Star Wars : Tides of War

Vidis: *She had crossed the boundary on purpose to confirm visually how he looked without his hair but she hadn't intended on pissing him off. It was a small learning experience for her to see him move away from the movement so quickly and easily but she would drop her hand the instant he moved away and watch him more carefully. The rubbing of her thigh doesn't seem to cross her boundaries though. Yet. * That sounds entirely agreeable to me and I assure you whatever you are thinking I won't be taking resources for granted. *She does not miss that grin and how it seems to be his natural creepy expression.* So you want me to convert them or guide them along their way to theirs?
Droman Kane: *She may have just crossed a boundary with touching his hair. Fortunately for her, he refrains from striking her across the face or lashing out in anger. Instead, he merely scoffs and gives his head an idle shake to prevent her from messing up his perfectly settled locks.* If we could get back to business, that would be much appreciated. *Although he doesn’t permit her to keep her palm placed against his forehead, he simply leans back against the conform couch and keeps his hand on her thigh for the moment as if he owns her. With an audible sigh, and a brief rubbing of her leg, he removes his hand and stares up at the ceiling for a considerable length of time before responding to her.* As a member of the board, you’ll have access to whatever you may happen to desire. Unlimited credits, luxury speeders, exotic weapons, elicit spice, slaves. What you do on your personal time isn’t any of my business. Just don’t take my resources for granted, Vidis. *It doesn’t mean he won’t be tempted to spy on her or continue to stalk her for his own amusement. He does whatever he wants, after all. And he does get away with it. When he finally turns his head and glances over to her, there is that familiar grin beginning to spread across his lips.* I only expect loyalty to me and to the direction of the company I’ve built. Some of the board members wish to take Kane Corporation in a direction that would see an inevitable decline in profits, whereas I desire to create the next generation of battle droid technology that will guarantee profits well into the next century… long after we’re both dead, turned to dust in our graves. *His grin widens in response to such a disturbing thought, which may provide her with a hint as to how demented he truly is.*
Vidis: It is isn't it? *She licks her lips briefly as he turns away and makes his way to the wall and honeslty she finds the cool air refreshing but she doesn't miss the symbolism he seems to enjoy. Cool air. Icy words. That grin seemingly tattooed on his face. It may seem odd that she smiles in response to his mention of "far worse" when she already knows what worse might be but she lets emotion clear from her face and simply breathes for a few moments as she follows his actions with well focused eyes and oddly perfect posture. She barely flinches across her arms as he claps his hands together and there's a small twist and tilt to her head as she raises a brow again when his hand settles on her thigh. She glances down to it and wonders if he feels like he owns her now?* Mm. I don't allow myself to break trust, Droman. If I feel I am crossing a boundary I will consult you first but I do want freedom to come and go as I please...*Just about now she's feeling unsettled and her thoughts are racing back and forth to the recesses of knowledge and memory and he could probably see her calculating things somehow. She would reach up and quietly push his hair away from his face and forehead if he lets her and keep her palm over his hairline for a moment as amusement creeps up on her features* Mm. Tolerance for my personas seems like something you won't mind in the least. *She drops her hand carefully with a thought that he might bite her for some reason and seems to calm* You can trust me.
Droman Kane: *Pay attention to me, Vidis.*
Vidis: ((Leave a little )
Alden Locke : *Gets back into shape and shaves his scruff.*
Vidis: (( He scruffy))
Droman Kane: *Eww, gross. Comb your hair.*
Alden Locke : *Look how pretty she is when she falls down.*
Droman Kane: Fallowan is an interesting story. Why else would I be so intrigued by you to the point of stalking? *Without another word, he clears his throat and slowly rises from the conform couch. Then he makes his way across the waiting room and presses a hand against the transparisteel wall. As if on cue, the wall slides open in the center, exposing the room to the cool air at such a high altitude, despite the weather control across the citywide planet.* Just know that if you betray me, I’ll do something far worse than throw you over the balcony. *When he turns back to face her, it appears that his grin has returned. Perhaps it never quite left his lips, but he doesn’t seem to mind in the least. Perhaps he’s thinking about what he could do to her in the event of her betrayal. And he could definitely get away with it. Melt her face in acid, embalm her corpse and pose her in the waiting room as a horrid sculpture. Or would that be too extreme? He claps his hands together loud enough to ensure she jumps if she isn’t expecting it.* Insane may not be the right word… eccentric? They’re always plotting to oust me behind my back when it was my determination that propelled this company in the direction it’s currently headed. I set the course, I determine the rules. Anyone who seeks to undermine me will find him… or herself begging for death before the end. *If she isn’t at least slightly unnerved, he swiftly approaches her and settles down beside her on the blood red couch, resting a hand comfortably on her thigh.* I can trust you, right? You’ll have access to whatever resources you see fit, and you’ll be permitted to use whatever measures you determine will be beneficial for me to maintain my influence over the board.
