f18e2 Quentin Quire : .
f18e2 Quentin Quire : Test.
8d74f Reed Richards: .
9a0c0 Rogue: (teresa palmer looks cute a f there holy crap)
9a0c0 Rogue: or switch to her
4b85a Paige Guthrie: you can be looking both of those things
ca6ff Synch: Lookin' bored, more like.
9a0c0 Rogue: do i stay with her or
9a0c0 Rogue: (right?!)
4b85a Paige Guthrie: damn synch u lookin foine
d028b Carol Danvers: this'll do
9a0c0 Rogue: hiii
ca6ff Synch: And this?
4a6d5 Camo : Dey got me. I'm saying all this with robots.
6773f Daniel Rand-K'ai : This is my sad face.
d028b Carol Danvers: yeah no this av is changing lmfao
4a6d5 Camo : :| srry dad im evul now
8d74f Reed Richards: Getting to the keepers.
f18e2 Quentin Quire : Yes.
6f4ea Jennifer Walters : And this...
9a0c0 Rogue: aw my image is borked
41c5e James Barnes : Oh, uh...
9a0c0 Rogue: same tbh
a6cc5 K: same
6773f Daniel Rand-K'ai : Who?
53d55 Duck: I was sad when this one died so fast
a24f3 Alejandra Santillian : And this one was continued...
54128 Iris LaBelle: Right i married n8 here.
40efc Isaiah Okikiade: O shit!
05f40 Dryad : Fuckyea
5c728 Kate Bishop: Merp
4a6d5 Camo : Gag
57137 Forge : Cough.
b1814 Anya Maximoff: stil same over her tho
d028b Carol Danvers: or her
4b85a Paige Guthrie: or any of them
59b50 Ellie Preston: or her
e8f46 Lux Donovan: who'd i use for her
8d74f Reed Richards: .
a6cc5 K: more like pjj.cc/ibottom
53d55 Duck: well, one is me but.. *stashes away the crash cart for now*
53d55 Duck: 2 lurkers
d50ee Jericho : *Stiffens when she sits on him, seeming to be surprised by her brazen move. And then he seems to grow a little angry.* You just earned yourself a night in my tent. *He'd grab the bowl from her hands and sets it aside next to his on the bench, his other hand sliding around her hip and over her thigh* I warned you that attitude would get you in trouble. *His hand would slide right between her thighs, the other that had removed her bowl reaching up to grab around her throat. He doesn't squeeze or choke her, but the threat is there.* I thought you'd listened a little better than that when I told you that your temperament would cost you. *Pushes off the bench with his legs, sliding onto the floor using his weight to propel her forward beneath him until she's laying partly on the floor and partly on his bedroll with him atop her.*
59165 Harper Cohen : Was that before or after you tried to put a bullet in my head? *She asks as she follows him to that little area. She stands there staring at him as he just keeps her from sitting on the bench. She's enough of a bitch to do something about it, and she does, sitting right on his lap. Feet bracing the ground, toes pointed inward as she does so. She holds her bowl close in her lap, giving thought to what he just asked.* Oh you know. Ferrying ammo and rations from one shit hole to another, along with something you found in my pocket. *She couldn't lie, he knew what she was transporting in her pack, the vial on the other hand would remain a mystery.* You make a great chair. *She says lowly as she stares at her food.*
d50ee Jericho : Usually its scout an area, take anything of particular value that you can on the way back. I thought you might have some value, and I was preparing to head back, so here we are. *He'd lead her to a tent along the outer ring instead of back to the tent he'd had her bound in. It was smaller than one of the inner ring tents but still large enough to stand and move around in. There was even a small bench to sit on aside from sitting on the bedroll on the ground or the floor of the tent. He'd take one half of the bench, the other half would go to his bowl of soup, leaving her with only two options.* So just what were you doing out there anyways? Aside from what I already know, of course.
59165 Harper Cohen : *Harper nods her head.* I'm excited. *She says in a dull tone. She would follow him inside, looking at those who were sitting around that pot. She takes the bowl that's offered to her, holing it in her hand. She still didn't trust him, let alone anyone given he did shoot her. She wasnt letting that go, but he was the only person she had who could protect her if something went south. Play the game Harper, and play him. She just took a deep breath, muttered a thank you and followed him out of the tent, curious as to where they were going. She was hoping back to the tent, she... at least felt some what safe. Where ever he may go, she follows him.* So. Dog stew and capturing women to bring them out here. That the whole thing here?
