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The bees in my hair...
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be0, Yub-Yub: Allo....
b8a,  Bum: Let me just go see who's on AIM rq...
b8a,  Bum: Swing and a miss on the color tho, eesh.
b8a,  Bum: Yeah, that's crazy. I remembered my password on my first try
afe,  P1nhead: Manduhhhh, miss yaz.
afe,  P1nhead: I'm gonna have a baby.....
afe,  P1nhead: Everyone here and before is always in mah brain.
afe,  P1nhead: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
350,  Amort: Hmm. Maybe I need to get him before he gets me.
350,  Amort: Maybe to stick at it but not get our hopes up too much. I'd prefer that he not cause me to cease to exist by radically changing his ways.
350,  Amort: I'd tell 2003 me "Hi". I don't really do life advice.
fdd, Yub-Yub: I'd tell 2003 me not to worry so much about hair loss, 'cos I haven't done that bad. I'd suggest I worry about obesity instead.
fdd, Yub-Yub: My legs are grey, my ears are gnarled, my eyes are old and bent. My nose is knackered.
350,  Amort: Merry Christmas, t'DoW.
296, Tino Didriksen: Happy birthday, lass!
f32,  THE: So it goes.
350,  Amort: Once a wanker, always a wanker.
f32,  THE: OMG. How do i even remember my password and colour code from here? Why did the place even enter my head?
a4d,  warg: #2 you're typing while drunk stop correcting other people's grammar when you can't keep "now" and "know" straight
a4d,  warg: #1 you won't be dead by 28 so maybe start preparing for life after that
a4d,  warg: oh 2003 me i have so many important things to tell you
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: echo
a4d,  warg: jesus christ the logs in this place go back so far
a4d,  warg: jesus christ the logs in this place go back so far
90c, ꧁༒☬Bad☬Boy☬༒꧂: Hello
52f, Yub-Yub: i hope none of you have died of the rona - that is all
484, Yub-Yub: Holy shit this is still around?????
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: No
3fe,  blackout: test
3fe,  blackout: mandy stilla cutie
64e, SH4DOW: Hello ?
867, F13ND: "Hello, Chatroom!"
d1e, Null-Byte: Just here to say hello. -
350,  Amort: Also in attack mode, this: ­­mas-lights-in-shape-of-giant-penis-on-roof/
Bad Moon Rising,Amort
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: IN ATTACK MODE!
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: RISE FROM YOUR GRAVES!
350,  Amort: Well. That's a dick kicking, apparently.
059, Forever Strange: “Quoth the bard "To be or not to be," So anyone around
a93,  Snowy: take care all of you
a93,  Snowy: also <3 that you even still come to wish me a happy birthday, tino. i've never forgotten you either.
a93,  Snowy: lol i just had TWO birthdays on this same screen apparently
a93,  Snowy: that works for me, if anyone of my old belovedpals here cant see that and it's just my cache...
a93,  Snowy: haha omg
a93,  Snowy: test
a93,  Snowy: nooooooooope
a93,  Snowy: okay let's try this
a93,  Snowy: disable!
a93,  Snowy: i cant see any colours! i think it's my firefox dark theme renderer...thingy
a93,  Snowy: does imgur even host here
a93,  Snowy: i shall provide a recent picture of the ruin that is i
a93,  Snowy: haha!
233, Yub-Yub: it's snowy! tino i know, i never look here anymore but i remember you all very fondly

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