Vidis: *She straightens a bit, having never really gotten comfortable , and flicks her head slightly to toss a bit of her own hair behind her shoulders and raises a brow slowly at him and the deviant grin on his lips. She thought perhaps it was a quick departure with a short stop at the end and infinite flatness of the corporeal form. She doesn't jump at the swift movement as he takes up his wine for a sip and she doesn't seem to be surprised at what he says. Does she really know more than she lets on? It seems hard not to. Her expression is unreadable as he chuckles and makes himself comfortable once more and yet he might swear something else flickered across those blue eyes.* I'll be blunt then. Do you expect me to clean up any resulting messes? What resources will I have access to? How...*She pauses and considers and unconsciously seems to trace her fingers in a pattern on her thigh before pausing.* How far do you want me to go, Mr. Kane? I am sure you heard of the incident on Fallowan if you have reliable sources and you know I can get out of hand if allowed. *She waits another moment as she observes his eyes with a confidently unflinching gaze* Why do they think you are insane? Is it the penchant for torture while you paint?
Droman Kane: *His vibrant blue eyes seem to illuminate, becoming clear as ice as he leans forward on the blood red conform couch opposite her and places his fingertips together. A deviant grin appears on his lips, and he absently raises a hand to sweep his fingers through the locks of dark hair that have descended upon his face, brushing them out of his eyes.* I like you, Vidis. I’ve been watching you for a very long time. I want you to feel welcome here, but I also want you to prove yourself and your loyalty to me. *With a swift, fluid movement, he reaches out for his glass of Coruscanti red wine with his other hand and raises it to his lips to take a sip from it. Then he sets it back down on the crystalline table and reclines once more, becoming more comfortable.* The deal is that you report directly to me. I’ll be placing you on the board of directors after the company’s most recent departure. *Another chuckle escapes his lips, and he closes his eyes as he tilts his head back to rest against the couch. When his eyes open, he looks directly at her with a stoic expression. She may have already guessed as to what happened to the previous board member, judging by her comments.* Kane Corporation is quickly becoming an industry leader in droid technology and robotics, but some members of the board think I’m… well, they think I’m insane. I built this company from the ground up, and I don’t appreciate their insolence. So, if you could keep them in line and ensure they don’t betray me, I would… appreciate it.
Vidis: *The chuckling seems to be something he can't quite control or put on in some way but the tone change to his voice tells plenty more. He is convinced he can do whatever he wishes. To her credit she does not lurch away from him when he grabs her jaw and rubs his thumbs across her lips and leaves a smear along the side of her mouth. When he leans back and disengages she would lower her head somewhat and her gaze seemed much more sharp especially with the smudge .* If you had wanted me dead I would have been so long before now and you wouldn't have foolishly offered me a job unless you are just a madman with a mountain of credits in which case I suppose I'll be another of your memorable paintings at the end. *She doesn't believe that and he knows the reasons doesn't he? She retrieves a bit of fabric from the top of her dress at the shoulder that had clearly been tucked there like a handkerchief of sorts and calmly wipes the lipstain from her face and her lips and drops the fabric on the nearest table before folding her hands over her left thigh and looking him over from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. * You know I would not be here if I hadn't already decided to accept your offer of employ. I do want power. And you know I'm cut-throat enough to fight for what I want and you are capable of giving me access to what I need. I have very few hard limits in my contracts....what do you propose? Or do you want to walk me to that balcony and shove me over the edge so I become another stain on the duracrete?
