Star Wars : Tides of War

M : so bored
Jen: gotta poke in here to keep it alive. <3
Aekanna Slis : *Wait, should I flit about too?*
Jen: "special" no but I love the moon. ^_^ <3
Jen: Quaint veil?
Allen Darksaber : *Pierces the quaint veil to pieces quite well. *
Luri : Didn't see that one, Jem! The July buck moon wasn't all that special though.
Jen: Wondering how M liked that strawberry/blood moon.
Jen: (( yassss)
Allen Darksaber : (( ))
Aekanna Slis : (I DO miss this bitch)
Jen: (herds the dust bunnies)
D : *leaves hug for Z*
Z: *stirs the dust in an intense moment of nostalgia*
Jen: but first I am apparently going to spend half an hour looking at photos of space because I am spaced.
Jen: I may actually compose some posts for fun.
Jen: :D
Anastasia: *Mm. No. Could use some class*
Whiskey: *Could be having a lot of fun*
Jenalia Safilon: *Might have gone mental*
Cyrce Kuruni : *Always up to shit*
Delta: *Is very likely up to no good)
Aekanna Slis : (Could always show up out of nowhere)
Jen: You know i'm a contrary wench and now I'm gonna post for a while.
Jen: Dead huh?
Daegon Marr : *You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man. By then, it was nothing to me but blinding.* - Bane Daegon
Luri : So many darksiders.
Allen Darksaber : *A whisper slithers back, does not differ however quite glad - pitch etched, sharp, and mad. Deadened by years of dread and stagnant laughs* I'm always armed, showcased and marred. *Clearly the ghosts of Korriban have curved and branded their mark on this stark mind, from times chose then lost in tide's cost; entwined and enshrined - host of grove's lost**
Jen: Def a voyeur
Jen: Always huh?
Night Stalker: *a whisper rings out*. I’m always watching…
Luri : No! Bad Jem!
Jen: Just posting to keep activity.
Luri : Everyone's scared of Leo Dengliss.
Deianeira : *Drinking again? Why do that in public? Ugh.*
D : warblargh
Leo Dengliss : *I guess no one wants to drink with me. :/*
Leo Dengliss : *The Neo Valleran night is the epitome of a duality, a thing at odds with itself. Hot, garish neon brilliance clashes with the cool, abyssal shadows that encroach where those lights don’t quite reach. As his boots, quietly scraping against the pavement, guide him further into the downtown labyrinth and the crowds that doubtlessly await, as structures rise on either side of him, stretching into the vaulted gloom above, so too do his senses stretch outwards. His countenance reaches, and in so doing, his presence is no longer shrouded to those that might seek him. So too do other things find him as he wanders; memories, some fading and distant, yet others sharp as honed steel. The wind caresses his face, lover like, as memories wash over him like an unrelenting tide. ”That is why we serve, why we can give our hearts to none. Your heart belongs to your duty. Now, go do it.” His hand instinctively lowered to sheathed hilt at his side, his hand finding the hilt waiting for his fingers. His eyes lower instinctively, expecting to find her there. He’d never spoken of her since, not to anyone. Not even to Deianeira, to whom he bared all wretched secrets of his immortal soul. That burden he could never share, never lay it down.* Salhaseia... *He whispered her name into the wind, letting it be taken and borne away. How he wished she’d found peace. His fingers tightened around the hilt, knuckles whitening. The metallic tang of blood hung heavy in his nostrils as he recalled his crucible, his hell. He sighed, finally passing through the arches of the Tides, and descending a little further from that night of horrors, and a razor’s edge closer to the absolution and blissful zombification that only whiskey can bring. The bone-shaking bass of the speakers don’t bother him, less likely he’ll be pressed for conversation as he claims a seat at the bar.*
Leo Dengliss : *His soft-souled combat boots whisper on the pavement of Neo Vallera, his tell-tale even and measured strides carry him through the sprawling metropolis. The drawn cowl of his cloak shields his eyes from the harsh streetlamps and neon signs, casting much of his visage into a greater darkness. His massive shoulders speak to his rigid, disciplined frame; that discipline further evidensed by his hands grasped firmly behind his back. Most denizens steer clear of him without ever realizing that they had done so, or eve wondered why. The reason is really quite simple: he eminates power. It rolls off of him in waves, palpable and pure. Those that know him might wonder what brings him out into the throng, especially when that has been far from his way. The truth is just as simple, really. He hungers; not the simple want for material things, nor the noble desire to right the wrongs of society. It’s far closer to home, and far more selfish, were he honest enough to admit it. He hungers to matter again, to be relavant. To be remembered. To breathe new life into the memory of his legend, to let glow the embers of his name. But that which needs to come first must. So his boots bring him spiraling closer to the Tides, towards a drink... and destiny. Whatever that may mean.*
Leo Dengliss : *Needs to wreck some shit, yo.*
Jen: Doesn't mean a Jen can't wish for a bit of action. ^_^
Cavan Whynter : *Needs to do something.*
Alden Locke : *Winks @ Nightshade.*
Luri : Disney Star Wars is dead too.
