Abigor Draven Balthizo
Name: Abigor Draven Balthizo
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Demon (1/2 human/1/2 ignan demon)
Age: 22
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 245 lbs
Appearance: Abigor has black medium length hair with a slight blue tint. His eyes are the color of orange and his pupils hold slight slits. He also has sharp little fangs that he can use to bite into pesky enemies when he has no other options! 90% of the time he has a red long scarf/muffler wrapped around his neck; and tends to wear easy fitting clothing which great for moving around in it. Abigor holds an athletic build. Nothing notable but, he does hold scars from his numerous battles throughout the years, 3 sets of scars on his abdominals, and one scar between his neck and shoulder are the prominent ones. All the ladies tend to be drawn to him, much to his chagrin.
Place of Origin: The Abyss
Currently Resides: The Amant Estate
Family: Aldman (Father;Alive); Lydia (Mother;Deceased); Firion (Brother;Alive); Griselda (Half-Sister;Alive;Unknown to Abigor)
Occupation/s: Construction worker, bounty hunter, hunter, mercenaries, spelunker, tomb robber, and adventurer
Personality: Abigor is incredibly blunt and doesn't really like people depending on their way of thinking. Not a racist but definitely a bigot when it comes to religion. Abigor can be incredibly to his friends and is a great protector of female virtue. He also loves a good fight and a challenge.
Personality Flaws: Abigor can be strong headed at times and can be rather linear focused. Is superstitious of the water. Tends to be dumb when it comes to everything that isn't problem solving. Or at least doesn't think before he acts right away.
Physical Flaws: Is not effective in fighting in water.
Hobbies and Interests: Fighting, getting stronger, taking out big enemies, adventuring, and eating ice cream with Justice.
Dreams and Aspirations: Kill Rone, destroy Frank's empire, throttle Hunter, and to free the world of tyranny.
History: He belonged to a family of powerful weapon masters, Abigor doesn't exactly know the details about what happened, but for one reason or another his father was to be murdered and their family to be shamed to poverty. However there was never a public execution of his father so his family was quietly exiled, his brother ran away to get revenge on the council, specifically the one who supposedly murdered his father, Abigor trained in swordplay and fighting in order to go out and find his brother, but was unable to bring him back and doesn't know where he is now. Unfortunately once he got back from the search his aunt wanted him to make money and so he got the boot. Abigor been the apprentice to a master thief, her using him as a decoy while she steals stuff, and he's also been a regular mercenary, as well as getting paid to hunt for treasure, which was actually a good way of getting money which he would send to his aunt to make sure everything was alright. He still does this but his aunt also has her own little mercenary for hire thing going on now so Abigor doesn't check in with her as often.

Resistances and Immunities:
Holy: Level 5 [EXP: 1500] (Currently, does not effect without demon half)
Light: Level 5 [EXP: 1500] (Currently, does not effect without demon half)
Fire: Full Immunity (Currently, does effect without demon half)

Fire: Level 12 [EXP: 7800] - Weakness: Water of equal or higher level

Heat/Thermal Manipulation: Level 7 [EXP: 2800]

Racial Attributes:

Strength: Level 8 [EXP: 3600]
Dexterity: Level 8 [EXP: 3600]
Endurance: Level 8 [EXP: 3600]

Problem Solving: Level 7 [EXP: 2800]
Sewing: Level 4 [EXP: 1200]
Survival: Level 8 [EXP: 3600]
Spelunking: Level 7 [EXP: 2800]
Battlefield Medicine: Level 5 [EXP: 1525]
Knowledge: Poison: Level 4 [EXP: 1000]
Swordsmanship - Zweihänder Level 10 [EXP: 5500]
Swordsmanship - Dual Wielding: Level 10 [EXP: 5500]
Swordsmanship - Quickdraw: Level 8 [EXP: 3600]
Wrestling/Grappling: Level 8 [EXP: 3600]

E/Q Items: N/A
E/Q Currency: N/A

Misc Info: Is going to be the very best, that no one ever was!