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599b6, Tali Sa'be : well, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with you logic *chuckles*
31124, Root : i thouht so
599b6, Tali Sa'be : then easing into it sounds like a very good idea
31124, Root : especily tht i have never used it
599b6, Tali Sa'be : easing into it is a sound idea. Not letting it overwhelm you by going full on emotions all at once. Something like that could scramble your innards, don't care what race you are.
31124, Root : i think i will ease into it...turn it on in my quarters
599b6, Tali Sa'be : he's a pretty wise man
31124, Root : yur father warned me not to use it yet
599b6, Tali Sa'be : I didn't remember that, you're just you to me.
31124, Root : i can always just upload myself into the holosuite if i get lonely...you do know i have a emotions chip right?
599b6, Tali Sa'be : I would be careful getting to used to it, when you go back into your own head it might feel to small
31124, Root : i mean i do suppose you are right but it also feels as if i am apart of them
599b6, Tali Sa'be : don't be a snoop, you're just a visitor in there.
31124, Root : although i do have access to the entire database
599b6, Tali Sa'be : from what I understand, I suppose after a while it becomes like background noise after a while. At least, I would hope so
31124, Root : it is....is theis how the ludwellions live?....lways in eachothers minds?
599b6, Tali Sa'be : ahh... that sounds annoying.
31124, Root : well....all the personal computers are in my conscious so i know what everyone is querring
599b6, Tali Sa'be : oh? does it feel weird?
31124, Root : no....i am now part of the ludwellion computer system and i am not enjoying the feeling
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *smiles a bit* no, it just seems weird seeing you... with out the feeling of You being there. *finishes her food*
31124, Root : *from the speakers* is there something wrong wth my apperance doctor?
599b6, Tali Sa'be : thank you, *takes them to eat, thoughtfully looks at root's empty shell as she does*
b38d0, Jago : *soon a tray is brought to her with food and drink on it*
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *finds a stool and sits down to wait, pulling out her data pad to work while she does*
31124, Root : *they are led to an alcove where he is plugged in...hs body jolts as the tech starts and then seams to shut down*
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *follows the tech*
599b6, Tali Sa'be : thank you Jago
b38d0, Jago : *hands the off to a technician*...i will have some dinner sent to you doctor
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *nods and follows Root as they go to the bay*
b38d0, Jago : this way....her majesty has her own testing bay....you can use it
599b6, Tali Sa'be : alright, alright, lets get this started already.
27b7e, Nac: *smiles...if you can call it hat* i have the lobes to take a joke at my expense....
599b6, Tali Sa'be : play nice boys. If I'm hungry I'll get a protien bar from a replicator. I'll wait, so I can take you home when we are done here.
27b7e, Nac: *as he is walking past* wow...hurtful
31124, Root : if you are hungry doctor it would be fine to sit at the table with them...i will probably be in a computer so you would be watching an empty shell.....of course you could watch for lurking ferengies
599b6, Tali Sa'be : no, thank you. I'll wait with root.
b38d0, Jago : of course...we heard about the incident at gambino....we will run that for you....her majesty and family are just sitting down to dinner...shall i set you a place at the table?
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *bows her head slightly* Jago, I have been asked to have a lvl. 8 diagnostic run on root
b38d0, Jago : hello doctor sabe...what can we d for you?
599b6, Tali Sa'be : well then... *heads to the palace*
31124, Root : *to the palace*
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *asks the transporter chief where to head and goes where ever they say*
31124, Root : where do we go
599b6, Tali Sa'be : well lets get this overwith so we can tell whoever has their panties in a bunch where to stick their diagnostics , when you pass this with flying colors *has them transported down*
31124, Root : i do and it is air gapped because i am programed to learn from humans.....they have an ionitronic brain run off of a vitabyte of storage....mine is a selenium powered brian...but...it does not change the fact that androids ar not trusted right now...much like the genetically engineered in the 23rd century..
599b6, Tali Sa'be : I've never heard a positronic brain had been successfully hacked. You're much more self aware then an average droid
599b6, Tali Sa'be : but, don't you have a positronic brain, not the same as the other root androids?
31124, Root : the mark 6.2 task androids on gambino outpost blew it up....so all androids are being recalled.....*looks at her* if the admiral finds the findings of the ludwellions questionable...please tell the crew not to push the issue
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *frowns* what is going on root?
31124, Root : *follows her* i assure you that i am no danger to anyone
599b6, Tali Sa'be : of course... *heads to transport with him*
31124, Root : i am sure...shall we go then doctor?
599b6, Tali Sa'be : I wasn't told what is going on.
31124, Root : i take it that the admiral did not find our diagnostic fair
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *walks in* hey root, I've been asked to take you planet side for a level 8 diagnostic.
31124, Root : come in
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *her brow goes up, not that he can see it* ... of course, captain *queries the computer on his location and heads to Root's quarters*
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : would you escourt root planetside and have the ludwellions run a lv 8 diagnostic on him
599b6, Tali Sa'be : *answers* yes, captain?
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : *sighs*....donnahu to sabe
ddebb, Rodenburry : *the dmiral looks over the results* ok....if you would indulge me send root planet side for a lv 8...if he passes you can keep it
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : ok danny...here are the results of a lv 7 diagnostics on out root
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *com's the captain* Captain, the results are entered.
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: alright, I'll enter this. *turns to the consul to enter it *
31124, Root : thank you...i will go to my quarters until i can return to active duty
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: I'll make the report and attatch the results of the diagnostics to it. Positronics are not my specialty though, root. I don't know how much weight it will hold.
31124, Root : would you sign a work order stating that fact
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *pats his shoulder* I know
31124, Root : i am fine Lt
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: the hack failed. I can run a lvl 8 diagnostic as well if it would make you feel better.
31124, Root : or i have been hacked and am covering for the other androids
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: sounds logical to me.
31124, Root : which is what i told the admiral and his security force....the mark 6.2 is on the network so therefore they can get hacked....i can not...which means what happened at the gambinian outpost was sabotage
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *smiles* still healthy. Looks like someone tried but they failed to make you sick. *smirks*
31124, Root : am i still healthy Lt?...*maybe his idea of a joke*
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *notates it, to bad they didn't leave any "fingerprints" to go on to figure out who attempted it*
31124, Root : *no origin or damage since his positronic brain is air gapped and they couldn't get in*
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *tracks the hack and damage*
31124, Root : *there is an anomoly in his proccessing center like someone tried to hack him*
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *once he's sat she carefully plugs him in and starts the lvl. 7 diagnostic*
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *is all set up* sit over here please root...
31124, Root : *walks into engineering* where shall i stand LT Scott
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *waiting for root*
75a51, Gia Oloyra: yes sir
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : ok...if you need me call me again
75a51, Gia Oloyra: yes sir
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : so next time when you need to ask me a question...mute the coms
75a51, Gia Oloyra: yes sir, I'm sorry
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : you know that everyone can hear coments made....sometimes i have to bluff
75a51, Gia Oloyra: *looks like she just lost her puppy*
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : *looks at gia*
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: *waits for root*
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: yes sir
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : when root gets down there plug him into he computer and run a lv7 diagnostic on him
a992c, Jordan Scott Lt: go ahead bridge
df1d7, Syd Donnahu : bridge to engineering
31124, Root : *heads to engineering*
0e107, Nexi Roi: *walks with root to engineering, to make sure there is no funny business goin on*
75a51, Gia Oloyra: *turns back to the console head down and makes busy*

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