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The bees in my hair...
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b0e, Yub-Yub: Fap-fap-fap. Fap-fap-fap. Fap-fap-fap. Fap-fap-fap. Fap-fap-fap. Fap. Fap. Fap. Fap. Fap.
1f5, Ben: This place is still here? I lost that bet.
1f5, Ben: Ravenheart is a song also.
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: LIIIIIIVE
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: I LIVE
350,  Amort: Butt ov curse.
3fe,  Blackout: Butt
296, Tino Didriksen: Happy birthday, lass...
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: arrr
Bad Moon Rising,Snowy
350,  Amort: Dat shawl tho. Or... scarf?
a93,  Snowy: vittttttttttt
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: there's sense to this madness, i promise
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: vittttttttttt
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: vit vit vit
a93,  Snowy:
a93,  Snowy: nope....
a93,  Snowy: dis work?
Snowy,Bad Moon Rising
a93,  Snowy: bonk
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: wut
a93,  Snowy: updated the MOTD lol
a4d,  warg: i don't remember writing it but i am guessing it was the percocets
350,  Amort: But more seriously. Hope it's not early onset Alzheimer's or anything. Had you been drinking at the time?
350,  Amort: Lyrics this reminded me of (like a dork): She's melting on me like cotton candy [...] I'm choking on her, it feels so sickening
a4d,  warg: brain feels like it is wrapped in cotton candy
350,  Amort: Memory man.
1e1, Ravenheart: Hmm... I think this is the correct nick. It's been so freaking long...
afe,  P1nhead:
afe,  p1nhead: Hey all :)
a93,  Snowy: you dont have enough hair for that
26c,  Heq: I assume as in how I should become the Canadian Trump?
a93,  Snowy: i was just thinking about you the other day, Heq
26c,  Heq: Hmmmmm.... How is blackie not in prison yet?
3fe,  blackout: you do look like Rey's hot older sister though
3fe,  blackout: merry xmas :)
a93,  Snowy: still love you.
a93,  Snowy: merry christmas, old friends
3fe,  Blackout: Hahaha @ myself
3fe,  Blackout: Ok,. You don't look like Rey, hoe
a93,  Snowy: take that back, rake.
3fe,  blackout: yes you do, hoe
a93,  Snowy: i dont look like her at all, ya dink
3fe,  Blackout: Except you have tits
3fe,  Blackout: Mandy you look like Rey from stars wars. Same eyes and lips
f9f, the Old One: Doesn't seem to be anyone around !!
b8a,  Bum: Ayyy predictable password.
6ce, Yub-Yub: Still here?
350,  Amort: It's 1ft tall? Ample opportunities to sneakily leave it in someone's house & have them freak out.
a93,  Snowy: man i love them...
a93,  Snowy: only (nearly) $300 usd!
a4d,  warg: ~wuffles~
743, Yub-Yub: Ahh,Hello Snowy how go's it ??
743, Yub-Yub: Hello..
a93,  Snowy: yah that green one is from earlier this evening before it got dark

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