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The bees in my hair...
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296, Tino Didriksen: Happy birthday, lass!
f32,  THE: So it goes.
350,  Amort: Once a wanker, always a wanker.
f32,  THE: OMG. How do i even remember my password and colour code from here? Why did the place even enter my head?
a4d,  warg: #2 you're typing while drunk stop correcting other people's grammar when you can't keep "now" and "know" straight
a4d,  warg: #1 you won't be dead by 28 so maybe start preparing for life after that
a4d,  warg: oh 2003 me i have so many important things to tell you
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: jesus christ the logs in this place go back so far
a4d,  warg: jesus christ the logs in this place go back so far
90c, ꧁༒☬Bad☬Boy☬༒꧂: Hello
52f, Yub-Yub: i hope none of you have died of the rona - that is all
484, Yub-Yub: Holy shit this is still around?????
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: No
3fe,  blackout: test
3fe,  blackout: mandy stilla cutie
64e, SH4DOW: Hello ?
867, F13ND: "Hello, Chatroom!"
d1e, Null-Byte: Just here to say hello. -
350,  Amort: Also in attack mode, this: ­­mas-lights-in-shape-of-giant-penis-on-roof/
Bad Moon Rising,Amort
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: IN ATTACK MODE!
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: RISE FROM YOUR GRAVES!
350,  Amort: Well. That's a dick kicking, apparently.
059, Forever Strange: “Quoth the bard "To be or not to be," So anyone around
a93,  Snowy: take care all of you
a93,  Snowy: also <3 that you even still come to wish me a happy birthday, tino. i've never forgotten you either.
a93,  Snowy: lol i just had TWO birthdays on this same screen apparently
a93,  Snowy: that works for me, if anyone of my old belovedpals here cant see that and it's just my cache...
a93,  Snowy: haha omg
a93,  Snowy: test
a93,  Snowy: nooooooooope
a93,  Snowy: okay let's try this
a93,  Snowy: disable!
a93,  Snowy: i cant see any colours! i think it's my firefox dark theme renderer...thingy
a93,  Snowy: does imgur even host here
a93,  Snowy: i shall provide a recent picture of the ruin that is i
a93,  Snowy: haha!
233, Yub-Yub: it's snowy! tino i know, i never look here anymore but i remember you all very fondly
233, Yub-Yub: i forget my password
a5a, Yub-Yub: Mort i will kick you right in the dick for acting like you don't remember meeeeee REEEEEEEEEEEE my tender heart
296, Tino Didriksen: Well damn. My birthday greeting from last year is still on screen. Guess this place has really dropped in activity. Nonetheless, happy birthday.
350,  Amort: Don't worry though. No one knows who you are well enough to note your unfamiliarity with the Undo button.
350,  Amort: Surely this will stop Donald Trump.
852, Yub-Yub: OF COURSE IT POSTS DOUBLE - 10 years from now everyone will know i'm a dunce :(
852, Yub-Yub: how dis still be hurr
852, Yub-Yub: how dis still be hurr
3e9, Forever Strange: Hello ?
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: I LIIIIIIIIIVE
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: what
23c, Yub-Yub: Ugh. Back to 1. Blech...
23c, Yub-Yub: You know you want to
23c, Yub-Yub: Say it

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