Star Wars : Tides of War

c2e57, Jen: Well. Good to know people are still alive.
4b8c3, Azhrei: Ermahgerd, it's Night Stalker etc.
aa696, Night Stalker : Always...watching
4b8c3, Azhrei: Ermahgerd, it's pH. Talk about a blast from the past!
8ca7c, pH: *sprawl*
10591, Alden Locke : *More entertaining than milking a sea cow.*
fea0b, Gavyle Loff: *Pretty entertaining*
10591, Alden Locke : *Going to drink and do stupid shit like this.*
c2e57, Jen: Why waste a perfectly good man? :P
c2e57, Jen: tsk tsk tsk
10591, Alden Locke : *Drinks himself to death.*
c6ab6, Luri : Makes me wish it was it was the era of the prequels again. :/
c2e57, Jen: ...back away from the toilet paper is gonna be this months anthem isn't it? >_<
c2e57, Jen: <_< well...yes
4b8c3, Azhrei: Kinky
c2e57, Jen: *pushes the weird buttons*
4b8c3, Azhrei: *Pushes more buttons*
c2e57, Jen: *pushes buttons*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: *And ya pushed me!*
8f21b, Rienne Bastilt: *Bastard*
24db3, Treviso Raxius: *Suck ass, Rienne.*
98eeb, Xavra: *Still Wild*
c9ab0, Vareska: *Survives in style*
8f21b, Rienne Bastilt: *Always survives!*
d5523, Medeira Doroth: *OoooOoooo*
ecc1b, Jenalia Safilon: *Somehow...still alive*
95d12, Idrath Mecin : *Heh heh*
c0c24, Haley Lorian: *I have no idea. Babysitting?*
1fdf4, Elana Ava Thantis: *Still stubborn*
cb970, Dyllon: *Still happy and enjoying the universe!*
15d75, Delta: *Still amazing*
768f8, Cyrce Kuruni : *Still kicking*
8898d, Coralia: *I remember her*
14e20, Avrora : *Pretty faces*
951a3, Anastasia: *Lots of variety*
c384e, Aekanna Slis : *So many to choose from*
db84c, Kikha: *She might end up on his lap!*
db84c, Kikha: *She'll happily "ride on his lap". Bwahaha. Sorry.*She would move with Kral down the staircase making sure to stay with him as she can hear the blaster fire at this point but she isn't quite as informed about the slaves. She doesn't need to be right now. The feeling of having his arm about her made her feel much safer as she finally moves to climb into the speeder with a small jump at the smack. After all the chaos it does serve to jolt her from her worry so she jiggles it lightly before taking her seat and making sure she's secure. Then they flee which creates a sort of emotional updraft for her and she lets her body relax and remains as close to Kral as possible. Perhaps too close. He'll be fine!*Fade or Pause!*
b4dec, Kral : *Of course she is going to ride with him, preferably on his lap. He glances to the armed guards as they escort the hoversled out of the auditorium, then returns his attention to Kikha and continues down the staircase with her by his side. Any exchange of blaster fire occurs outside on the landing platform, given that the majority of the mercenaries under his employ have followed the slave handlers out of the auditorium to prevent them from returning for their property. The remaining mercenaries ensure the slaves acquired on the stage are taken out through the back of the building and placed in armored speeders. Since the slaves all have their collars and restraints on, and the access codes were provided to the successful bidders through their personal terminals, the mercenaries are able to easily gain access to the information. At the same time as the slaves are being loaded into the speeders, he proceeds outside with Kikha, keeping an arm around her waist to prevent her from being separated from him. He makes his way across the landing platform to their rented airspeeder and opens the gull-wing door for her to climb inside the vehicle, giving her a teasing/ smack on the ass in the process. It may serve to lighten the mood, especially after what she had to endure. After he closes the door behind her, he moves around to the driverside of the speeder and settles into the pilot’s seat, abruptly closing his door. It doesn’t take him long to activate the craft’s repulsorlift engines to flee the scene before any of the slavers are able to call for backup. Pause or fade? Bwah ha ha ha.*
c6ab6, Luri : Poe has brain damage. Brilliant!
c6ab6, Luri : lol Ouch...
db84c, Kikha: ((small post is small. will be bigger next time)
db84c, Kikha: *She hadn't quite expected him to suggest that but....* It might be at least somewhat enjoyable to force a hutt to be clean and polite. *She has started to process the fact that Kral seems to have orchestrted the chaos and the slaves being left behind somewhat and that there are guards holding the area safely. Her eyes might flick to the hoversled briefly as he holds her around her waist securely enough that her tension is starting to melt away but for a moment she stays there until he releases his grasp and slips his jacket over her shoulders and finally she feels his warmth and somewhat begins to stnap out of it. Especially as he grasps her chin again and she meets his eyes this time with her emotions clearly more under control than moments ago and her breathing less rapid and her jaw less tight. She grasps his arm lightly and nods her head to the exit finally having begun to snap back out of it enough to understand they need to leave.* I know we probably need to be miles away before anyone else finds out. Right? Should I follow you? I don't have to ride with that asshole do I? *The anger is slowly draining away replaced with relief! She hasn't even really thought about her clothing*
b4dec, Kral : You can do whatever you’d like, but you did suggest that you’d like to enslave a Hutt. *Not that he didn’t have the event planned well in advance, as noted by the black armored security personnel currently clearing out the auditorium. They keep the slaves rounded up on the stage, continuing to fire their blaster rifles into the ceiling or across the auditorium to ensure the slave handlers and their bodyguards make for the exits. While some of the beings attempt to reach their weapons in the security area, they are met with a barrage of blaster fire, which forces them outside the building. It isn’t to say that the guests don’t have any additional weaponry elsewhere on the landing platform, hidden in their speeders. That is why they will need to secure the Hutt quickly, along with the slaves, and flee the scene before more chaos ensues. Inside the Hutt’s private booth, he waits for his mercenaries to arrive with a hoversled large enough to transport the unconscious Hutt out of the auditorium. He keeps an arm secured around Kikha’s waist to prevent her from drawing away from him, even though she has her face buried in his shoulder.* This was the only way to get close enough to the Hutt without him suspecting anything, darling. *Just to be a gentleman after the misery he put her through, he releases his grasp around her waist, removes his jacket and slips it over her shoulders to keep her warm. One of the mercenaries may retrieve her clothes and boots from the stage, but there are more important matters of concern. When they arrive in the private booth with the hoversled, they proceed to roll the Hutt onto it, securing him with reinforced straps to prevent him from tipping over and falling off. It causes a little smirk to form on his lips, and he proceeds out of the booth with Kikha, moving down the staircase towards the stage. That is when he pauses near the stage and turns her around to face him, meeting her gaze and taking a hold of her chin to prevent her from looking away.* Are you going to be all right?