Luri : PJJ has been dead for years, Jen.
Jen: I love that nobody's been in here in like 2 weeks O_O
Jen: Ya know. Being well and baked right now....I WISH M WAS AROUND TO RP WITH ME AND MIKE LATER
Nightshade : *From counless ages spent in the depths of space controlled by the flailing Empire to the dusty husk of Korriban, she had been quite the busy lady. Securing an alliance with the Ascension - the "Sith Empire" - was no small feat, but to bring that back to the Remnant would undoubtedly cause... strife. Certainly the Moffs would scoff at the idea of throwing their support behind yet another Sith Lord. But she didn't particularly care. While she wasn't necessarily the one in control, she did command a surprising amount of power as the second-in-command to the would-be Emperor. Such as he was. His attempt at "tagging" Force users had been an ill-conceived idea doomed to failure, but now.... Now was not the time to push the anti-Jedi garbage. Use the Ascension to take the heat and neutralize the Jedi... and, as has shown in the past, the Force users will take care of each other. And she, of course, can be left to her own devices, to control and command as she so desires. While she has somewhat of passing interest in the goings-on of the "Republic Alliance" on Coruscant, her attention has recently turned to the Kuat shipyards... and the development of an armada to rival even the Empire's greatest fleet of the past. While she hasn't taken any direct control over it - she leaves that to a certain Imperial higher-up who thrives in such an environment - she has definitely taken an.. uncomfortable (for him) interest in the goings-on. With the tentative alliance with the Sith newly inked, growing Imperial power has never been more important.*
Luri : ­­s-covid-230754620.html ­­­-ontario-reports-331-new-cases-about-8-6-per-cent-­­of-city-workers-unvaccinated-or-hadnt-disclosed-st­atus-as-of-friday
Luri : Ontario's daily case count was higher yesterday. There is just a higher precentage per population here, if you believe the lies.
M : *checks daily cases vs. AB* Welp. I'd say the 'tyranny' is working out pretty good, actually.
D : Huh.
Luri : How's the tyranny working out?
Treviso Raxius: *No sudden movements, sudden movements or they'll blow us all away.* *EG*
Treviso Raxius: *Rienne did a bad bad thing."
Treviso Raxius: *Suck ass, Rienne.*
Luri : Uh, stop that. :P
Jen: (randomly crawls around the rafters and moos)
Vidis: *Hey now!*
Droman Kane: *Moonlight is thought to transform some people into strange creatures to drive others mad.*
Droman Kane: *Gets on a fathier and whips Vidis. lol*
Luri : This is much better.
Luri : Anyway, I guess I had too many expectations for the sequels. And I was severely let down. :P
Luri : I'm pretty sure the EU went with the idea that gray Jedi would inevitably fall to the dark side.
