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*Giger Van Gogh : [Well so much for going out on a night of patrol but maybe this was something which his sisters would be able to take over for him or maybe the alien urban legend which seemed to watch over the city of Philadelphia from within the darkness which seemed to envelop this city. Giger Van Gogh felt Celine taking his left arm and now she was guiding him over to the bedroom which they often seemingly had slept in together though that was mostly what they just did… was sleep. They only had one intimate one night with each other but seeing the way she took a hold of his arm and suggested how it would make him forget about what he had just heard, he kind of got the idea on what he was going to be doing with his lovely lady. The black masked ninja never thought in his life he would ever land someone as lovely as her, and well, it was an opportunity which his counterpart on Spyridon foolishly missed out on but he most certainly wasn’t going to miss out on that. Why would he ever? It’s not every day that a mutant Turtle such as himself would ever get the chance with any woman unless they were a mutant Turtle much like himself, though he hadn’t even so much as come across any other mutants as such. As soon as he had entered into the room with Celine, Giger paused in his movements and spoke out to the Alexa which was installed in Celine’s home, and requested that some Synthwave Radio would be played, preferably starting off with the song Endless Summer performed by The Midnight. Even though Giger didn’t really live through the eighties, let alone was born in that era, he had something of a romanticized idea of what that era was like as he most certainly liked the music, the films and the style of that era. He had reached out with his arms and placed his hands down onto Celine’s shoulders, and pressed his beak down onto her lips and delivered the most passionate kiss which he could ever give her. This would be the second night where the two would bask in each other’s presence and share each other on a physical level. For Giger Van Gogh, moments like these were treasured]
*Celine Whitewolf : Well may not fully cure you.. but It will make you forget.. *Takes his arm and leads him to the bedroom as she wanted to also clear her mind. What better way to foget ones thoughts then on the lips of another so she would make sure his headache would not be about when she was done with him*
*Giger Van Gogh : Mmm... And just exactly would that happen to be, She-Wolf? Color me intrigued and curious... I just want to know what this remedy for a headache is. Are you thinking about what I am thinking, or am I completely way off? So far, you've seen to hit the right notes on what I'm thinking... Are you reading my mind before I have a chance to say anything?
*Celine Whitewolf : *snickers* Yea you don't.. trust me ..*Gets up off her chair and moves closer to him and leans over and kisses his beak* I know a good remedy for headaches..
*Giger Van Gogh : Wait, what? TV show? Ummm... What? I... I don't think I really wanna know cause that... Heeeh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.... Uuuuuuh... This is headache inducing!
*Celine Whitewolf : Yea.. they made a tv series based off those turtles..they where pretty popular which is why my sister had a field day when she met ya. *Looks around and smiles* Least there no shadow people there so can sorta relax and enjoy...
*Giger Van Gogh : I dunno about there not being others like you, Leo and Raph used to tell me stories about how there was this girl who's a Time Mistress, she calls herself Tilley. Renet Tilley. And I've also been told that well, Leo and Raph had met other Turtle teams from other universes. Something about a group of Turtles with multicolored masks and lettered belt buckles... And an insatiable craving for pizza. And... odd catchphrases. Seriously... Cowabunga? Turtle Power? What? I'm sorry but that just... Ha ha ha ha ha.. Sounds so kiddie, you know? But... other universes, I guess.
*Celine Whitewolf : Some worlds are much like that from anime's and fantasy movies... some are more futuristic.. some are wastelands.. some are similiar to here and small differences. I've seen a few different ones.. i'm gifted to be able to travel as there are no others like me in existence other then my own self in different points of time.. but I had not come across myself ever. I have had nightmare/dreams triggered my guess is from my future self.. which is probally why it is hard for me to be here at times... I know one of few outcomes.. it changes never the same.. as time shifts much like the sands....
*Giger Van Gogh : [Everything which Giger Van Gogh knew about worlds where magic reined was mostly from pop-culture which seemed to have planted this stereotypical idea of what these worlds were supposed to be like. The fact that he had envisioned a place with blue skies and palaces made of blue crystals and beautiful people in abundance, mostly was planted in his mind from pop-culture staples such as J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings series, George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series, anime series like Slayers, Record of Lodoss War, and a bunch of other works of fiction which… could be interpreted as something stereotypical. However, there might be some truth to those seemingly unintended stereotypes which those works of fiction seemed to have presented and put in the black masked ninja’s mind. As he was thinking about this, the black masked ninja moved his right arm out and then took a hold of another chocolate chip cookie within his right hand, brought it closer to his beak and he bit down onto it, only to begin chewing yet again and he savored the taste of the cookie. This was a bad-ass chocolate chip if he ever had one, and the ninja now knew that he was going to have to limit himself to two… otherwise he would go on a binge and that was something which he didn’t really need to go on. After he had finished the second cookie, the black masked ninja then dusted his right hand onto his plastron, brushing off whatever crumbs were on his fingers at this moment. He continued to observe Celine, watching her body movements to read her emotions. And then he had listened to her talking about crystal cave and… well, he didn’t even know that stereotype was kind of true and he just widened his eyes a bit awkwardly and saw some kind of ironic humor in all of that as he snickered. He didn’t even mean to hit on all of that but… there it was]
*Celine Whitewolf : Yea kinda like that.. it has floating islands some in the water.. it use to be a land mass till something came along and destroyed it from what I was told but that was before my time. As for palaces of blue crystals.. I had a cave similar to that.. blue crystals moon crystals to be exact.. kinda domain of mine in other worlds.. My outerworld abilities in cycle with the moon.. one day I may return to spyrdion to return to my duties there but right now I'm not needed as long as my grandmother reigns.
*Giger Van Gogh : Really? Because... I thought it was going to be this other realm or something which was liked called... Aurelia or Corellia, or that Spider place... whatever that is called. I guess in fiction, I've gotten so used to places sound all medieval and fancy like compared to places like Earth. Heh, already I'm envisioning palaces made of blue crystal, and the weather always being super nice or something. Stereotypes, I know but... they're fun. So uh, it's a water world huh? I'm guessing I can picture something from that Kevin Costner movie or... something. I dunno. I ain't pretending to know this shit.
*Celine Whitewolf : They are called the forgotten isle.. a place that is nearly all water accept about a dozen or so islands. I went there because that is where my grandmother was and it was a safe haven for those who had no homes anymore. Sanctuary of sorts.. * Tilts her head and grins* I am jealous type by my feline nature.. which I don't show much.. I chose the form of the wolf over it..tho most of my mothers side shifts to a white snow leopard.. my father a wolf
*Giger Van Gogh : Jealous over a cookie? Well, now I know you're the jealous type She-Wolf... I mean if you want to have fun in that way, all you have to do is just ask. But I'm not gonna pretend to know anything about this world you plan on going to... I mean, we're on Earth... So what do you call this other place? Middle Earth or something like that? This all so new to me.
*Celine Whitewolf : *Eyes watched him and she held a gentle smile but she would be lying to herself if she wasn't worried, she had many fears festering, anxiety was building but like most things she kept to herself and took a deep breath. With him there it would be okay and she raised an eyebrow at his moaning* Well now i'm starting to feel jealous that you moaning so pleasurable over my cookies..