d50ee Jericho : Then you're in for a treat tonight. *He'd push into the tent with her. A couple of others are sitting in the close quarters around a large pot that has bowls scattered around it everywhere. He'd grab a couple of clean ones from a more neatly organized stack and then dips them both into the dog stew, holding one of the dripping bowls out to Harper afterwards.* Careful, its hot. *Once she takes it he'd grab them each a couple of chunks of bread then nods his head towards the exit, suggesting they go eat elsewhere.*
59165 Harper Cohen : You think I'm going to kill you? *She asks as they walk.* I don't need bullets to kill you. *She says, giving him a stare as she follows after him.* I wasn't expecting a five star meal. Something edible. *She says as they come upon the cook lobbing the head off a small dog. Harper's brows burrow as that head goes rolling to her feet. Ugly fucking dog, she steps over it. Idly reaching out as she does to grab hold of Jericho's shoulder. Knee still tense that any sharp movement might be painful, or she might fall. But she's quick to draw her hand away, fingers tapping as she does.* I haven't ate a dog in a long time. *Yeah she grew up poor, eating anything was... common.*
d50ee Jericho : We'll start you with armor then. I think maybe its a biiiit too soon to put weapons in your hands just yet. And don't worry about not being able to cook, most of us aren't exactly fancy chefs around here. If its partially cooked it'll get eaten and that is that. *While he talks he'd walk her in the direction of the food. They'd arrive just in time to witness a fresh slab of meat being killed. In this case the flavor is pug. Aside from the guard dogs they'd brought along, there were several carrier cages stuffed with multiple small dogs of different breeds. And as they turn the corner the last pug of the lot's head would get sliced off, rolling off the table and towards Harper's feet. Jericho was used to it so he'd just smirk and steps around the head as he moves towards a tent next to where the man has moved on to his skinning knife and is hard at work.*
59165 Harper Cohen : *Fuck. Stuff to do. She had her back to him as she gave that sigh. She was a runner, she came out here, she picked up goods, brought it back to the city. She could survive, she could fight. She was... scrappy. So she ran her fingers through her hair and gave a nod. She was hungry.* Food. Food is fine. *She turned back around, dropping her hands from her chest to her sides.* I can fix weapons, fix armor. I can't cook for shit. I learn fast though... uncomfortably fast. *She was trying here, to at least make it seem like she was wanting to fit in, that s he had accepted her fate here.*
d50ee Jericho : If that's where you want to spend your time then by all means. But nobody is going to bring you food or water or take out buckets of your waste for you, so you'll have to come out eventually. Nor will you be eating for free. You will have tasks around here, things you can do to prove you're an asset beyond brief physical comfort. Cooking, looking after the animals, helping fix weapons and armor. But all that can wait until tomorrow, at least. For now I am sure you would like to eat something.
59165 Harper Cohen : *She gave a nod of her head, some what understanding what that meant. She was always moving. She had no real place she called her own. Her brows bounce a moment as she crosses her arms over her chest.* I would assume I might be a corpse by then. Always the optimist. *She says with a slow roll of her shoulders. This was a foreign place to her, a strange culture. She always adapted, but it still did not ease her uneasiness about what her fate could be, but if she didn't cry when he shot her, she sure as shit wasn't going to now.* So this is it? I think I'd prefer the tent. *She says as she turns.*
d50ee Jericho : Yes. Though this place moves less often than we do. There are a number of these in all directions from the main hub of the Horde. From here we can go out on scouting missions further than we normally could and don't have as far to return for resupply. Eventually we'll be called back to the main body of the Horde when the time comes for it to move, then we'll be redeployed elsewhere. *Glances down at his watch a moment* We've been operating out of this encampment for the last two months. I give it another at least before we're pulled back. At that time you'll get to meet the man in charge, and he'll figure out what ultimately happens to you. If you're still alive by then.
