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Welcome to Witchcraft Chat. If you would like to register here a handle please do so. When registering use a valid email address or you will not receive your password (please check your spam folder). Registration can take up to 48 hours so please be patient and do not send multiple applications.

Chat Access

When you receive your password, you may log into the chat by typing your handle into the 'Nickname' box and password into the 'Password' box (obviously) and clicking on the 'Enter' button.

If you want your text to be a particular color, insert a hexidecimal color code into the 'Color' box. For a list of hex codes, click here The background for the chat is black so please do not use dark colours or we won't be able to see what you're typing.

Image URL
If you have a link to a personal photograph or an image that you would like to used as your chat avatar then paste the link URL in this box. Please do NOT post semi-naked photographs of yourself (or of others), or distasteful images.

Music: "Wytches Chant" by Inkubus Sukkubus.