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34e90,  Anzek Dirano : *The scar on his shoulder, the Dirano D…. Yes, it was there. He looked down at her hand on his shoulder and was silent for a while. He nodded a solemn nod.* We are family regardless of how and why… The old “blood” as you say, needed to be cleansed. It was a bloodline of madness born of incest, Jen.We both know this and why pretend otherwise.* He looked up at her then while raising his left hand to lay over her own then tighten down as it is his cybernetic hand. He’d hold the hand in his grip to keep her from pulling back but would not squeeze enough to hurt her* I think you’re going to bring your children here, Jen. You’re going to do so and keep them close? *Now that hand would squeeze tight with the intent of causing her pain and he would begin to walk her towards the catwalk railing until her back is against it. He would push further to use his weight to bend back so she would have to use the hand not being squeezed to hold the railing so she could avoid falling several levels* See I like you Jen, I do. But I need to know I can trust you and the best way to do that is to have your family close by. * He would lean in so his face is hovering over her own. He has the upper hand and he knows it. His green eyes peer into her own as a half smile appears on his lips* You see, Jen, I want to trust you but I don’t. Never fear though, we’re going to have a little Dirano gathering here on Nar Shaddaa. Call your kids and bring them under my protection then I can be sure we can do business together…. I’m not looking to cause the chaos of old, oh no dear cousin. I’m bringing some order to our little family…. Questions? * He would push to make her lean even further over the edge of the railing*
5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: *She rolled her eyes at he insulted the love of her life and sighed. Didn’t matter, he was gone. All the Dirano were save for her sons. And she was so protective of her heirs, her precious son. She never knew love until she had a child. It was really life changing. Motherhood pulled her from spice and drink. * How lucky you are to have such a free life cousin. No... I was in the walls of Courasaunt university or taking “Dirano” lessons from Kirkos while you and the mad man were our causing chaos. Christoff didn’t like you, really he didn’t like anyone. But I loved him* Her voice dropped a little softer then* Bloodlines are important. I’m sure you see it as some antiquated needless bullshit but I was trained to keep the Dirano Bloodline going. And I have. And there are no others. * She ran a hand across her face* I wanted to be an art teacher, or a dancer when I was a little girl.... *She took a long deep breath* I am grateful for the kindness and in your own way care you have shown me dear Cousin... you are family. And that means a lot to me.. * She lifts her small hand to his shoulder to touch at the scar on his skin she knew was under his shirt. * No one else can understand what it is to be us...
34e90,  Anzek Dirano : *Adopted? Well that explains a lot. * He he waves one hand in the air off to his side as if to dismiss the issue. He was pleased to hear her laugh as it means she is lightening up a little* Actually no…. * He says when she mentions how they grew up* I never actually saw much of you. You were always off with that Christoff dipshit and I spent a lot of time with Mazzik and Silva Dirano. You know? The crazy one and the slut.*He turned around to face her only to shake his head* Dear cousin, this is the first level of Nar Shaada, look around you. * He spreads his hands out to indicate the area around them* Sky scrapper buildings, flashing lights, neon signs, this is upper Nar Shadda, what could possibly happen to your children especially with me around? * He approached her in slow lazy fashion only to lean in close so that there noses almost touch. His green eyes gaze into her own before he begins to speak, ever so softly..* I’m here to help you, Jen. You do believe that right? * He leans back from her only to place a hand upon his chest* You do believe that I am here…. * He points at her* To help you, yes?* He cants his head slightly to the right*
5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: I’m adopted... * Her mother was still alive but living life on their home planet Valrollia. That has its own drama. As always her family wanted her there, but Jen had chosen the Dirano over all. She raised his eyes at his words and his daddy joke made her laugh a little and shake her head. She wasn’t in the best mood but his strange forwardness did help* We can call it Anzek world, you could put in some rides, make it a fun mostly illegal attraction. * She moved to fallow after him*!I don’t have fun. I work, like you. Though my husband is trying To talk me into some beach planet resort type thing with the boys. And up will pardon me if I don’t think this is the best place for two nearly 4 year old trouble makers...think of how we were at kids , now double it and have them share one mind... it’s taxing... and Don... well he’s a teenager. He does as he wants. But the improvements and building is almost done. I will soon be out of your hair... * She looked back to nod her thanks to the speeder driver* you know I never learned to Drive.... as crazy as that is. I don’t think I have even piloted a ship in 15 years....
