Dungeon of the Damned

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#Kitsune: anyhoo... late over here, and I've been needing my beauty sleep recently. Must be to do with the lack of additives
#Kitsune: I check occasionally, but tend to need the space these days. Right this minute I feel like I've been fighting in a ring... and I didn't ever do that professionally.
#Kitsune: Considering its been what over 20 years for a whole lot of us, I can imagine why there's little activity here.
spex: (__(_______( )~~~~~
spex: ;)~
spex: If anyone remembers. Spex from the old days passes on his greetings. many names have been forgotten but the memories remain. ,,,^..^,,, heehee
spex: Ah the good old days. used to come to the old chat back in 1997. lol tooo many years ago
MSG: spex sent a message to Kitsune.
spex: asdfasdf
spex: ((asdfasdfasdf))
spex: sdfasdfa
spex: Icons color
spex: asdasd
spex: spex was here
spex: yo
F: Anyone there?
#Raiyn: Sooo.....2 days checked every 12ish hours.... Raiyn wuz here 9/29/18
#Raiyn: Hmm, there's still a lurker... but nobody has said anything in hours.
#Raiyn: Looks around again...
c10, #Raiyn : <Drops in from the cloud... 20 years later....still the same.
#Kitsune: I'd be more worried with what the canucks may be doing with megafauna...
#Kitsune: why okapi? that would require a whole lot of vegetation
a creature: this chat room has been nibbled to death by an okapi
#Kitsune: if anyone needs me, I'll be over there *points*
madkat: 0.o
UncleMojo: “Once upon a time I came a tapping !! ha-ha
UncleMojo: Howdy, Howdy-do
#Kitsune: don't lose touch people... be it via this, or FB, or phone or goddamn going out and just living life.
#Kitsune: so... a mate of mine passed a couple of weeks ago, and it kinda brought odd thoughts to mind. I knew the dude as a DJ, we went to the same clubs, hit on the same folks, drank and smoked with the same peeps. He's gone now, the world is less zany and whimsy. and it dawns on me that the same can be said about people we've known through here.
#kitsune: anyway, be well folks.
#kitsune: must say that it probably is cause I did go into hiding for a while, and there's the whole thing of I don't really go clubbing anymore (being an expensive drunk makes for a painful social experience for me a whole lot of the time)
#kitsune: if we're talking Venus = Plush, she's doing well, though haven't seen her in a couple of years. Actually, I've kinda lost touch with the aussies quite a bit.
#kitsune: I'd complain about being awake, but its only 7:55pm
#kitsune: seriously folks...
caligo: lol yes 20 years sounds about right ;-) *waves around ... goes over to the bar, gets a Tequila Sunrise ... slurps and looks around* well, seems some things really don't change that much, eh? ... You all have fun and take care!
Grimaldi: i did lurk for a while, but then i found someone hiding in a corner...it scared me and i left. But im ok now and im back.
Hg S: Somebunny come play with me
Hg S: That's a bit rude. ;)
Hg S: who is lurking?
Hg S: *twiddles thumbs*

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