*Giger Van Gogh : [It seemed as if she was excited to show him everything but in truth, the black masked ninja was a bit nervous though he had every reason to be—this was going to be his first trip across the multiverse and where he was going to go, he didn’t really know too much about and here he was, a mutant Turtle from a harsher, harder and darker world where magic was not in abundance and science was the status quo though there were things which sometimes defied explanation and they were usually chalked up to being paranormal or simply the will of the universe itself. Even there were things which defied the standards for a mutant Turtle, and he had seen quite a few things. But going from one universe to another was… well, that was something which he wasn’t too sure what he experience would be like. However, Giger Van Gogh didn’t know the risk but did Celine as well? Did she know that whenever when one had traversed from one universe to another, that they would be leaving radioactive trails which operated on a frequency which happened to come from their respective universe and that radiation would last only for so long before a visitor’s vibrational frequencies would change to match the universe they were visiting? There were some universes which were even downright hostile to the presence of a visitor— to the point where existing would be a struggle and time would simply be borrowed. It was weird how the multiverse worked. Giger just moved over to the source of the sweet smell of the cookies, and the black masked ninja moved his right arm out and then took a hold of the first chocolate cookie in his right hand only to bring it close to his beak and he bit down onto it, only to chew and taste the snack. It was warm, it was soft and it was gooey— just the perfect way a chocolate chip cookie should be. He bit down onto it a few more times, and chewed away at it before he swallowed. The ninja had moaned out in pleasure of the snack, and the Turtle chuckled out in amusement as he had raised his brows up in a pleased manner at Celine’s baking skills]
*Celine Whitewolf : Yes I would bring your gear just in case why I do my best to keep the area in safety it is not always. I also wouldn't want my kids to do something to you either.. my son has a bit of temper.. *Smiles* However my bamboo cabin I can't wait to show you.. i built most of it bymyself.. took me many years but i'm proud of it
*Giger Van Gogh : Mermaids... Floating fortresses and Seraphs. This... definitely sounds like something from an Isekai anime or something. So, I am gonna go out on a limb and probably guess that I should probably take whatever gear I have on me as a ninja. Yeah, cause I was taught that danger pretty much is everywhere no matter where you're at. So, I'mma just adhere to that and keep myself armed to be ready. Cool?
*Celine Whitewolf : yes she is a hybrid, she also a shifter.. she was my cousins daughter.. she was rapped by a dragon/succubus and it didn't end well after. *Ponders* Don't go past the beaches.. my home is right before the bamboo forest..there are things that live on the outer island reaches that tend to hunt anything. Deeper waters there are mermaids, and other humanoid species..nothing to horrid I think. In the sky is Kalika's floating fortress and the seraphs. My mother cabin is near the beach as well.. she is part blind but don't let that full ya.
*Giger Van Gogh : Ummm... That's a unique combination if I ever heard one. Succubus and Dragon mix, like... we're talking hybrid, right? Cause that's one which I never really heard of in my entire life before. Umm... Is there anything else which I should know about this place? I mean... I'm sure it's gonna be different from Philadelphia.
*Celine Whitewolf : Some are chocolate chip yes.. if you want the other thing all you have to do is ask or lead.. you know i'm the type to go with the flow. *Moves to the kitchen and sits on the stool* So fairwarning there are dragons on the island.. well should be only one.. unless her father is about. My adopted daughter Katra is succubus and a dragon.
*Giger Van Gogh : Really? And here I was thinking I was going to get some payment with nookie like in those old cheesy porno flicks where this hot lady and a cable guy got together... Anyway, I knew I smelled cookies. And if I didn't know any better... they smell like chocolate chip. Am I right in that sense, are they chocolate chip?
*Celine Whitewolf : Mmm my cable you say.. well better come in. I don't think I could survive without my cable.. help yourself to some sweets. Made enough to take with me to goto the islands. Be a fun little vacation for us and you get to have your first multiverse trip which not many people can say that. Don't worry I will bring you back.. don't think people should be stuck without a way home..
*Giger Van Gogh : [Celine would be able to tell that his energy flow had gotten stronger, significantly considering the last time which she had met him as he had two more successful training sessions since he had broken those beer bottles with hat ridge hand strike which was empowered by his own energy flow. And now that he had managed to train with Leonardo as of today to go over what he had been able to perform with the techniques which he had learned on his own and refined with the aid of the older mutant ninja Turtle, Giger seemed to be well on his way in matching the power of his counterpart in Spyridon. At least, Celine would be able to sense it if she focused herself onto his own energy flow. He had moved his arms out and placed them down onto the sides of the window and then he had slid himself in and planted himself feet first onto the floor and stood to his full stature for the time being. He took in a deep whiff of the air all around himself and he smelled those cookies. Giger himself really did his best to abstain from eating sweets since they were something which was extremely easy to get hooked on and bad eating habits were the last thing which he needed. However, given that he is still a teenager— albeit in his late teens, he of course still possessed a healthy and high metabolism. Especially for a Turtle. So maybe one or two cookies wouldn’t be bad for him but as a ninja, he most definitely needed to maintain himself. Giger then looked to Celine, and he formed something of a wry smile on his green colored, round face and he shook his head from side to side as he went along with the joke and chuckled out in a rather amused manner as he also did his best to crack a joke. However, Giger… wasn’t really known for a sense of humor, which he had but it was… off in a few ways. Probably ill-timed or the punchline usually tended to miss] Yeah, I'm the cable guy... I'm here to fix your cable, ma'am.
*Celine Whitewolf : *Celine was moving about the kitchen packing up various treats she mad, she herself was dressed differently in her kimono as well as she wore a white bathing suit under and bare foot. There was also a small pouch on her hip and a braided chord so she can have her weapon on her if needed. Her hair was done up to where most was pinned up in loops but the length fell down her back. It did help keep the sand from her hair which was rather difficult to wash out sometimes. Looking up she saw something move on the porch and she moved to the balcony door and opened it.. * Do I know you? *Grins as she didn't mind teasing him a bit as she stood in the doorway*
*Giger Van Gogh : [Training had been done again for the day and this time it was with Leonardo more than anyone else, although he enjoyed training with Raphael— sometimes, going about things a softer and more slower pace was the way to go if he was going to be developing the inner power within and be better at controlling it. Already the black masked mutant Turtle had managed to make tremendous strides in his efforts from being able to cut through the necks of five beer bottles with his hand like a sword, to managing to make the bottom brick in a stack explode by concentrating and directing his energy downward in a single focused strike, to having recently been able to knock down a tree with a single Ki imbued punch. Already his energy had grown to new heights though it was nowhere near what his counterpart on Spyridon had been able to achieve as that version of the Turtle more or less had to develop himself quickly as he had a new mystical weapon which operated on his own inner energy flow. This version of Giger Van Gogh did not. At least… Not yet anyway. For the time being he was currently running across the rooftops, moving quickly and silently as he worked to maintain out of sight from the people down below in the streets as they were busy with their hustle and bustle of life, either coming from or going to work or simply engaging in play, from what he was able to see of a few people down there. And night was on it’s way as well. He moved over towards the edge of a rooftop, and the Turtle tensed up his leg muscles and then pushed himself up as he took to the air some twelve feet and soared across some sixteen feet, only to then throw his weight forward and down to perform a mid-air somersault and he had landed feet first onto the nearest rooftop, and continued in his movements. Leaping over air conditioners, rebounding off from walls, jumping onto and climbing fire-escapes. And he even had soon leapt to the air once more, and then moved his arms out and took a hold of the air of a nearby fire-escape once more, and pulled himself up onto to now climb up to the balcony of Celine’s window, and the ninja had flipped himself up onto his feet and then moved over to the window— and peeked inside as he raised his right hand up to his eyes. Giger looked inside and saw… cookies on a tray. Well, that was new]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Celine didn't need a suitcase where she was going because alot of her stuff was still in her home in case she went back. In truth she never expected to stay as long as she did nor find happiness to such extent. Eyes where a crystal blue and grey currently one that reflected a bit of happiness and concern. It had been some time since she returned home and she was a bit worried how her children would react. There was no worry about what Giger looking like being an issue as for what her family had very unique taste and it seemed most with water like creatures so that be no surprised. However she was worried what he may think of her once he met some of her family and get to know more of what she could do. Pulling her hair up in another loop she tied a ribbon around it, her outfit was rather simple but reflected the style her great grandmother liked. Taking a deep breath she tried not to dwell to much on it as those where the thoughts that seemed to call things to her. Moving to the kitchen she began to move the pastries and cookies she had cooling on racks into a large basket. It was her mothers request as her cousins loved sweets so she wanted to make sure she had enough if they stopped by later*
*Giger Van Gogh : [Training. That’s what would be on his very mind this very moment. More training. He wanted to prepare for whatever supernatural and Metahuman threats which could be awaiting him and the others whom he had cared about, and knowing that Celine had been attacked twice by the Shadow People so far and she had managed to actually kill one of them, in particular the Hooded Shadow—more or less had given Giger something of an incentive to go out and training, and where better to train at than within he area of the Schuylkill River or rather to be more specifically, Fairmount Park. Most of the training done today consisted of warm ups, technique review drills which started from the basics to the more advanced techniques, to combination techniques, kata training, and then working with weapons— specifically with whatever weapons he had on him though in this case, it would’ve been done in Kenjutsu with his trusty steel ninjaken blade. And now would come the hardest part of his training— Ki Development. And now in front of him would be this mighty oakwood tree which was thick and tall—standing maybe about over eighteen or so feet and was perhaps about three and a half feet thick. A strong and sturdy tree to work with as far as he was concerned, something which he wanted to test his developing inner energy against. He clenched his hands firmly into fists, eased his mind of all thoughts and concerned only to focus on his inner energy flow. The ninja now closed his eyes… and focused. Ki Manipulation: As soon as he had felt this growing energy within himself, Giger Van Gogh now registered in the form of a powerful rushing sensation and he had willed this energy to course through his entire body and moved it into his right arm and hand. He visualized the energy flow and moving through himself, and then visualized his right arm and hand going through that tree along with the energy imbuing it. The mutant Red Ear Slider then turned with his weight and he thrust his right arm forward and out, only to slam his right fist into the trunk of the tree and there would be a mighty shudder from the tree. Suddenly, there would be a crack in the wood, and a mighty groan from the weight of the tree falling forward. Giger immediately had dashed back and over to the left of the tree, and watched as it had hit the ground. It worked. His training was paying off and he pumped his hands in excitement. However, he also felt something ebbing, moving and energizing him as well. His energy flow had grown stronger and gotten bigger as well. At this rate, those Shadow People and other supernatural entities were going to have a difficult time with him if they tried to mess with him]
DICE: Giger Van Gogh rolls 18 = 18 on a 1d20 +0.