34e90,  Anzek Dirano : Well shit, that’s cold… Very cold, I mean, he is your old man… literally… heh. *He reached out to take the cig back from her* Oh I pay attention to what history interests me and this isn’t a planet technically. * He holds on finger up to her only to shake it at her as if correcting a child* A moon, the smugglers moon but I like to think of it as “Anzek’s moon” just kind of rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? * He takes a long drag then flicks the cig off the side of the catwalk* Come on little cousin. You’ve been on this moon a few months and yet I get the sense you’re not having any fun and what of your little ones? You’re keeping them way from big Uncle Anzek. You rob me of the chance to spoil them. * He moved a step closer to her only to lift a hand to her cheek* If you’re so very upset about your father, well, you could call me Daddy but then again… Eh. I don’t mix business with pleasure. * He lifts his hand only to flick her on the nose before turning his back on her, yes that, to show he is not at all afraid of her. He walks a few paces away then stops only to look over his left shoulder at her* This is Nar Shaada. Why aren’t you having fun? I don’t tax you that highly.
5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: *She got out of the speeder and saw the man, a little surprised he would come to greet her. The whiskey burned in her blood, or was that the pain of seeing her father again. She did not look impressed at his joke and just rolled her own green eyes at him but did in-fact take the offered Cig from him and take a long drag from it... her shoulders relaxing some under her black cloak* I am happy I know that when he passes his bloodline dies with him, this galaxy does not need more self righteous zealots then it already has... * She took another drag and slowly let out the smoke, handing it back to him* Why the hell he is on this planet is beyond me? Spreading his message of goodness and bantha shit? * She looked up at him* And no child fucking, it’s been generations, learn your damn history....
34e90,  Anzek Dirano : *He couldn’t be the boss he is if he didn’t keep eyes on everyone. He had survived a long time be knowing what everyone else was doing and being able to outplay them. Anzek had a plan for every situation and a back up plan for all of those plans. He ran his business with a military discipline that only an ex-royal guard could. Of course this means he kept tabs on Jenisteen for why would he not? Sure she claims to have turned her life around but so did every drunk who fell back into their old ways. The speeder she is in lands on the platform outside of the Dirano compound and there stands Anzek Dirano in one of his custom suits.*

*He wore black polished shoes with black socks, black slacks, a black belt around his waist, a white shirt and a black vest with a gray tie hiding slightly behind the button vest, he always did have a flair for style. That outfit of is also custom Anzek Dirano, nano tech and strong enough to stop all but the most powerful of blaster bolts. A cig rested between his lips and when Jen got out of her can his green eyes rested on her. He clapped slowly and mockingly at her before removing the cig from his mouth* A daughter and father reunion, it’s touching. I wonder, does he enjoy the same child fucking tradition as you and Chris did? Eh, maybe he got a little friendly with you as a child? Hahaha. I’m just fucking with you Jen… or wait, was that a bit of a dirty joke? * He held his hands out and shrugged* I never know when I’ve gone too far. * He drew the cig from his lips then exhaled a plum of gray smoke before offering it to her* Want a little? It only kills you a little bit, just like time, and sad family gatherings. * A wink*

5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: *When the speeder pulled up Jen got in and let out a long sigh. She wanted to finish her work here and get back home. She did want to spend time with Cousin Anzek and his wife but as normal her father had left a sour taste in her mouth. It could never just “be”. It was always Dirano this and force that. How hard it must be to have such a simple mind*
34e90,  Anzek Dirano : ((Are you trying to offend me?))
