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c8924, 2beOrNot2be: This place is a time capsule of people who need mental healthcare.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Long story short; the more social media became available, the less social the humans became.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Well, dark blue, my guess would be right after AOL came out with a personal messenger. Since that time, all this place is a vampire eat vampire world. So personal. .
f56d3, 2beOrNot2be: Since when is this a place of mental breaks, Watcher? Ok...
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~winks~
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ...
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: "I feel charming, Oh, so charming, It's alarming how charming I feel, And so pretty That I hardly can believe I'm real."
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: "I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright, And I pity Any girl who isn't me tonight."
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ...
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: "He wear no shoe shine He got toe jam football He got monkey finger He shoot Coca-Cola He say I know you, you know me One thing I can tell you is you got to be free"
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: "Here come old flat top He come grooving up slowly He got joo joo eyeball He one holy roller He got hair down to his knee Got to be a joker he just do what he please"
cf3bd, 2beOrNot2be: And now my makeup free skin is flawless! Nice!
17e45, 2beOrNot2be: ­https://i.pjj.cc/cc4b121137c00c5b75c7b93c3aa4f22e.­jpg The criticism is warranted. She tries to act all cool yet looks like she was hit in the face by the meth train and, she has a stream of divorces.
cf3bd, 2beOrNot2be: But my hair is shiny and awesome!
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Ask me, all this crap about Blaze sounds like sexual frustration. ~shrugs~
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Greetings Grim. I am good to go. Wasn't bad. Scary at first, but never really got to sick. ~hugs~
5b06c, 2beOrNot2be: *spits out drink* lol. That was brutal.
17e45, 2beOrNot2be: ­https://i.pjj.cc/9c18d540fcff122d69ca892fb182e409.­jpg Why does B look like a botched sex change operation? Guess that explains her divorces.
b7e26, 2beOrNot2be: Greetings to all in the aether, hello watcher, sorry to hear you had the covid.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Long story short, am going to live. Still love all of you lots.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Well, a week has gone by and I'm still alive and feeling much better. Actually never felt really bad, so am glad to report that.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: J! Hello! Happy New Year. Much love to you as well. Stay safe and stay well.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Thank you, C. Just to let everyone know, I've covid. Tested positive on the 16th. Will see how this old dragon battles this. If I never show up again, know you were very loved by me.
1697b, †J: Hello all, much love to W and B. Well wishes to you and yours and now I fade back into the mist
bcc13, 2beOrNot2be: And to you, Watcher, Merry Christmas!
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Merry and wonderful Holidays to the vampire family. Enjoy, stay safe, and have great cheer.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: That date should read 12-12-2021
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~ponders a quiet moment~
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Just read this 12-2-2021 : 'Interview with the Vampire' author Anne Rice dies at age 80
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Hello, DD. As is well. Busy and old, but other than that, am alive. Good to see you.
cb891, DD: I'm amazed I could remember the hex color. Muscle memory for the win! I hope everyone is doing well. I'm going to pop off here and make some pumpkin seeds.
cb891, DD: Anybody home?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Grim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you are! ~hugs~ So good to see you still top side. Had me worrying.
c1988, †Grimaldi : Greetings to all in the aether
c88c8, Vince: If you're going to impersonate me, do it correctly. I couldn't give a shit less. With VA compensation and marrying a girl who has millions of dollars... Well, copy me correctly. I have spoken.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Green poster. Stop coming here if you can only post bullshit. Is old now. Am really getting over it.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Not sure who you are in green. But for damn sure, know Blaze does not drink. Also about spending? If so, was spending her own money. Know how I know this? Because know her in person. Been to her house while she was married. Know stuff....which by your post, you do not. So this is another thing I know, you best be putting a lid on yourself. Good advise.
e2f20, 2beOrNot2be: Going back to school for a better job makes me a diva? Ookkkkkkkkk. My drinking and spending!? Lol, like what? Are you sure you're thinking of the right person? I'm allergic to the sulfites in wine and alcohol gives me crazy reflux, always has, so I....just don't? You're wayyyyyyy more funny than I recall
c88c8, 2beOrNot2be: It wasn't a "typo." The whole sentence, if you can call it that, was wrong. I hear your divorce was due to your drinking and spending, B. :D Now you have student loan debts and a history of being a diva who tries so hard to be cool online while being an utter piece of shit in life. You do you, babe.
2801b, Lurkitty: It's great to see that this room is still around and active. More importantly it's nice to see names that I recognize still posting. Even if it seems like at least one of them is a negative Nancy

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