Jen: ­­161381126 I mean....we did
Siffra: *There is not exactly room to avoid the feelings tumbling over her or the responses it brings such as the dark side being the first real and true discernable touch to the force she has felt. The truth others speak so often of it being seductive is slowly becoming real. When he heads down that roadway and settles his hand on her knee for a squeeze her head would automaticaly turn towards him somewhat more.* I can't really tell you what I want but there's no chance of normal having killed sentients. I don't have a corner for thinking about those sorts of wants or even needs. There's too much that has happened and you know it. *She would seem to compose herself somewhat and let the heavy feeling of those energies settle upon her like a mantle* Don't hold back then.
Drasius: I am looking for you to remain by my side. It’s where you belong. *Whether she believes that or not, it doesn’t really matter. She may be able to sense his intentions, but only if she focuses on the darkness roiling within her, listening for the whisper of the Force. When the speeder reaches the outskirts of the city, he continues following the roadway until it fades away to the white sand of the coastal region. Then he makes a turn and heads in the direction of the impressive estate they share. At least she can’t say he doesn’t provide her with the best the galaxy has to offer. His eyes shift to her briefly, and he reaches down to place a hand upon her knee, giving it a squeeze, as if to reassure her. He isn’t always the monster she fears. At least on the surface.* What is it that you want, my dear? You know you can’t return home. You don’t want to live on the streets of Neo Vallera. Do you want to run from me and attempt to live a normal life? *A smirk appears on his lips, but it fades rather abruptly.* You shouldn’t mind the little things. Focus on the darkness, and it will determine your reality.
Siffra: *The smile unsettles her again ,damnit, but his words cause that reverberation of that insistent pain as if something is trying to punch through her chest for just a moment but she does look down at her hands. His voice becomes a little bit distant to her as those words penetrate into her thoughts and she calmly lowers her hand, or at least outwardly calm!* I want to say I'm not but you know I am. *She can feel that presence more now and she would find herself feeling that weird vertigo where it feels like things are spinning out of control on her and reach down to grab the side of her seat by the door to "steady" herself* I'm not supposed to do things like that....*and she goes quiet for at least two full minutes and responds with a voice that is more broken than before.* there is no they any longer. Just you. But are you looking for a demon or a ghost, Drasius?
Siffra: (( it won't undo the post. ))
Siffra: *She assumed he simply wanted her to take the dagger itself and if she is dead then who would report a single blonde woman? She would move into the speeder and slip down to a seated position and allows herself to take a few breaths as she moves to close the door. Her heart is pounding of course and her mind is awash with chaotic thoughts and feelings but as he speaks she looks towards him and furrows her brows slightly.* How was I blocking you out? *the presence of the mask is making her unsettled as she seems to be thinking a little more clearly and realising he might have wanted her to wear it which actually put a little fear in the pit of her stomach shattering any calm she might have but at least she's not so pale and that look of obliterated self control is balancing itself*
Drasius: *Not that she was blocking him. He doesn’t think she is capable of it, with the exception of doing it involuntarily. Once she is seated beside him and the passenger door is closed, he pulls out to merge with what little traffic is passing through the Projects. It isn’t as if a lot of beings want to be the victims of speederjackings. He glances over to her with a smile that would seem to suggest he is impressed with her commitment, though he refrains from saying anything until they leave the Projects and make their way towards the coast.* Stare at the blood on your hands. Feel that surge of adrenaline coursing through you. You can gauge the dark side by how intoxicating every sensation is. You’re becoming familiar with it, aren’t you, my dear? *If she doesn’t tell the truth, he’ll know either way. His sense are attuned to her in that moment, and she would be able to feel his presence more prominent than before.* What you thought you saw as being a prisoner held against your will, I view as you discovering your true potential.