b4dec, Kral : *There goes the neighborhood.*
db84c, Kikha: *If she does note the lack of amusement as he watches her then she is not going to punch him and in fact it does make it less hard for her to handle. His thoughts are correct though in believing she's strong enough to survive after the treatment she survived. Once he had gotten through to her about her training she had trusted him enough to allow herself to change and trust him not to treat her like a useable rag one could throw away. She feels immediate relief when the hutt begins to appear drowsy...eyelids closing...winding down as if he's lost the ability to stay awake until she simply stops dancing and jerks the chain carefully but with absolute steel in her eyes as she does so. When she knows the Hutt is down she would consider stomping his tail as hard as humanly possible only to realize it may wake him and instead snarl at the thing and spit on it before backing away with disgust on her face by then. He couldn't have meant for her to continue the charade...and when he pulls her away and gently brushes his fingers along her shoulder she would shudder and then let out a shaking breath as her mind shifts until he kisses the shoulder and he'd hear her let out a strange whimper. A moment later regardless of the blaster rifles firing or even his gestures she would move towards him and bury herself against him no matter if he even attempts to comfort her more or not with her face against his shoulder for a moment. The more she can smell his scent, feel his heartbeat, feel his warmth and the yield of his body the more she calms down. The devilish grin may make her want to punch him but still she doesn't even make a feather of a movement to. She glances at the Hutt and then her voice briefly cracks...* You do know I would rather see him roast on a spit, right? Can I do that? *He might realize he is clear of her wrath at the moment and just perhaps just how faithful she is to her Master after all. Skimpy outfits or not. *
b4dec, Kral : *There is no amusement evident upon his features as he watches his Kikha entertain such a vile creature. He is as pleased as she is, to be honest. But in order to capture the Hutt, they needed to get close enough to sedate him without anyone questioning it. Without getting caught in the process. She can be upset about it later, swear at him, spit on him, punch him, fuck hard until she is exhausted… whatever she needs to do. He knows she’s strong enough to endure whatever the Hutts are capable of serving her. Otherwise she wouldn’t have survived for as long as she had by herself. Once the capsule is deposited into the Hutt’s mouth, he almost instantly begins to appear drowsy, feeling its effects. The disgusting creature’s eyelids appear to close, blinking slowly, unable to stay open. His tongue appears to hang out of his mouth a little more than it otherwise would. By the time Kikha is dancing sensually for the Hutt’s entertainment, he drifts off into unconsciousness. But not before custody of the Miraluka slave has been transferred to Kral. The one Kikha wanted to purchase in the first place. He pulls Kikha away from the Hutt and gently brushes his fingers along her shoulder, leaning forward to press his lips where he caressed, if only to reassure her. Will he receive a slap across the face? By the time she is able to react, the armed security begin firing their blaster rifles into the air, causing panic amongst the slave handlers and slaves alike. Many of the buyers race towards the exits, unable to retrieve their slaves… or unwilling to. While this is occurring, he glances over to Kikha with a devilish grin and gestures to the unconscious Hutt.* Tada! One of your many Hutt tormentors, darling. Delivered to you on a silver platter. *While he may not be her former Master, he was one of the Hutts that sought to take advantage of her and the other female slaves whenever he visited her owner’s palace on Nar Kanji.*
db84c, Kikha: (( I can't wait til you can watch the whole series. ))
db84c, Kikha: *She isn't sure what he is doing until he passes the capsule into her hand and she carefully conceals it as she watches him step into the booth with narrowed eyes at least displaying dislike even if it is just for her sake. For a foot massage? Oh she would definitely give him attention. he remains quiet as she stands there even if she is absolutely disgusted to the core of her being especially their habit of licking their nonexistant lips. She looks at him and attempts to conceal any surprise or anger or frustration and to her credit none of it is visible beyond a fire in her eyes but he had to have a reason. Did he seriously think she w....oh well that's pleasant. Fucking hutt. She is not happy to be this close to a hutt nor his horrible flesh and breath but if that item he passed her was what she thought it was then maybe later on it would be the unhappy one. But she's upset and expertly hiding it! He should be incredibly pleased by that self control! Better than his narrowing eyes at least! She steels herself in a rather literal sort of way by making herself turn off her emotions for the moment, urges to stab the hutt, to run and he had to know that takes incredible dedication to him. She puts her hands on the hutt as if she is massaging its body a bit and maybe, just maybe, stroking the sides of his face while oh so gently tracing the sides of his mouth to push the pull into the non lips where he wouldn't even notice it passing into his massive disgusting face. You bet your ass she makes sure it gets in by continuing for a moment while resituating to rub against him before squirming her way far enough that she can plant her feet and...dances for the hutt. It looks damned good and the hutt is probably absolutely damned delighted that she is not vomitting on him or kicking him and if he is the same hutt she's very very very....careful. She may stroke his scalp from time to time and maybe rub her ass against him. Anything to at least insure Kral won't actually leave her with the trash any amount of time. Damn him. Thrice!*
b4dec, Kral : *Go on now, go! Walk out the door!* (lol Too amusing.)