*Celine Whitewolf : *Celine was digging through her closet tossing things on her bed trying to decide what to wear to visit. Knowing if her great grandmother saw her she needed to look well as she had a certain expectations. However she knew her mother didn't care, hell her mother could walk naked around the island not giving two hoots. Snickers at that thought and holds up a few dresses to her form and sighs* Well crud.. guess i should of thought about this sooner..
*Giger Van Gogh : [Well, hey if the girl was still uneasy about the whole situation regarding the Shadow People then he would feel a sense of obligation to himself to remain with her and make sure that nothing had happened to her. If anything, she seemed to be doing well on her own but it was always good to have company around and the fact that he had been training and developing his inner energy to where it was stronger than it had ever been before— went to show that he was willing to protect her if the situation had come to it. None the less, she was right about one thing and that was the fact that he couldn’t be everywhere to protect the people he cared about. And those words definitely stung him quite a bit but that would make him try harder when he was out on those nightly patrols in search for those living Shadows of course and if he were to come across one, like he had before in one instance— he would do his best to either ward it off and away or maybe even do away with it entirely. When she had suggested that he remained with her and come to bed, well… if her primal side was coming out then maybe it was his duty to satisfy that aspect of her. Maybe he would get another night. Who knows. If she was up for it, then that was great and an added bonus. If she wasn’t, then that was just as fine too because all he wanted to do was stick around here for a while. Giger Van Gogh now stepped on ahead, moving in a calm and unrushed pace for the moment now as he was making his way over to Celines room and he had moved his arms up and took a hold of the strap of his sword that was slung over his plastron and carapace, and he removed it from himself and then carried it as he made his way to the room. Upon doing so, he rested it beside the mattress and then sat himself on the edge as Celine would prepare herself for a good night’s rest. Whether he would sleep or not… that was entirely up to him or his mind, assuming that it wouldn’t race. That was something which Giger had an issue with. Sometimes, his mind would race and that would prevent him from sleeping. Maybe tonight that wouldn’t happen]
*Celine Whitewolf : Alright I'll let you know once I hear back from my mother.. * rubs her face* I think i'm going to call it an early bed.. still feeling a bit drained. *Slides off the sofa and makes her way to the kitchen before kissing his cheek* Night.. cya soon if you plan to join me.. *heads to the bedroom to crash for the night, she needed to finish healing*
*Giger Van Gogh : [Giger had listened to what Celine was telling him and the black masked ninja nodded in understanding, or at least understanding whatever he was able to grasp from all of that. He didn’t understand quantum physics and he also didn’t understand magic. But a trip to another universe or realm, that was something which was just too good to pass up and if he could do it just once and only once—well then that was something which he could say would be an interesting experience to have, as it was something which he had believed the New York Turtles had mentioned to him about how two different teams of Turtles from two separate universes arrived to stop a version of the Shredder that was really a member of the alien race known as the Utroms. But to have his own experience to traverse the multiverse was something which… well, seemed too interesting to pass up. He stepped his way over to the refrigerator and the black masked mutant Red Ear Slider moved his left arm out and he took a hold of the door handle, pulled it back and opened the fridge only to now look inside to see what was there to either snack on or drink. And when he had noticed a bottle of Clear American brand water, specifically Cherry Vanilla— he knew he had to have that. And so Giger Van Gogh moved his right arm out and he took a hold of the bottle in his right hand, gripped the top cap with his left and twisted it off, depressurizing the beverage and then brought it close to his beak and tilted it down, now taking in a drink of the flavored sparkling water. And that was some really good water for him too. No more soda for him, as beverages like that were unhealthy— that and being a ninja, he really needed to maintain his shape which was difficult enough for him as it is since even though he was young, if he got lazy there was a good chance he might lose his strength and everything. He just looked over to Celine and put something of a flat smile on his round, green colored face and shrugged his shoulders. But there was a lot more which he wanted to know] I guess I might be game for that…
*Celine Whitewolf : it is in a different realm.. yes kinda it's own domain a pocket.. not really easily to explain..that's my sister Liliens domain of knowledge. I've just been doing it since i was a kid like taking a quick swim for me. *Shrugs* I need more blood supplies of a higher grade.. so i don't nuke my mortal blood supply so quickly..something stronger and more substance .. thinking that will help me a bit more. Why I'm there if my kids are there I like to say hello as well. Maybe pick up a few of my things from my house and show you it. .. i made alot of it with my own two hands. I also don't want to go alone in case he shows up..i thought he was dead and found he isn't and not sure if I can face that right now..
*Giger Van Gogh : So this isn't some trip across the Multiverse or something? I'm just... Okay, I know you have relatives spread out through different universes and all of that, and I am not going to pretend to understand the mechanics of all of that but... I'll be honest, I'm confused here. What is it that you're doing and where are you going to go?
*Celine Whitewolf : no.. the lost isles its the domain my greatgrandmother lives.. where my home was... tropical island. think of it like.. um.. the bahamas? Except there are different kinda tribal types there.. domains.. territorial thing she manages sorta. She takes injured and youth and helps them grown and keeps them safe. My daughter katra was adopted she sucubus dragon, vampire, mix.. she was my cousins daughter but passed when she was an infant*It was more then that, she was killed because she was unstable, killed by her brothers when she was found trying to drown katra* My son guards the area as well.. but it be nice to let them know i'm happy and well
*Giger Van Gogh : Hey, hey... If you want me to go, I'll go... I mean if this is going to be some kind of trip through the Multiverse, then... How can I really pass this up? I'm probably not going to get a chance like this again for the rest of my life. Just... Where is it that you're going anyway? Medieval fantasy land where there's no technology and all the music is woodwinds and acoustics?
