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4f578,Gabriel Seth: (Hmm)
a5d3b,Blair: (*Flops on bed reading manga*)
4f578,Gabriel Seth: (*sips whiskey*)
4f578,Gabriel Seth: (hmm)
a5d3b,Blair: (Yep.)
0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell: ((Blargh))
0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell: ((Ahh))
a5d3b,Blair: (no wanna.)
0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell: ((Go to bed))
a5d3b,Blair: (Getting sleepy. sucks. How are you? *offers sharpening stone*)
0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell: ((How are you?))
a5d3b,Blair: (*lays head on Rissa's lap and sharpens her claws.*)
0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell: ((*is in a meh mood*))
a5d3b,Blair: (*flops with Rissa. Now full from sammiches*)
0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell: ((*flops*))
a5d3b,Blair: (Yeah sure. butterfry)
ea7e8,Jaeryn: (sorry, was distracted by a butterfly...)
a5d3b,Blair: (Ah. couldn't handle his meat. *sits on Jaeryn and eats his sandwhich too.*)
a5d3b,Blair: (whats on your sandwhich?)
a5d3b,Blair: (*looks between bread.* ham, turkey, beef, bacon, duck, chicken, lettuce tomato. there is an olive. more beef and bacon.... bread *noms and looks at Jaeryn*)
ea7e8,Jaeryn: (what kind?)
a5d3b,Blair: (*noms on sammich*)
5343a,Gianpierre Marino: (*Waves back*)
0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell: (( *waves* ))
5343a,Gianpierre Marino: (t)
0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell : **fade out**
5c31e,Andrew Blackwell : *Fade out*
5c31e,Andrew Blackwell : Oh, people trying to defend either of our honor is the least of my worries. As I said Rissa, that would be if we were wrestling.

Though I would be interested in seeing who within this school would try to defend your honor against me. Mainly cause I wanna know who has such an intense crush on you, but also to just have some fun.

*Pondering for a second more.* Screw it, wanna just do that then?

0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell : With the way that we treat eachother I think it's pretty obvious that we're either an old married couple or siblings and since neither one of us is old.. *she'd trail off with a grin and takes another tart* Though it might be interesting if someone misunderstands and tries to defend my honor.. or yours.
5c31e,Andrew Blackwell : You're right. *Another one gone.* They're not.

*Thinking for a moment, he would eventually shrug.* Honestly? I've got no clue. I was actually looking forward to this for a bit until the mood left me, and I didn't plan to do anything else if this fell through.

I would say we could wrestle, but if anyone else were to walk in it would definitely cause some odd looks from anyone that knows we're siblings.

0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell : Darts? *she would make a face at that, glad that her bribe had been accepted. She hated darts and wasn't that good at them* I'm not sure, actually. What about you? I know from previous experience that it's not going to take you that long to finish these off.
5c31e,Andrew Blackwell : *Then the bribe worked. The tart disappeared with a couple of bites before another one was absentmindedly picked up.* Consider it a gift then, as I was planning on darts tonight.

Alright then. You've brought the tarts, you were hoping I would call tonight off. Do you have other plans or were you thinking of doing something else then?

0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell : And why do you say that? She didn't seem like one of the teachers so it's entirely possible you might have at least one class with her, if not more. And I was hoping you would say that.... I wasn't really feeling it tonight. *yep, the tarts were a bribe*
5c31e,Andrew Blackwell : *Sighing as Blair ran away, he looked at Rissa as she mentioned hoping they would see the other girl again.* Honestly, so do I. But I doubt that I'll see her much.

*Picking up one of the tarts.* Alright, so do you wanna do this week's challenge or are we taking a pass and trying this again next week? Cause I wouldn't mind doing that so as to not spoil the good mood of these tarts.

0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell : I meant on her next turn, Andrew. *she would be just about to say something else when the other girl makes her escape* Poor girl.. I hope we see her again and get her to try some more. And not all of them are yours, but yes.. I felt like baking. *reaching out, she'd pick up one of the still very warm tarts and takes a nibble* (( ­https://assets.kraftfoods.com/recipe_images/opende­ploy/195968_640x428.jpg))
5c31e,Andrew Blackwell : (It's alright. Good night)
a5d3b,Blair : (Good night. sorry to cut and run.)
a5d3b,Blair : (fallin asleep myself. Think I'm gonna ditch out. say Blair was too embarrassed. I'll see you all tomorrow if your on)
5c31e,Andrew Blackwell : *Glaring at Rissa for her comment but immediately softening up when he saw her carrying the plate of fruit tarts.* Some people have stricter rules that say you can't hit your opponent's balls and thus one of your balls need to be put back on the table. If the white ball goes in, or off of the table, then I get to shoot the ball from anywhere on the table. *Said as he picked up the ball and walked back to the table. Placing the ball down at the desired spot, he would look over at Blair.*

Want me to show you how to shoot?

*And then he walked over towards Rissa and the plate of sweets. Smiling sweetly.* Are those for me?

0fdb0,Rissa Blackwell : Oh, feel free to hit his balls, he won't mind. *that would be said to Blair as Rissa finally reaches the Game Room, carrying a plate piled high with fruit tarts with a light dusting of powdered sugar. Watching as the girl fumbles her shot she would shake her head in sympathy and sets the plate down on a side table* It's alright, just try again. *it would be obvious to her that the other girl was a beginner and her brother had nothing but patience, a side that she rather liked not that she would admit to it*

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