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About PMC

This chat is roughly based on Sonic SatAM, with a few aspects from both comic series in as well (note the factions), and a few game aspects. In respect to SatAM, it's about ten years later.

Below are the rules, PLEASE READ THEM.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Characters

Original characters are acceptable, at the discretion of staff of course.
For any other Canon characters, Click Here Please make sure you carefully read the Registration page before submitting a registration.


We are all adults in this chat, so I expect everyone to treat each other with respect. The ignore command is a last resort, not just because you don't like someone. If you have an issue with someone, please talk to them, again we are all adults...share the sandbox people.

There are NO sports in PMC except Spinball, it's Sonic

The Rules will be enforced by Moderators and Administrators. They will be clearly marked with unique symbols to the left of their handle in chat. Any disrespect shown toward Chat Staff may be subject to banning at the discretion of that staff member. Do not argue with moderative staff in the chat. If you believe you've been slighted in some way, take it out of chat with that staff member.

CLAUSE TO CHAT RULES: If chat staff agree that a member of the chat is seen as destructive to the chat/community, that member can be banned even if current rules set in place were not broken.

Spreading of personal information such as personal contact information or ip addresses, or photos of a user, without permission from the person will result in an immediate 24 hour ban, no exceptions. It will then be discussed with the offender and with chat staff on the possibility of extended or reduced banning.

No harassment. Harassment is described as attempting to continue communication with another person who has requested that you cease communication with them. This includes private messaging / whispering to a chat member (on any of their accounts) when they have placed you on Ignore.

No flooding. Flooding is defined as such: Repetitive posting in a text-based communication environment (i.e. chat room, message board) in which doing so completely disrupts activity within the context of that environment, i.e. COMPLETELY DISRUPTING RP IN AN RP CHAT!

When there is an RP occurring, OOC needs to be brought to a minimum. Full OOC conversations will not be tolerated when other people are trying to RP, unless the OOC chatter is from the RPers and relevant to the RP. Take it out of PMC, otherwise.

For any event that effects a large region, or a global event, a corresponding thread or recorded OOC discussion before or after to the event should be made describing the event and any effects it causes to other characters.

Use of the Closed RP icon in an open and public area is strictly frowned upon. It should only be used in instances where the rp going on is in a location that nobody would be able to access, or if it is a continuation from a previous rp so it is taking place at a different time to the rest of the chat.

The ignore feature cannot be used on a person without valid reason (logging into a chat and immediately ignoring someone is right out). The ignore feature cannot be used to bar someone from participating in an Open RP, or in an Ask First RP that the person has been voted into if it is reasonable for their character to be there. If you have someone on ignore and you begin to participate in an rp with they are involved in, you must un-ignore the person (/unignore ID). With the OOC rule in place, there shouldn't be further reason to keep the person ignored at that point. If they continue an OOC discussion that you have informed them you do not wish to continue with them, you can report them for harassment to an available moderator or administrator.

No God Modding, Power Gaming, and Meta-Gaming (a subjective term,but will come down to the Chat Master's discretion). We all want to enjoy our time in the chat so everyone should be considerate and not rp like it is for yourselves only. Any instance of this going on if it cannot be resolved between the chatters, please see a staff member. Staff contact information can be found by clicking the staff icon on upper left hand corner of the chat.

It should probably go without saying, but using any method to access the chat while you are banned will result in a lengthening of that ban.

Please enjoy your time in PMC.