*Celine Whitewolf : *Turned her head as she watched him clean up and frowned* I need to get supplies and figure i see my family why i'm there.. not much of a reunion really. It is hit or miss if my children will be there but it be nice to see them. Just extending the offer to you if you want to.. thought you may like to see where I am from a bit.. tho guess it is kinda a bit much to ask of you. Seeing my kids and all..sorry I shouldn't have even brought it up.. *Turns back around and looks around her home not sure what to think right now. She forgot they hadn't really been together to long tho it seemed longer at times. Lips parted to say more but she decided to just keep it to herself and she tucked the letter in her back pocket for now*
*Giger Van Gogh : Wait... What? What is this... Some kind of family reunion or something cause... if this is family, then... am I supposed to be there? I mean we've only been seeing each other for maybe a little over two months after one hell of an amazing night but... I'm not completely objecting to going. Just... trying to figure out how this works.
*Celine Whitewolf : *Eyes watched him in thought before moving to settle on the sofa and pulled out the letter again to look it over in thought* I may leave for a day or so to go back to the lost isles.. you can come if you like.. I want to check in on my son and daughter.. They came looking for me according to my mother...
*Giger Van Gogh : [Giger Van Gogh was seriously wondering if Celine was going to be okay and if that dark wolf side of her was briefly satisfied in being released—most wild and feral animals more or less had this need to be free, to be let out of the cage from time to time though he knew more often than not that usually wasn’t a good idea. The black masked ninja slowly nodded his head in regards to everything which she was saying and then he had moved his right hand up and he had placed his hand down to his face and he gently rubbed away at it as he was trying to come to terms with what had happened but at least his girlfriend right now was alive and breathing, though he was seriously wondering if the situation had managed to traumatize her. He knew that these things tended to draw out negative emotions and even perhaps memories, and he knew that Celine had been through quite a lot in her life and he wasn’t too familiar with the details but the fact that they had made a go for her again implied to him that she was seen as something of a smorgasbord to them. Giger took in a deep breath of air through his nostrils and then he released a deep sigh from within as he now stepped over to the kitchen and stopped as soon as he had arrived at that pile of discarded blood packets. And then there was something of mild confusion in Giger’s mind… Was she a Werewolf or a Vampire or… he shook his head from side to side, and just decided to let this go and he moved his arms out and gathered each of the packets one by one in hand, and he shifted his way over to the trash bin and then moved his right leg out and stepped on the pad which made the waste basket open up and he had tossed the packets into the bin. The black masked ninja also noticed some stains on the counter and well… that was to be expected. He had moved his right arm out and then took a hold of a paper towel rag, tore it off and then moved over to the sink, moved his left arm out and then took a hold of the faucet, turned it on and he placed the towel underneath, only to wring it dry as he squeezed it and then closed the faucet. He placed the rag onto the counter and began to clean away at it. Giger was someone who appeared to like cleanliness… Could anyone blame him? If anything… that was a good quality to have. Especially for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle]
*Celine Whitewolf : Yea i'm alive.. death doesn't come easy and when we die we are kinda reborn in another aspect.. It's the inbetween thats hellish .. as for this Heidi Hollis I may look into it, curious if she met them face to face. I already know they feed on negative emotions, raw emotions which is easy considering everyone has such things. Especially when your older..
*Giger Van Gogh : Yeah, I don't know... anything about that shit. Umm... So I've been browsing the internet and came across a researcher and someone who's had some interaction with these things. Heidi Hollis. She's considered something of an expert but... like us, she doesn't know what these things are but she suspects that they are drawn to negative aspects and feelings. She's kind of got a radio show going on too, written some books. You might hear her from time to time on Coast to Coast AM radio. Just throwing out options there. But... at least you're alive, right?
*Celine Whitewolf : *Eyed him* Told you .. you can't be everywhere at once and apparently i'm a baggage of fear and sadness.. *sighs*I received a letter and guess they honed in on me after that. Yes one is gone and yes I don't plan on stop training. However I need to mellow for a few days, get some more supplies because that was cutting it close.. Instead of the white wolf it was the demon shadow wolf I took form of..
*Giger Van Gogh : Welcome to Philadelphia... I hope you enjoy your stay here. In all seriousness... Now, I ain't feeling so good cause I was out doing patrol last night and making sure these things didn't strike. But now it turns out that one of them came after you and... Well, if one of them is crossed off, I'm guessing you just got done with that one in particular. Okay, good... But, you're still going to be training for this, right? I mean that's the only way to really get ready for these things and maybe get something of an edge on them. Least that's how I see it anyways.
*Celine Whitewolf : *Looks to the direction of the kitchen and frowns* mmm.. i'll clean that up and the bathroom later. Apparently i'm an easy target for these things.... tho lost a bit of control last night and destroyed one, but felt like I was an inch from the edge of completely letting the demon side run wild which wasn't good. These are the list of ones i've seen*motions to the board* Tho only a few have actually attacked the other observed.. Last nights things was extremely tough and my mind is a little jumbled at the moment. Mix feelings and all sorts of craziness.. just when i think i got my head on straight, have clarity something shakes it up. *Sighed* Feel like I can't win at times..
*Giger Van Gogh : [Okay just what the hell did he had happen to stumble into now? Giger just pondered that for a moment as he paused in his movements and now looked over to Celine as she was looking at herself in the bathroom mirror and then moving about to a board and marking some things off and it was then and there which he had looked at the list which seemingly had names of what he could only assume were the Shadow People but there were some things which he hadn’t even so much as seen as of yet— namely the Shadow Cat and the Shadow Spider, though the latter hadn’t even been seen by anyone as of recently however that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist either. Giger just now made his way over to Celine for a moment, and then he had stopped as he was about three feet of her and then took a moment to examine her for the time being and noticed some markings on her face. Well, this was odd— did she get into something of a fight? And now the ninja had turned his head forward over to the board and looked at the list, now seeing that the Monk Shadow had been crossed off though this made his question why it was marked off and the others weren’t. And then there was the star next to the Fedora Shadow—which was one nickname for the Hat Man, and now the Turtle moved his right hand up to his bald head and he rubbed away at it in a rather displeased manner. From what he was able to gather and maybe even deduce, she had been attacked by one of these things. Well, that most certainly explained the markings on her face and the blood packets which were strewn about everywhere in the kitchen area. Now, he was wondering if she was in the right frame of mind but hearing her speak to him directly, seemed to more or less give him some comfort that she was indeed in a straight frame of mind. He crossed his arms out in front of his plastron protected chest and slowly nodded] I’m… alright! What about you? You, uh… Seemed to have something of a binge going on last night? Kitchen looks a mess. And I see a list on the board… Wanna tell me what happened?
*Celine Whitewolf : *looking in the bathroom mirror the markings where nearly all gone, only the deep parts where slightly pink and she sighed as she blew through a weeks worth of blood in one night just to heal faster. *Fantastic.. *Stepping out of the bathroom she smiled at Giger but didn't speak as she moved to her white board and began to write words on the board...Cat Shadow, spider shadow, triangle head shadow, monk shadow, and fedora shadow man. putting a line through the monk one and a star at the fedora man* okay.. what others.. *Biting her lip a bit as she tried to remember each encounter if there was any others but she think she had all the ones she met. Setting the pen down she just stared at the board* Well one down.. guess it's a start either way..*Turns to look at Giger* how has your evening been?