Vidis: (( Of course you didn't ))
Droman Kane: *May have scared Vidis away.* *Innocent.*
Droman Kane: You’ve trusted me enough to partake in my delusional fantasies thus far. You told no one where you were headed or what your plans were. You signed in with an alias at the Starline hotel… beautiful hotel, by the way. *As if distracted by another seemingly random, unexpected thought, he raises a closed hand to his mouth, chuckling almost madly into it. Then he clears his throat and waves his hand in dismissal. His tone changes from amusement to something far… darker.* If I wanted to, I could have poisoned your wine or had you thrown off the balcony to watch your gorgeous body disappear into the night. *He reaches out with that same hand to grab a hold of her slender jaw before she has a chance to react to his madness, rubbing his thumb along her lips and deliberately smearing her lipstain until she would have a clown-like grin on one side of her otherwise flawless, pretty face. It doesn’t matter to him how she responds, but he immediately draws away from her and collapses back onto the conform couch opposite her.* I’ll make it worth your while. Trust me, you won’t regret it. *Perhaps, under any ordinary circumstances, he just ruined his chance at hiring her, but he simply leans back against the blood red couch and raises his hands to place behind his head, glancing slightly up at the ceiling.* Think about it, Vidis. I know you’ve experienced what the galaxy has to offer. You possess a variety of skills to make you a formidable member of my team, but you truly want is power. *The thought of razor fibercord wrapped around her slender neck is an intriguing one, and a darkly erotic image that he could use to paint a memorable piece of art, but he keeps it to himself.* Out of all of the top corporations in the galaxy, you could have whatever you wanted here.
Droman Kane: *It looks like a date.*
Vidis: * Is it a date? She'll keep watching him for indications but at this moment she is not.. worried so to speak but concerned is a good word for the feeling. Knowing he painted the pieces himself does settle her urges to be more sarcastic and borderline challenging, for now.* I do my homework when I have the chance but I have a feeling I won't need to do so much. *Upon taking in that grin after his statements it does become unsettling but she's not going to show that right now and perhaps never if she can help it but she lifts her glass for another sip before settling it once again and perking a brow and hoping the point isn't literal. She notes the tone in which he uses her name and gives herself a few moments to consider the seeming offer.* I think that sounds like something I could do but I will admit if it involves razorcord and my flesh I will have to pass. *She does put the wine down rather than dull her senses with too much more.* What kind of work, Droman? Can I trust you? *But she does lean in a little bit almost as if to move into his space and see what the reaction is from those icy blue eyes. It casts a rather interesting contrast between the red couch and the green velvet dress and the shift of her dark wine colored lip gloss. *
Droman Kane: *Bleeding is a luxury.*
Droman Kane: *He’ll keep her guessing as to whether Kane is a clone or not. It’s entirely possible he has clones of himself running around in the galaxy, but he isn’t going to divulge such information to her. Not on a first date.* I’m a very complex individual, Vidis. I would have thought you would have done your homework. *With an idle shrug, he turns back to pour himself a glass of Coruscanti red wine. Then he glances around the waiting room and gestures with his glass in hand.* I painted all of these myself. One of my many Twi’lek slaves you had the pleasure of seeing. Her body is magnificent. *He takes a sip of wine, looking in the direction of the painting of the bloody Twi’lek wrapped in razor fibercord. There appears to be a hint of a malicious grin as he lowers the wine glass and directs his gaze to Vidis herself.* I’ll get to the point, Vidis. *When her name is spoken by him again, there is a certain possessiveness behind it. Almost as if he’s claiming her to some extent.* I want you to work for me. *He points directly at her with his wine glass still in hand, waiting for her to make a decision right then and there. It seems a tad overly dramatic, but then, has she looked around at the waiting room she’s sitting in? While he waits, he tips his glass back and leisurely sips the wine before setting it down on the table near him.*
Vidis: *That does sound like an awful lot of work for him to do but perhaps she did consider she might be watched at the very least. The movement of him taking her hand to kiss the back of it actually makes her thoughts move a bit more as she considers him while he rests back against the couch cushions as if he has not a care in the world. The movement of the Twi'lek entering the room with the tray and refreshments does draw her gaze in recognition and she finds herself watching her with a bit of a strange expression and the corpse painting seems to take on a much more macabre shadow that prompts her lips to press together and thin momentarily. And yet she doesn't seem to note the smack on the twi'leks ass save for in the corner of notice while he unseals the wine and pours her a glass. She takes the glass easily without a single tremor in her movements and watches him much more carefully, while he speaks, she takes a drink and lowers the bottom of the glass to rest on her thigh close to the knee but she does remain quiet for a bit longer than may seem necessary. Bluntly...and almost without fear* Do you have many personas? *Though she does settle her left hand over the right which holds her wine glass and subtly twists a decorative emerald shaded ring around her pinky finger.*
