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27a85, Taxi: anything else?
27a85, Taxi: okay
d3192, Trailer Park: and a strawberry bannana sobe
27a85, Taxi: I think I better... Bangle is cooking tonight.. I'll go get us dinner and bring it back here.
d3192, Trailer Park: he might have....maybe you need to stay here and watch over me
27a85, Taxi: *arches a brow at him* last night I washed my hair... *tilts his head back and checks his eyes* did he give you a concussion?
d3192, Trailer Park: so what are you doing last night
27a85, Taxi: glad to hear it
d3192, Trailer Park: i'm good
27a85, Taxi: I figured *puts the ice back on his face* how you feeling?
d3192, Trailer Park: the side of his skate did
27a85, Taxi: *smiles a bit* made it pretty clear didn't he
d3192, Trailer Park: ok...i think i know why i have to learn my flat ground tricks
27a85, Taxi: *puts the icepack aside and looks down at him* welcome back.
d3192, Trailer Park: *his eyes open* owww
27a85, Taxi: *goes back to take care of trailer*
bd19a, Moose: *skates out*
27a85, Taxi: okay... have a good dinner moose
bd19a, Moose: ok....imma go ta get dinner....bangoo is makin beef stew...and lots of it
27a85, Taxi: anyway, I should get some ice on trailers head...
27a85, Taxi: pearl runs domestics and itsy runs washing... one or the other of them, if washing is what you want to try.
bd19a, Moose: i don't know da right person
27a85, Taxi: maybe... you didn't talk to the right person yet.
bd19a, Moose: no one listens ta me
27a85, Taxi: have you ever asked?
bd19a, Moose: sometimes i'd like to do udder tngs....maybe washin or sumfin
27a85, Taxi: *pulls trailers skates off and tucks him in as they talk, then walks with him back to the hall door*
27a85, Taxi: is there something else you'd rather be doing?
bd19a, Moose: yeah but all we get used for is our bein' strong
27a85, Taxi: well, I'll hope its just cause your so strong. Troll or no Troll... strong people often get used for their strength for those of us that are more wimpy
bd19a, Moose: yeah,,,i tink it 'cause i'm a troll
27a85, Taxi: I suppose that is kinda the bane of being so strong...
bd19a, Moose: yeah...dey use me for musslle all da time
27a85, Taxi: *takes them to trailers room* if you could just put him on the bed... thank you so much for your help moose. I couldn't have got him here on my own.
bd19a, Moose: dey call me moose...*follows*
27a85, Taxi: *leads the way* thank you, what's your name? I'm taxi...
bd19a, Moose: *claps* dat was wiz.......*xcoops up trailer park* show me where he goes
27a85, Taxi: good?
27a85, Taxi: *dances for about two songs then stops*
bd19a, Moose: *smiles and watches her...he's loving it*
27a85, Taxi: I'm not as good as rowan... but if that is your price.... alright... *pulls the head set from her music player and turns it on... music spills out into the air as she gets up and starts dancing on her skates*
bd19a, Moose: dey say you dance on yer skates...show me
27a85, Taxi: what's your price?
bd19a, Moose: sure tang......for a price
27a85, Taxi: *bounces off him and looks uuup* uh hi... amp did actually... but I need some help please. I need to get trailer to his room... he's out cold.
bd19a, Moose: *rolls up behind her she would turn and be chin deep in his stomach* you tweeted?
27a85, Taxi: *
27a85, Taxi: who..? *watches him skate off..
519c8, Amplify: *whistles a tune* ask him nice....he'll do it for you...*skates off*
27a85, Taxi: .. or carry him that far
27a85, Taxi: I don't think I can dead lift him...
519c8, Amplify: nope....but get him to his room and have him wake up with you....you'll both love it
27a85, Taxi: *looks up at amp* you got any smelling salts? this isn't working.
d3192, Trailer Park: *is out*
27a85, Taxi: *grabs a bottle of water and rolls to trailer park, splashes some water on his face*
27a85, Taxi: *whistles low...* daaang
519c8, Amplify: *fishbones around im and kicks him in the back of the knee and round houses him in the cheek*
519c8, Amplify: *fishbones around im and kicks him in the back of the knee and round houses him in the cheek*
27a85, Taxi: *watches for amps use of moves to counter*
d3192, Trailer Park: *backs up and starts at him*
27a85, Taxi: *watches intently to see how its done*
519c8, Amplify: ok....skate over there and chace me
27a85, Taxi: sorry... *gets out of the way*
d3192, Trailer Park: he was talking to me....ok....show me why
d3192, Trailer Park: take a hit
27a85, Taxi: me?
519c8, Amplify: a fishbone?.....yeah there is a reason we require it......if you can take a beatng i'll show you
27a85, Taxi: you could probably ask one of the guys thats been here a long time...
d3192, Trailer Park: i'd like to know wat it is
27a85, Taxi: there is probably some practical application, I'm not sure. but it does look cool
d3192, Trailer Park: ok on i can see the manual....but a fish bone?...why
27a85, Taxi: its a rollerboy requirement
d3192, Trailer Park: i don't know why we have to learn this......
27a85, Taxi: *braces as he grabs her hips* yes, but you're going to have to learn this
d3192, Trailer Park: you remember how that happened....i thought your toe would be flat forever.....* he does grab her by her hips*
27a85, Taxi: pretty much
d3192, Trailer Park: *looks at her* this is like when you tried to teach me to dance
27a85, Taxi: better... now try it with out watching your feet
d3192, Trailer Park: *he tries it again...he's got the trick he's just not watching now*
27a85, Taxi: you hips need to be more forward and shoulders straighter *does the trick for him again*

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