db84c, Kikha: *Mean*
b4dec, Kral : *Okay, not really. ^_^*
b4dec, Kral : *Feels sorry for Kikha.*
b4dec, Kral : *On the way to the Hutt’s booth, he discreetly holds out his free hand behind his back and passes a small capsule into Kikha’s hand that he recovered from his other sleeve, given that the counterfeit medallion was concealed in the opposite sleeve. He steps into the booth, narrowing his eyes slightly in disgust for the Hutt without making it too obvious. The floor is the least of her concern, but no, it’s isn’t filthy in the slightest. If she requires a foot massage later, he will gladly oblige. But only if she gives him some attention as well.* I was told you wanted to meet with me to inquire about purchasing my slave. *He nods, indicating to Kikha. The Hutt flicks his tongue across his slimy, saliva coated, worm thin lips and speaks in Huttesse, which is translated by a miniature droid hovering in the corner of the booth.* On one condition. You trade me the Miraluka slave you just purchased for her. I’ll even give you a demonstration of this one’s talents… and believe me, she is talented. *He reluctantly relinquishes his hold of the chain to the Hutt, but only after the Hutt begins a transaction on the terminal to transfer ownership of the Miraluka slave to him. The Hutt pulls on the chain with enough force to send Kikha into him, close enough for her to feel the heat from his rotten breath. The scent is a bit like garbage that’s been soaking in the sun for far too long, isn’t it? But at least it will give her the opportunity she needs to make use of the capsule. She just has to be creative with how she administers it to the Hutt without him noticing. She may already have an indication of what it is—a potent tranquilizer that would render a Hutt unconscious for a considerable length of time. Long enough for them to transport the Hutt out of the auditorium and onto a transport.* Slave, dance for the Hutt. You may be looking at your new owner… if you’re fortunate. *She isn’t fortunate, but it’s all part of his plan. If she intends on paying the Hutt back, it has to be this way. The Hutt doesn’t even recognize her, which should work to her benefit. Of course, she didn’t have red hair when she was the slave of a Hutt, did she?* Entertain him, comfort him. Do what you’ve been trained to…
db84c, Kikha: *She heard the exaggerated yawn but the tug to pull her close enough to press up against him makes her smile a bit especially with the teasing rub and smack to her ass. She doesn't mind that at all ...* I'm very glad to hear that! I - *She trails off as he responds to the individual with a very informative few words that make her flush a bit again but damnit she knew he did it on purpose but at least she doesn't have any resistance to his grasping her chin to grin at her and she is beginning to wonder what he has planned. He wouldn't...not even for night...right? Oh this couldn't be good! She does still follow after him as he tugs on her chain but just perhaps he knows she wants to run in the opposite direction of hutts . She doesn't say anything though just follows him as smoothly as possible wondering if she should have put those boots back on if she's traipsing about a dirty floor. Distraction in thoughts. Convenient. Would she spit on Kral for it? He might wish. ;)*
b4dec, Kral : *Kikha is given enough slack on her chain to crouch down beside the Miraluka, even if she is forced to rub up against him in the process. He certainly doesn’t mind Kikha’s body pressed up against his, whether it’s her ass or her thigh… or her back. And why should he? He stifles an exaggerated yawn of boredom, though, giving a tug on the chain to pull Kikha closer to him. When she is pressed up against his body, he lowers his free hand to teasingly rub her ass, giving it a firm smack as he did the Miraluka. The noise is only made more prominent—distinctive by the snapping of her rubber panties, which is always entertaining to him.* I don’t think I’m ready to trade you for her… quite yet. The slimy Hutt can have her. At least you’re properly trained. *Again, his voice is loud enough to be overheard by the slave handler. In response, the handler appears to move to the other side of the stage, withdrawing a comlink from one of his pockets. Moments later, the individual approaches them and gestures to Kikha. It would seem as if a certain buyer is interested in purchasing her.* No, this slave isn’t for sale. She’s been trained personally by me to do some of the nastiest, most perverse things you’ve only ever heard about. *He turns back to Kikha and takes a firm hold of her chin once more, staring into her eyes with a particularly cruel gleam in his. Perhaps he is considering selling her, after all. At least it would appear to be. The slave handler gets on the comlink again, speaking with someone on the other end. Then he gestures to a private booth in the auditorium, close to where they were sitting. Kral glances to Kikha, then releases her chin, giving the chain another tug to force her to follow behind him. He slowly descends the stair off to the side of the stage before making his way up towards the Hutt’s private booth.*
db84c, Kikha: *Well she is trying her very best not to look in that direction or think about it but it works to have him with a leading hand on her chain as distraction. She watches that slap and the narrowed eyes from the handler and when his lips brush along her neck and he seems to be calmly nipping at it she hears his deliciously lowered voice.* Mm...if you like ....*Was her tone mildly playful? Perhaps!* My only qualm is having to deal with a Hutt if you want me to be brutally honest, Master, she is quite beautiful. *If he wants her to look then she would perhaps crouch down just enough to not yank on that chain and gently trace her fingertips over the Miraluka's neck and jaw to prompt her to turn and calmly over a shoulder and ever so gently past the torso with a slow gentle trace of her nail down the thigh to the knee with a tilt of her head and then straightens.* He should be careful she may be hiding some rage judging by those clenched fists of hers...*She was a bit more careful that her touch not even appear to be damaging or mark her.* I once remember a slave who bit her handler and was never seen again.
b4dec, Kral : *No one is paying closer attention to Kikha than the Hutt in his booth, which he is obviously aware of. He keeps a hand on Kikha’s chain at all times, however, preventing anyone else from even considering taking a hold of it. She should remember what he told her at the beginning of the evening, if she is concerned about what may transpire. A firm smack is delivered to the Miraluka’s ass, prompting the slave handler to regard him with narrowed eyes, much to his amusement. Then he turns to Kikha and brushes his lips along the side of her neck, just above her slave collar. He draws closer to her ear still, nipping at it, lowering his voice to prevent anyone other than her from listening.* The Hutt wants this slave. You should have a little fun with her first, no? *When he pulls away from her, there is a deviant grin upon his lips. Perhaps she wasn’t even given time to respond, but then, she would know just what kind of mood he’s in, wouldn’t she? He doesn’t relinquish his grip on her chain, though. If anyone else were to touch it, there would be… consequences. It forces Kikha to remain close to him, but so close that she isn’t able to interact with the Miraluka. By this point, more interested buyers have approached the stage, which has prompted the armed security to enter the auditorium and remain by the doors in case a situation develops. He doesn’t intend on causing trouble… yet. It would be too early in the night for such mayhem.* What is it about this slave that you don’t like, Kikha? *In full hearing of the slave handler, mind you. He glances from Kikha to the trainer and grins even more. When his attention returns to Kikha, he winks at her and nods, indicating for her to inspect the Miraluka slave on her hands and knees. Is he enjoying himself? Far too much.*
db84c, Kikha: *She would actually get a shiver down into her that was clearly nervousness just as he takes her chin and makes sure she is looking directly at him, and he is right, it calms her just a bit. The light brushing of his thumb was something to focus on...and his gorgeous features of course.* I don't intend to....*But he silences her for a few moments with a brief kiss but he sounds are a little concerning. Seems she is starting to get a hold on her feelings and rein them in and he was definitely reminding her who to focus on wasn't he? She didn't cared much more about what he had planned than appearing nude in front of an audience, true. She shakes her head at the boots because at this point barefoot was safer for someone who was even faintly nervous wasn't it? More solid footing. She takes a shaky breath and when he takes that chain again she would follow after him obediently noting the Miraluka and his brief and no doubt inciteful touch to the woman's ass and that distracted her with vague amusement knowing the hutt might be annoyed again. Then again what he says next is....interesting...not quite what she expected.* Thank you Master. It depends on her current training but I would say not at the moment...*Is she being a little prideful? Maybe just *
b4dec, Kral : *The flush of color in her features is quite rewarding for him, but he takes a firm hold of her chin to ensure she meets his gaze instead of looking elsewhere. If she focuses on him, it may serve to calm her nerves instead of leaving her head reeling. It would be a shame if she were to forget her training, although it should be automatic for her at this point. His thumb idly brushes along her slender jaw, and he smiles at her once more.* I know you’re not going to disappoint. Just pay attention to me and you’ll be fine. *In case she requires extra incentive, he leans closer to her and places a brief kiss upon her lips, just long enough to distract her from the eyes in the audience settling upon her. There are more than a few, much to the dismay of the trainers on stage. The sound of electrowhips sizzling against flesh and crackling as they flick menacingly through the air prove to be a distraction from her, however. A brief reprieve from the unwanted(?) attention. But with her flesh colored rubber bra and panties, it would give her the appearance of being nude in front of the entire auditorium.* You may put your boots back on, darling. Or go barefoot. The choice is yours to make. *Another smile graces his lips as he waits for her to make a decision, having released his grasp of her chin. Once she chooses, he reaches for the chain attached to her collar and makes his way towards the steps along the side of the stage. He leads her onto the stage, taking the time to admire the slaves kneeling in each of the three rows. The Miraluka slave easily attracts his attention, and he moves in front of the slave handler to lightly glide his fingers along the woman’s ass.* This one is attractive, but she doesn’t hold a candle to my darling slave. *The fact he referred to Kikha as his darling should ease her mind that he is only playing with the slave, and in fact, he is encouraging her to misbehave.* What do you think, Kikha? Would she be able to keep up with you?
