Star Wars : Tides of War

Jen: Permanent fatigue is real. My whole life.
Luri : Remember when Star Wars actually did stuff like that? lol BioWare really knew their shit... for awhile.
Luri : You two are just RPing in the private room. A little Master/slave action. Or is it Mistress/slave?
Nix: splat.
D : :o
Nix: was gonna. got all set up. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then exhaustion hit me like a freight train hitting a gnat.
M : arpeez?
D : *butters*
Nix: anyway. what was this talk of arpeez.
Nix: *mutters*
M : *mutter*
M: Why can't I get messages. Why am I not a registered user. >:|
M: lol
M: grr
M: omfg
M: Because all the best arpee over the years happened during the summer.
Jen: the urge is still there poking about...
Jen: is too hot to move and it makes me want rp....why? O_o
Jen: *paw paw*
Luri : *pew pew*
Jen: *eats the cookies*
Luri : It does that for me as well.
M: *fucking fix*
M: gdmt
M: argh wtf
M: stupid cookies
Luri : Really, really worried. :P
M: >.>
Luri : It's no laughing matter. I was really worried about it.
M: lol
Luri : ­­turned-going-170117863.html Oh, that's a relief. I was pretty concerned about Morgan the mystic unicorn.
Cavan Whynter : *Oh, FFS.*
Cavan Whynter : *Hey there, doll face.*
Zephyr : *Henlo.*
Alden Locke : *Hi.*
Zephyr : *Wut.*
M: ugh
Luri : Zeph!
Droman Kane: *Poor Vidis.*
Vidis: *Her mind says he's simply giving her praise to reassure her that she didn't fuck anything up in taking her time but also perhaps he's right. But she raises her head a bit and gives him a small smile but she doesn't look towards the painting itself even if he probably enjoys every moment of its display.* It could be a new hobby but I doubt I would create something at all similar to your own visions. *Then having him move closer to her and stare into her eyes melts the smile away subtly and yet it isn't the same nervous bubbling of nervousness this time. She seems to be getting more comfortable but eventually she tilts her head fractionally at which point he moves past her to sit on the edge of his desk facing her. * I find destruction to be more of a stress release, myself, but I try to repair things as well. It gives me knowledge of the weak points and where I could focus to cripple. *She shrugs a shoulder a little bit* People or things. Doesn't matter. *Why was she telling him this?*
Droman Kane: I couldn’t have done it without you, my lovely, lovely Vidis. You were instrumental in encouraging Voxu to reveal his hand, exposing his underbelly as it were… *He continues to observe the prototype droid haul Voxu’s corpse away before the waterfall slides closed once more and resumes cascading down the wall into a pool at the edge of the floor.* It was easy to make him doubt your abilities, giving me the opportunity to move in for the kill. Perhaps I should have let you dealt with him, but then I wouldn’t have this remarkable painting to show for it. *His grin only widens as he moves towards her and gestures to the portrait of a melting Voxu.* Have you ever considered taking up painting? I recommend it as an effective stress reliever. *Perhaps he could teach her, but then she would have to be in close proximity to him for an uncomfortable length of time. And how would that affect her? Unless she is already becoming entirely too comfortable with her role in the company, by his side. He moves over to her and stares into her alluring blue eyes, watching her for what may feel like an agonizing length of time. Then he offers her a deceptively charming smile and brushes past her to sit on the edge of his desk, facing her.*
Vidis: (( that looks....creepy as shit ))
Luri : Jen, watch the Rabid remake.
