ?
SoullessPain: Hello.
Berserker: .
Warrior of the Dead: Just remembered this place after decades. Surprised to find anything on it
Midian: [fire]
Midian: I give up.
Midian: {fire}

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