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The bees in my hair... supping tar in nectar's place... as the sky fades out
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530, Yub-Yub: jizzjizzjizzjizzjizzjizzjizzjizz
530, Yub-Yub: JIZZ!
296, Tino Didriksen: Happy birthday. Sadly Tumblr isn't usable as a chat.
156, Ckthonick: Dead AF.
156, Ckthonick: Dead AF.
2b5, Yub-Yub: buttholes are nothing to be scared of
6e4, Yub-Yub: buttholes
6e4, Yub-Yub: yubyubyub
296, Tino Didriksen: Anyway, still 28th here in Denmark, so happy birthday lass.
296, Tino Didriksen: Ah, someone was trying SQL injection.
350,  Amort: *eyes logs* So, something pretty bizarre happened here. And apparently I also cannot stand to leave the old place behind.

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