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3fe,  blackout: dat nose
a93,  Snowy: last week
3fe,  blackout: but on the upside, ive been going to Planet Fitness for 5 months now and im in the best physical shape ive been in since i was 20 years old
3fe,  blackout: im not that young looking, all my whiskers are grey and all my hair fell out :D haha
3fe,  blackout: i used imgur
a93,  Snowy: damn, photobucket doesnt allow third party hosting anymore
a93,  Snowy: beep beep
a93,  Snowy: :P
a93,  Snowy: lol not having much luck here
a93, Yub-Yub: fucksake...
a93, Yub-Yub: test
a93,  Snowy: goddamn...that took forever
3fe,  blackout: i will never be a yub
350,  Amort: 2017. Not being yubpleb.
9cc, Yub-Yub: We're all yubyubs!
e1a, Yub-Yub: it's been TOO LONG
e1a, Yub-Yub: fucksake
e1a, Yub-Yub: lol i cant remember my password
a4d,  warg: frozen in pose/ locked up in amber, eternally/ buried so close to the fountain of youth/ i can almost reach
a4d,  warg: they make his pupils dilate
a4d,  warg: he like them dancing straight boys
a4d,  warg: acid face jake
a4d,  warg: acid face jake
a4d,  warg: acid face jake
3fe,  blackout: lol
9cc, Yub-Yub: Ne1 seen rae
9cc, Yub-Yub: Ne1 seen rae
992, alphalonewolf6: i need to know where tino didriksen went
992, alphalonewolf6: blackout
9cc, Yub-Yub: Which is to say, I think he has some good ideas but his actual writing drives me up the wall
9cc, Yub-Yub: Lol I must be the only person in the world who hates Stephen king
9cc, Yub-Yub: :nutkick: blackout
3fe,  blackout: hey red :D
3fe,  blackout: she purty
9cc, Yub-Yub: Snowy you are an ageless vampire
9cc, Yub-Yub: Nice to see you two are doing good
9cc, Yub-Yub: Its me Ted Flackal
9cc, Yub-Yub: Whoaaa snowy and blackout long time no see
a93,  Snowy:
a93,  Snowy: you look so young still!
a93,  Snowy: okay apparently my damn computer does..that's creepy. been awhile...
gosh this server is sloooowwwww

a93,  Snowy: test?
427, Yub-Yub: goddamnit...cant remember my password lol
427, Yub-Yub: im just
427, Yub-Yub: im just dead....
3fe,  blackout: im dead sexy
3fe,  blackout: there
3fe,  blackout: yep
3fe,  Blackout: Mandy, get Facebook or whatsapp or Snapchat or something :P
3fe,  Blackout: Test
296, Tino Didriksen: Good gods that's an old pic of me. I should update that.
296, Tino Didriksen: Happy birthday, m'lass...
73e, Mr. Roy: flunglegunk.
be1, Yub-Yub: Snowy are you still here??
cf1, Yub-Yub: Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
afe,  p1nhead: :7
f56, Unknown: >_>
350,  Amort: On it (...possibly like a car bonnet).
a93,  Snowy: Davy check ya gmail :)
350,  Amort: Yes?

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