5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: (( yeah I have enough daddy issues but thanks ))
34e90,  Anzek Dirano : ((Come on Jen.All you need is big Daddy Anzek. I take care of everything. Your kids can call me " Daddy Anzek." Because I'm there for you and them. ))
5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: *She held a hand out to stop him from handing over the necklace. She pushed it back gently to him* I gave it to you.... besides they have the real thing. Though Rupert is looking about as rough as you.... * She loved him of course but he was so blind to everything. He saw things so backwards and never looked to the future. He was always in the past. She did not chase him. Jenisteen Dirano does not chase people. They were parting, as they always did with some hurtful words in the air. But they were such different people on different paths. Would she see him again? Maybe.... she has no idea. He came in and out of her life now as he had when she was a little girl. *
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : I….* He paused with his back to her* I tried…. I wanted you to… * He paused and took a long deep breath* I’m glad you’re a good mother. I’m sorry I failed you, I did fail you, Jen. I watched you through the years but couldn’t intervene, there is a bounty on us old Jedi and contacting you might have met my death, You’re a better mother than I was a father. I’m sorry for failing you. All I ever wanted was for you to be safe. You have no idea what I did and sacrificed for you to live and grow up safe and free of oppression. I guess it matters little now. I love you Jen, always did. I’m sorry I failed you. I’m sorry for a lot of things. Most of all I’m sorry for not being there when you needed me… * He reached up to remove a necklace from his throat which he sets on the bartop, a silver necklace with a metal “Rupert” hanging from it, an image of a toy he gave her long ago* Give it to my grandchildren, one of them anyways. I don’t need it anymore… May the force be with you because I clearly never was. * He moved then to walk out of the bar and go about his way*
5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: I would have rather had a less “better “ Galaxy and had you in my life for more then small visits here and there and wondering if you would ever come back... * She shook her head at the bartender as he looked at her but she passed over her credit chit to pay* But that is the difference I guess. *she looked up at him* I forgave you a long time ago, it does me no good. I simply aim to be the parent you never were. I get my boys up and to school every day, I spend every moment I can with them and I make sure they know they are the most important thing in this galaxy to me..*’She steps off the stool and sighs* Are we done? You can never just say hello? How are you, it’s always Dirano this and Force that, it’s tiresome * She pulled out her comm to message someone from Anzeks People to pick her up* I married again you know. Non force using, non Dirano, just a sweet man who loves me more then anything. Through all my life I am grateful for what I have, and it was because I chose my family and my fate...
34e90,  Anzek Dirano : (I'm actually pretty cool mob boss. I even give health insurance. ))
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : It has everything to do with you. * He pushed his glass away and then the bartender approached he tapped the bar indicating he wanted another* No… * He closed his eyes as he looked down at the bar* Sarah was everything to me and she wanted you to live. You think I didn’t care? I wanted you to grow up in a better galaxy than I grew up in. I was trying to give you a better future.. Sarah was everything to me. She was my family when everything fell through. * He picked up his glass and watched the brown liquid* You should have grown up with a family that loved you, took care of you and kept you safe. I’m sorry I failed to give that to you. I’m old, my time in this life is waning and growing close to an end. I care little for how the galaxy sees me when I’m gone. I’m just and old man asking for closure because I want you to have a better life than did. * He swallows the drink then stands up only to look down at Jen* You’re going to deny me forgiveness?
5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: The Dirano are the only family I have ever had. The only family who looked out for me, who was there for me when ever I needed them. No uncle this or Aunty that to make sure I ate that day. I am your daughter because you chose to adopt me, but after Sarah Died you abandoned me. Saving the galaxy was more important then anything. It was the Dirano who fed me, who gave me a Education, a future. It is Dirano Blood that runs through my sons veins, and it is the Dirano name I now work hard to carry. You are in the past? Evil... you have no idea, this is not the Reign of Kirkos and Mazzik. We are not simple mobsters, we are community builders, we give people a future, and we are always family no matter what and we don’t leave people in the hands of others to raise. Once a Dirano, Always. Cradle to grave. *She lifted the glass and drank back the rest of the brown liquid in the glass* You want my forgiveness? No you just want to find a way to forgive yourself for all your failings.... this has nothing to do with me...
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : You’re doing the will of the Dirano. The Dirano are evil, Jen. They hurt people. They make people worse than they could be. * He looked up at the bartender then nodded. He took the drink the man gave him then knocked it back only to wipe his faith and sigh* You;re not the Dirano. You’re a Cantell, you’re my daughter. * He turned his face towards her* You’re more than a tag or family. You spent your life dodging death and loving people who were evil and only because I was too busy with Nay and trying to make a better galaxy. I was wrong. I failed and Nay failed and now you and I are both here. I’m not sitting here and asking you to forgive me for being a bad father. I’m here asking you to forgive me for always putting the Force and Jedi before you. I’m sorry I was always gone... I’m here to ask you for forgiveness.