*Giger Van Gogh : [Most of the day had been spent training although today was harder than usual considering that he really didn’t get much good sleep and woke up with something of a minor headache, however it was Raphael that had insisted that they would end up training to keep him going and stay in shape. Considering the life style which he tended to life, it was extremely important for him to maintain his body and keep his strength in the event if he was ever going to need to fight, and most of the training consisted of cardio, weights, technique review and even sparring—though knowing Raphael, he tended to be rougher than someone like say Leonardo. The black masked ninja had been moving across the rooftops, running as fast as he could despite the workout which he had gotten earlier and he had tensed up his leg muscles only to push himself forward and up—leaping at a height of twelve feet and a distance of fourteen feet across through the air, and as he soared across, he threw his body weight forward and down only to perform a mid-air somersault, and gravity had pulled him down and he had landed feet first down onto the floor of the next rooftop, only to rise up once more and now began running as fast as he could again. He continued to move across the rooftops in this manner, doing so with the skill and grace of a parkour master as he would run across, jump, hurdle, and slide across the rooftops, air conditioners and even rails. And the mutant Red Ear Slider now had once more stepped over towards the edge of the rooftop, and then he had pushed himself forward and up once more, leaping across the air as he jumped off from the edge— and he moved his arms out and then took a hold of the edge of the nearby balcony, and the ninja had used his upper body strength to lift and pull himself up onto the balcony edge. He flipped himself forward and landed feet first onto the ground, and rose up to his full height. Giger noticed that Celine’s window was open, as always and he shifted forward and then hunched down, only to crawl through it and he had now padded feet first onto the hard wood floor of the room inside. He looked over to the kitchen and saw… a ton of discarded blood packets… Well, this was… odd. Had she lost control of herself or something? Giger blinked and he… stepped further into the home as he eyed his surroundings]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Exhausted she kept moving as she didn't need to be caught in another fight like this. It wasn't till she was nearly down she felt something eying her and she glanced up seeing the cat and she bared her fangs at it and hissed. Quickening her pace she headed back for her condo, shuttering at the sight of another one of those things and didn't let her guard down till she was was walking into her condo. It gave her some things to think about for sure and she made her way to the fridge to feast on the blood packs she had*
*The Shadows : [There was one thing which Celine was right about and that was never to let her guard down, especially after an incident like this. Whether or not she could consider this a win was entirely up to her own interpretation but that one Shadow Person definitely put something of a fight to it’s bitter end. However, there would be movement within the darkness behind Celine, though it wouldn’t be anything too erratic or threatening however as the wisps of darkness would amass into a smaller form and assume the shape of a feline—considering it’s relatively small size and basic nature, the thing wouldn’t really so much as even be a threat to Celine as it was not really meant to instill fear or even fight beings which were larger than itself, but it was doing one thing and one thing only… Observing. Surveillance even, assuming it was capable of doing something like that. The Shadow Cat merely had moved on all fours as it had scurried along the rooftop, and then stopped in it’s tracks as it had left about maybe thirty feet of space between itself and Celine. The creature really didn’t have much in terms of features, aside from being pitch black and sharing the body of normal cats. Though it could also be argued that this thing really wasn’t even so much as a cat at all, just assumed the form of one. It had seen the tail end of what had occurred, and only now did it make it’s presence known and it just took a moment to watch as Celine would move down the fire-escape. And as it had taken the time to watch as she would go down… a set of black wisps would move behind the Shadow Cat, and assume the form of a tall, humanoid shape which appeared to be decked out in a fedora hat, a trench coat, a business shirt with a vest underneath and a pair of formal business pants which were held up by suspenders and a pair of formal attire business shoes. It was the leader of the Shadow People— the Hat Man. And he had hunched down, moved his arms out and took a hold of the Shadow Cat within his hands, and he gently patted the cat with his right hand, though his glowing red eyes focused on Celine… watching her head to wherever it was she was going. One of his kind had just been claimed… Things… have definitely changed as of tonight. The Hooded Shadow was gone… this… needed to be discussed with the others soon]
*Celine Whitewolf : *When the thing stop moving and her head stop flooding with images and fears she shifted back to herself, her hands shaking and she sunk to the ground and just laid there. Breathing heavy and she just cried, she survived the attack but not without so much raw emotions and she tried to reign herself in a bit, but had to just let it out. Her hand reach out to pull the weapon back to her hand and she didn't let it go. Afraid another one would soon follow. It was a bit before she rolled over and got to her feet and wiped the blood on her face. It was to risky to speed heal after a frenzy so she just let it bleed for now as she headed for the firescape*
*The Shadows : [The Shadow Person’s shoulder had been bitten into and the next thing which it knew was that it had been lifted up off from the ground and was effectively being shaken around by Celine at this very moment. Pain radiated from the Shadow Person’s left shoulder region and it had been thrashed about through the air, and even slammed down onto the ground as Celine was mauling it right about now. And if Shadow People were able to bleed—it would be doing that right now, though one would expect it to be spilling out this ebony colored ichor from it’s severed arms and the bite which it was currently experiencing but instead, there would be black wisps flying about from the wounds and the crushing bite which the thing was currently undergoing. The Shadow Person unleashed out a howl from within which once more echoed throughout the city of Philadelphia, and it’s shriek was a high pitched scream which would enter into Celine’s ears and perhaps cause some form of discomfort. And then the thing was now having it’s limbs flying about as Celine continued to shake and trash the Hooded Shadow—until it was simply no longer shrieking, and it was just this limp, shadowy form which would now also be leaving the grasp of her mouth as it was dissipating. The black wisps which composed it’s very form now had started to flutter upwards and they would disappear into the rest of the night. Celine would also feel her mind slowly regaining composure of itself and whatever hold the Shadow Person had over her to bring out her fears would be loosening up to where it was no longer existent. She would slowly return to her normal self, but there would no longer be the Hooded Shadow. Any traces of the thing would be long since gone, likely long since dissipated into the dark of night. But the experience would be one which Celine had done much better in, though… she might want to learn to reign in her fears when confronting another one of these things. The rest of them were still out there somewhere in the city of Philadelphia, and they were likely preying upon other people as well. But Celine’s encounter… no doubt would’ve been a difficult one for her to overcome. But more importantly… she might have to overcome the primal aspects of herself considering what happened tonight]
