Rules of the Chat
(To be altered at the Chatmaster's discretion as more information comes in.)

- Respect -
Be mindful and respectful towards other players. Some of us may be far more experienced in role-playing than others, and some of us are new to role-playing. Please be respectful towards the role-playing style of others and be patient with each other.

- Trolling -
Being purposely antagonistic between one another or more is strictly forbidden in UWT. We want to try and maintain a friendly role-playing environment. We also reserve the right to outright ban anyone who comes in for mere spite. Don't like? Don't join.

- Chatroom Wars -
Absolutely forbidden here in this chat-room. Whatever happens in another chat-room is no one's business here. Bringing conflict to UWT via another chat-room will result in immediate bansishments. Any persons caught doing this are to be reported to me for immediate action.

- Power-gaming
Otherwise known as God-Moding or God-Modding, is strictly forbidden here. A Warning will be issued. If the violator continues, a second warning is to be issued. If they still continue, then comes down the Ban-Hammer.

- Canon -
Canons are expressively allowed and welcome into UWT. Diversity is what we want, but if they are too powerful according to the continuity which they come from, please try to tone them down.

- Magic -
Magic is allowed here, but limited. If your character is magical bases, they must build themselves up in order to use their powers.

- Teleportation -
Allowed but limited. This can be done with technological or supernatural means, however the range of teleporting is 20 to 30 feet max.

- Vegas Rule -
What happens out of the chat, stays out of the chat. If you have a problem with a player due to differences, simply just block them from your AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, or whatever. Done and done.

- RP Pause -
Effective immediately, there is going to be a limit on pause for role-plays. There is a three day limit to continue an RP which has been placed on hold between players. If a party has not returned to the RP in three days, characters belonging to the involving party are free from the pause to continue role-playing.

- Immortality -
Immortality is extremely limited here within the realms of UWT. To enforce this rule, Highlander Immortality rules will be used. Here, Immortals can die just like mortals though in a rather specific manner. Decapitation of the Immortal CAN and WILL kill an Immortal. Total body destruction CAN and WILL kill an Immortal. Characters who have regenerative properties ala Wolverine are allowed but decapitation and bodily destruction WILL kill an Immortal. No questions.

- Competence -
Please at least make sure your posts are understandable Before you post them. The occasional slip can be tolerated with fixes, but do not Abuse the undo command, Especially after people have already responded to your post. It makes the logs hard to read.