db84c, Kikha: *Perhaps but it doesn't mean she isn't a bit scared! She doesn't stop him from moving the zipper, she never would, but she is somewhat relieved even as he takes a hold on that chain and continues towards the stage making her more nervous by the second as they near the foot of the stage. Electroshock whips looked painful enough but slowly her mind was gaining control over itself as she stood there even when he began slipping the outfit down to her shoulders. It did feel good to have his touch in such a manner but he commands her to strip and it makes her eyes widen slightly but she moves to lean down and begin unfastening her boots carefully knowing but no she hadn't expected quite this. When she has removed them she quietly moves to pull the sections off until she is standing there quietly in her undergarments trying to focus on him not the rest of the people not even the slaves. There was that grin...mention of a performance....perhaps she shouldn't have indulged in those drinks after all.* I was not....I...what do you mean perform? *A valid question! There are so many different kinds of them! By now she's flushing a noticeable pink and feeling vulnerable in such a place and chewing gently on the inside of her lip.* This is hardly a park after all.
b4dec, Kral : *What is there to worry about? They’re only in an auditorium full of beings from across the galaxy. It’s not as if she knows any of them, with the exception of the Hutt. He stops once the zipper is halfway down, exposing her cleavage. Then he takes a hold of the chain once more, turns around and continues down the staircase until they reach the foot of the stage. Most of the humans and aliens are too preoccupied to notice them, including the handlers positioning the slaves on their knees during the demonstration. Electroshock whips are then brought onstage, handed out to the various trainers for use on their property. It might serve to scare her, but since when was she fearful of whips and chains? Don’t they excite her? When he turns around to face her again, he slips a hand inside her outfit, whether it be a rubber bodysuit or not, and begins to roll it down her shoulder. He does the same with her other shoulder, nearly exposing her in public.* Remove you boots, darling. Then strip down to your undergarments. *She had to realize why he gave her the suggestion to wear such attire in the first place. It must be getting sweaty inside that constricting rubber attire. And why is it that her undergarments are made of flesh colored rubber? Is she beginning to get an idea of what he may have in mind for her? The grin on his lips is quite evident, even as he releases his grasp of the chain to allow her to undress in front of the stage. There are definitely eyes on them at this point, despite the demonstration taking place mere feet above them.* You were never one to shy away from a performance. This should be a walk in the park for you, my darling. *And if it isn’t, she may need a reminder in humility. Her past service required her to perform far more degrading tasks than undressing in front of an auditorium.*
db84c, Kikha: *Well she thought she tasted blood/Player read it wrong. <3*True, she doesn't exactly go running across the galaxy* I...just don't want to anger or upset you, Kral, it would be poor taste for one. I know you do and you know I feel the same...*She wouldn't try to pull away at all because she has no idea what he'd do or if it would make him truly punish her. She doesn't always know what lengths he will go to. Her head would tilt at him as he smiles to her and at least shows the feelings behind his words and it does cause her to stop in her "panic" or then.* Oh I don't know you did make me apologize for hours the other night didn't you? *A little playful smile as he reaches for her hand and nips at that finger gently enough it does make her get a small ripple of sensation along her arm, damnit, as he kisses the back of it.* I don't dream of that really I would rather just enjoy what I have instead of worrying about administration, permits, titles, and children but if you wish for it I wouldn't dream of denying you. *She is really pouring it on isn't she? When he releases the chain and moves to grasp the zipper of her garment and slowly unzip it she would flush a bit both worrying but also....what was he doing? She couldn't really read his mind just then or his body language so she had an oddly concerned look on her face* You are my life , Kral, I am already yours. I may want to wear a gown to see what it feels like but it isn't important to me. I enjoy travel with you and you include me in your daily life what more do I really need? Don't I have excitement?
b4dec, Kral : *No blood. Of course, if she wanted him to, he could easily oblige. She drives him mad with lust whenever she is close to him, and that is most of the time. She may be able to go places on her own, but he is never too far away. Is he?* Don’t be so defeatist, Kikha. You do realize just how much I cherish you, no? How I worship you in my own way… *He turns around halfway to the stage, standing on the staircase and holding the chain in between his index finger and thumb. If she wanted to, she could easily pull away from him and leave the chain dangling from her decorative collar. His lips curl upwards to form a rather pleasant smile for the first time during the evening. Perhaps he isn’t toying with her in that moment.* There is no need to apologize to me. You’re not going to hurt my feelings. *But at he is nearly finished speaking, he gently reaches for her hand and raises it to his lips. He slips her index finger into his mouth, lightly nipping at it, then scraping his teeth along her perfectly manicured nail, almost to the point of chipping the finish. Almost. He knows how much care she takes in her appearance. Once he is through, he places a tender kiss upon the back of her hand before meeting her gaze again.* I often wonder if you’ve dreamed about the perfect life, wearing a white wedding gown and being married to the man of your dreams. *Whether that was him or not before he’d taken her, he will never know. Although, he doesn’t really care either. She becomes with him. To him. He doesn’t release his grasp of her hand, even though the chain has been released by him to settle against her chest.* I suppose it doesn’t matter now, does it? This is where your life has taken you, and it has been quite the journey. Would you trade it for that wedding gown? Would you trade me for a home in the Core, a family of your own? *His other hand reaches for the zipper of her outfit and he proceeds to slowly unzip it…*
db84c, Kikha: *She would grow silent as he begins to question her because perhaps she is reminded of what he sees her as....what she is generally mindful of. Slaves shouldn't be choosy in front of their Masters but he seemed to find entertainment there most times or she wouldn't do it. She watched him take a hold of that chain and remained silent for a long few moments.* If you command me you know I will do as you say, Kral, I...just wanted to express an opinion...a fear. I am sorry if I crossed a line. *But then he's used that chain to draw her in and press that kiss to her lips, forceful, posessive, like he owned her. And he's just bitten her lip hard enough to hurt and draw blood which draws a quick breath in throgh her nostrils but it isn't surprise in her eyes but attraction. Arousal. Feeling him suck on her bottom lip and hold her that way made her blood run a bit hotter as he draws away leaving her to lick her lip gently and perk a brow at him as he keeps a hold on her essentially.* I know you would. I don't fear them so long as you are with me....*But he seems to be leading her towards that stage and she was starting to feel that drop in her stomach and blood rushing to her head in a much different way. He wouldn't...would he?!* If I recall...even after I spit in your face I did what you asked. *Well shit.*
c2e57, Jen: Iknowright. Typical Lucifer.