Siffra: *She assumed he simply wanted her to take the dagger itself and if she is dead then who would report a single blonde woman? She would move into the speeder and slip down to a seated position and allows herself to take a few breaths as she moves to close the door. Her heart is pounding of course and her mind is awash with chaotic thoughts and feelings but as he speaks she looks towards him and furrows her brows slightly.* How was I blocking you out? *the presence of the mask is making her unsettled as she seems to be thinking a little more clearly and realising he might have wanted her to wear it which actually put a little fear in the pit of her stomach shattering any calm she might have but at least she's not so pale and that look of obliterated self control is balancing itself*
Siffra: (( Is noooooot))
Drasius: *That poor Bith. Siffra is pure evil!*
Drasius: *She could have worn the mask of Nihilus to conceal her identity, but that was her choice. And who is likely to believe the rabble in the Projects that a young, blonde aristocrat murdered the drug addict Bith in cold blood? There are no identifying marks on the landspeeder. Siffra herself was believed to have been killed in a fire on a world far from Vallera years ago, making her a nothing more than a ghost to the galaxy. When she decides to hand back the vibroblade, he reaches out to grab it, tossing it into the glove compartment. He waits for her to climb into the speeder, though reaching out with the Force to deter the beings on the street from getting too close to properly identify her. A mind trick against the weak to make them disregard what their eyes had seen. But the longer they remain parked on the side of the roadway, the more likely someone will report what she’s done.* You shouldn’t block me out, Siffra dear. You would be left out in the cold otherwise. Like the rest of these pathetic lifeforms.
Siffra: *She felt the amusement but that hatred slipped past her guard as he laughs at her and seems to cover the last of it by clearing his throat but this time she is quietly aware that there are others around but thats what he wanted isn't it? Witnesses? She still holds the blade in her hand but perhaps he likes the look of blood on her hands and dress.* Trust me. I know. You're a torturously relentless fuck but I am not completely oblivious to everything. I can't block you out...its maddening. *As her hand holding the blade begins to tremble and her chin lifts a bit as she straightens up fully before calmly walking towards the vehicle only to flip the blade so that she's holding it and hold it out to him blade first*
Drasius: *There is no hint of emotion on his face as he witnesses her callous attack the Bith, stabbing it first in the forehead with the vibroblade, then in the heart. She might sense his amusement in that moment with a dark undercurrent to it radiating with his perpetual hatred of the creature she just executed. Judging by his appearance, it would never be known by anyone who isn’t sensitive in the Force. But deep in his core lurks a monster she may not wish to encounter. He finally tilts his head back and raises a hand to his mouth, unable to prevent himself from laughing at the Bith’s demise. It doesn’t last long, and he clears his throat to return his hand to the controls. On the street, there is a gathering of vagrants—the prostitute, a homeless man, some other cretins.* You did well. You didn’t hesitate to end that pitiful creature’s existence, unlike the time in the Tides. But you should know that this isn’t a game. It’s very, very real.
Siffra: (( Sorry. Looks away. My word switching issue has been bad today ))
Drasius: *No, he made her look away from the Bith. No matter.*
Siffra: No...I...*She tenses as he forces her to look towards the Bith and feels that familiar flash of pain over her entire body before carefully pushing his hand away and with a jolting quicknes she reaches out to snatch it up. She pushes the door outward to knock the Bith to the ground with it and once the creature is sprawle out on the duracrete she ignores any and all restrictions of her dress and steps over the body with a white knuckled grasp on the blade and drives it down into the bony prominence of its forehead. It causes a bit of a mess but she has a feeling he won't care. He'd feel something dark and concentrated flare out perhaps causing a brief sensation of dull pain which she'd also feel and for a moment her eyes lose focus as she pulls the blade out and then plunges it down again exactly to where its beating heart is about to stop then stands and turns to face Drasius.* Playing chose me for playing games with.