Droman Kane: *Of course her name is Vidis. He’s done his homework on her, namely stalking her, spying on her, playing games with her mind when she was least expecting it. At least she was able to enjoy herself at the Starline hotel, even if she was being watched for the majority of the time she was there. Whether she is able to piece everything together or not, he isn’t the least bit concerned. He gently takes a hold of her hand and raises it to his lips, placing a brief kiss upon the back of it. Then he releases his grasp and leans back against the blood red conform couch opposite her in silence for a considerable length of time, grinning at her. When he finally raises a hand, he appears to gesture for someone to come forward. The doors slide open once more, and a recognizable Twi’lek emerges with a silver serving tray and a bottle of wine, along with two glasses placed on it. The female Twi’lek is entirely naked, and the razor thin scars are visible across her body, which may lead Vidis to question if the other painting was inspired by something in real life. Once the Twi’lek sets the serving tray down on the coffee table in front of them, he gives her a firm, encouraging smack on the ass before she departs the waiting room. He gestures to the bottle of Coruscanti red wine and removes the cork from it, pouring a glass for Vidis. His grin is ever present on his lips as he approaches her with the glass and lowers it just enough for her to take a hold of without moving from her position on the couch opposite.* I think you already know who I am, but allow me to formally introduce myself. The name’s Droman Kane.
Vidis: *The smirk in response does help her to gauge his temperament but just perhaps he is putting on a mask like so many others and taking the time to lace her drink. The thoughts weren't exactly intruding on her until she notes the corpse in a late stage of decomp with clear mutilation in a painting upon the wall. The Twi'lek wrapped in cords that cause blood to slip past the cuts in her flesh keeps her attention until she hears the doors open and gently perks a brow at the man emerging with long dark hair and a rather cool phyical demeanor. She does settle her hand near her hip as if she was considering a weapon and then twitching away as if she was simply brushing something from her dress while considering the man who sat down opposite her...his eyes were the same but he just didn't quite seem the same man. Was he? The devilish grin on his lips and amusement serve to make her feel more guarded suddenly and contemplating if this was simply a massive set-up for a fall .* I rarely ever get bored with such a city around but yes, my name is Vidis...*She extends a hand towards him expecting him to shake it in introduction and yes she is wondering if it is the same man from before again .* You don't by any chance have a clone do you?
Droman Kane: *Kill me slowly, I'll never be the same.*
Droman Kane: It’s Kane. You obviously didn’t read the name on the side of the building. *With what could be described as a playful smirk, he promptly nods and disappears behind the sliding blood red durasteel doors. Several moments pass, and she may find herself wondering if he even intends on returning with her drink, water or not. He obviously didn’t listen to her comment suggesting she would prefer one later. Or did he? The doors don’t move. While she waits for his return, she may notice some unique oil paintings adorning the walls. One in particular depicts a human corpse, barely recognizable, decomposing in what may be a ditch or a trench. Perhaps a shallow grave, dug by the victim. The body itself is mutilated. A surprisingly beautiful painted piece of art, though graphic, obscene in its conception. Another depicts a gorgeous female Twi’lek slave, naked, arms outstretched, wrapped in razor fibercord to the point where blood is pouring down her body. The doors finally slide open, but the man who emerges clearly isn’t the same man who left her side. While his eyes may appear to be the same unnatural crystal blue, he absently brushes a hand through his long dark hair to sweep it away from his face. He calmly approaches her and sits down on the conform couch opposite her, clasping his hands together in front of him and observing her. Perhaps he’s been watching her the entire time. She may have felt a sensation creep over her while she waited for the bald man to return. When he finally speaks, there is a hint of a devilish grin upon his lips, indicating his amusement at the situation she’s found herself in.* I would apologize for keeping you waiting, but I doubt you were bored. Vidis, is it?
