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b8288, Krys: you guys- Get me on discord - I miss the lot of you! Ame #4203
fb5fd, Ben: Wander thru naked
8e422, 2beOrNot2be: Hi there
c1988, †Grimaldi: hello to the unfrequenters of bens
fb5fd, Ben: Yup it is
8e422, 2beOrNot2be: Ain’t it though...
fb5fd, Ben: so very dead in this home of vampyres and the damned.
fb5fd, Ben: ooops
fb5fd, Ben: Hey hottie. Hey silver
fb5fd, Ben: No haunting me. Got plenty of my own ghosts. And live in a place with at least three of the things.
MSG: Ben sent a message to Watcher.
fb5fd, Ben: Hey Watcher I hope youre better.
fb5fd, Ben: Mmmmm I like that colour
fb5fd, Ben: Immmmmmmm Baccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
53e08, 2beOrNot2be: Then call!
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ^let
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: I've both good news and pretty bad news. A nurse would come in handy, but a friend means so much more.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: We need to speak. Will give you a call, and from there we can yoke up.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Blaze, I got so damn sick I wouldn't anyone near me. Thought I was made of some other kind of material than human. Damn human was fixing to take me out.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Thank you for the well wishes. Am good for now. Would be so sad to leave all of you behind on this planet. So am good.
53e08, 2beOrNot2be: Plus I'm a nurse. I come in handy. Ahem
53e08, 2beOrNot2be: You know. If ever you need a hand, especially in times like that, I'm just a two hour drive down the street. The hand of friendship and help will always extend to you. Surely you know this?
53e08, 2beOrNot2be: So sorry to hear you were ill. I hope you had someone to assist you?
e8a59, 2beOrNot2be: Those moments have a way of reminding one. I and many others think of you quite fondly.
e8a59, 2beOrNot2be: *furrows a brow* It won’t do to have you in any discomfort.
e8a59, 2beOrNot2be: Watcher! I’m very glad you’re recovered.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: I feel much better now. Was a real life changing moment for me.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: I got deathly ill with it. All of you went through my mind. Just thought to say, I do love the lot of you and if I leave this planet, will find a way to say. So count on being haunted by me for a bit.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Say everyone. Want to say, i got very sick over the Easter week, actually a few weeks before and a week after. Had pneumonia.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Same here, Grim. Nothing but rain. Soggy year at best. ~hugs~ Am keeping you in mind. Be well.
c1988, †Grimaldi : Spring....brings nothing but more rain!!!
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~huge smile~ Is always such the pleasure when you drop by and speak a little bit. Love your laughter. Enjoy the spring. Is beautiful out there.
8e422, 2beOrNot2be: Of course imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.
8e422, 2beOrNot2be: *chuckling* I recall one or two, in the distant etc etc... and we’re all fluttering. In one way or another...... *flutters... or makes a valiant attempt*
8e422, 2beOrNot2be: Vampires! Where?!?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Hello Fuchsia. I am. Welcome back, but who would you be?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: So totally goth of all of you. Play nice. And remember, I bite. .......Don't we all.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: This room is like a place full of vampire. Pfft. Feel the joy. :-)
fb5fd, Ben: Too sick to even flutter around the room :(
e4e3b, 2beOrNot2be: Watcher is still around eh?

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