Welcome, newcomers, to the inaugural run of the Universal Warrior's tournament! A system designed to organize and prepare a team of heroes that will be available to all the people of the multiverse! before we begin our journey, allow me to lay down a few ground rules:

1. Our primary goal is fun. If your primary goal is to make others sad, kindly GTFO. No trolling, bullying, or other such nonsense

2. Any and all disputes between players shall be overseen by me or an appointed third party for such when such disputes arise, be they about the abilities of characters or actions IC or OOC

3.No spam or advertising of other chats without permission

4. a general understanding of the english language and its rules are required for participation, please

5. Have fun, or your fired. It is also important to understand different people have different definitions of fun. So long as someone else's fun is not offensive or does not encroach on the fun of others, no complaining about it