5300e, Jenisteen Dirano: Just because you are having a crisis of faith does not mean my path in life is wrong. Do I want my sons growing up surrounded by family who loves them? Working hard to make the galaxy a better place. Do I want them to fallow their dreams no Mater what others think? Do I want them to fall in love and know that true feeling? Yes..: and I am not working for the Dirano... I am them. And I will work hard to keep building the business and the name so one day one of my sons can take over. I have Twin boys now, three and a half, beautiful little boys. And Dominic is doing well. Heading into teenage hood. Thank you for asking. * She sipped her drink and let out a long sigh* did you need something or did you just want to lament about your misspent life?
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : I have a lot of regrets. * He said with a bit of sadness to his voice* I believed in the force my entire life and in the end what did it get me? All the people I knew were wiped out during order 66. I spent my whole life following the “force” I believed in it, meditated on it, spent my whole life believing in it… Even when sarah died saving you from downing. * He turned his eyes away from her as he looked at the bartender* I don’t know what to believe in anymore. I do believe what we do in life matters to those we leave behind and now you’re working again for the Dirano. Do you want that for your children?
5300e, Jenisteen: I wanted to see how long you could go before mentioning my family.... what was that? 10 seconds? Is that a new record? * She moved her hands to rest clasped together on the sticky bar top, needing a moment to calm herself before she could turn her head to meet his blue eyes with her own green. She hid her emotions. She had gotten good at that with this job. Always having to be the image of the company. No weakness... * I am aware.../ I’m surprised you would be on a plant that is so, Controlled by all that you despise...* Her drink came and she lifted the drink, taking a small sip, she needed this drink to get through this meeting in truth. *
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : *If this had been a movie no doubt there would be music it the back ground something akin to ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZQxH_8raCI) Only in a star wars way. He sat at the bar sipping his juice when Jen finally came in. He glanced at her for only a moment and found himself staring for too long. She looked so much like Sarah it almost hurt him and she moved close he felt so proud he had to try and not smile. He looked up at the bartender, the bartender looked at him and he shrugged* Move along… * He waved his hand but then Jenisteen was sitting next to him. He didn’t know if he should hug her or say “hi” it’s no secret their relationship is shaky at best. Still it’s his daughter and he loves her even if he cannot always find the way to say it. What does it matter now? He’s old, gray hair lace with the once brown hair of his beard and head. He looked over to her before turning to raise his cup of juice* You sure must want to die young, Jen. Whiskey will not do you any good… You’re a Dirano anyways, not as if you need it to get through the night. Not a man here would dare touch you.
0c392, Jenisteen: *To say She was surprised to see a message from her father was an understatement, it had been well over a decade since she had seen the man. Their relationship was... turmoil. He preached his words and condemned her for the life and the family she had chosen. But they were a family, her family. They would never abandon her as Vince had. She had spoken to her head of security on this trip and much to his protesting she hit the streets to meet the man. She didn’t know why? Why bother? He would just shun her and their would fight until their next crossing. That is what they had done. She was not a Jedi, she had no love for the force. She fought for the betterment of the galaxy in her own way. The force only brought pain and loss. She had dressed in black pants and top with a long black cloak across her shoulders. She was armed of course, though she had no doubts she was safe on this planet. She shared a name and more then that a terrible upbringing by the Dirano, her time with Anzek let her know they were both on the same page about some things. Family was family, even in the strange way it had come to them both. She moved inside the building, wrinkling her nose at the smell, it somehow reminded her of her childhood. She didn’t bother hiding her face, she didn’t much care. Her hair was done in a loose braid down one shoulder. Her green eyes scanned the room before seeing the salt and pepper long hair that she knew so well. It had been a warm brown once...her hands playing with it, wrapping it around her small fingers as he held her, comforted her during thunderstorms or nightmares...but that was so so long ago. She moved to the bar and sat down next to him, looking to the droid behind the bar* Corellian whiskey...