*Celine Whitewolf : *The thing padded up to him snarling, and leaned down and took a huge bite out of his shoulder and began to shake him around trying to tear it to pieces, to feed from it, but was agitated because there was no blood. *
*The Shadows : N͟͝o̴͡.̴͝.̨͞.̕͠!̴̕ ̸͢N͏o.̷.҉̀͠.͟!̷͝ Ḿo͠n͝͏g̸r̵͡e͏l̸!̵͞ ̧͜W͏͝h̶̵y̧̨ ̡ẁo̧n̢͞'̴̶͟t̷͠ ̴̸͘ý͢͜o͏u͟ ̸̀͡s̨im̶͢p̀͘ļy̧ ś̸̷u̴͜b̢͘m͏i҉t̵?!̵͟ ͘̕Wh̀̕ỳ͞ ͡won'̵͘t̢͘ ̡͢ỳ̶̕òu͢ ͟͡͝s͏įḿṕ̕l̸̕y̕ st̴a̶̴͠y̢͢͠ do̷͘w̷n̕͜͠ an҉d ̶̕j̨ư̵s̶̢̧t͠ ̢́le͜͝t͠ ̛͜i̢t͞ ̸͢͡o҉̶v̷̀͡e̕ŕt̵́͠a̵̡͠ķ͠͏ę́ ̛͡y͠oų͟?͝!̵́͞ ̢͘͠W̴̵͞h҉҉y҉͜ ̢w͡o̶ņ͞'̛͟t͟ ̸̢̕ýơ͝u͟͜ ̨͠j̷͝u̵͟͞s̛t die͜?̶҉!͝!̸ ̢S̀̕͞t͡a̢͞y̶͘ ͏ba̵͜͢ćk͏!̸ S̷t́̀͢á͘y҉̵ ba͜ć͟k̕ ͘͢͢y̧̛o̸͜͡u̧ ̨͟͡l͏̵͟o̢͘͟w̛̕ ̨͠͝a̢n͘d̀͟ ̡͠d͡u͜ĺ͡ĺ͘ ͏̀͡c͢r͏͝e̷a͘t̨u̵r͏͜e̛͡!͠͞ Y͜͝͠ờu̵ ar̨͢e͝ ̶̶n͘ǫt̨̀͟h̕͟͢i͘͠n̴͟͡g̀͢ ̸̶͟m̛͏o̕͝r̨̨̛e͏̶ ͘th̨an̸ ̴͢a͡҉̕ ̛d͏o̷͝ģ!̷́̕ ̸A̷ ̢͘d̡̀͏oģ͞ ̧t̴̶͞h̀͠a̕͟t̢́ p̨͡r̡e͠͠t͠è͠͞n͞d̸́s͡͞ ̶͘à͠t̡͜͡ ͏b̷͘éi̷͡ǹ͡g͡͡ ̴͠͞a̵͡ ̕͟ẃ͝͠o͜l͏̵̷f͟͟!̸̷͢ ̕͞S̸̸u͏̸́b̛͏m̛̀i͞t̷ ̵͡͠a҉ǹd̴̕ ̷j̶̷us̴̷̶t ҉d̸͡ie̴̢͡!̛ ͝D̶҉̛i̛͢͡è!̨͡ ̧̕D̵́i̴e͏!̶̀ ̵͠Ḑ̷ie͏̧̛!͏͢!̵̕ ̸S͏̕͘t́a͝y͜͏͡ ̨̕bà́c̛k̕͢ ̀a͘nd͢ ̨̧͟j̕͡͝u͏s͟͠t͠҉ d̴í͞e̡͡!͡!̵̷҉
*Celine Whitewolf : *screaming again at the memories and pain, her body trembling. Lashing out more at this thing before she shifted into a black wolf. A thing of the shadows itself and darkness, it howeled loudly, it's agony and pain was present, it raised its head out and earily kept howling before lowering his head at the creature again. It didn't move instead everything around it got earily quiet*
*The Shadows : [These things were just as capable of experiencing fear as they were generating it from others. However, it had been a long time since anything or anyone had made them experience this kind of emotion as they had gone unchallenged for many years since the loss of magic in this world. When mortals had forgotten the mystical ways and no longer believed in them, they were able to make use of this and preyed upon the human population throughout many years. But now that some mortals had rediscovered their inner strength and learned to use their Ki as a means of defending themselves, this had changed quite a few things though in the case of Celine— she had a weapon which not many people were supposed to have, and she had managed to wound the damn thing to where it was in a critical state. And this thing was trying so hard to make her back down and even instill a sense of fear into her but it was losing that grip over her and it was paying the price for it, dearly. And without many means of offense or even defense, it was left with only that ability to instill fear but even then that ability was dwindling fast along with the energy reserves it had from draining Diros. It snarled and gnashed it’s blackened teeth, now glaring to Celine as it was also working in an attempt to hide it’s own fear of the wolf woman. It again had attempted to focus on the burning energy which was within itself, as well as whatever little fear and negative emotions which Celine had in her. Upon feeling and registering these negative emotions, although feeling them was… fuzzy and slippery for it at this point, it did it’s best to hold onto them and bring out more of that crippling emotion out, to once again put her in a state o paralysis which would be induced by fear. Aura of Fear: More black wisps would surround the Hooded Shadow, although it seemed to try in a tremendous effort to actually draw upon this ability and project it outward. It’s energy and concentration was burning—swiftly. And now it was trying in a final ditch effort to overwhelm this wolf woman and maybe, if it was able to— perhaps drain her of the energy within and do so to where she would no longer be among the living. However… doing so… was a herculean task for the Hooded Shadow. It was clearly desperate to win this]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Celine felt the fear, the pain, the past and the future collide in her mind, and why for some it might of crippled her, she let it fuel her rage. Growling low she didn't stop she kept striking out at the creature, refusing to be backed into the corner. To either kill it and stop the thoughts in her head or to make it run away. It was instinctive at this point and she sniffed at it* I fear.. you fear...i smell it.. in the shadows... you are mine! *Growling, her voice was very primal*
*The Shadows : [It had managed to instill some level of fear into her but at the same time, it was burning reserves of energy to keep on fighting and to use that ability in such a critical condition the Hooded Shadow had happened to be in. It kept it’s glowing white eyes onto Celine, aiming to feel out the level of fear, self-loathing and doubt which she had about herself but it seemed to have brought something else out within her instead— and this had caught the Shadow Person off guard right now, and it simply didn’t have much to go with. At most, all it could simply do is of course bat at her with it’s stumps but that likely wouldn’t amount to do much now that it was in such a critically bad condition of course, and much to the thing’s surprise— she was somehow able to break through the paralysis effect which the Fear Aura was known to actually induce onto people. Whether or not she retained any sentience and sapience, was entirely on her end at this point. It had widened it’s white colored eyes and then it had noticed her coming right in towards itself, and without much energy to use in order to disperse—it had immediately side-stepped to the right and then dropped down onto it’s right side, only to now place it’s stumped left arm down onto the ground and aim to push itself back up. As it did so, albeit weakly— the Hooded Shadow just gritted it’s teeth now, and shot another glare to Celine. Again it would focus on burning whatever reserves of energy left, but as it had focused on them— it noticed that these reserves were burning quickly. It again now focused on these energies and attuned itself to the images and the emotions which Celine was feeling and experiencing in her mind, and as it had attuned to them, it focused on bringing them out and intensifying them. Aura of Fear: More black wisps would fly about the Hooded Shadow, and then they would rush right in towards Celine, all in the attempt for the Hooded Shadow to aim to paralyze her with fear and bring out those negative emotions onto her. However, this would be exceptionally difficult for the thing to do, considering the damage which it had already sustained on itself thanks to Celine’s efforts with that scythe. This thing wanted her to stay still, wanted her to be weak, it would not allow itself to be killed by this mongrel… not without taking her with it]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Breathing deeply she stepped back as it howled and blinked through the blood in her face. Gripping the hilts she was about to charge again when she felt the energy hit her hard. Gasping she felt the box rip open in her mind and she let out a scream. The weapons falling to the ground as her hands came up to her head. Seeing images flash in her head she howled in pain. Primal instincts took over and she knew the source of it and her claws extended and she charged at this thing before her. Ready to tear it apart with her claws and fangs*
