Dungeon of the Damned

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*thesmokingman: much better platform than this
*thesmokingman: https://discord.gg/btg3bWu
Darkly Ronita: *~streaks~*
Aneximus: ???
Aneximus: ::peeks about:::
Aneximus: ::::: climbs up to the moose head and sits:::::
a creature: choo visiting
a creature: choo visiting
a creature: SweetEvil here 4/28/19
LostBoii: Hello ?
F: yeah maybe
RagDollKreep: Is there anyone hear ?”
RagDollKreep: Godata andanahti
a creature: I was here 3-3-2019
a creature: I am panicbutton just checking in to say hello!
a creature: alow to all of you out there.
#Kitsune: I suspect the summer here is going to be a killer. and I'm unsure if its going to affect my patience.
#Kitsune: and for some reason, I'm double posting
#Kitsune: first post for me in 2019.
#Kitsune: first post for me in 2019.
a creature: so ... who'd like to occasionally typo while we're typing dirty to each other with one hand while furiously masturbating with the other?
#SweetEvil: Lurketh
Grimaldi: *looks in, pokes around in the dark corners*
watcher: just remembered i left off the end of my old name. it should be watcher_d_o_a
watcher: ~wonders if this is the DoD of old.... how time has crept along. 11-26-2018
a creature: Quarterly check in. Hi Kitsy!! Muah!
#Kitsune: woooo. so, I ended up at a Pete Murphy gig a couple of nights ago. Talk about reunion of old goths. Strangely, I ended up feeling like the youngest one in the room
Icon-X: Icon-x aka Lord Icon was here
theBlackParade: Hello, I am new, is anyone around?
#Kitsune: anyhoo... late over here, and I've been needing my beauty sleep recently. Must be to do with the lack of additives
#Kitsune: I check occasionally, but tend to need the space these days. Right this minute I feel like I've been fighting in a ring... and I didn't ever do that professionally.
#Kitsune: Considering its been what over 20 years for a whole lot of us, I can imagine why there's little activity here.
spex: (__(_______( )~~~~~
spex: ;)~
spex: If anyone remembers. Spex from the old days passes on his greetings. many names have been forgotten but the memories remain. ,,,^..^,,, heehee
spex: Ah the good old days. used to come to the old chat back in 1997. lol tooo many years ago
MSG: spex sent a message to Kitsune.
spex: asdfasdf
spex: ((asdfasdfasdf))
spex: sdfasdfa

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