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354d8,  Jem: Marshmallow peeps
354d8,  Jem: It looks like two peeps lurking
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : hmm
354d8,  Jem: Wut?
7cf37,  Nate: Uhhuh
7cf37,  Nate: Yessir
7cf37,  Nate: Yup
354d8,  Jem: Hrm?
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : hrm
354d8,  Jem: *Sets up outposts and plans random excitement*
354d8,  Jem: *burns them*
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : *Tosses out tumbleweeds*
354d8,  Jem: *stretches....and ponders*
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : derp
354d8,  Jem: ....right.
354d8,  Jem: *blip*
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : *pokes around*
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : Herro
354d8,  Jem: If he was here I would.
2d227,  The Bootie: Sorry, Nate!! I would, but I have a date tomorrow for coffee!
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : SOMEONE RP WITH ME.
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : shut the fuck
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : Exhaustion is worse.
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : i dont wanna slep thats boring
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : Go. Sleep. I can play with myself.
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : let me check my schedule, i might have 2 give you a rain check, or close my eyes for 20 minutes and hope i can wake back up
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : idk i'm sleepy dont makem e think
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : Who's going first?
40d4e,  Cyn: IE she's asking for a distraction!
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : Uhhhhh
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : i dont wanna sleep i wanna have fun
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : If you want to sleep, sleep!
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : honsetly tho i'm so tired everything's gonna blow just b prepared 4 that ok
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : And that's OK. Let's just have fun.
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : Hi!
2d227,  The Bootie: Hi guys!
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : Ok but I haven't really fleshed her out much yet.
f4aa7,  Corbin Jorkul : Good, that's a great way for Corbin to be... Wherever the Jedi are right now.
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : Talk about a...*puts shades on* snail trail
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : I vote the Hutt
7cf37,  Nate: You pick for me.
7cf37,  Nate: No you.
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : okay, so pick a character bitch
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre :
7cf37,  Nate: He'd be the perfect addition to someone's story or bed.
7cf37,  Nate: Look, Corbin is a fine man with a developing character and semi-interestkng story and drive.
31c0d,  Heran Vrax : poo poo pee pee
7cf37,  Nate: Poo poo color
dc596,  Sola Talonspyre : And Sola
9b351,  Odelia : I have Odelia
9b351,  Odelia : i might be convinced to rp with you
9b351,  Odelia : People on Mustafar want ice water.
40d4e,  Cyn: nate... your color turned to shit... litterly
7cf37,  Nate: Now.
7cf37,  Nate: I want rp.
9b351,  Odelia : Sooo...
7cf37,  Nate: Soooo.
144ae,  Daj'ree : <_<
144ae,  Daj'ree : *Hmm*
354d8,  Jem: *smirks a bit* K appears to really like jedi. >_>
1bd89,  Liz: *yawns*
3d8f7,  K: I'm watching clone wars and obi-wan is dual-wielding. I've never been more turned on.
7cf37,  Nate: Mmmmm
3d8f7,  K: app sent
7cf37,  Nate: Hi.
3d8f7,  K: jk hi
7cf37,  Nate: Oh... OK...
7cf37,  Nate: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
40d4e,  Cyn: oh hi
f8516,  moth: hi
40d4e,  Cyn: >.>
f8516,  moth: wut
40d4e,  Cyn: aww thanks <3
MSG: Jem sent a message to Cyn.
2d227,  The Bootie: Oh, happy birthday!
354d8,  Jem: *slinks in* Happy Birthday Cyn! *hugs and runs away to hide from thwap*
40d4e,  Cyn: yerp >.>
7cf37,  Nate: Boop
40d4e,  Cyn: i had to googl that game cause i hadn't heard of it lol

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