59165 Harper Cohen : *She followed him out of the tent. She gave a nod towards his name. Weird but no stranger than her own name. She stops when he does, looking at the tents as he explains the area. Harper makes sure to get a good look at everyone there, faces to be remembered.* Horses. *She.. had never seen a horse. Dogs yup, but not horses. Her eyes sweep towards the direction of the bikes. She slowly chews on her bottom lip. Escape routes. Could she take a bike? No. A horse yes, but she didn't know how to ride one. Dogs were easy to put down. She's staring off into space for a moment before she snaps back to reality and looks at Jericho.* Do you just...pack all of this up when you need to move? *She asks, staring at each person she can look at.*
d50ee Jericho : I'm Jericho. *Doesn't offer up whether that's an assumed name or something he was born with.* Come on. *He'd head out of the tent, moving a couple of feet forward before pausing. They were in the middle of a double circle of tents with a large fire pit blazing in the middle. Besides the two of them there were 11 others present, as well as several dogs and horses she would be able to hear. There was the smell of food coming from somewhere, and a number of the men were sitting around the fire drinking and carrying on.* This is where we eat and plan and fight. The inner row of tents are for official business, like holding prisoners, medical, etc. The outer row is where we sleep. Beyond that we have a few guard dogs and a few of the others have horses that they prefer to ride. *He nods his head in the direction of their motorcycles as well, but it would be easier to ride one of the scouts out of there than it would be to steal one of them. They've been chained up and had all the keys pulled.*
59165 Harper Cohen : *She wasn't privy to the idea. Having new friends. He didn't know who she was aligned to.* Is there? *She asks eyeing him.* I couldn't imagine what could go wrong with a group of psychotic marauders and me in their pocket. *Part of her didn't even WANT to leave the tent, she'd be happy in here for how ever long she's allowed to be, but she knows it's not an option and she motions for him to lead the way* After you... guy who shot me. *She didn't know his name, they didn't know shit about each other really, but she pauses.* I'm Harper by the way. But... others call me Feint. I prefer it.
d50ee Jericho : I doubt they would even like you then. And they look at everyone the same way at first, so do not take it personally. Prove yourself to them though, and you will have steadfast allies. And there is something to be said for having a dangerous bunch of marauders on your side. *Gives a smile that almost says he knows from experience. It definitely hints at it.* Come on, I'll show you around the camp. Its not much, but its where we call home, for now.
59165 Harper Cohen : *As he takes the one smaller vial she eyes it. She should have just left it behind, or downed it instead of taking the shot, but she wasnt sure how it would effect her. She just took a deep breath as he cuts her free, she pulls her wrists to her chest and looks at the raw skin, oozing.* You should keep that small one for yourself. *She says lowly as she pushes out her stiff leg, there's a crunch that's audible and she winces but brings her knee to her chest and out again, rotating her foot in the process.* I don't expect any one to like me other than the capacity of a hole to be filled for a minute. *She says under her breath as she pushes herself to her feet and limps around the tent until she's walking normally.*
d50ee Jericho : That one in particular wanted to fuck you and take your right ear. Its a thing he does. Women, men, children... *Shakes his head as if to shake off whatever bad vibes that particular maniac brings around. Then he'd listen as she tells him to reach into her pocket, and what it is he finds there after he does so. He'd look at the syringes and vial, studying them. They would be worth something to the Horde's leader, for sure.* Those bought you your two nights with the Horde. I'd make the most of them to figure out what you want your place to be here. *He'd clean up the first aid kit then moves around behind her and cuts her free of her bonds.* Don't stray beyond the light of the camp by yourself. If you run, you have no idea where you are and you're in a camp full of bored trackers and scouts who have nothing better to do than make sure they're the first one to hunt you down. *He'd put away what she gave her, intending to send it later with a messenger back to the main body of the Horde.* None of them out there will bother you too much so long as you keep in line. They are wary of new faces though, so don't expect a lot of instant friendships.
59165 Harper Cohen : *She stopped what she was doing short of him walking back into tent. She takes a deep breath.* By alone time do you mean... talking about feelings? *She asks as she forces a tightlipped smile at him. She watches him carefully as he kneels down by her leg. She knew it was healed, it was stiff, muscles needed to bend and stretch. As she lays eyes on her new knee she wrinkles her nose. Blood was still there, but it was fine, she then looks at Jericho.* I might advise you to reach into my cargo pocket carefully and tell me what you find. It'll explain it. *She had about 10 small stem syringes and an un marked small vial in her cargo pocket.* I can understand you wanting to do something about this, but it's just a healing agent. Inject at the site of the injury and, gets you high as hell while healing your wounds. Take them.
59165 Harper Cohen : *WHOOP*
d50ee Jericho : *There would be footsteps approaching after a couple of minutes. Then they'd pause when someone speaks, followed by a few moments of seemingly tense exchange, then a set of steps crunching away followed immediately by the tent flap opening and Jericho returning. He hadn't made a damn sound approaching the tent, not like whoever he'd just argued with.* The others are already entertaining ideas on how they'd spend some alone time with you. So I'd make sure you get with the program quick. *Kneels down by her injured leg, watching her as he reaches out with a pair of scissors in hand to cut away the fabric. If she tried anything he'd just stab her with the scissors instead. Assuming she doesn't, he'd grab something to rinse out the wound, only to discover there isn't one.* Interesting. Want to explain?