b4dec, Kral : (lol I like that he's supposed to get her out of there, but then he has to show her up.)
b4dec, Kral : *Kikha, I'm just wanting you to...*
b4dec, Kral : What if it was boring, darling? What if I instructed you to kneel and pose for hours on end? Would you deny me? *If she can’t tell, he is already forming an idea in this mind that she may… or may not like. But will he enact his depraved fantasies? Will he turn them into reality? She has already experienced him at his worst, and she has survived—made stronger because of him. Would she outright refuse him? The nip to his neck is only testing the waters, isn’t it? Although there is a faint groan from him in response, he reaches for the chain connected to her collar and glances up to her with a devilish grin.* We could have some fun… just like we used to. Remember when you were fearful of me? You thought I was worse than the Hutts you previously served. If I remember correctly, you spit in my face. Naughty girl… *Using the chain, he draws her in closer and places a kiss upon her lips, forceful, possessive. He bites into her bottom lip afterwards, hard enough to nearly draw blood. Perhaps she may be able to taste a hint of copper on her tongue as he sucks on her lip before drawing away from her. His hand remains closed around the chain, preventing her from turning away from him, even if she wanted to. She can’t deny him, though, can she?* The thought of tormenting that Hutt is rather amusing too, don’t get me wrong. I would kill a thousand Hutts for you. *Instead of letting her kiss him again, however, he gives a firm tug on the tug and leads her out of the private booth while the demonstrations continue onstage. It seems as if he is leading her towards the stage. But for what reason?*
db84c, Kikha: It would depend on how , where, when and how long and if it was incredibly boring....*Her lips curve up in a smile again and she remains where she is enjoying the tight grip around her waist and letting her eyes close for a moment. It was easy to just let herself drift in the euphoric traces of her drink and the coruscating sensations his touch and presence caused through her mind and body as she sighed gently but with a clear note of enjoyment. When she looks up there is that grin on his lips as she watches draw away from her and then turn her direction to glide his finger down her arm before taking hold of her and turning her to face him. When he leans in and brushes his lips along the side of her neck she takes a breath in rather suddenly allows a little shiver at the feelings his voice causes so near to her ear.* I'm not sure if it would be fear and nervousness or arousal but knowing I could not be bought might make it easier. *She is ignoring the hutt again but she might bid again, player assumed he had let her keep them up to a point to purchase the Mirialan, but never mind that! She does smile in a little twisted amusement at his comment and leans forward ot nip gently at his neck before mockingly adjusting her tone to sound more perverse and grubby and debauched* Wouldn't you like to see a hutt squirm though, Kral? *As she moves up a bit to his jaw and ever so slowly attempts to move to his lips with a smile until and if he lets her kiss him even gently* I find it the most amusing to think of them as small little slugs that I don't have to concern myself with.
c2e57, Jen: Well technically if they can swallow, breathe, and talk they have neck-like structures.
db84c, Kikha: *I would believe it!*
b4dec, Kral : *Kikha, Hutts don't have necks.*
b4dec, Kral : You would love to be used as decoration, wouldn’t you? To be put on display for others to admire, but knowing you’re being observed closely by me, entertaining me. *His grip only tightens around her waist, and he elicits a faint, pleasurable groan in response to her pressed up against him. In truth, the slaves on the stage are ignored by him, even if he isn’t directly looking at Kikha. She is always on his mind, consuming his time, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Greed perhaps. Lust. He is intoxicated by her, made more potent by the various narcotics he’s partial to. When he finally looks over to her, there is a mischievous grin upon his lips.* I wonder if I paraded you around onstage, would it arouse you to know you’re the focus of my attention? To have all those eyes on you, wearing only a chromium bikini, and yet doing so because it pleases me. How does it make you feel knowing you’re the object of my desire, Kikha? *By this time, he draws away from her, only to turn in her direction and glide a finger down her arm. He firmly takes a hold of her and turns her to face him before leaning in to her and brushing his lips against the side of her neck.* Does it make you want to submit even more? *His voice is low, almost sensual as he speaks near her ear. He completely ignores the Hutt in the next booth over, despite the disturbing sounds of celebration at the purchase of the Miraluka slave… at a ridiculously overpriced fee. It seems that a few of the slaves he brought to the auditorium also sold for the above average price, due in part to his meddling. There are still a lot more slaves to be sold, however, should Kikha attempt to purchase another one with her medallion. The idea of the Hutt in a collar is amusing to him, though, and he pulls away from her to suppress a chuckle.* Darling, that is quite a disturbing thought. How perverted are you? Wait… how perverted does that make me? *His eyes narrow slightly as he peers through the slit in the curtain.* Would you like to attempt it? Taking the Hutt and placing a collar around its slimy neck? *Do Hutts even have necks?*
db84c, Kikha: *If she sees the smile then it would most definitely make her flush a little pink to see the approval. His medallion trick was actually kind of neat considering any other being might have been caught immediately but it is satisfying to see the Hutt paying out of his...tail? Speaking of she only jumps a little as she feels hat smack but it does kind of amuse her and he might catch her grinning a little as he slips his arm around her waist and leans next to her. The feeling of that heat is very nice now that the drink is making her body more sensitive and inclined to pleasurable sensations and he would know it by the way she almost conforms to him.* I am more than convinced of that by now, Kral, but I do wonder what real slave dealers look for beyond what I might. I mean perhaps some of the worst kind use them as decoration? *If he has fallen in love with her then it is quite fitting and she is insanely lucky after all the slaves she has seen in her time knowing full well she could have it worse. She watches the Anzat being moved to kneel quietly for a moment wondering just what she is going to be made to do next.* She is a bit fascinating as an idea....more than a bit but I understand what is being accomplished even if the tiniest molecule of my being is entertained by the idea of stealing her just to create more of a problem for the snail next door. *She would settle her hip into his leg and lean just a bit into his chest and turn her head a bit to quietly speak near his throat just close enough to hear* I wonder if they make hutt sized collars? *Is she trying to disturb him? Maybe*
b4dec, Kral : *She’s an incredible tease. It brings a genuine smile to his lips, though, just to see her enjoying herself. Once he is finished infuriating the Hutt in the next booth, he removes the counterfeit medallion and returns it to his sleeve. Any higher bids from his medallion would only result in someone else securing the bid anyway. His aim was to ensure the Hutt was forced to pay a higher price than he otherwise would have, and he accomplished it without being detected by the security present in the auditorium. He slowly rises from his seat and moves over to her, lowering a hand to give her ass a playful smack. Then he slips his arm around her waist and leans against the railing next to her, drawing her in closer so she can feel the heat from his body.* I’m only interested in you, Kikha. These slaves are nice to look at, but they don’t compare to you. *He doesn’t have to say that he loves her. It should be evident by his actions alone. Perhaps he didn’t intend to fall in love with his slave at first. He may have been interested in taking advantage of her, much like her former Hutt master did. But that changed once he got to know her intimately. She may not have been who she was when she was taken from her family, but he fell in love with who she had become. It was the only reason he removed her collar in the first place. Of course, he still regards her as his slave. It makes it easier to keep her on a tight leash. And he is still a bastard. He glances down to the Anzat slave being led to the center of the stage by her handler, then prompted to kneel. A subtle shrug of his shoulders is all he does.* She’s definitely exotic, but I’m certain someone else will purchase her. Hopefully someone who can properly train her instead of putting on a show. As for the Miraluka slave? The Hutt seems intent on purchasing her, no matter the cost.*