Drasius: I chose you for what, my dear? Are you afraid that I’ll discard you like a piece of trash? *His lips curl upward in an unnerving grin, and the lock to the passenger door disengages. Perhaps the Bith didn’t hear it, and it would suggest that he isn’t paying close enough attention to his surroundings, because he continues smearing his face against the side window.* Afraid that I don’t want you by my side any longer? I thought I repulsed you… *He takes her by the chin, gently turning her to face him instead of the sickening creature outside their speeder.* I want you to unleash the darkness within you, my dear. I know you’re capable of it. You think it will change who you are, and you’re right to fear it, but would you rather be a monster on the inside or on the outside? *Instead of leaning in to kiss her lips as she might expect, he leans over her to open the glove compartment, revealing a mask belonging to the Cult of Nihilus—a stark, bone white face, with pitch black eyes, nose and lower jaw. Along with the mask is a vibroblade. But she doesn’t have much time to act. The Bith finally reaches for the handle to her door, struggling to open it in his intoxicated state.*
Siffra: *She might have jumped subtly as the Bith hits the window with her head tilting to one side as she half ignores the interruption from the window for the moment. Instead of replying quickly she would remain quiet for a few moments....and then with a much quieter voice and some sort of strange emotions stirring.* You chose me.
Siffra: (( Musta missed that bit. >_< ))
Luri : "Let's go ahead and do that several more times, cause I hate my life, clearly."
Siffra: (( I guess it..hurts your thumb? ))
Luri : Right?!
Siffra: ((ya what now?))
Luri : ­­ This has to be the best Garand thumb video by far. :P
Drasius: *Manipulating him would take more than a flash of leg from her. If he were one of the drug addled cretins wandering the streets of the Projects, she might have an easier time distracting him. A chance, as it were.* As entertaining as that idea may be, no. Why would I leave you to the scum of Neo Vallera? Why would I let you become one of them? *But as he asks her those questions, the speeder has come to a halt near the side of the duracrete walkway, and the Bith junkie is stumbling towards her side of the vehicle. The Bith presses a hand up against the polarized window, awkwardly banging on it, followed by staring inside to try and catch a glimpse of his passenger. Fortunately for her, however, the tint on the window doesn’t permit the Bith to see anything more than a vague outline of her. A smirk graces Drasius’ lips, and he leans back in the pilot’s seat to observe her reaction to the undesirable.* What is it that separates you from them? Is it your vague memories of a former life surrounded by amenities they couldn’t even afford to dream of? Is it the lifestyle you’ve been currently afforded? Tell me what it is.
Siffra: *Maybe she should make better threats? She could easily lean over in a specific way and make him forget to pilot and send them crashing off into anihilation couldn't she? A little extra thigh? And in fact she does reach up to quietly fiddle with her fingers across the hollow of her throat a bit as if she used to wear a necklace there before putting her hand back down near the side door and letting out a slow breath.* At this point, Drasius, wouldn't you prefer to put me there and see me destroy everything in my path? *As she turns a bit in her seat and leans across it closer to his shoulder and snarls a bit viciously at him* Snapping up the little crumbs until I crawl back to you begging? Is that it? Is my begging your goal?
Drasius: *Sacrifices Siffra to the Cult of Nihilus.*
Drasius: *She should also be more careful with her threats. Piloting the speeder isn’t difficult for him in the slightest, but her in that dress can be distracting. The sleek black landspeeder swerves in and out of the traffic lanes with ease, leaving the city to return to their impressive coastal estate—her prison. At least she isn’t living on the streets of Neo Vallera, forced to survive by whatever means necessary. He looks over to her, noting the glimmer in her eyes. It brings a faint smile to his lips, though it fades rather unexpectedly.* I want you exactly right where you are. I do hope you’re comfortable, my dear. It would be a shame if you were to wallow in your misery for the rest of your life. *Not that he is particularly concerned. The speeder continues moving through the streets, passing the slums and the Projects district in the grimiest quarter. The failed system of a corrupt government that led to countless homeless, drug addled beings squandering their days amid the filth of their own making. He slows the speeder down, pulls up to the duracrete curb and glances past her to a male Bith high out of his fucking mind on death sticks.* That could be your existence. Or the prostitute on the corner. You could be sacrificed by the Cult of Nihilus.