Vidis: *Oh she noticed the red against the dark building and skyline and slipped her eyes upward to give it a glance and smiled mutedly to herself at just how tall it was. It definitely had to have been built by a man is what it said but clearly that didn't matter all that much in this was a building not a book. Her steps would start after him with just enough time to give her an openeing between in case she felt too wary or in need of an escape but then again her mind said if this person had provided her such a full day of rewards then he wouldn't be keen on giving her a reason to run. There is no hesitation at least and she doesn't seem to be letting the settings distract her but that was quite a bit of red in an amount that she considered it may be useful in hiding blood long as it wasn't hers. She allows another smile in response to the suggestion and there is clealry something deviant or playful in her eyes even if all that crimson makes her eyes look vaguely purple .* I have heard there are some good vintages but perhaps ice water may be more refreshing ...maybe in a short while. *Truthfully she finds the contrast to be a good thing since she wouldn't want to get lost in a sea of crimson would she? Her body turns and she moves to sit upon one of the couches with her legs tucked to one side and her gaze following him once more.* Unless you were suggesting your favorite private label? I would not say no to a small glass in that case...I don't think I got your name? *Is she being sarcastic ?*
Droman Kane: *At the very top of the stark black tower is the word KANE in Aurebesh, blood red, bold letters, which shouldn’t come as a shock to her. She may just be surprised by the sheer scope of the building itself. That is, unless she’s visited the skyscraper before. She wouldn’t have had a reason to before, though, would she? Although, in order to see the impressive sign, she would have to crane her neck until it began to ache. He merely shakes his head, refraining from smirking again in response to her comment. Then, without a word, he escorts her from the landing pad, past the sliding transparisteel doors, to an obscenely large waiting room, complete with multiple blood red leather conform couches arranged in a square, and crystalline glass coffee tables in the center. Everything from the marble tiled floor to the wall paneling matches the red hue, revealing his particular taste.* Could I get you anything to drink? I recommend the Coruscanti red wine. *Of course he would. He doesn’t wait for her to respond before he leaves her side and makes his way across the waiting room to a door at the opposite end. That is when he turns around and slightly arches a brow. She may find herself standing out amid all of the crimson decorating the space, but it was her choice to wear a green dress, wasn’t it? He elicits a slight chuckle.* Feel free to make yourself comfortable. *If it is possible for her to, that is.*
Vidis: *Coruscant was truly a beautiful city, visually, and could easily eclipse a whole day spent visiting such a place. But she wasn't new to it was she? Why else would such a request find her? The blood red speeder reflected the its surroundings and she took her time inspecting it before slipping her hand over the sensor and waited for the doors to open before slipping inside and heading to the Starline hotel at which she checked in easily with the alias given and needed not inform a single living soul where she was. Truth be told she may have even concealed her appearance just a little but it was hard to discern if this was for safety or simply because she could. As the day moved forward she found the instructions somewhat strange and yet she couldn't help but enjoy visiting each destination including the selection of an evening dress. She was in fact watching the back of his bald head but he was likely aware that her gaze included the mirror and what she could see of his face as he looked back to her with her hands folded over a dress of deepest green with gold accessories and a stylish set to her blonde hair. She doesn't choose to speak just yet but waits out the trip through the city until the speder slows and then ascends towards a much different altitude and lucky for him she was wearing crash restraints and it might just appear she could keep her balance no matter what he threw at her. Was it a play or was she truly nerves of steel? She