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The bees in my hair...
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3fe,  Blackout: Butt
296, Tino Didriksen: Happy birthday, lass...
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: arrr
Bad Moon Rising,Snowy
350,  Amort: Dat shawl tho. Or... scarf?
a93,  Snowy: vittttttttttt
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: there's sense to this madness, i promise
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: vittttttttttt
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: vit
a93,  Snowy: vit vit vit
a93,  Snowy:
a93,  Snowy: nope....
a93,  Snowy: dis work?
Snowy,Bad Moon Rising
a93,  Snowy: bonk
2f5,  Bad Moon Rising: wut
a93,  Snowy: updated the MOTD lol
a4d,  warg: i don't remember writing it but i am guessing it was the percocets
350,  Amort: But more seriously. Hope it's not early onset Alzheimer's or anything. Had you been drinking at the time?
350,  Amort: Lyrics this reminded me of (like a dork): She's melting on me like cotton candy [...] I'm choking on her, it feels so sickening
a4d,  warg: brain feels like it is wrapped in cotton candy
350,  Amort: Memory man.
1e1, Ravenheart: Hmm... I think this is the correct nick. It's been so freaking long...
afe,  P1nhead:
afe,  p1nhead: Hey all :)
a93,  Snowy: you dont have enough hair for that
26c,  Heq: I assume as in how I should become the Canadian Trump?
a93,  Snowy: i was just thinking about you the other day, Heq
26c,  Heq: Hmmmmm.... How is blackie not in prison yet?
3fe,  blackout: you do look like Rey's hot older sister though
3fe,  blackout: merry xmas :)
a93,  Snowy: still love you.
a93,  Snowy: merry christmas, old friends
3fe,  Blackout: Hahaha @ myself
3fe,  Blackout: Ok,. You don't look like Rey, hoe
a93,  Snowy: take that back, rake.
3fe,  blackout: yes you do, hoe
a93,  Snowy: i dont look like her at all, ya dink
3fe,  Blackout: Except you have tits
3fe,  Blackout: Mandy you look like Rey from stars wars. Same eyes and lips
f9f, the Old One: Doesn't seem to be anyone around !!
b8a,  Bum: Ayyy predictable password.
6ce, Yub-Yub: Still here?
350,  Amort: It's 1ft tall? Ample opportunities to sneakily leave it in someone's house & have them freak out.
a93,  Snowy: man i love them...
a93,  Snowy: only (nearly) $300 usd!
a4d,  warg: ~wuffles~
743, Yub-Yub: Ahh,Hello Snowy how go's it ??
743, Yub-Yub: Hello..
a93,  Snowy: yah that green one is from earlier this evening before it got dark
350,  Amort: But mainly it would seem that NZ light switches are not so different from real light switches after all. What a funny old world.
350,  Amort: Am assuming it's a filter. If you liberally sprayed your house/self with green ink... uh, you go.
350,  Amort: Also, fine, I'm going to be the guy who coos over your every photo. That reminds me of another one you did with that same photo in the background. S'nice. Don't think it's just the same one with a green filter though??
350,  Amort: It's, like, a form of congress. With another person. Using fingers and WORDS, ferchirssakes.
350,  Amort: Conversation is a scandalous suggestion.
a93,  Snowy: lol cant get rid of it

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