Star Wars : Tides of War

fce08, Nix: Hm.
DICE: Sileen Tenlae rolls 8 = 8 on a 1d20 +0.
899d0, Voltaer: *What?!*
c6d0c, Killian : *Voltaer!*
1a962, Observer: *Cuddles on Jen*
c2e57, Jen: Holidays make me miss this the most.
c2e57, Jen: Does it wear a tie?
44654, Traldin Kitar : *My YT-1760 looks sexier than Lando's YT-1300.*
b3219, Thulek Var : *Flushes Lady Proxima down the sewer.*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: Can beauty come out of ashes?
c2e57, Jen: I even downloaded the logs for reading material when I was without net for a while. Good stuff.
c2e57, Jen: I'm probably one of the few peeps left that would be happy to rp still. :) Drop me a line if you feel like it.
7c9d9, Allen: Yooo I will totally write, especially random RP's for old times sake, on here ANYTIME anyone asks. If I'm not around pls just drop a private message to this handle, I'd love to RP Darksaber again to see how the writing sounds years later.
7c9d9, Allen: test
27e35, Z: *Posts for shits and giggles.*
b3219, Thulek Var : *You gotta feed the geese to keep the blood flowing.*
c2e57, Jen: huh. who's lurkin?
c2e57, Jen: Like mini novels. The story of (fill in the blank )
c2e57, Jen: I'm working on it. I keep toying with the idea of rp "related" books.
4b8c3, Azhrei: I'm pretty sure those were hosted on M's website which is sadly gone now. She may still have them. And Jen should absolutely write for shits and giggles :P
c2e57, Jen: She's not that bad. :P
c6ab6, Luri : I LOVE Rose Tico! Marry me, Rose Tico!
c6ab6, Luri : A city of justice. A city of love.
c2e57, Jen: *tempted to just write for shits and giggles*
c2e57, Jen: I don't but M or Nix might .
7c9d9, Allen: Yall still have the link, to the Hall of Fame website, that used to be at the banner up top? It had all the old duels in them, like Nixyon Timesear vs. Allen Darksaber, Yun Sunrunner Vs Klave, etc. etc.
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Good pet.*
14e20, Avrora : *Anything for you, Master*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Sounds like you're looking forward to it then.*
14e20, Avrora : *There's more than one reason I have soft pink flesh*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Might just have to publicly humiliate his pets.*
14e20, Avrora : *I think I do. I knew a different life once before, wasn't blind to the hell some lived in*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Possibly. You still don't know how good you have it.*
14e20, Avrora : *Damn you Master?*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Don't thank me yet, slave.*
14e20, Avrora : *Thank you Master*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Oh, you can try. I'm always going to punish you, though.*
14e20, Avrora : *Tries harder*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *For the most part.*
14e20, Avrora : *Could of course misbehave *
14e20, Avrora : *Are you happy, Master?*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *If I'm not happy, you're not happy.*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Oh, you exist for my pleasure, Avrora.*
14e20, Avrora : *Purrrrrs, thankful she isn't one of those slaves*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Pets Avrora.*
c2e57, Jen: A liiiiitle bit yeah *sanitizes self*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *It also brings the lurkers out.*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *The Star Wars galaxy is full of perverts.*
c2e57, Jen: Eeeee....noooo
44654, Traldin Kitar : *I may need to change that.*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *My slaves have it too easy.*
b3219, Thulek Var : *Places a ban on blasters. Only CorSec officers/agents are permitted to carry them.*
c2e57, Jen: Damn right.
c6ab6, Luri : You're a strange animal, that's what I know.
c2e57, Jen: *Not so random urges to write RP....slaps 'em around*
c6ab6, Luri : *pew pew*
c2e57, Jen: Not sure why I'm in here.
8bf1e, Lorn Pavan: Tiiiides of WAR!
8bf1e, Lorn Pavan: Star Waaaars.
acc04, Carmen Dirano : *Me too.*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: *Has plenty of hobbies.*
a315c, M : *smirk*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: *Everyone needs a hobby.*
128b1, Zephyr : *:)*
128b1, Zephyr : *:)*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: *Lies.*
128b1, Zephyr : *Anyway, if you keep on doing that, my boyfriend is going to kill you.*
128b1, Zephyr : *Hawt pix*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: *So many spy photos of Cassandra's mansion.*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: ­­f8751191d19947b1d--margot-robbie-latex.jpg *Faps.*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: *Aww...*
128b1, Zephyr : *Joke's on you. I don't eat bread!*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: *Continues drugging Zephyr's sandwiches.*
c6ab6, Luri : Let the past die, but go see our new movie set in the past.
a315c, M : Not particularly. I will probably go see it, but it's not on the top of my list.
c6ab6, Luri : No interest in it, huh?
a315c, M : Newp.
c6ab6, Luri : I wanna see Ranger Solo.
a315c, M : I hope they get booed out of the country.
a315c, M : "Hi, we collectively believe you are all morons and we would like to dupe you into seeing our movie."
a315c, M : Wooow. That's discrimination on some level, I'm sure of it.
c6ab6, Luri : So sorry about the old bag.
c6ab6, Luri : ­­­lo-a-star-wars-story-reportedly-gets-name-change-f­or-release-in-china-a157387 Ranger Solo? Getting desperate, Disney.
a315c, M : ow. my eye.
a315c, M : >.
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Pets Avrora hard.*
c2e57, Jen: Easier on they eye with how the green jumps more.
c6ab6, Luri : I prefer the green.
8898d, Coralia: *You're just mad I'm untouchable*
89491, Styrax : *That's lame.*
8898d, Coralia: *Because you asked. :P*
8898d, Coralia: *Not any more*
89491, Styrax : *What's that crap on your face? Does it wash off?*
8898d, Coralia: *But...*
89491, Styrax : *I'd tap that.*
8898d, Coralia: ((*should use ­­­­0ywgyf_zpsmhshj4xa-copy.png *))
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Good.*
14e20, Avrora : *Any time, Master*
44654, Traldin Kitar : *Let's go, little pet.*

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