chat rules

1. If you want to ENTER this room you will have to have an actual handle. Please feel free to register a handle and then characters. Only registered viewers can view the room. By choosing to register a handle (OOC or IC) you agree to follow all the rules of the room, listen to the administrators and not be a jerk.
Understand that we have the right to nix a character request for Canons or OCs. Certain characters are restricted and will need special permission to play. Sorry, sometimes we are going to say no for sake of rp flow.

Also, characters MUST have a profile. Even if you just copy paste the wiki! Do not use powers without having a profile posted. Even if it's basic wiki, and telling us how it differs, the profile doesn't have to be pretty.

2. Don’t be an asshat
Treat others how you want to be treated. If one of the administrators, or a fellow gamer feels that your comments are off colored, that they are making anyone uncomfortable, that they are personal or bullying in nature, we ask that you respect your fellow gamers and take all comments (even if you think that they are just jokes) to messengers. So, please, no race, gender, rape, gross, religion, yadi yadi yadi jokes in the room

3. Don’t metagame
You can’t use OOC knowledge to know something IG. If you didn’t play out the knowledge during a game, you character can’t know it. This goes for “breaking into” places, bugging anything, spy stuff. You must play the scene out each time, make sure you have agreement from both parties on the outcome of the situation, and have the rolls to back it up.

4. Don’t god mode
This game runs on a d10 system ( /dice 1d10 for most scenarios). 10 is an epic success, 1 is a critical fail. What does critical fail mean? In the SNF’s that will be at the discretion of the administrator running the battle. For the players, it usually means a complete failure of whatever you were trying to do, with some sort of penalty.

5. Genderbending
Genderbending is allowed, just make it not stupid. We also ask you keep this to 2 cannon genderbents for the time being.

6. Canon Cap is 10.
Once the canon cap is reached, only one cannon addition/drop will be considered by admins by each player once a month. This includes character trades. This keeps us from having double character registrations, and confusion among players and administrators. You wouldn’t trade table top characters monthly. We are trying for the same consistency with this game.

7. Doubles
No doubling up on characters. So, no two Peter Parker's from alternate universes. Even if the other person who already plays that character says it's ok.

8. Don't be disruptive
If there is rp going on and any of the players finds it disturbing to their rp, they are totally in their right to ask people to politely quiet with the ooc and take it to messengers. We're all here to game, role play takes precedence!

Don't constantly disrupt play by arguing a rules call on a plot or a fight. This disrupts flow. If you are unsatisfied send the person an aim and that person will talk it with you. Sometimes you are going to fail. Failure can cause fun things to happen. But nothing shuts down a plot and people's interest when you flip tables because of a simple call. Let's all be grown ups.

9. The Power of three
Any and all changes in character powers/skills/abilities from your original/initial character application (when you applied for the character handle) must be approved by two unbiased admins (Ree/Alchemist/Minz) before the changes can be played out in an administered rp (much like the snf, the admin will roll against the ability/skill/power trying to be gained/changed). Assuming the change is plausible Admin will call the outcome based on dice rolls and rp.

10. Harassment
Harassment of any kind is simply not okay. We really want to make this an environment that people are comfortable logging in to. That means being respectful of your fellow role players. It’s completely okay to ask for rp. But when you constantly hound someone for rp either on the board or privately, it becomes an issue. Don’t consistently harass a player. Don’t make in character posts passive aggressively calling out that character. Don’t lament that no one wants to play with you and don’t hound. Don’t use IC handles to harass them OOC. There may be times when a player doesn’t want to play. They may just want to watch rp or they may just want to hang on their OOC handle. They may not tell you they are uncomfortable, but they tell the admins. We will give you a chance to tone it down and ask you to. If you fail to listen, you will get banned in order to make the room a more comfortable environment for everyone. Please be mindful of other players.

One more thing...
This is not a rule, just a reminder. People are going to play at different rates of velocity and some are going to have characters they play more than others. That doesn’t mean it is their show. It means they are playing more. If you feel like these characters get more plots, it’s not out of favoritism. It is because they are actually active with characters they love. You want your characters seen more or to do more with them? Either jump into an open scene or start your own. Ask for play or just play. If you feel envious of another character’s play, that is on you, not on the admins and not on that player. Instead of seeing it as Character X show or Character Y show, why not try and make it your character’s show? This is open chat rp. What you get into play is what you put into it. Some people put their characters out there more. If you do the same you might be surprised.