db84c, Kikha: *She may but that's just teasing and something she has had to endure before but it was different now. She would pause what she was doing as he takes a hold of her chin and let her eyes close partially as she presses her lips to his and lets them part and her tongue play against his mouth and would let out a noise of enjoyment in response to that groan but when he draws back this time she is left sitting there dazed momentarily. She would take a deep breath eventually and glance to the holo display and watch the bidding continue but she could change her mind, no? She does look amused at him producing another mediallion however and flicks a brow up as she takes a long emptying drink from her glass and pushes the button for a replacement as she sets the glass down and stretches a bit in her chair before watching the slaves again for a few moments to see who he is bidding on. The sound of a pissed off hutt would probably be very satisfying as long as she didn't have to deal with it.* I would like to say I'm sorry but I'm not...I agree that they should be once in a while. It isn't good to spoil any of them. *A demonstration? Oh this should be interesting and she knew not all of the slaves were willing but there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it besides look angry and throw a fit, neither of which would get her anywhere. It was better to leave such feelings and thoughts in a place her mind didn't go any longer.* I...well it you like Anzat? *Is she playing a bit? Of course. That would be why she would move to her feet to lean over the balcony rail with her arms folded along it and her ass leaned nicely out for him to see and possibly her cleavage but it is a nice view.*
b4dec, Kral : *She may be wearing a similar outfit in due time. It would certainly be appealing for him to see her parading around in chromium plated discs and a strip. Perhaps she is already familiar with how it feels against her skin. The mere thought brings a deviant grin to his lips, and he leans over to her to kiss her lips again, even if he has to take a firm hold of her chin to get her attention. The kiss lasts longer than she may have anticipated, however, and he presses his lips against hers to ensure she can feel the passion behind it. A subtle groan would also indicate his feelings towards her, heightened by the Reactor Core he consumed earlier. Once he draws away to sit back in his seat again, he nods in the direction of the stage as the Miraluka remains on his holo display.* One is all you’re allowed, darling. But I do want to see you have a little fun. *Of course, while the Hutt is becoming furious in the next booth over, he leans forward in his seat, retrieving another medallion from inside his sleeve. The security should have performed a thorough search instead of relying solely on the scanners. He places the counterfeit medallion in his terminal and begins entering bids on the slaves he thinks the Hutt is interested in purchasing. An amused chuckle escapes his lips, and he glances over to Kikha with a wink.* This is why we’re here after all. It wouldn’t be a proper night out unless we’ve pissed off a Hutt, would it? *By the sounds coming from the private booth next to them, it would seem the Hutt isn’t having a very good night. Quite the opposite. On the other hand, some of the slaves on the stage are having a very good night. The slave owners have cleared the center of the stage to begin their demonstrations of the quality of training received by their property. While some of the slaves have agreed to be sold into a life of slavery, other have been taken against their will. It’s… interesting to see which of the slaves react to the various training methods and techniques used, and he watches the demonstration closely. He can clearly distinguish which of the slaves are enjoying their treatment.* The Anzat slave is a masochist. I’m willing to bet she submitted to her Master. It would be fun to see what she's capable of.
b4dec, Kral : *You love it!*
db84c, Kikha: *An interesting and very chilly way to cover their censored bits but it did enhance their appearance in the end but seeing them all up there was almost like watching a parade. She does glance at him from time to time just to see what he may be looking at and which selections he might make because it's only natural when he is the original trainer . Him maintaining his touch is actually reassuring and keeps her mind from wandering to worse things and the sensation of his hand rubbing along that top layer of her outfit felt oddly tantalizing. She does smile to him as he gives her that compliment with a gentle lick of her lips she would sip her drink and then lean forward to kiss him right back if he lets her before sighing in enjoyment as he brushes those lips along her neck* That's why the decision is difficult, Kral, I want your respect too. *Her training is probably part of the only reason she survived mentally the anguish of loss and being torn from her old life but somehow it fit and it was a transition to a life she would have never quite had the chance to live. A pampered slave who knows how to serve her Master perfectly and to be focused on his happiness at all times. Now...that makes it mildly hard to detach and focus on pleasing herself with the choice. *It felt pleasant with him playing with her hair with that little tingle one might get if they had a great scalp massage. Pleasurable tingles trickling over her from her neck down makes her smile a bit more as he brushes his fingers down that shoulder.* Mm...depends on the details but I've noticed that but I can only assume it is because her species is known to be force sensitive and how could a fucking Hutt pass that up? I am tempted to bid on her since I have to think you have the equipment to deal with anything she may be capable of? *A question in her features but also the belief he's got it all under control. She does in fact bid on the Miraluka but she wanted to bid ont he Mirialan at first. A force sensitive slave could be very promising couldn't it?*
b4dec, Kral : (Nothing... :P)
db84c, Kikha: ((whowhat))
b4dec, Kral : *It will keel. ^_^*
b4dec, Kral : *The metal patches are in fact made of chromium—discs and strips to cover only the most sensitive areas of the slaves, giving them a highly exotic appearance, and making them even more appealing to any potential buyers in the auditorium. He focuses on the holo displays in their private booth, noting the Anzat slave in particular. There are others he appears to be intrigued by, though it may be difficult for Kikha to discern unless she is paying close attention to him. Of course, he doesn’t remove his hand from her thigh, absently rubbing along the top of it, massaging her.* You’re one of a kind, my darling. Trained to perfection, but I expected nothing less from you. *Part of the reason her training regimen was so intense to begin with was because he demanded only perfection from her, but he also wanted to ensure that her mind was focused on something other than the trauma inflicted upon her by the Hutts. Would she have been better off if he freed her instead? Not in his eyes. She is far better off with him, enjoying life, but also pleasing him at the same time. Her touch is rather sensual, made even more so by the hallucinogenic effects of the Reactor Core. But he leans in closer to her and lightly brushes his lips against the side of her neck, finally removing his hand from her thigh to play with her fiery red locks. He brushes her hair from her shoulder before gliding his fingertips down along her shoulder in a teasing manner.* I want to see your eye for detail, Kikha. Which slave is the most appealing to you? *There is in fact a Rattataki amongst the third row of slaves, wearing only metal patches, as with the rest of the slaves presented by the human male slaver. Another slave is a female Miraluka. Around the Miraluka’s collar are two miniature static field projectors, ensuring the slave is unable to rely upon the Force in order to see, effectively making her blind. He leans back in his chair ans steeples his fingers together once more, idly glancing in the Hutt’s direction through the slit in the curtain.* It seems our friend is highly interested in that one…
