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bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Happy New Year to all. Make it a good one.
c5cca, 2beOrNot2be: And to you, Watcher. And to all...
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Happy Holidays everyone. Stay safe and be nice to all.
b8288, Flaire: Im impressed with how long the side menu keeps our post log up for..
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~bangs head on wall~ Am so over this colour code thing.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: No one calls anyone anymore. What's up with that?
b8288, Flaire: (that sucks. ... )
3aa2b, 2beOrNot2be: yep I am alive barely fucking been coughing everyday for 3 months now ...be well I am thinking of you
3aa2b, 2beOrNot2be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atF9CdhlVSM
0b182, 2beOrNot2be: time stamp check
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Maybe later will come back. Check history and stuff, see if anyone was missed. Until then.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~sighs~ Is it PPJ, or my comp. Am going through all kinds of strange things trying to type.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Okay, will try this again. Say Ben, am doing a bit better, but looks like is a no go. All the magic in the world isn't turning this around. Just keeps on coming my way.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Say
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: To the light greenish colour, those songs were to me, and I know they why, where, and how they got put here. Is all good.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Oh....there it is, Had to write in my code. Blah. As said, been awhile.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Is there some reason none of my print is showing up?
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: ~smiles at Ghost~ Am still alive. Just counting the days here on death row. Waiting on the other shoe to drop.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Hi...Grim, good to see you around.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Blaze, that is awesome news. Good on you.
bfd2c, ‡Watcher: Hello everyone. Without names, I've no clue who some of you are anymore. Been awhile.
d19ad, 2beOrNot2be: Exactly.
fb5fd, Ben: pftttttt
e96e6, Bart: thats great Blazey
8e422, 2beOrNot2be: Ok, I am so intensely curious what this song is about... not literally, but why post it here? I have to know...
3aa2b, 2beOrNot2be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTmQ8WKe1-g
3aa2b, 2beOrNot2be: just thinking about you hope you are well e-mail me let me know *HUGS*
3aa2b, 2beOrNot2be: *blows watcher a kkiss* waves at Blazen.....
3aa2b, 2beOrNot2be: or even wtf my color was...*coughs*just a ghost checking up on you
3aa2b, 2beOrNot2be: ughhhh I forgot how to do this shit
3aa2b, 2beOrNot2be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEG_rUW9aZU
8491f, Slurp: Where are people?
53e08, 2beOrNot2be: Not likely. But it's just 2.5 years of my life. I can do that
c1988, †Grimaldi : Good luck on that, i hope your studies go easy on you.
53e08, 2beOrNot2be: Right now I'm a RN BSN CCRN. (Basically just a nurse in an ICU). Going for my Masters to be an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. I should have done this year's ago. But life got in the way
c1988, †Grimaldi : And back in the room..
8e422, 2beOrNot2be: Out of curiosity, masters in what?
8e422, 2beOrNot2be: Good luck! Unless you feel completely prepared in which case have fun!
53e08, 2beOrNot2be: So I've decided to torture myself and return to school for my Masters. Wish me luck!
8491f, Slurp: F*ck, I'm pink!

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