59165 Harper Cohen : *It was a fair point, and she even gave a nod of her head at he thought of putting a knife into him.* Well you've abused me enough. I think it's only fair at this point, but I'll hold the mean comments. *She says as she forces a smile. he was going to find out real fast that there was no bullet hold in her knee anymore, and she might be a little entertained at the thought.* I am a survivor yes. *She says, actually agreeing with him on that. When he gets up and walks off, she would test how well he bound her hands, not putting much heart into it due to the fact that he could show up any moment. Eyes on the entrance to the tent as pulls and twists her hands some to at least try to worm a hand out.*
d50ee Jericho : Be mad. But be mad on your own time. And if someday I wake up with you standing over me plunging a knife into my chest, I will know why. But you are here now, and there is no use abusing others with your anger. *He would stand from the squatting position he'd been in in front of her, reaching up to flick the brim of his hat up out of the way.* You strike me as a survivor. Your survival depends on whether or not you can quickly adapt from whatever life you had before to the life you have now. I care little for Apocalypse but he had one thing right. Adapt... evolve, or die. *Glances at her leg* I will be right back with somethings to tend that wound. *And just like that he'd walk out, giving her a minute alone.*
53d55 Duck: *stares*
59165 Harper Cohen : *Thing was, for Harper, it was hard to not be a smart ass, or a spiteful bitch. She had a hard time doing that nice thing.* Quit being a bitch? You shot me and murdered like three people in front of me, and tired to murder me. While I'm far from groveling at your feet and sucking your dick for sparing me, I'm surely entitled to feel some what pissed off about my situation. *She leaned her head up. Looking at the top of the tent as she takes a deep breath. Spin the attitude, she didnt know how. She bites her bottom lip hard, fingers curling into fists for a moment.* Fine. Fine. *She exhales a shaky breath as she nods in agreement with him finally* I get it.
d50ee Jericho : If that's what's decided is the best use of you, then that's what you'll do. I would offer friendly advice on that point; quit being a bitch about everything. Yes, lousy situation for you, I get that. You've been shot and kidnapped and been threatened with death and worse. But you aren't saving yourself from spending the last few hours of your life servicing a bunch of psychopaths. If you value your life and want it to extend past tonight, I'd learn to season your attitude with respect instead of spite. There is opportunity within the Horde if you don't go and spoil your chance at it before its even presented to you. I don't expect gratitude, at least not yet. That'll come later if you can, in spite of your mouth's current best efforts, keep yourself alive.
59165 Harper Cohen : *She grits her teeth as he speaks. She knows she's shit out of luck at this point. The best option was to roll when the situation.* Before you shot me. *She says with a touch of bitterness.* I was pretty good at fighting, combat. You know. I dont know what that means to you. I'm not going to be able to leave, so my options with this barbaric lot? You either make me fight people, or... I get forced to fight for your stupid cause. But I'm not making myself useful on my back. You'd find that I'm.. less than enthusiastic in all social aspects. *least, at this moment she was being honest. Harper has figured that if she wanted to escape, she'd need to net this fuck's trust, and bide time.*
d50ee Jericho : Whatever can be taken from you and used up by the Horde. *He'd glance down at her leg, then back up at her. He'd stare at her for a long moment, as if judging whether or not it was worth the expenditure of supplies and time to bother fixing her. Finally he'd seem to come to some sort of conclusion.* I'll take a look at your leg in due course. *He'd reach up and slightly adjust the strap of his gun he has slung across his back.* What do you think I should do with you? And be realistic, since letting you go isn't an option. How do you think you would best serve the Horde?
