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b5c9d, jerry: ??
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: You do realize you said botched sex change after running about naked, yes?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~blinks a few times~ Alrighty then. Suit back up!
fcbc3, 2beOrNot2be: I googled and Ben's came up. Who said why does B look like a botched sex change? Lmao
fcbc3, 2beOrNot2be: Runs around the room naked. Endangring allll the people here
fcbc3, 2beOrNot2be: Still dead in here. I thought people would come back.the chat site I hang out on now is dying too
fcbc3, 2beOrNot2be: Thanks. I used to know how. Old age makes me forget
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Will keep trying to figure that out. Until then.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: That part I don't know.
fcbc3, 2beOrNot2be: How do I change my password on my profile?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: My thoughts are, no one has passed this way in a long time.
fcbc3, 2beOrNot2be: Gee they still let Bitch I mean blaze in here? Have they no standards at all. Jk. Hey stretch
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Okay, that is works!
fcbc3, 2beOrNot2be: Test
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Happy New Year to everyone! Hoping all of you can still find your way here. Seems was a glitch in our Matrix.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Depends on which pill you are willing to take. Red or blue, is up to you. ;o}~
08a4f, 2beOrNot2be: How would B live in anyone's head? She's a fucking loser.
08a4f, 2beOrNot2be: is this the matrix?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~cue the music~ ­https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ejga4kJUts&ab_cha­nnel=TheCranberriesVEVO
cf3bd, 2beOrNot2be: .......But why am I still living in your head?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: And that is all any of us need to know.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Exactly! So, no two people can experience the same event. Therefore no two people have the same reality. Boils down to perspective, which again, no two people have the same of.,
d2031, 2beOrNot2be : who knows, does he? today there are so many realities who knows which is the real one?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Would that be his reality?
19508, 2beOrNot2be: I miss Vince to be honest. He used to just roast people like B. He just eviscerated everyone who annoyed him by making them face reality.
c8924, 2beOrNot2be: This place is a time capsule of people who need mental healthcare.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Long story short; the more social media became available, the less social the humans became.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Well, dark blue, my guess would be right after AOL came out with a personal messenger. Since that time, all this place is a vampire eat vampire world. So personal. .
f56d3, 2beOrNot2be: Since when is this a place of mental breaks, Watcher? Ok...
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~winks~
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ...
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: "I feel charming, Oh, so charming, It's alarming how charming I feel, And so pretty That I hardly can believe I'm real."
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: "I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright, And I pity Any girl who isn't me tonight."
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ...
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: "He wear no shoe shine He got toe jam football He got monkey finger He shoot Coca-Cola He say I know you, you know me One thing I can tell you is you got to be free"
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: "Here come old flat top He come grooving up slowly He got joo joo eyeball He one holy roller He got hair down to his knee Got to be a joker he just do what he please"
cf3bd, 2beOrNot2be: And now my makeup free skin is flawless! Nice!
17e45, 2beOrNot2be: ­https://i.pjj.cc/cc4b121137c00c5b75c7b93c3aa4f22e.­jpg The criticism is warranted. She tries to act all cool yet looks like she was hit in the face by the meth train and, she has a stream of divorces.
cf3bd, 2beOrNot2be: But my hair is shiny and awesome!
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Ask me, all this crap about Blaze sounds like sexual frustration. ~shrugs~

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