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : *He reached down to touch her cheek, little Jen’s, she was so small and so sweet. Blonde with green eyes and he had just feared her… *”It’s ok you’re fear now. No one can hurt you anymore. Ever heard of the Jedi Knights. I am a Jedi and I’m here to save you…”* Vincent snapped his mind out of meditation. He had been thinking about his daughter again for he knew she was close but he’d not seen her for quite a while and he had thought her lost to the corruption of the Dirano. He lifted his hand to the necklace hanging around his neck, “Rupert” a little carving Jen had made for him. There is a bang on the door of the room he is staying in* “Hey old man! Your rent is over. You paid for one night.”

*He his sea blue eyes shot towards the door. He’d sent a message to his daughter not long after he realized she was on Nar Shaada. Although old and reclusive he still kept some contacts. The meltdown cafe had a particular person of interest that Anzek never really screened but in the criminal underworld it’s not surprising. The bartender is the son of a man Vincent once saved and from time to time he passed information to him and with his boss being Anzek he heard things at times. Thus he sent a message to Jen* Alright, alright. * He left the room he had been occupying and when he saw the man banging on the door he waved his hand* We have no problem. You’ll forget I was even here. * The man took on a glossy eyed look and repeated Vincent’s words shortly before Vincent moved downstairs and took a seat at the bar to order some jawa juice*

0c392, Jenisteen: *She was confused when he reached down for her hand...she was by no means abused here...syntax wanting her healthy and well enough. But hand holding, touching, affection? No clue...she reached up and took his hand after a moment and let him guide her outside. She looked up at the huge man as he spoke... looking very confused. So this man was master now...but he didn’t want her so she could go....? She shook her head. She had no concept of freedom. She didn’t know anything other then having her master. Didn’t everyone one? Fear washed over her face, had she done something wrong..was that why she was free? Is that what happened? Had her bringing this man to her master made her free? Alone?* I don’t....I....* She looked terrified. Her mind had never thought of something like this...tears welled up in her bright green eyes...was she now alone?*
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : Come on little one. * He reached for her hand so that he can gently guide her out of the brothel and back into the streets. Once outside he looks down at her while still holding her hand* Jen, me and your master came to an agreement. * He held the data pad up to her face with his other hand* He allowed me to…. Buy you. Now you are mine and by that I mean free because we’re friends right? * His blue eyes met those large emerald eyes of her own and in a soft, friendly voice he spoke to her* If I told you that you could go free and be with whoever you want what would you do?
0c392, Jenisteen: * Food was always the way to Jens heart. But what child didn’t love snacks? She was quietly munching away on the bit of food when Vince came back out and Jen moved her eyes from scanning the room back upto the tall man. Jen has...felt... something but she had no idea what it was....the force flowed in her blood but she had no idea it was there, or what it could develop into*
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : *He placed his hand against her cheek and winked. After entering the room he checked the door behind him then noticed the guard to his right and his left. He looked at the man sitting behind the desk who seemed surprised that Vincent had stepped inside. The two guards lowered their weapons but pointed at the one on the left to force push him back then the one on the right. When they had both been thrown he turned to the man sitting behind the desk who watched him wide eyed only to draw his blaster* I woudn’t advice that. * Vincent said cooly* I have no issue to harm you. * He said while giving a wave of his hand. The man paused, took on a glazed eyed look and remained stil*” What do you want, Jedi?” the man said. Vince approached a step closer* A price for the girl outside, Jenisteen she calls herself. * The man shook his head* “ She’s nor for sell. She belongs to Syntax” * Vincent tilted his head* Who is Syntax? * The man refused to answer* Well be that as it may, if Syntax has an in issue she can see me* The man shook his head, his fear took over. Her fired and in a flash Vincent’s green blade beamed to life, he block the first, second and third shot before lifting his hand forward to sprawl the man back against the wall with a strong force push* I said this doesn’t have to end in blood. You chose poorly. * He approached the man only to lower his blade down to rest near his throat* Data pad for the girls collar, sir…. * The man glared up at him while showing extreme emotions of fear for Vince as well as this Syntax* “She will kill me, she’ll kill you. You don’t know who you’re fucking with man”*Vincent shrugged* And you have a saber pointed at your throat. Seems to me you give me that data pad one way or the other… * The man thought on it then handed the data pad to Vince* “ You don’t know how you’re fucking with, you’re dead. Everyone you know is dead. You’re a fucking dead man.” * He paused a moment then cracked a slight smile before waving his hand to put the man into force stasis for about an hour* And you’re long overdue for a nap. * He looked at the data pad then back to the sleeping man* Pleasure doing business with you. * He nodded to the man then stepped back outside to rejoin Jen*