Vidis: *She might so long as this request means she gets the beach to herself. She doesn't seem to be upset by him leaning over the chair grinning at her but that may be because she is getting used to it. When he makes his statement she does relax just enough that it is visible. Her fingers begin to move calmly over the keys as she enters in the keys and adjusts security clearance so she can access the items she believes she needs. It had to be done at his terminal didn't it? Convenient. She logs out without thinking and closes out the screen before watching him pick up the datachip and moving around towards the waterfall feature wall. She may be a small bit surprised that it was hiding a droid behind it not to mention the droid in question as it moves over to the corpse and drags the body into the shadows without a hint of strain on the droid. Clearly its construction was sound . It takes her a few moments to consider what he's revealed, what exists, and the statements he's made before she smiles slightly and pushes carefully out of Droman's chair to stand beside the desk.* The method does fit the man but I have to say I am glad to see the prototype was developed into production of the droid. Reassuring is what I call it.
Vidis: (( I just want to have it over with.))
Luri : Get the Pfizer one.
Vidis: (( Then it's yearly boosters))
Vidis: (( I made an appt thru a hospital instead for free of charge pfizer or moderna.
Vidis: (( Yep))
Luri : AstraZeneca and J&J.
Jen: I keep seeing stories about clotting from some of those. It scares me a little.
Jen: True
Droman Kane: *Will she be so willing to comply with his request if he insists on her wearing that gold weave bikini for him on the beaches of Spira? It would be interesting to see her response, but he intends on making her wait to find out just what he has in mind for her. Whether it involves her wearing a bikini for him or not remains to be seen. Once she is sitting at his desk, he approaches the chair and casually leans over the back of it, grinning at her like an insatiable madman. She knows the look by now. Or she should.* I think you did a remarkable job, I really do. I just decided to make it personal, ensuring Voxu’s recognition was on my desk before the morning. You know how impatient I can be… *Without another word, he steps away from the chair, making his way around the desk to retrieve the item she placed there. His fingers slide over the datachip before he removes it from the desk and turns it over to inspect it. Then he slips it into his jacket pocket and turns to face the cascading waterfall on the far wall. As if on cue, it splits open to reveal one of the droids Voxu intended on leaking to punish Vidis. The droid activates and moves over to the baron’s corpse, reaching down to grab a hold of the fibercord attached to his neck before dragging him back into the shadows. He merely gestures to the droid and smirks.* Fitting, don’t you think? Voxu taken out like the trash he is… or was.
M: At least you don't have the vaccines that no one else wants
Luri : Stupids.
Jen: meanwhile in the US...we're getting vaccinated as quick as possible to prevent stupid shit.
Luri : Bwah ha ha ha.
Jen: Pretty Styrax.
Styrax : *You'll have to prove it. I don't believe you.*
Pandora : *Probably the smartest bimbo you'll ever have the pleasure to meet.*
Styrax : *Pandora is still a bimbo*
Luri : Too many idiots out there, I suppose.
M: Nah. People were given a year of chances to do the right thing and now they're bitching because their rights are being taken away? bitch, please.
M: lol wtf
Luri : Black Friday of rights slashing is correct.
Luri : ­­­tens-restrictions-gives-police-new-powers-amid-dir­e-covid-predictions/ar-BB1fJ9t0?ocid=msedgntp Palpatine would be proud, M.
D : shitty
M: yarp
Luri : Blame Trudeau.
M: *fix*
M: And to think - if they had shut the airports down a year ago, we wouldn't be where we are now lol
Droman Kane: *Must reply to Vidis...*
Luri : Lethbridge has a lot of cases. Calgary has the highest number, and that's where the planes are coming in.
M: she's now in the hospital. admitted yesterday
M: A friend of mine had her twin contract covid in Lethbridge. because of a coworker who didn't follow protocol
M: and apparently there's a way to circumvent the whole hotel quarantine thing but I can't remember the details
M: and flying. and flying. and flying
Luri : I do agree with him about airport travel, but the planes keep flying.
Luri : Well played.
M: Well, he wouldn't fucking have to be if the province wasn't full of fucking morons. same goes for AB
Luri : I mean, any form of democracy in this country is essentially done for anyway. That was easier than Palpatine's takeover. Didn't even have to fight a war.
Luri : Your premier sounds like a dictator.
M: lol
Luri : There are no freedoms here. It's still unfuckable.
