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JOIN: No Name has entered.
0356e, River Kam : *She did put her name first though*
eb0af, Rare Haze : *chuckles after the door closes* she put his name on it this time... wonder if he noticed.
0356e, River Kam : Yes sir... *her voice floats back*
6ca56, Phillip Hale : get some chow first
0356e, River Kam : *keeps going out the door* you know how a fighter needs to move, and can't be restricted.
0356e, River Kam : yes sir.. we'll take that plate to gunny now... *heads for the door* Tad, I'm going to need your help with armor ideas.
6ca56, Phillip Hale : use them for testing and get it right then i can authorize more
0356e, River Kam : I'll get on that *waits to be dismissed*
0356e, River Kam : yes sir
6ca56, Phillip Hale : we just picked up about 100 cannisters of it from that battle ship....i can alow you three
0356e, River Kam : yes sir... We'll need more meld if we are going to do that
6ca56, Phillip Hale : no take it to gunney thats a good idea....and see what you can do about that armor
0356e, River Kam : Tad has the plate we made, should we give it to Noel for testing fire power against it, or do you want us to just leave it with you. Sir?
56574, Cursor Tad : *snas to attention and gives him a smart salute* yes sir
6ca56, Phillip Hale : mac has an idea...get me an outsider
0356e, River Kam : *swallows* that is cape town...
6ca56, Phillip Hale : *brings up the footage* they have a base
56574, Cursor Tad : i'll make it a point to sir....why?
0356e, River Kam : *pales*
6ca56, Phillip Hale : i need an outsider captured live.....can you do it?
56574, Cursor Tad : yes sir?
6ca56, Phillip Hale : thats awsome.....we are going to need it.....captain tad
eb0af, Rare Haze : *pulls it up and looks it over*
0356e, River Kam : *looks at the col.* your report is in your inbox's as well.
0356e, River Kam : *drags tad in and puts the report in front of him* you can turn meld into metal... anything from armor to prostetics is possible.
6ca56, Phillip Hale : *is rocking in his chair reeling from the news of the base* come
0356e, River Kam : *drags him to the commanders office and knocks*
0356e, River Kam : I'm betting they are in his because we passsed hers on the way here and she wasn't in it
56574, Cursor Tad : how much you want to bet they are in one or the other's office
0356e, River Kam : *hits send to send it to the col. inbox as well* lets go *heads for the commanders office*
0356e, River Kam : yep.. we did it again *flushes out the report, puts both their names on it and prints it out.. knows the commander likes paper* grab that thing lets go find the col. & commander
56574, Cursor Tad : did we just make a discovery?
c54f1, The Spokesperson: *it's solid*
0356e, River Kam : 700 seems to be the magic number *notes the retention of form*
0356e, River Kam : *reaches over and nudges an edge of it*
56574, Cursor Tad : 7 minutes....still solid
0356e, River Kam : *notes down same results.. thinking as she waits for the next result*
56574, Cursor Tad : *times it* same result...5 minutes....now i'm going to hit it with 700.....*hits it then times it*
0356e, River Kam : *takes notes*
56574, Cursor Tad : three two *hits it* timeing......loses cohesion at 5 minutes...ok...i'm hitting it with 600 and timing...three two...*hits it*
0356e, River Kam : *not according to her but he isn't listening to her* okay
56574, Cursor Tad : ok....i am going to hit it with400 then time how long it takes for it to loose cohesion....*should he really be a solider*
0356e, River Kam : *pulls over her laptop to expand on the report as she observes the experiment* I'm ready
0356e, River Kam : *pours it into the pan* okay... test it
56574, Cursor Tad : because we can then test the effects aginst the laser pistols
56574, Cursor Tad : lets start with a sheet......
56574, Cursor Tad : we can get a sandwhich...see if they will requisition you another batch to test...*his eyes wild....he is excited*
0356e, River Kam : I have one unit left here you want another gauntlet the mold will work for one more ..or just make a sheet?
0356e, River Kam : *signs the print out* want to come with.. then I promise we can eat. *this is why she looks to thin lately*
56574, Cursor Tad : do we have any more....i think there was a moment where it was just completely cured around 700
56574, Cursor Tad : about 500 juuls
0356e, River Kam : We've got enough to take to the col. *scans her notes into the computer and prints them out in report form*
0356e, River Kam : *notes it all down* about how much do you think one of those lazer pistols puts out Tad?