0c392, Jenisteen: *The smoke didn’t bother her much anymore and the sites were normal for her. There was no part of a body Jen had not seen. She of course did not understand anything she was seeing. She put some chocolate into her mouth and grinned... for that she would wait here for the big man, she nodded to him and leaned her back against the wall enjoying her special treat while the man spoke to her master. *
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : Jenisteen? A very fine name. Seems Jen would suit you.Pleased to meet you. * He gather the bag which holds a few pieces of hard dried chocolate and when she agreed to lead him inside he followed. He noted the atmosphere, coughed a bit at the smoke caused by those indulging in death sticks but continued to follow her. He kept his eyes from straying as much as he could for he had met a wonderful woman named Sarah on Ossus not long ago and was quite taken with her. That being the case his eyes didn’t stray much. When they got to the door separating Jen and Vince from her master he smiled down at her* You did well Jen. I need you to do me one more favor. I need you to wait here and not go anywhere until I get back ok? We’re friends now so like a good friend I’m going to look after you while I’m around, yes? I need you to wait here while I speak with your master. * He’d wait for her answer then hit the data panel to open the door and once inside he hit the lock button on the panel to keep Jen out and more to the point, keep the master in the room with him*
5300e, Jenisteen: *She tilted her head to the side a little as the man spoke. She listened of course, not totally grasping his train of thought but she understood enough. The giant wanted to see her master, and there was food involved. She was sold. She carefully took the pouch from his huge hands with her small ones and looked at it and then back up at him... * Jenisteen.... * She had no idea where the name had come from. Had the Sith named her? Her master? One of the whores? No idea. But that is what she was called. She turned around and moved back inside the building that was home and would wind her way around people.. aliens and humans until she stopped outside of a door and looked back up at the man* Master in there...*She was looking at the pouch now, opening it slowly to see what secrets were inside*
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : I see… A very busy man it would seem. *He looked to the entrance then back down at Jen. Really she wasn’t his problem and the danger for Jedi right now was something which made his wary but he still felt drawn to this girl. He couldn’t say why but he was blessed with the rare ability Jedi call “shatter point” he just felt as if there is something special about Jen. Smiling he looked down at her* I have important business on this planet. I am,... I am an important man of business… * Why did he say that? Screw it, good cover story*I need to speak with your master. * Much like Obi Wan when he finally revealed himself, Vincent carried a saber on his belt one which was hidden but for this meeting he moves his cloak far enough back for her to see it though he makes no gesture towards it* Can you take me to him? I mean you should never trust strangers but my name is Vincent and if you tell me yours then we can be friends and maybe you can take me to your master?* Vincent removes a portion of old republic rations from his belt, a bit of chocolate included in ration packs and offers it to Jen* I’ll even pay you fair wages, yes?
0c392, Jenisteen: *Jens greatest failing throughout her whole life if her absolutely trust in random people. She rarely had fear of strangers or new people. It got her into a great deal of trouble later on in life, but as a child she was just so curious about everything. She wanted to touch, see and smell new things. She thought meeting new people was fun. She did however fear angering her master. He had little time for this child he was given to care for until she was older. He had a business to run and caring for a little girl wasn’t high on his priority list. Jens eyes looked at the giant of a man to the doorway of the brothel and back to the man...* Busy.... so I play out here... * She gave a small frown and looked back at her flowers, kneeling down she picked up a few stones and placed them in thr middle of the flowers she had drawn* He a busy man.... * clearly quoting things she would hear from him often*
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : *He towered over the small girl even when kneeling down. He watched her scribble in the sand while looking her over carefully. He didn’t know why but something struck him about the girl. He believed the Force was giving him insight to her although why is unclear, the Force had a bad habit about being as unclear as a spy being interrogated. None the less he had learned to use his own discretion when he felt strongly about something. “Trust your emotions” Yoda would say when he was a young padawan at the temple of old. * Flowers are indeed pretty and you draw very well. * He stood to his full height no doubt towering over the small girl even more now* You’re smart for your age. Do you parents know where you are. * He gestured at the building she sits outside of while noticing her slave collar* Or perhaps your master?