Siffra: ((....why is Break Stuff on my playlist ))
Siffra: *If she thought that being careful might help around him she might be more mindful of such subtle things! Her eyes flick briefly towards him and remain focused there when he speaks with that smirk painted over his lips. She doesn't say anything as he pilots the vehicle into the traffic lanes and chooses his destination before glancing to her again. He should look where he's piloting! * An escape from a black hole? From the in between? Limbo? You want me to be a ghost then so I will. One day even you won't see me coming. *Pardon me, Siffra, was that an evil glimmer in your eye?*
Drasius: *She should be more careful in her hand placement. Once he opens the pilot’s door, he settles into the conform leather seat and closes the door behind him. The repulsorlift engines are activated with the press of a button, and he grasps the controls, glancing over to her with an idle smirk.* The dark side beckons to you, and yet you resist. It must be eating away at your soul, Siffra dear. You know there is no escape. There is no possible chance for you to return to your past life. He pulls away from the duracrete walkway and merges with the traffic, accelerating to move through the entertainment district of the city. There is a pause as he glances from the roadway in front of him to her again.* Everyone you ever loved or cared about believes you to be dead. Are you just going to simply approach what’s left of your family and tell them what? That you were mistaken as being deceased all this time? Left in a medically induced coma? I won’t let you escape my grasp, and it would only lead to more death…
Siffra: *She sets her drink down carefully as his hand settles upon her waist and slips down through a dangerous path beneath her dress and her lips part just a bit as she takes a careful breath. She might have responded but he takes her by the hand and guides her out of the Tides only to reveal a Rodian that is going to regret its actions in mere moments if her guess is right. But perhaps remarkably there isn't pity in her eyes for the creature and when he gestures she does obey and takes the steps to the open door and slips into the vehicle as she feels a vague unsettling the sort of which reminds one of inhaling poison or staring off a pit viper. It is probable that she can still see everything when she's seated and she doesn't make herself look down or away but sits quietly with her eyes on him. Tension rattles down her spine vertebrae by vertebrae and settles in her clasped hands.*
Drasius: *Such a forgetful mind she has. As to whether he is threatening her or not, he settles a hand upon her waist, gliding his fingers down her thigh through the slit in her dress. Or at least as far as he’s able to reach without making it obvious to anyone who may be watching. The grin on his lips only becomes more apparent as he watches her take a drink from her glass.* Still attempting to hold on to a shred of innocence, my dear? You aren’t the privileged young woman you used to be. In fact, you’re no one of consequence. Just another face in the crowd. A shadow in the darkness. *Unless she hesitates or resists, he takes her by the hand and moves through the interior of the Tides to reach the exit. The door slides open with a mechanical hiss, and he steps out onto the street where his speeder is parked. He isn’t surprised to see a Rodian thief attempting to break into the pilot’s side entry, so he calmly releases Siffra’s hand and walks around the front of the vehicle to approach the criminal. As his fingers clutch at the air by his side, the Rodian appears to begin gasping for air. It only worsens for the thief, and he collapses on his knees before lying still in the street. That is when Drasius gestures for Siffra to climb into the speeder. Not a word is spoke to her, though he does unlock the door for her via a remote.*
Siffra: (( its suddenly hot in here ))
Siffra: *Truth be told she entirely forgot about the black-chromium bands so the moment she feels that suspicous pull and the clack of the magna lock she shuts her eyes briefly and feels her face flush in mild embarassment at being so foolish. When she opens her eyes he's staring at her and she straightens gently as he brushes her hair her mind knowing full well that tiny gesture was more a threat than she first considered. Her breathing is a bit more unmeasured with that shadowy flicker his eyes show when he speaks again and steps back once while settling her arms at her sides gently.* You won't let me disappoint you. *Purposely she reaches out for her drink without taking her eyes off of him and soothes her poor parched soul.*

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