*The Shadows : [The Hooded Shadow had managed to land the blow on Celine’s face with it’s stump and as it had been aiming to make the second attack—well, something unexpected had happened of course as the scythe which Celine seemed to be utilizing was rather being used quite efficiently, and as it had moved—the Shadow Person had felt something moving through it’s right arm, specifically at the elbow region and the next thing which it knew was that there was a sense of shock overwhelming the creature’s form now. If it had nerve endings, this would be the part where the nerves were still registering a limb but at the same time there would also be a sense of… not being able to feel anything there, and a lack of response from said limb to the brain. Instead, the Hooded Shadow had looked down to it’s right arm’s elbow and noticed that there were black wisps flying from the elbow area and there was it’s right arm— or half of it anyway, found on the floor of the rooftop. It took a moment to register what had happened and then it had widened it’s glowing white eyes and unleashed a furious and pained howl from within now as it had stumbled back— now having lost an arm and a hand this very night. There was only one thing which it was able to do, and it might not have enough strength to do just that but it would need to try. It had now focused on the reserves of energy which it had drained from Diros and now focused on drawing the anger, the aggression and the despair which it had within itself only to attempt to project it out onto Celine. Aura of Fear: The Hooded Shadow’s white eyes now burned with a glow as it had shot a glare to Celine’s eyes, and if she were entranced by the aura, she would feel an overwhelming sense of fear, depression, despair and a sense of worthlessness. But seeing as she was primal, this might be harder for the Hooded Shadow to overcome now as it was using the reserves of energy it had left while it was wounded from the strikes Celine had dealt upon it. It needed to bring out those negative emotions from her, all in an attempt to cripple her with her own fear and maybe drain her to her very last breath]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Celine had been training hard for fighting these creatures and she kept her anger in check. When it dispersed she kept her guard up and when it swiped it stub against her she let it hit her and she let herself step back as if it hurt her. Luring it closer and then when it came to bring an arm up her scythe came quickly up to counter his hand and the other one quickly follow as she moved foward. The blades coming down in consecutive attacks in hopes to gain the edge against it. Her face hurt and burned a bit as the air stung against the wounds on her face, her vision slightly bluring as the blood was running into her eye*
*The Shadows : [Going from a solid form to an intangible one wasn’t going to do much in terms of defense against a weapon like that, especially considering that weapons with magical properties were one of the few things which could harm supernatural beings such as ghost, demons and wraiths— and whatever it was that these Shadow People were supposed to be. If it were to try and use it’s intangible ability to evade a weapon like that, there was a solidly good chance that the strike from such a weapon would outright kill the damn thing. Instead, the Hooded Shadow would do something else and it had focused on dispersing it’s form immediately. And quickly, it would explode in a burst of dark wisps which would fly about erratically and they would move all around Celine and congregate behind her, each piece fusing and becoming a single mass which appeared to have something of a humanoid form though this would be obscured by the monk like robes which the Hooded Shadow appeared to be wearing on itself for the time being. Successfully managing having evaded the strike which Celine had wanted to lay upon it, the Shadow Person immediately then had swung it’s injured left arm across to the left intending on striking Celine firmly across the face with it’s stump, and if it were to hit Celine— there would be a good chance that the Hooded Shadow would experience some intense pain, but if could hit her and maybe throw her balance off, then that could be something which it might be able to use. And assuming that it had managed to hit her, the Hooded Shadow would lunge it’s right arm out and aim to grab a hold of Celine by the head and it would shift forward and use it’s inhuman strength to push her forward and down, and aim to slam the back of her head down onto the floor of the rooftop. Should this occur, the back of Celine’s head would likely experience a sharp pain and leave her something of a throbbing headache at that point. And the Hooded Shadow wanted nothing more than for this woman to experience pain, the same kind of pain which she had inflicted upon it when she used that weapon to cut it’s left hand off. This thing wanted her to pay— and it was going to make sure she did. And should it’s second strike occur, the Hooded Shadow would aim to pin Celine by the shoulders with it’s wounded left arm and clench it’s right fist firmly, and it would aim to strike away at Celine’s chest by attempting to slam and bang it’s fist down onto her sternum, to pound the breath out of this woman]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Hisses and leaps at him with her sythe striking down towards him the other one using to guard her body. Keeping them close enough as she knew the magic weapon would protect her to some degree. Now realizing this wasn't one of the minions but the one that seem to lead them all and she wasn't going to risk it. Part of her was thinking of running but she didn't want to see another friend of hers hurt*
*The Shadows : Y̵͝où ̸̛͡car̡̀͠r͟͡͝y̡ m̨u̵҉͢c͟͠h ̶b̴̶u҉́͢r͢͞͡d̨̛e̵̶ņ́͝ o҉̧n ͡y̡̧o͝u̶,̡ a͠͠ǹ̵̕d͏͢ ̧yo̸u ́͜҉c̵̛ar̢ŗ̕ỳ̨ ̀͞so̵̧͘ ͠m͘͝u̵ch҉͜ ḑ̛e̵͞s͜p̛͘à͠i̴҉̀r̕͟. ͢I̛͟͞ w͝҉ơ̕u̢l̴d̛͢'v̧e ̵̴h͜a̷v̛e ̀͝e̸n̨̛͞j̧̕o͡ýe͘d̀ ͏͠f͜e̡͢a͢s̵t̀́in̛̕g̡͢͝ ̶́u̷p̵o̷n ͠t͝h̴͟͟a̷͞t̛̛ ̛́͢b͢҉̛u̡͏͟t́ ́͟͟s̨̧͏e̷͜͡e͞i͘͢n̢g̛ ̕͡a͜s͝ ͠yo͢ù͜ ̕had̷͘͘ ͝m͞a̵n̛a̕͘g͘͟͡e͝͞ḑ̴̢ ͞t̸͞o̵̵ ͝i͝nj҉ų͝͝re ̶͠m̧̨e̡.̸.. ͢͠I̛҉̸'m ̸͝gó́͝i̸̡n͞g̵̀͜ ̸͝t͢͡o͝͠ ͏̀dis̵̢͘ć͠a̷̧͘r͏͜d̢͟ ̴t̢h̶͟e̡ ̷҉i̴d̶̶e̶ą̀͝ ̛o͜͜҉f̀ ̛͠f̕ee͢͝d҉͜i̷͡͡ng̵͠ ͢a̵ņ̶d͘ ̸̸tak̷̀e̵̶ p͢lèa̸̢s̢u҉͏̶re̛͟ ̨̀͢i̛͢n͏̨҉ ̨wa͡͞t̸̨͜c͟͜h҉̧҉i̴̛n̶g̷͟͞ ́͢y̷̸̡ò̢ù͜͟ ͢d̴̕i̢҉e l̸̕į͞k̢ę͡ ̡th̡ę ̶̛̀ư̛ńw̧ant͡͏e̷͘͡d̷́ ̨͜m̡̛͢on̸̷g̡͝͞r̴̵el̴͠ ̵͏ý̛ou̵͜ ̸̛a̛͞r̛e.͝ ̕͘͟A̧n͝d͞ ̧wh̷e̴̡͞n͘ ̴̡͝y̛͞ou̴͠ ą͘r̸̷e ͜͡d̴̨one͏̵͠,̢͞ ̶̡w̕͢͜e̴͠ ̷͠w̨i͠l͢l ̸͞c̢͝o͜mȩ̧ ̨͟f́o̵͡r ͘͡y̸ò̀u͏r͟ f̢͢r͝͝i҉͜͝e̡͢͞n̡͝d҉s͟͏͘ ̸͘͏àn͞d͘͟҉ e̵̡v̀͟͡e͝r̛͜͠y̷̴o͏͝n̵͞҉é͜͞ ̴́͟e̢͡l̢se͏͡.̵̢ ̵́Y͏͟o̢̕u̕r ̴fr̢̡͠i͞e͢n͞d҉͜ ͘a̕͏t͠҉ ͏t̢͟h̸͜͞à҉t͢ ̡͘gym͏na̛̕si̸͘͝u̴̢m͘ ҉and́̕͜ ̶͢t̵̨ḩ̀at̢̛͢ f҉̸͜r̴҉e̵͏͝á͢͝k̡ ̶̀y͘҉o̷ų̷͝ ̧̢a̷s̨͠s̴̶̕o̸͡c҉i̸a̸te ̧y͏o͏u͜r̸̛͞s͏el̵̡f͝ w͏̢i̧̕҉t͘h.̸͠ B͢͞ut̕ fo̶͞҉ŗ̨͟ ̢͠n̕͘o̢̡w̛͢.͞.̶͢.̕ ̸̨Y̡ơ͜u͘'͏̛r̴e͜ ̵́͡g̷҉ơ̧͢į̛n͠g̷͝ ̷͘͢t̛o p̵͜a̕͏͠ý̴͠ ̸̢͞f̡̀o҉r͟ ̵̢w̛҉͠h͝a̢͞t ̀͠yo̵u̷'̵v̡͢͢e̡͞ ͏̨̕d̷͜ǫn҉e͘͏ ̶͡t͞ơ ̢̨̛m̧͟͟e̸!̀ ̕Ỳ̶̛ơù͝͏ ͢͟wil̛l̶҉̀ ̨p̶̕a̶y͜ ͜s̕o̡ ̸͡v͘ȩ̸͜r͜͡y̴҉͟ d͠͏͟é͝a͏͝r̕l͝y̡͢ f̴o͟r̸̴ ̷̡̡t͝h͡ì҉s͡ ̶̧͢t͘r͠͞a̸̛͡ńś̕gr̶e̡͟ss̴̡͠i̢o͞n!