M: Well, maybe Alberta needs to unfuck itself also :P
Luri : Ford with the restrictions.
D : Well then.
Vidis: *When she realizes he's raising the cutter and it heads towards the center of her chest she stops and looks up to meet his eyes and well notices the grin and the pressure of the razor sharp point just dancing on the edge of "I could kill you, but I won't" and there is a question in her eyes but nothing so obvious as a brow raise. She doesn't move until he tosses the cutter away before straightening her jacket and blouse slightly and carefully observes his next actions. Listening for other meanings to his words. Hanging it in the board room would be much more effective wouldn't it? Hearing him say he wouldn't harm her isn't reassuring but he very likely knows just why.When he pulls the chair out she would move to take a seat at the terminal and lean forward with posture adjusted and...* I appreciate you making such a statement and we both know that you don't need a guarantee that I will comply with the request. *pause* at a later date. *She smiles a little and lets it fade away from her lips before pausing for a moment as if realizing he has all the master passwords anyway doesn't he?* I have to ask...would you prefer I work faster next time? When I saw him hanging there I thought perhaps I had disappointed you not eliminating him first...
Droman Kane: *Before she is able to move away from him to do as she pleases, he raises the fibercord cutter to place directly in the center of her chest. A deviant grin appears on his lips, and he leans forward with just enough pressure to ensure she can feel the razor-sharp point against her jacket or blouse. Then he abruptly tosses the fibercord cutter over his shoulder, which lands next to Voxu’s corpse.* You want the galaxy and everything in it. Ambitious, of course, but have you earned it? I’ll give you access to every employee file, every project currently in development. In return, I’ll request something of you… at a later date. *If she truly wants the painting for herself, she had best speak up. Otherwise, he will take it back and hang it in the boardroom for the rest of the board members to look upon every time they enter for a meeting.* You can create as much havoc as you desire… increase this company’s profits tenfold, whatever it is you set your sights on. Hell, try and take me down if you think you’re capable. I like you too much to harm a single golden hair on your head. *But it doesn’t mean he won’t if she pushes him too far. With a smirk, he circles back around the desk to pull out the chair for her, gesturing to the terminal.* You already know the password. I trust you won’t hesitate to do what’s necessary the next time there’s a problem in the boardroom.
Vidis: *She would tilt her head back slightly and raise those eyes with a small crooked smile as he laughs and then eventually jumps down from the desk on top of the body likely breaking a bone or two but any mess that might be seeping out she seems to be well away from. Waste of a good rug.* I am happy to hear that Mr. Kane but I am not in the practice of putting dead bodies on my mantle. I find them to be too difficult to decorate around. *Interesting evidence to be sure and would imply that perhaps Droman was still quite stealthy enough to manage his prey in such a way.* I would definitely like to be kept up with what R & D is coming up with, after all, a man died because of it. *Was that her point? Maybe she wants the profits to be as high as possible, the items created to be deadly, to eventually find a way to be untouchable. Perhaps. She barely reacts as he scratches her arm faintly with that cutter and turns her eyes directly towards him. Meeting his eyes with what appears to be a lack of fear and those rose tinted lips would seem to be painted with poison.* I want to be just as feared and untouchable as you seem to be at some point. Now? Free access to the records and data of all of your employees and freedom to weed out those that need it. *She would push away from the desk and lean forward slightly to view the painting again. Brush strokes. Colors. Similarities. Does he simply torment everyone he sees in that head of his?* I probably wouldn't mind a few grovels.
