Grimm Wars: Path of Progress

  • One hundred years ago, an ancient enemy appeared. A specter from the past, a demon of war and strife who sought only to burn all before him as he waged a campaign upon the known world. My ancestor, “Severus Van Damne” was among those who stood against him. As did other great heroes of that age. Sir Elris Sauvgarde, wielder of Excalibur. Zerin Deimore, the Fae-blooded Magus. Ala ad-Dinn, the Trickster Knight. Scarlette Rider, the Crimson Huntress. Tito Devale, the Hero of the Common Folk and more besides. Though they allied without thought at first, together they proved to be more than a match for the darkness that threatened our world and our way of life. The years have gone by. History has faded into legend. Legend into myth and all that remains conceivably of their past exploits are a few artifacts, what descendants of theirs who have kept the story alive in our hearts that we may never forget, and the world we have now. One hundred years of peace has come and gone. One hundred years, of rebuilding and of renewed life. One hundred years of progress. Behold….The United Kingdom. In an effort to further maintain a world of unity between all, a city-state was formed. One that would incorporate all the realms and in light of this, a city was crafted. Sprung from the greatest minds of that age and this one, the United Kingdom stands as a living symbol of what we can accomplish together. All of us, if we put our minds and hearts to it. It is in this place that my story and that of my friends begins….And how the more things change, the more they stay the same.