db84c, Kikha: *Despite her nervousnes she does smile at that and gives his leg a gentle shove in jest as he finishes off the drink and gently rubs along her thigh and studied his features for a moment* Then you might be interested in that but I'm not sure it's my style...*She would trace his arm a bit as he rubs his hand along her thigh knowing full well he's enjoying the sensations and so is she but perhaps not as intensely just now. After all she hadn't even finished her drink. Perhaps his hallucinations were almost artistic in nature, wouldn't she like to see herself through his eyes once or twice!* To train? What am I to train this slave to do? *She does look to see where his gaze has gone but calmly looks back away not really wanting to watch a hutt so she watches the stage instead and the slow parade of beings from zabrak to mirialan as she purposely overlooks the electroshock whip. Metal patches? Well then they should be chrome at least. ;D * There are several that I find appealing but I want to actually see the entirety of them first before I consider...after made sure I was quality didn't you? *She would look to the list and pull up details of how long they had been slaves, what they were already trained in, where they had been, and more. It seemed foolishh but she wouldn't want a faulty slave. Or to choose one with Kral overseeing. * Which would you choose? I am not going to be angry I am just curious since you are more experienced...*Her hand is gently tracing the back of his arm and hand now as if touching him is reassuring and helps that euphoric sensation from the namana to continue coursing through her. She licks her lips and takes another sip of that drink as well and glances to the stage now and then.* Perhaps a Rattataki...? *Is she joking?!*
c2e57, Jen: He might be!
b4dec, Kral : *I'm the best neighbor.* (lol That still gets me.)
b4dec, Kral : Maybe he’s a kinky Trandoshan, hmm? *An amused chuckle escapes his lips, and he reaches for his drink to finish off the last of the Reactor Core. With a slight burp, he sets the empty glass back down next to him and gently rubs his other hand along her thigh. Fuck, she feels amazing. The sheen of the rubber, the sound it makes when he snaps it against her thigh, everything is arousing him in that moment. It obviously doesn’t help matters any that he is beginning to experience more… vivid hallucinations. Her fiery red hair is also looks more vibrant, as if the edges of it are glowing embers in a fire.* Mmm… no, these aren’t all from the shipment, my darling. A few of them, yes. I want you to pick out a slave you think would be a good choice… for you to train. *He glances from her to the slit in the curtain, glimpsing the Hutt bidding on a few of the slaves already onstage. With the bidding underway, the prices of some of the slaves has already increased substantially, and will only further increase as time goes on. Once the Togruta has the two rows of slaves kneeling at the front of the stage, another slaver steps out into the spotlight, trailed by a third row of slaves—more exotic than the previous two rows. The human male slaver brandish an electroshock whip, encouraging the slaves to walk in a circle around the stage to ensure the holocams capture them from every angle. A mysterious, sexy female Anzat slave is the first to be seen on the holo displays, wearing barely any clothing. Other slaves in the lineup include a male Zabrak and a female Mirialan, all wearing metal patches over their genitalia. He steeples his fingers together and watches the display, waiting for her to either bid or wait and see.* You could also make sure our friend in the next booth is forced to pay more for the slaves he desires. Drive up the bidding, so to speak.
db84c, Kikha: *She would lower her head a little but keep her gaze on him with a little smirk in response to that statement but the grin is encouraging isn't it? She would gently take it from his fingers and turn it over a few times as she holds it just in front of her and quirks a brow briefly. It felt very strange and surreal for a slave to be offered the chance to purchase one herself and she wasn't quite sure what to think. She would put it into the slot on the side of the chair carefully no matter what she's thinking about in that moment and look almost hesitantly at the list before turning to watch the stage again with the slaves in their various states of attire. When he gestures she would turn her eyes towards her and again stay quiet for a long few moments to watch how she move and her expression and how she seems to react to her surroundings and then to the hulking Trandoshan which was odd to her since it was nearly impossible to break one wasn't it?* Wh...well I could have a lot of fun with many of these but...why is he up there? I thought they were notoriously violent and couldn't be made into slaves? Is that really on...*She would look down at the holo terminal and if the trandoshan was there she would look impressed and contemplative as she reaches for her drink and stares at the list and perhap the possible tiny ident images and trail her finger around the top of her thigh absently and sips at glass which is slowly draining and will need refreshed soon but, that later.* Are these all from your shipment? Are there any that are unique?
b4dec, Kral : I’m sure it is, and we’ll explore every inch of each other’s bodies later with our tongues. *She is making it too easy to tease her, and his grin doesn’t seem to be fading from his lips, even as he looks in her direction again. Her touch is always comforting, so he doesn’t mind her fingers gliding along his while she inspects the medallion. But it is her medallion, isn’t it? He waits for her to take it from him, being too lazy to drop it into her hand or toss it to her. Perhaps it’s just another method of teasing her.* That will grant you access to the list of slaves being presented tonight for purchase, allowing you to bid on any you choose. All you need to do is place the medallion in the slot on the side of your chair to access the holo terminal in front of you. *He gestures to the terminal in front of her, given that if she places the medallion into the slot on his terminal, it will only give him access. At the same time, the gorgeous female Togruta on the stage is preparing another row of slaves to be viewed by those present. Unlike the first row, the new arrivals are dressed in various entertainment outfits—exotic metal bikinis or leather apparel. There is a mix of males and females, human and various other species. He glances down to the stage before returning his attention to her and pointing to a young human female in a leather bikini.* What about her? You could have a little fun with her, no? *His grin widens, and he points to another slave—a hulking Trandoshan that shouldn’t be on the stage, but he is. Funny how that works out.*
db84c, Kikha: That sounds better than rescued as long as it was you not anyone else but you do give me the right kind of attention...*Slowly smiling to him as he turns his chair to face her and she notes he seems to be calmer and more relaxed already. She is starting to note certain things affect him in a way that makes him more open and tolerant of any sort of mischief but she doesn't tend to push the mischief into the territory of being anything unenjoyable. Her eyes flick to his hand and calmly back up to his features knowing he is fully aware how her own drink makes every little touch a bit enhanced to feel good . It is a very good thing she's starting to become more relaxed because despite his reassurances any Hutt presence always makes her feel uneasy. What he says only makes her jaw clench and she brings her drink up in a controlled way and attempts to keep herself from immediately feeling anxious.* I would much rather never think of that ever again. Your tongue is allowed anywhere it likes. *She does look to the medallion as he displays the golden item between his fingers but she's not quite sure what it means beyond being a voucher for a purchase or entry key or pass.* I will kill him in the worst possible way one day but until then I can control my urges to destroy every one of them. *She raises her glass again for a drink and then leans forward to gently settle her fingers on his hand so she can lean forward to look at the item more closely but it gives her an excuse to touch him.* Perhaps I am going to sound foolish but what is it for? * IF it was something she would recognize in her time with the slave trade she would but it seemed unique.* Is it a voucher?