Droman Kane: Psychopath? *That is entirely too amusing to hear, and he tilts his head back, erupting into laughter that can be heard outside in the hall. As he stands on top of his desk, he points the fibercord cutter at her before lowering it to his side and clearing his throat. There are nearly tears in his eyes as a result of his amusement in response to her comment.* Is that so? It’s a good thing he took his own life then, because I would have had him thrown over the side of the building. *And with that, he jumps off his desk to land directly on top of Voxu’s body. The Force only knows what kind of mess that would make, but it isn’t pretty, to say the least. He wipes the soles of his expensive Corellian leather shoes on the nearest rug before approaching her with the fibercord cutter in hand.* I want you to know that I’ve been impressed with the work you’re doing for this company, my lovely Vidis. So impressed in fact, that I want to know what is it that you want. Perhaps a gold weave bikini to parade around the beaches of Spira in. What about Voxu’s head stuffed and mounted above your mantle? Hmm? *There wouldn’t be any indication of a struggle between him and Voxu, suggesting the baron may have been unconscious before he was hanged from the ceiling fan. He’ll just leave her guessing as to how he accomplished it, however.* Do you want to be the one in charge of Kane Corporation? Do you want to board groveling before you, fearful of your next move? *As his piercing blue eyes remain focused on hers, he lightly glides the fibercord cutter down the length of her arm… enough for her to feel a tingle—a scratch.*
Droman Kane: *Who, me?*
Vidis: *She would look up briefly to see him grinning before he approaches the easel in his office before turning it around to reveal the painting of the baron dangling with his eyes bulging and she perks a brow. Clearly the painting contained things Droman had added and the sound of his laughter contained the trace of an unhinged psycho killer didn't it? When he rubs his face and ceases to laugh she was of course more comfortable and especially so when he spoke of her having the confidence of at least half the board. She waits as he retrieves the fibercord cutters and stands atop the desk to cut the fibercord and let the body drop to the floor. She stares at the body for a moment as if looking at the lines of the cord and evaluating if the knot was in reach of the victims hands or not, looking at the depth of the markings, if there were marks on his hands or fingers from struggling and then looks to Kane again. Her features are remarkably calm but it is possible she isn't completely so and also makes a note to herself to always keep an eye on her own back as she folds her hands again. It is not quite possible to tell if it was to cover a tremor or not.* I will do what needs to be done and possibly more than...or do you have some instruction ? *If he expects her to hang that in her office he might be unpleasantly surprised.;) She forgets for a moment exactly where she is and who she's speaking with, or does she?* You do know he thought you were a psychopath...
Droman Kane: *With an idle crack of his neck, he turns and watches her approach Voxu’s corpse, retrieving the item from his suit pocket. There is a delightful grin spreading across his lips, and he follows her to his desk, if only for her to inhale the scent of his pheromone laced cologne. Of course, he doesn’t get close enough to touch her… that would be inappropriate. Then he turns from her to approach an easel in the corner of his office.* I painted something… specifically for you. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it to commemorate the occasion. *As if on cue, he turns the easel around to reveal an oil painting of the baron dangling from the end of a synth fibercord. Only the painting is more… grotesque. Voxu’s eyes appear to be bulging from his skull, his skin almost melting from his body. It brings a slight fit of laughter from him that he suppresses by rubbing his face.* You have the confidence of half the board, and the other half… well, they’ve lost their leader. What will you do will all of your power, my dear? *But he doesn’t look in her direction as he returns to sit behind his desk. One of his desk drawers opens, and he retrieves a fibercord cutter before climbing to stand up on top of his desk. He reaches for the fibercord and slices through it with ease, sending Voxu dropping to the marble floor with a sickening thud.*
Vidis: *It is a good thing she has good self control isn't it if there are pheromones involved. She smiles slowly as he asks her the question and tsks her and calmly turns her eyes towards the body hanging from the ceiling and traces the cord to the end of its path above and takes a moment to circle the dead Voxu. Eventually she reaches out into the mans pocket and removes a small datachip and makes sure Droman can see it before depositing it on his desk and leaning back against it gently with one hand settling on the surface of it smoothly* I was going to frame him for stealing...but after that I hadn't decided quite yet. Perhaps make sure the end of his life was lived out in pain, torment, broken bones, missing fingers, broken teeth and messed with his mind until he snapped at which point I probably would have left him dead in his office as a message. Your trademark is splattering them below...*She smiles slowly again* Not mine.

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