notes the driving though and adds it to several others before watching him move around the speeder to assist her in departing from it...first her pale fingers with lacquer in a deep green so dark it could be black but it had a gorgeous glimmer next to the gold bracelets. Next her grasp would settle on that arm and she would move out of the speeder allowing the fabric gathered with her other hand to slip down along her legs once she stood on the landing pad with her blue eyes folowing his features and considering his tone* It seemed just a little bit turbulent towards the end but it appears the destination has been reached safely regardless. *Insulting or amused?*
Droman Kane: *The bustling skylanes of Coruscant glisten in the darkness of night in between the towers, the bridges and skyscrapers like strings of radiant Corusca gems. Vidis would have found herself presented with such a gift prior in the evening. Before she got into a blood red and chromium airspeeder parked outside of the five star luxury hotel she found herself staying at, all gifted to her by a mysterious benefactor. And all she had to do to earn the string of Corusca gems was reply to a simple request that required her to follow a series of instructions provided by him. The first was to sign in to the Starline hotel under the alias given to her, and without informing anyone as to where she was staying. If she managed that, she would have been presented with a note by one of the members of the staff instructing her to select a dress for the evening in a specific store near the hotel plaza. As the day progressed, she would have found herself pampered until the final note was delivered to her. Of course, if she chose not to follow through with any of his instructions, it would have been the end of his contact with her. But given that she is currently seated in the back of the airspeeder as it accelerates to avoid one of the congested skylanes, it would see as if she followed his instructions to the letter. A man with a bald head and seemingly unnatural blue eyes pilots the speeder, veering in and out of traffic. He occasionally glances back to her through the rear view mirror, though refrains from saying a word to her the entire time. That is, unless she dares to speak to him or ask a question. She would find that he isn’t one for idle chitchat, however. When they arrive at their intended destination, he draws back on the control yoke and brings the nose of the speeder up to ascend towards one of the taller skyscrapers in the district. If she isn’t holding on, she may find herself unceremoniously tossed about the backseat. Once the airspeeder reaches the landing pad, he sets it down and deactivates the repulsorlift engines before opening the hatch and climbing out to assist her out of the vehicle. He offers his arm to her with a faint smirk gracing his lips.* I trust the ride was satisfactory, yes?
Vidis: *Does the moon actually possess such strange powers? Or is it all just lunacy?*
Droman Kane: *Moonlight is thought to transform some people into strange creatures to drive others mad.*
Damian Sitar : *Spending a lot of time with Amani lately.*
Luri : Use the new one!
Chi'hari : *Pets.*
Chi'hari : *Certainly. If I let you.*
Damian Sitar : *10/10. Would bang.*
Luri : Slightly more realistic, I guess.
M : hawt
Luri : ­­e-Sith-859360826 Huh? Huh?!
Luri : Oh really?!
Chi'hari : *Coruscant, for sure.*
Droman Kane: *Where can I cause the most damage?*
Droman Kane: *Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about.*
M : dafuq
Droman Kane: *Evil.*
Damian Sitar : *... to show you the power of the dark side.*
Damian Sitar : *You just want me.*
Jen: Convenient that his real wife plays his dead wife.
Bryony Zelstre : *That's cute :P*
Damian Sitar : *Wears a Stetson around the academy just to piss off Chi'hari and Amani.*
Damian Sitar : *This looks so bad.*
Damian Sitar : *That's what I thought.* *Carries on...*
Damian Sitar : *Hits Bryony with Force lightning.*
Bryony Zelstre : *That's cute.*
Damian Sitar : *Trains Amani in the dark side. ;) ;)*
Luri : Bloobs.
M : Bleh.
Luri : Hmm...
Liz: Jen! *leaves a tacklehug for her*
Jen: It is on amazon but I believe it is also on Hulu.
Luri : Kind of sad that all of the main actors in this scene are gone.
Luri : RIP David Prowse.
Damian Sitar : *Old man Damian.*
Luri : Anyone? Bueller?
D : yup
Luri : *pew pew*
Luri : Mandalorians like candy.