b4dec, Kral : *I'm just wanting you to react.*
b4dec, Kral : You didn’t need rescued. You just needed someone to pay attention to you, darling. The right kind of attention, mind you. Not what the Hutts would refer to as attention. *Instead of returning his attention to the stage, he reaches for his drink and turns in his chair to face her, raising the glass and taking another sip of his Reactor Core. The hallucinogenic effects seem to calm him instead of causing him to lose control, due to his tolerance of the alcoholic beverage. It only ensures that Kikha is even more appealing to him than she already is, which is likely to work in her favor. Perhaps that is why she is able to get away with all that she has. Perhaps not. He sets his glass down once more, returning his hand to her inner thigh, if only to ensure she is comfortable in her seat. A little rub, a gentle caress. Just whatever he can to tease her while she’s sitting next to him. He’s cruel like that. And the subtle reactions from her only encourage him to misbehave. Or is it the Reactor Core he’s drinking? He nods in the direction of the Hutt in the private boot next to them.* If you knew which Hutt was on the other side of that curtain, you’d be the angry one, Kikha. I believe he used to visit your former Master, abusing the female slaves in his collection. He would tug on the chain connected to your slave collar, wouldn’t he? Pull you in close and lick your body with his disgusting tongue. *The thought sends a shiver up his spine, but it also elicits a wicked grin from him as he looks to Kikha. As disgusting as it may have been, humiliating even, he knows that she has risen above it. But has she forgotten the horrific memories of being a slave to a Hutt Lord?* Never mind him, unless you’re too distracted with the thought of vengeance. We’re here to to have a little fun, possibly ruin other peoples’ fun at the same time. *He reaches into his pocket with his free hand and retrieves another medallion from his jacket pocket. Where the previous medallion had a silver finish, this one is gold, with Huttese markings displayed on both sides.* This is yours. *The medallion is held up to her in between his index and middle fingers.*
db84c, Kikha: *The grin, the diversion of gaze, and the way he loosens his shirt collar just makes her smile at him more deviantly and open the leg towards him a bit more as he looks back to her.* I would be dead truthfully but that's why we say you saved my life, yes, I am grateful for the rescue. *She would jump a bit as he pinches her and cause more than enough of his favorite noises and would almost slap his hand before stopping herself and grasping the arm of the chair instead with a smirk still on her face regardless. Then she would look to the stage as well watching the Togruta and the others wearing scant clothing but they were lucky considering others were not even allowed such a thing. To her it enhanced their appearance to have clothing but buyers and dealers could be cruel. She is literally trying not to notice the hutt but he keeps mentioning him so she tilts her head to look at Kral again and looks almost puzzled briefly before turning her glass in her hnd for moment and oddly enjoying the senstion of him fingering her chain that way. It was a reminder.* I not truly care if he is angry but I am thinking that is who you stole the slaves from so I am going to be very careful. *She visibly relaxes after taking another sip of her drink and leans a bit closer to him in her seat creating another chorus of his favorite noises. It was a nice sensation, warmth, gentle euphoria, a slow and enjoyable rush*
b4dec, Kral : I’m sure you do, darling. *His grin only widens, and he diverts his gaze to the stage, even if she is turned towards him. Is she trying to make him blush? With the hallucinogenic effects of the Reactor Core beginning to course through his system, he finds the temperature rising considerably to the point where he is forced to loosen the collar on his shirt. But then he purposely glides a hand along the top of her thigh, rubbing back up the inside of it as he looks back in her direction.* You really are a tease. I think you wouldn’t have made a very good slave to a Hutt in the long run, would you? I guess that’s why I came along, isn’t it? You’re much better off. *Then he pinches her inner thigh with just enough force to ensure she squirms in her conform chair. With the event beginning on the stage and the lights dimming overhead, he turns his attention to the spotlight on the curtains. As soon as they slide open, an exotic Togruta female steps onto the stage with a handful of slaves in tow—each of them wearing what could only be described as undergarments, along with reinforced shock collars and matching restraints. Kikha might recognize one of the slaves from the shipment they stole near Vallera. Once the Togruta welcomes all of the guests, she begins the bidding with the first row of slaves, which instantly draws the attention of the Hutt in the next booth. He glances over in the Hutt’s direction from his seat before turning to Kikha and running his fingers down the chain attached to her collar.* How angry do you suppose our friend is in the next booth?
db84c, Kikha: *I hope so...sometimes!*
b4dec, Kral : *Oh really?!*
db84c, Kikha: *Oh I bet I sleep very well.*
b4dec, Kral : *I don't think we sleep... much.*
db84c, Kikha: *She had an inkling he might like the sound but to her it is more about comfort than his ear full of creaks and crinkles but seeing him grin at her she smirks and shakes her head with amusement.* You don't quit...*As she'd lean closer to him as he takes a sip.* But it is kind of cute....*She didn't worry about anything such as scanners or cameras to be honest but it may strike her as slightly odd but that didn't phase her. The touch on her arm is appropriately distracting from their "neighbors" so she chooses to focus her attention on him fully for now and probably much of the night. ;)* You mean you want me to go shopping here? *As she'd cast her eyes over his expression, body language, posture, even the turn of his mouth and eyebrows included and perhaps the way he crossed or uncrossed his legs as about 10 seconds pass or so. Then she'd purse her lips and turn her gaze out towards the crowd with a faint degree of consideration and appraisal* Mostly where you are and who may have touched you...and what you may be doing...I mean you did train me to focus on pleasing you and only you...but I will keep my eyes open for you tonight. There are many beautiful beings here tonight. *Absently she takes up her drink again even if she just put it down if only to occupy her hands for a few moments as a focus bit. Then takes a long slow sip so she can feel the effects sooner and lets herself relax into the chair and cross her leg towards him in a subconscious sort of way that definitely indicates her focus but...* I can say I do miss your presence quite keenly and perhaps I think about you in tight leather on your knees...?

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