*Celine Whitewolf : Shit.. *Jumping back and felt her balance shift as she stepped to close to the edge causing her to lean into one of the attacks. Feeling the burn across her face she winced a the pain and she howled extremly loud and feral. The blade shifting to a scythe and she swung it around at the creature, charging at it as she did, splitting the scythe into two at the middle*I have had enough of you things hurting my friends, fangs now bearing feeling the blood rush across her face*
*The Shadows : [It wanted to feed at first but now it wanted her dead. She had harmed it, severed off a hand and now it wanted her to pay. It didn’t give two shits if she was in the mood for it or not—even if she didn’t manage to harm the thing, it would she be coming after her. It’s initial attack had nearly missed, grazing the woman but it wasn’t at it’s best right now considering the injury which it had just managed to sustain. This was a major injury, one which it had never expected to happen considering that magic was quit nil in this world. It immediately manipulated it’s form—and then it had exploded in a burst of black wisps, and then rushed across from the air to the spot which was closest to Celine only to amass and take a hominid form once more. As the wisps assembled, the Hooded Shadow shot a hateful glare to the wolf woman. It did not care if she had a primal side, it didn’t even downright care about feeding anymore and all it wanted was for her to suffer and die as painfully as possible. The Hooded Shadow looked over to where it’s severed hand had been, and noticed that it had burned out in the form of a black flame like wisps. And now it was gone… the hand was gone. It gritted it’s blackened teeth, gnashing them and it was now speaking in tongues, the original language being nearly indecipherable considering the metallic, gravelly voice which the thing seemed to be muttering right now. As soon as she had brought her blade up, the Hooded Shadow immediately had swerved to the right, barely evading the strike as Celine had attempted to make a try for him. It couldn’t afford to be struck like the last time, it didn’t want to suffer another injury like before. It just returned it’s glare to the wolf woman, and then rushed right in towards her again and then swiped it’s right arm horizontally across to the left, with it’s hand opened out and the claws extended out, intending on striking Celine across the face and perhaps leaving some scars on her cheek and should that occur, Celine would likely feel some lacerations forming across her face and perhaps even bleed a little bit from the strike should the Hooded Shadow manage to succeed in doing just that]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Ears flickered hearing it howl and soon as it lunged for her she rolled across the ledge and then crouched. Feeling it graze against her leg and she glanced to see if it's momentum tossed it off the roof. Using the ledge to perch she was hoping she can get it again, the dagger still in her hand and she had to remind herself to stay calm and not to loose herself or she would be to predictable in primal state. When it tried to lung at her she leaned back on her knees and brought the blade upwards to swipe at it again* Fuck off will you.. not in the mood for this shit tonight...
*The Shadows : [The Shadow Person immediately felt something which it hadn’t felt in who knows how long. It had registered in the form of an immediate burn and then there was something of a fleeting sensation— and it had looked down and noticed that it’s left hand had immediately been contacted by the dagger which Celine seemingly drew out from nowhere, and the hand was now rendered into nothing more than a stump right now as black wisps were surrounding the severed area and where the hand used to be, well… that should be obvious. As for where the severed appendage happened to be, now it was on the floor of the rooftop and it was already dissipating as if it was being broken down and the pieces which comprised of the appendage were dispersing. The Hooded Shadow had winced it’s glowing white eyes and then unleashed a howl which would echo throughout the city. It had moved it’s stump over to it’s right hand and gripped it firmly, and it lurched over and then shot a glare to Celine with it’s white glowing eyes now expressing a look of two emotions— pain and fury. Feeding was going to likely have to wait, as this thing wanted Celine dead now more than anything else. Immediately it had rushed right in towards her, almost as if it were soaring right in for her and it had immediately raised it’s right arm up and then opened it’s right hand— and swiped it down diagonally down over to the left, intending on striking Celine firmly across the head to deliver a strong blow which had more than enough power to momentarily stun her. And should that occur, the Shadow Person would immediately follow up by lunging it’s right arm out to grab a hold of the woman by the neck and should that succeed, the Hooded Shadow would begin to apply pressure in an effort to choke Celine out from the air which she would need to breathe in. To think that this woman had the audacity to even harm it out of self-defense and to think that she even had the gall to try and be courageous. The Hooded Shadow didn’t like this… Not one bit. And it was going to make the wolf pay]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Her guard wen up and she took a deep break her head looking behind her briefly down at the city street to judge how far down it was before turning her focus back on the creature. Watching it grow larger she gritted her teeth and knew it must of been feeding well. When it moved to grab her the dagger was brought up to try to cut its hand off as she stood up, maintaining balance on the edge of the roof ledge. Sidestepping away from it but keeping her back to the city below an escape one way or another was better then none. However rather not go that route and she growled low and kept focus*
*The Shadows : [It moved it’s glowing white eyes to the woman’s hand as she had made a move for something, only to draw a weapon and from the looks of it— it seemed to be a simple dagger, though it knew that this woman seemingly had the ability to draw out weapons which possessing mystical qualities, allowing her to harm creatures like the Hooded Shadow of course, but it was well aware that this woman also tended to carry a lot of baggage. And if anything, she also had a lot of fears— some new ones which brought her concern to the well-being of others. Especially with friends like Tess and most importantly, the Turtle whom she seemed to be so enamored with. The Hooded Shadow stood from it’s hunched posturing and now appeared to be taller than it was normally known to be—perhaps a change it had underwent from draining someone like Diro’s energy? Perhaps. It snarled as it had listened to her speak, and it was not going to waste any more time. Aura of Fear: And now the Hooded Shadow would focus on drawing upon the negative emotions which were within itself and as soon as it had felt this low vibrating sensation within itself, it had focused on projecting it forward and extended it to Celine. And black wisps would flow all around the Hooded Shadow and they would fly erratically like locusts. If she were at all to be caught in the aura of the Hooded Shadow, she would likely feel some old emotions of fear and despair creeping up on her and perhaps, instilling some physical bodily paralysis on her. Either way, the Hooded Shadow lunged in towards out with it’s now elongated arms out, and aimed to grab a hold of Celine by the neck and if it were to catch her… she would likely suddenly feel the air being choked out from her and she would even be trashed about as the Hooded Shadow would likely shake her furiously and aim to tackle her onto the ground, of course this would only occur assuming that it’s intended attack involving strangulation happen to be successful. While it’s reserves of energy were still plentiful from feeding upon Diros, it could always add more to it by feeding off others. In this case… it picked Celine]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Feeling something near her she turned her head and saw the shadows and quickly got to her feet and cursed. Standing on the edge of the roof and crouched not liking the situation* Oh fun..*Dug into the shadows and her weapon tho only small as a dagger right now she held it at ready* Sorry but I don't think i'm up for dinner today.. perhaps another time. *Eyes shift to blue to red and she kept close eye on the figure*
*The Shadows : [There had been nothing but silence in the city for a while, as there had been no real attacks made upon the people of Philadelphia though there might have been something of a good reason for that in the situation that the Shadows themselves had fed upon someone who was quite powerful, and their reserves had been filled for what might be either weeks to over maybe a couple of months. None the less, they would be all throughout the city of Philadelphia and now that the daylight hours were being cut shorter as it would progress to the autumn season, this would allow them more incentive to come out earlier than usual when there was still some light out being provided by the dwindling sun. Now that it was the twilight hours of the day, this was something perhaps of a dangerous time for the city of Philadelphia. And there would be movement coming from behind her, something quick and out of sight—black wisps which were slowly amassing into something of a hominid form though as soon as the being had taken shape, it was pitch black in color and appeared to be donning something of a robe which resembled that of either a monk or more specifically, a European styled friar though the hood would be raised up and obscure the facial features and expressions of the being— but there would be something of a malice radiating from the being. Nothing but pure contempt, resentment and anger. It had looked over to Celine with those glowing white eyes of hers, and gritted it’s black colored teeth as it was unable to keep it’s seething anger in check anymore. It just would do nothing but stare upon the woman, knowing that she was one of the more… unusual and interesting sources of energy to draw upon. These things had drawn upon from Celine before, but they were also responsible for breaking Tess down, and more recently— even managed to feed off from the bottled emotions of Diros himself. The Hooded Shadow simply remained still, just observing… watching as Celine seemed to be making her own observations of the city of Philadelphia. It sensed many things from her… good and bad… Perhaps it could feed]
*Celine Whitewolf : *Sitting on the rooftop she was staring down at the city below with a million things running through her mind. Hand pushing back some of the silver locks from her face she took a deep breath feeling somewhat relieved and somewhat in pain. He was alive her great grandmother saved him but since she left the isle her grandmother turned off her emotions to avoid the heartbreak. Things seem to always be complicated with her families and she wondered what to do about things. What of her children was it safe there for them or should she send for them and she felt guilty for never letting another see them. Sheltering and guarding them but she knew sooner or later they would go their own way*

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