Thulek Var : *As long as you're still the nastiest girl in galactic history.*
Thulek Var : *Pets.*
Neci Shadoe : *Abso-fucking-lutely.*
Thulek Var : *Is someone getting lazy?*
Neci Shadoe : *Oh, don't you fucking dare. I just like spending the credits and living in luxury. The second I have to work for it, it all goes to hell.*
Luri : *pew*
D : urp
Zach Ronin : *Hey, we're the Republic Alliance.* *Sad face.*
Thulek Var : *Life is good.*
Thulek Var : *Any political stability throughout the Five Worlds during his seven years as the Governor-General of the Corellian system has only dissipated in recent months, replaced by turmoil and instability that would only make the galaxy at large seem peaceful by comparison. No one could have predicted it, with the exception of him and Neci. What started as a much needed vacation on the tropical world of Spira, resulted in a failed assassination attempt on his life. In reality, it was a monumental fight between the two of them that may have gotten out of hand. Nothing they haven’t dealt with before. Nothing they won’t experience in the future either. (It might have even started with him mistakenly whipping her while she paraded around naked on the beach. Only they know for certain.) The sex afterwards was incredible, to say the least. Instead of reporting the truth to the media, including sludgenews, an elaborate scheme was thought up by him to take advantage of the situation and plunge Corellia into chaos for the remaining year of his governorship. Thus, a Corellian Insurrection terrorist group was created by select members of the V-Initiative and dispatched to the Five Worlds to sow discontent among the scrumrats and gutter trash. After having purposely introduced more anarchy to the streets of Coronet, he authorized the lock down of the entire city, bringing in V-Initiative soldiers to act as additional Corellian troops and Cor-Sec personnel. Any upcoming rivals to his and Neci’s political dynasty were arrested for treason and tossed in a deep, dark hole worse than the Sinkhole, despite any objections from the New Republic… or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. Rebel fucking scum. With his change of heart regarding the leadership of the Corellian system, one of his proteges, the former Governor-General’s cousin, was called into his office. Needless to say, Saxxon’s cousin was also tossed into a hole and fed to starving Corellian hounds, mostly for his amusement. The young politician’s disappearance was blamed on the Corellian Insurrection terrorist group, which only added more fuel to the fire and created a powder keg on Corellia. In response to the increasing violence—the protests, riots, terrorists attacks, the Governor-General’s mansion was fortified, with a heavy V-Initiative presence. Not that they require protection from scrumrats and gutter trash, but it gives the illusion to their supporters that they’re safe and secure, especially when Neci is on one of her extravagant shopping trips. Visiting one of the more visible political dissidents at an undisclosed black site, he retrieves his chromium lightsaber hilt from within the sleeve of his suit and points it at the man’s chest. It’s evident the individual has been tortured and beaten within an inch of his miserable life at this point, but he’s feeling rather sadistic on this particular day, and he intends on making the man piss himself before the end, which he does.* This is how democracy dies— Politics can be a dangerous game. I thought you would have learned that by now. *With a press of a button, the cobalt hued lightsaber blade sizzles to existence, piercing the man’s chest and instantly killing him. He deactivates the weapon, returns it to his wrist holster and moves to depart the underground prison. The reign of Thulek and Neci is only just beginning, and the security of Corellia will return once the V-Initiative eliminates the Corellian Insurrection threat. His concern at this stage in his political career is extending the reach of the V-Initiative, acquiring more wealth to advance Marr Industries to keep Delta loyal, and ensuring Neci doesn’t lose interest and flees to the Ascension. It’s a difficult balancing act, but nothing he isn’t capable of. Whether he runs for a third term when the time comes, proclaims himself King of Corellia, or hands over power to Neci remains to be seen. She’s become a Corellian in her own right, whether she despises it or not. (People seem to like the idea of a woman having political power these days.)*
Thulek Var : *I'm sure you'll make the holovids of sludgenews.*
Thulek Var : *Naked? I'm not going to complain.*
Neci Shadoe : *You think I'd actually be wearing a bathing suit? That's cute.*
Thulek Var : *Actually, I think we're on a two month vacation.* *Spends all his time by the pool.*
Neci Shadoe : *Probably.*
Thulek Var : *Are you wearing fishnet around the mansion?* *Distracted!*
Neci Shadoe : *Oh, baby. No you don't. That's what your clones are for.*
Thulek Var : *Whips anyway.*
Neci Shadoe : *Bitch, please.*
Thulek Var : *Whips Neci.*
Leernos Ivari : *True.*
M : I never did watch that series :/ I heard it deviated significantly from the books. And moreover.. I don't remember any of the books lol
Neci Shadoe : *You wish.*
Leernos Ivari : *Pets Neci.*
Luri : Hah. Now that was a cheese show.
Thulek Var : *Makes Neci scrub the floor of the dungeon basement in her leather.*
Thulek Var : *Yes, that was a meta IC post.*
M : lol
Thulek Var : *I blame Supernatural for that one.*
M : Too bad it was cancelled prematurely
Luri : Buffy's fine. Angel is the superior show.
Neci Shadoe : *Pets.*
Thulek Var : *Approves nonetheless!*

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