Star Wars : Tides of War

Droman Kane: *Dances awkwardly in a Coruscant nightclub.*
Luri : I just wanna be Zemo dancing in the club.
Luri : Don't leave your house. Stay at home. Don't buy anything not essential.
MSG: Vidis sent a message to Droman Kane.
Jen: O rly
Luri : Ah, Return of the Jedi. Where Star Wars ended.
MSG: Droman Kane sent a message to Vidis.
Alden Locke : Are you a good girl, Zeph?
Droman Kane: *Project Daedalus has become something of a curiosity within the walls of Kane Tower, due in no small part to his manipulation of Kane Corporation’s board of directors, including Vidis herself to an extent. What started out as a leaked datafile pertaining to the project, led to one of the directors, Baron Voxu, spreading rumors that Vidis was responsible for the leak. Such rumors would have almost certainly fell into Vidis’ lap, but the source behind them would have remained anonymous, with only hearsay that Voxu had an agenda against her. To make matters worse, Droman himself made it apparent that he was spending a lot of time in Vidis’ office, even if it was only to annoy her at times. In truth, he was providing her with the occasional intimate detail on a secret project involving advanced battle droid verbobrains. Details that only the two of them would be aware of. At the same time, he was also feeding another board member datafiles on a similar project, using a cloned datafile viewer to make it seem as if they originated from Vidis. A tangle web, to be sure, but one that will leave Vidis coming out on top… if she plays her hand right. And he has full confidence that she will. Voxu has been an annoying thorn in his side for far too long, and it falls on Vidis to place the trash in the trash compactor. The only way to make it entertaining for him is to think of it as a game.*
Luri : Most people are stupid.
M: Stupid people.
Droman Kane: *Must torment Vidis.*
Luri : 3009 cases today?
Luri : BS is right.
M : Pretty sure the US offloaded all their AZ bs onto us, so...
Droman Kane: *Did you just pee yourself?*
Vidis: (( I hear there's gonna be a Knives Out 2 *lil squee*))
Vidis: (( I don't think so but I kinda like being vaguely unique ))
Droman Kane: *Does it matter?*
Vidis: (( I gotta pick a new color huh. Zephyr's pretty close))
Vidis: ((*ponder*))
Droman Kane: *Good, good.*
Vidis: *Why wouldn't I?*
Droman Kane: *I hope you're killing for me.*
Vidis: (( Hoping pfizer ))
Luri : Don't get the AstraZeneca. lol
Vidis: *Damn right 8-ball*
Jen: probably gonna have to get the vaccine
Luri : Everything is trash these days.
Luri :
Droman Kane: *Revels in his latest masterpiece.*
Luri : *pew pew*
Styrax : *Nothing wrong with it.*
Luri : Maybe it's just Madelaine who's the bimbo. :P
Pandora : *That's only because I let you believe that.*
Styrax : *Pandora is still a bimbo.*
Alden Locke : *Ha ha. Victory.*
Zephyr : *Dude. WTF.*
Alden Locke : *Smacks Zeph's ass.*
Luri : Mike knows how I feel.
M : Yep. Same thing here.
M : lol
Luri : Highest cases here are in Calgary. Where are the planes coming in? Calgary. Hmm... hmm... hmm... I feel like Siegward of Catarina. So dumb.
M : Well. I'm actually OK with this lockdown because I can't afford to pay for my spawn to skate very much right now. And that's literally the only thing these "lockdowns" are affecting in my life.
Luri : Yes, I am.
M : Nuts.
Luri : Sounds like I'm missing out.
Luri : That and the rock character sound pretty cool...
M : I'm pretty apathetic about the whole Disney mess anyway tbh
M : Right?!
Luri : There's trans Jedi characters in Star Wars now for nothing more than agenda. Awesome. Can't wait to not spend my money on that.
M : Yerp
Luri : We've become such a soft society. Like soft serve ice cream, just melting in the sun.
Luri : Here you go.
M : lol
Luri : This place is communist enough.
M : Although I'm not sure what the deal is in AB right now, but yeah.
M : You can thank them.
M : It's not the governments. It's the stupid people who keep gathering and spreading the virus.
Luri : It's just four more weeks, guys! You can do it! A year and a month later...
Luri : When the governments stop being dumb cunts.
M : When people stop doing stupid shit
Luri : When does this end, Flag Ford?
      Droman Kane shakes the Magic 8-Ball. It settles on: Better not tell you now
Droman Kane: *Is Vidis also a bimbo?*
Styrax : *Pandora is such a bimbo.*
Leernos Ivari : *Smirk.*
Pandora : *Steals the Tides right out from under everyone's noses.*
Vidis: *That depends on your next move. >:)*
D : urp
Droman Kane: *Is our future looking gray?*
Droman Kane: *Oh, I believe you.*
M : arpee
Aekanna Slis : ((*Fix av*))
Aekanna Slis : *Or perhaps just all steeped with shadows like tea*
Aekanna Slis : *Am I on the market again?*
Jenalia Safilon: *Yeah. Has to be one of those jedi who fell off the map now. I think. Unless she was doing something. She's cool now. Yes.*
Vidis: *I'm a goddamn deadly little twig to you!*
Droman Kane: *Vidis, you little blond twig!*
Jen: O_O demand huh? Gracious
Azhrei: Might? I demand you start writing a book!
Jen: I might have to start writing a book...
Jen: *ponder*
Vidis: (( I dunno I think he's still attractive :D ))
Vidis: *Do you?*
Luri : I can't believe Jonah Hex is the bane of the Avengers.
Droman Kane: *Vidis, I need you!*
Luridus : *Bless Neci for freezing me in carbonite. lol*
Luri : ­­s-to-cover-up-her-scarlet-witch-costume Actress who wanted to cover up more, then wanted a more revealing costume. ­­­ns-elizabeth-olsen-pushed-for-classic-scarlet-witc­h-costume Fuck sake.
Traldin Kitar : *Whips Avrora until she cries!*
Avrora : *what?!?! Hell no*
Luri : #DisneyStarWarsSucks
Traldin Kitar : *Releases his slaves because he doesn't want to get #MeToo'ed. j/k*
Droman Kane: *I just don't care.*
Thulek Var : *It's easier to just sit back and watch the galaxy burn.*
Luri : No one wants a war.
Jen: I mean....D is right.
D : Not enough for a war tho.
Thulek Var : So many clones.
Luri : Sierra Tango Alpha Romeo Whiskey Alpha Romeo Sierra.

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