Dungeon of the Damned

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mebent: new
#ArdentSpirit: :/
GohaN: Kablammo!
Nikki: Well, waves, enjoy the new year
Nikki: Haven't been in here in ages
CounTLokI: Memories
AngelAcidBath: ♫I miss you so, Seems like it's been forever
DigitalDollParts: wow wow and wow.site hasn't changed..Still the same as it ever was,Hello anyone there ??
Goha//: Maybe next time.
Goha//: I keep hoping one day I'll wander in here and find Rak, Zimbabwe King, NoneMoreBlack, and Venus.
Goha//: Kablammo
#Kitsune: anyhoo... I'm going to go off and annoy the crap out of the local bigots...
#Kitsune: hope you're all well (though yeah I do stalk a bunch of you on FB)
#Kitsune: ffs, time zones malarkey is just grrr....
#Carley: It's been forever since I've been in here. Good to be back!
0b2, #Carley : test
dodadmin: wokka wokka
*thesmokingman: definitely not wasting the very small interest I have left in this place fixing people's logins ...
#Spirit: Whatever, dude. I remembered both my login AND my color :-P ~wins~
33Freak: Did not remember the code for my yellow
33Freak: Heh... still remembered me login
*thesmokingman: you're welcome ... I'm underwhelmed with the experience
Az: Well, thanks for reminding me in a round about way that it's been over 20 years since I've seen this screen
*thesmokingman: ricky ricky ricky ... shut up
*Aby: We have kids now... We don't need more drama!
*thesmokingman: I'd forget what it started about anyways ...
*Aby: Ugh.. fuck drama!
Az: I'm too old for all that drama
*thesmokingman: yep ..
*thesmokingman: I mean the damn post on the local facebook group picking on them for buying out all the bottled water is getting more play than this
*thesmokingman: wanna fight about something stupid?
*thesmokingman: I feel like this would be better served with some drama ...
*Aby: Nah, her and Keri and so many others are on my Facebook.. I think she hurt herself, caring for her brother, the other day.. so I haven't seen her on FB for a day or two.
*Aby: I kept getting emails.. but forgot the login.. and couldn't give a fuck.. congratulations, pjj.. I was finally bored enough!
*thesmokingman: that's a bummer
*thesmokingman: pretty much ... not starter
Az: She's struggled with health issues the past few years, if I understand correctly
Az: There are so few of us left, I fail to see how someone would bother
*Aby: I think Bunny may either be really laid up hurt, or dead.. but not really dead.. just really hurt!
*thesmokingman: unless someone still has it in them to troll-personate

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