59165 Harper Cohen : *She let her head fall limp slightly, chin touching her chest at his words.* You could just untie me at this point. So I can check my leg. And I would appreciate it if you didn't feed me in any capacity to any of your... dogs. *She says lowly. At the mention of the Horde Harper just sighed. Yeah she suspected as much, they arent forgiving and she was taught to be wary of them, to fight against them and not trust anyone out here unless they bore HYDRA's symbols, like she did, which she was surprised he hadn't throughly patted her down, then again she was grateful since she had those stems in her cargo pocket still.* What do you want from me? *She asks as she looks up at him, stretching out her not bloody leg.*
d50ee Jericho : Don't thank me yet. I still haven't decided what to do with you. Feed you to the dogs... feed you to the dogs... *The tone of his voice changed significantly as he said that. And accompanied with a glance over his shoulder, it would be obvious he means his compatriots beyond the walls of the tent.* Or maybe put you to work serving the Horde. *Well, at least she'd know for sure who this guy belonged to now, and what groups' clutches she was in.*
59165 Harper Cohen : *It felt longer than a couple of days, but her sharp mind helped her out. Halfway, after the drugs had worn off at least. At some point she had fallen asleep, leaning against his back. When they did arrive at their destination she faked her limp, even though her knee was fine at this point. As he holds the water to her she takes a drink, and manages to get it all over herself. She wipes her mouth with her shoulder. She had plenty of answers considering, and she was pretty mad as is. Her scowl made that obvious.* Thanks. I guess. *She says lowly.* For not murdering me or you know. What the fuck else you people do. *She wasnt sure. Pillage? probably. He did shoot her, he obviously didn't care about her well being.*
d50ee Jericho : *They had driven four a couple of days, the motorcycle picking its away along an abandoned stretch of highway and west into the mountains. He'd stopped, doubled-back, and generally taken as confusing of way to the small forward scout camp as possible, keeping her tied up and blindfolded for as much of the trip as possible. When they arrived he'd unhook her from the bike and walk/carries her by the arm into a large tent. Once he has her sitting on the ground and her arms bound behind the center post, he'd remove her blindfold and brings up a bottle of water to her lips.* Drink, we've been riding for a few hours since our last pit stop and I know you're thirsty. *She probably had questions, but he didn't seem to be in any hurry to sit down and answer them. As he offers her the water he watches her, his eyes sharp, predatory.*
59165 Harper Cohen : *where am I*
53d55 Duck: shhhhhh
328b5 Faith: shhh
53d55 Duck: least it's not duck season
0de41 Rachel: Be very very quiet. I'm hunting wabbits.
0a75e Genesis: It's oh-so quiet. Shhh. Shhh.
53d55 Duck: too quiet around here
a5f71 DW: >.>
53d55 Duck: guh
f346d Sean: Uguuuuu~ :3
328b5 Faith: ugggggh
8d628 L:
53d55 Duck:
53d55 Duck: *eyes character chain* i should cameo.
53d55 Duck: were they evul clones?
328b5 Faith: I like All new Wolverine.
f346d Sean: nice
328b5 Faith: and then Taskmaster murdered her clones
328b5 Faith: She do
f346d Sean: '23 has a nice ass
328b5 Faith: nu uh
f346d Sean: Lieeeeeeeees
328b5 Faith: I'm tired but.. not
5e4cb X: >.>
328b5 Faith: nonono
f346d Sean: I SEEN IT
328b5 Faith: shhh
f346d Sean: There are seven of you bastards in here.
f346d Sean: DANGER ZONE
0a75e Genesis: *semens*
53d55 Duck:
328b5 Faith: um
0a75e Genesis: Um..
328b5 Faith: >:
37ec0 Flu: eek, a spooky sausage
328b5 Faith: boo
0de41 Rachel: the worst part about sinus infection is my glasses put pressure on my nose and cause a sinus headache but if I don't wear them I get a headache anyway because I need to squint to read stuff.
0de41 Rachel: yay
0a75e Genesis: *hands Rachel a neti pot*
0de41 Rachel: I have a sinus infection so the extra sleep is likely needed.
f346d Sean: brb
f346d Sean: I need to get dinner started
0a75e Genesis: Bed is also calling my name but I don't want to go!
0de41 Rachel: ugh i should probably go to bed.
f346d Sean: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Luke_Cage_(Earth-616)
0a75e Genesis: Is that like....Nicolas Cage's son?
0a75e Genesis: Ooooh, it is, Duke? I may have to watch them! I was going to wait until they hit Hulu.
f346d Sean: I watched two episodes and I thought it was pretty boring. Jessica Jones is better, plus you might enjoy staring at Luke Cage, idk
37ec0 Flu: Did you see the first episode of The Expanse is available on Syfy's website?
0a75e Genesis: The first episode looked quite promising, but I never picked it back up. Kind of reminded me of mage a little bit.
f346d Sean: I couldnt get into that show
0a75e Genesis: I still need to finish Sense8.
f346d Sean: I highly recommend you watch it, Gen.
328b5 Faith:
0a75e Genesis: I used to know a girl named Jessica Jones. We used her apartment to do a lot of drugs.
328b5 Faith: it good
0a75e Genesis: I'm guessing it's worth watching, then?
f346d Sean: Finished Jessica Jones. Now I dont know what to do with my life
f346d Sean: ugh
0de41 Rachel: *Pets*
0a75e Genesis: *lays head in her lap*
0de41 Rachel: eep
0a75e Genesis: *wafts it all toward Rachel*
0de41 Rachel: *sprays air freshener.*
0a75e Genesis: *farts*
f346d Sean: har har har
5e4cb X: because VII VIII IX?

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