56574, Cursor Tad : 400...*the more he hits it the harder it becomes....1000 juuls and it "dies" becomming a yellow slime* oops
0356e, River Kam : on it *grabs a pad and jots down in her neat writing what they already have... * okay, go
56574, Cursor Tad : why don't we just see what it can handle...you take notes.....
0356e, River Kam : *puts it down for him to hit it again*
0356e, River Kam : It feels really light.. you could make armor out of that and barely feel it
0356e, River Kam : it's already hardened ... but we could do it and see how it reacts.
56574, Cursor Tad : *it's light....like tin but hard as titanium* what if we hit it with 600 juuls
0356e, River Kam : *picks it up and feels the weight of it, peeling it out of the mold*
0356e, River Kam : damn it worked... I thought it would have to cure but that is even better... and faster
56574, Cursor Tad : CLEAR...*hits it......the meld becomes solid...he takes the electroids away and taps it* thats like steel
0356e, River Kam : *watches the reaction as he hits again with the higher current*
0356e, River Kam : good idea
56574, Cursor Tad : wait...lets hit it hard and see what happens....cranking up to 300 juuls
0356e, River Kam : *makes a quick mold of a tail tip and pours some in... sets it aside to "cure" we'll see *takes some molding materials and makes a quick mold of Tad's forearm ... pours the rest in for a gauntlet and sets it aside as well* here's to hoping I'm not out of my friggen mind...
56574, Cursor Tad : *it slowly goes gooey*
56574, Cursor Tad : it's.....like making oobleck....and poking it
0356e, River Kam : *watches with him* pull out the electrodes ... has it gone kinda gooey or hard *waits for him to take them out then pulls on a pair of gloves and pokes at it*
56574, Cursor Tad : ok....*starts the current and hits it with electricity* um....you might want to see this
0356e, River Kam : *gets to her lab and starts pulling things out first is a little pan of meld and a current source... * start low and build up if you don't get a reaction
56574, Cursor Tad : ummmm...ok....*follow her*
0356e, River Kam : *stops mid stride and pivots and trots off for her lab * come on tad
0356e, River Kam : *sits up straight suddenly staring off at the ceiling across the room* that's it... brilliant *grabs Tad and kisses him then gets up abandoning her dinner and heading for the commander's office, since they saw him and haze headed that way as they came in*
c54f1, The Spokesperson: *she should try electrical current on the meld*
56574, Cursor Tad : *wrong franchize but i know who you were talking about*
DICE: Rare Haze rolls 91 = 226 on a 1d100 +135.
eb0af, Rare Haze : I'll check and see if anything new has been come up with.. but you may already have everything we know.
0356e, River Kam : *her brain is mulling her latest endeavors but also what tam said about the solid state.*
eb0af, Rare Haze : alright
0356e, River Kam : *gets her dinner and sits down*
6ca56, Phillip Hale : rare....i need everything you can get me on meld
788d5, Elliot McEvoy : on it
6ca56, Phillip Hale : so we'll have to shoot down a ship....mac...i need laser.....everything....sniper rifle, shotguns, heavies, and aircraft.....get on it
eb0af, Rare Haze : you're going to have to find a ship and board it to try and get an outsider... from reports that is the only place they have been seen and their are damn few of them.
1c893, Thinmen: (and me)
3e8cf, Sectoid: (me)
c3572, Zoe Riles : (thx)
42aa4, Chrysalid: (me)
c54f1, The Spokesperson: (the aliens we know so far)
9ea5e, Outsider: ((oooo pick me pick me))
788d5, Elliot McEvoy : the one we coined as the outsider......get me alive one......i have a theory
eb0af, Rare Haze : *manages not to make an obvious comment and sits down, still half hugging herself*
c54f1, The Spokesperson: our team just went off the grid
eb0af, Rare Haze : *shakes her head watching*
6ca56, Phillip Hale : what do we need to find away inside
c54f1, The Spokesperson: *command team would wacth four figures move to the access lift....they try everything...it won't open....suddenly there is plasma everywhere and the south african commando's all lay dead....they are grabbed by their ankles and dragged into the abyss*
c3572, Zoe Riles : *pipes the call into the commanders office too*

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