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19a3f, Yahunatan: That is, unless they have all "had Abaddon".
19a3f, Yahunatan: Will go ahead and speak. Coruscant today is somewhat of a 16-year old adolescent—they instantly point to their ancient forefathers (with a perspect of current life) and say, "We are technically more inclined to not follow the old time intercessors." Question: What is said to this adolescent?
19a3f, Yahunatan: Speak about the Jedi.
19a3f, Yahunatan: The Book of Proverbs -
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19a3f, Yahunatan: Welcome. Questions, criticisms, and truths can be given here.
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3c330, Participant: hi
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54e52, Mikael: Test
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19a3f, Yahunatan: Without experiences there is sleep. They jar something deep inside... In order for us to grow.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Yes.
75142, Yahseph: Fear and the unknown we tend to just lay down freedoms to counteract.
19a3f, Yahunatan: It is here we live as Freemen.
19a3f, Yahunatan: *sheds a tear for Shai-Hulud*
19a3f, Yahunatan: That is why we are out here in the desert away from their search parties.
19a3f, Yahunatan: They are even attempting to control the outer territories. Even small hunks of rock.
19a3f, Yahunatan: The regional governors now have direct control over their territories. Fear has kept them in line... online.
19a3f, Yahunatan: *takes out a small card reader from Kimono* They put this within the cloners to make them more obedient and docile to the empire's Death Star.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Order 66.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Yet some have escaped past the doorpost.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Palatable to the taste buds he has become. For the sake of convenience people have took the poison dart from Beelzebub.
75142, Yahseph: Yeah that's current day society right there, DEMONcracy.
19a3f, Yahunatan: *puts hand on face and sighs* going to let it go and see their exercises... thanks Yahseph for the visit.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Hive mindset has removed the essence of many to what some consider unnatural.
19a3f, Yahunatan:
19a3f, Yahunatan: They are more machine now than man.
19a3f, Yahunatan: *shakes out of the reminisce*
19a3f, Yahunatan: Then this happened -
19a3f, Yahunatan: Was an old chancellor long time ago. It was a different time though.
19a3f, Yahunatan: This chat is from a holocron of what it was like before the dark times. Before the empire.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Then this happened some years afterwards once the separatist sites were removed: *plays clip*
19a3f, Yahunatan: Perhaps a good place to start.
19a3f, Yahunatan: *gets out an old holographic recording* An actual recording from more than a decade ago from that order:
75142, Yahseph: OK so far what I've seen on this is hellos, but no dialog yet. What are we going to talk about here Aharon?
75142, Yahseph: Good point
19a3f, Yahunatan: Says here when searching the word friend, "A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts." We'll see.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Various imperial censorship places.
75142, Yahseph: What's a pub? Public forum?
19a3f, Yahunatan: They go to the Stormtrooper pubs today.
75142, Yahseph: So is Aurora and Jacob friends of Aharon?
75142, Yahseph: What do you mean by arrogant in relation to the chat room? They don't use the chat room anymore / don't like it?
19a3f, Yahunatan: No. He is of another branch.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Yes. They forgot the ways and have become arrogant.
75142, Yahseph: Is Jacob your relative Jacob?
75142, Yahseph: OK yeah this chat is kind of interesting, similar to how it was many years ago?
19a3f, Yahunatan: Will speak in their language.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Some may need an old ghost spirit for their faithless visage.
75142, Yahseph: So what are we discussing here? I see various people have joined. Is this Stars Wars themed?
19a3f, Yahunatan: Survivor from the purge...
19a3f, Yahunatan: Hello Yahseph. HaKodesh.
75142, Yahseph: Hello world!
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fbbc2, Aharon: Welcome to the party Jacob :) In all seriousness, it's really good to see you here. How are you doing?
7edca, Jacob: Heyooo!
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fbbc2, Aharon: I'd like to mention something, since it seems people are hesitant to participate here. This is not a Christian/Judaic chat room or website. This is for everyone. Don't get hung up on terminology.
fbbc2, Aharon: For those of you who don't know Aurora, she and I have been great friends for years. We met in the Jedi community a long time ago. Please welcome her to the Way :)
fbbc2, Aharon: Welcome, Aurora! Good to see you here :)
4d21c, Aurora: hi
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fbbc2, Aharon: With that said, my experience is that people provide the material; the students are the teachers. Questions are more useful than answers, and we can use them to build the Way.
fbbc2, Aharon: Be open to possibilities, rather than creating a set path. The Way is narrow, yes, but we can’t force people onto it. They have to find the direction to it. All we can do is provide clues. You can’t ram the Word down people’s throats. You can offer it, and depending on the person, they may or may not take it. I know I didn’t for a long time after it was first introduced to me. It takes time.
fbbc2, Aharon: This is what I believe I am led to say: What I propose is that we simply have faith. We spread the word of our work thus far and those who hear the calling will come. They will ask questions, and we will provide the answers. We don’t provide rules or regulations as others have. Nor restrictions. The new Way will be that of freedom provided by the Father himself. TotJO is that of constriction. We will be that of free will.
fbbc2, Aharon: Always defining things creates limitations. For example, the Temple of the Jedi Order is full of definitions. Everything is defined, leaving no room to breathe, no space for growth. They have not changed in over a decade and look where they are now.
fbbc2, Aharon: I wrote something in an email between the planners of this place, and I felt I should share it here. Perhaps we can discuss it.
19a3f, Yahunatan: Aharon, hope you enjoy the Chat Room. Be blessed!
19a3f, Yahunatan: Test
19a3f, Yahunatan: Test
19a3f, Yahunatan: Yahunatan
19a3f, ºYahunatan: Test
b0401, ºYahunatan: Test
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fbbc2, ºAharon: Welcome, everyone, to a look into the past, that will hopefully shape the future.
fbbc2, ºAharon: test
fbbc2, ºAharon: test
fbbc2, ºAharon: test
fbbc2, ºAharon: test

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