0c392, Jenisteen: *Jens bright green eyes looked up at him as he spoke to her, surprised. People didn’t often speak to her... she looked down at the drawing she was working on and then back up to the man now kneeling near her..*...flowers....* she was young but she took in the world around her as best she could. She was observant of everything. She liked to watch and listen...and she loved to draw. She had some colouring pages and some bright coloured pencils she got to use from time to time.. but more then anything she liked to make her own pictures and shapes. She looked back to her art and moved her stick carefully in the dirt as she kept drawing * ...pretty flowers..
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : *Corellia about 30 ABY. The Empire still held Corellia and Vincent had been awoken from his slumber for around 2 years now. He had used his Jedi training to avoid the Empire and these days the Empire seemed to be waning but still he was careful not to draw attention to himself. Lots of bounty hunters were after Jedi and the Empire still had a bounty on them. Vincent is a tall man of 6’3 with a medium building and weighing around 230 pounds. He dressed in simple robes and tried as best he could to blend in. His hair and beard are a golden brown, his eyes sea blue. He’s a young man of around 30 give or take some. Being on Corellia made him feel safe, it’s most civilized even with the Empire roaming around but since the appearance of Skywalker Imperial power seemed to be focused elsewhere. He blended in well enough on the planet pretending to be a gun for hire to keep suspicion down as that occupation is rather common. Why did Vincent approach the business where Jen sat outside? Who knows, he believed in the living Force and it guided him so he wandered where he felt he should and when he approached the building he saw the small girl Jen sitting outside and drawing in the dirt. He smiled at the sight then approached the girl* Hello little one. What are you drawing there?
0c392, Smuggler: T
0c392, Jenisteen: *The explosion rocked the home, flames shooting high into the air. And he was dead. A man, his body huddled over the tiny form of a crying baby. Hands picked up the child from the dead man, moving fast as the flames were moving in and soon would consume this all. And Okami would never know. A child was not something she had time for.... she was too small to be useful. She needed to grow before her talents would bloom and she could be useful. But if she was anything like her mother, she would be strong. And so she left the baby with a slaver she had done business with over the years, paying a fee to have him care for this girl. She came to check in on her from time to time, her cold dark eyes watching the bright green ones of the little girl, her mind touching the little girls.... she had the force..she was a curious little girl. Soon enough she would be trained.* *Jen was a small girl for her age. She was barely larger the a 16 month old. But she was smart. Quiet, she loved to watch people. She wore a simple oversized dress that could be washed more then it was, a bracelet around her neck as a collar to make sure she didn’t wander off... men came in and out of the dark building, females of different species stood outside, enticing clients to come inside for some fun. Jen sat at a corner watching the people walking by, of course having no idea what was going on. She wasn’t allowed inside when it was busy like this... so she sat outside. She had found a small stick and was drawing designs on the ground in the dirt, amusing herself with the simple art. Her master owned the place. She tried hard to stay out of site.. sometimes people fought and there was screaming and blood. She didn’t like it when it was like that. It scared her. So she just kept to herself. A simple life indeed*
adcd9,  Vincent Cantrell : ((image test))
f9aa3,  Jenisteen Dirano: Being able to touch paper and feel the texture under your fingers it really Art. I find electronics and modern ways take away that founded feeling you need to really express yourself. * She stood from her chair, placing her half finished drink on the desk in front of her and moved over to slowly walk down, taking in the different art pieces. This was very much a world she loved and understood. Art was in every culture from every planet. And it was a way that tied them all together, much like the force. She looked at the drawing and smiled softly before looking back to them both* I do portraits mostly these days, when I find the time. My youngest Misha has a lovely talent, for a toddler but I am happy to see it in him.* She looked to Anzek and the woman at the offer, smirking a little. It was she was sure boring to hear old Dirano drama all the time* I do not wish to be a Bother Cousin...

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