Name: Giger Van Gogh

Age: Sixteen

Height: 5”4

Weight: 160 Lbs

Species: Trachemys Scripta Elegans - Red-Ear Slider

Fighting Style: Modified Foot Ninjutsu

Weapons: Ninjaken, Kusarigama, Shurikens, Shirai-ryu Needles, Caltrops, Kunai, Modified Rope-Kunai, Fukiya, Metsubushi, Shuko and Ashiko Claws, Kaginawa, Sulfur Bombs, Smoke Bombs


After many years since the bomb had hit, after the mass death of humans, a new rise of mutant animals has risen to inherit the world left behind to rebuild what was destroyed.

Born and raised in the remains of Philadelphia, Giger Van Gogh is the oldest of four siblings and is the only male of the group. Having grown up in the rough streets of the remains of Philadelphia, Giger was often forced to defend himself and his sisters from mutant gangs, like the Road Hogs and Anti-Mutant human groups. Because of this, Giger has had to look to library archives regarding the martial arts, learning fragmented parts of Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Giger has since then developed a fascination with the martial arts but lacked the necessary tools to efficiently attain assured victories.

It wasn’t until one day where Giger and his family were in serious danger of being killed by a traveling mutant gang, the Road Hogs. Fighting with his heart and all his strength, Giger manages to briefly hold off the gang but eventually is defeated. However he manages to catch the attention of ninjutsu master, Leonardo, who at the time was trailing after the gang for their murderous crimes and thieving ways. Shortly after defeating the gang, Leonardo acknowledges Giger’s potential and offers to pass on his skills to help him and his siblings find their strength.

Over three years in training, Giger has acquired the necessary skills and has found his strength to protect himself and his family.

Now a new generation of Ninja Turtles fight to protect their home and those close to them.

-=Mutations and Adaptations=-

-=Skills and Abilities=-