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be1, Yub-Yub: Snowy are you still here??
cf1, Yub-Yub: Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
afe,  p1nhead: :7
f56, Unknown: >_>
350,  Amort: On it (...possibly like a car bonnet).
a93,  Snowy: Davy check ya gmail :)
350,  Amort: Yes?
78e, FuckFaceMcGee: Boo
350,  Amort: Envious of you having a painting good enough to frame properly though. Very swank.
350,  Amort: Someone killed all her batteries with her, uh, smoothie-making. A convenient excuse indeed.
a93,  Snowy: i'll get a pic of the painting when it's framed and i've got batteries :3
a93,  Snowy: yeah i bought myself a NUTRA NINJA blender for addicted to them.
350,  Amort: Just started reading this on my crazy new Kindle Thing too. Obviously quite poignant but so far would recommend:
350,  Amort: Hopefully you were getting something nice in the pay packet for sacrificing Xmas day. I know you'll have been stung by losing the ability to spend the whole day celebrating your profound Christian faith...
350,  Amort: ...And no picture of it provided? Hmph, standards have lapsed. Sounds cool though.
a93,  Snowy: as for gifts, i got pretty generic stuff except for a wonderful painting from my sister of a caucasian woman with full maori tattooing on her face
a93,  Snowy: i worked xmas AND new years but still had a good time with the fam :3
a93,  Snowy: :( yeah it was really tragic her poor mum died the day after.
350,  Amort: But still, Carrie Fisher. Weird, awesome, broken type person.
350,  Amort: You had a fab time down there in NZ too? Any suitably fabulous &/or embarrassing gifts to share with the group?
350,  Amort: Oh yeah, and I got some fairly giant mythology/bestiary books. Because I am a stereotype of myself.
350,  Amort: Ya sweetheart. It's been pretty lovely, although my new slippers/pyjamas do look like they're straight out of a retirement home.
a93,  Snowy: hope you had a wonderful xmas, davy
a93,  Snowy: lol@true blud quotes
e3a, Eric: Now we fuck
350,  Amort: May gawd bless us, every one-ish.
350,  Amort: Merry Christmas, wankden.
350,  Amort: Good to see the traditional Den welcome in full effect.
a93,  Snowy: STAB
2e3, William Compton: Sookie?!
350,  Amort: Just got back from Glasgow, where posters for this were seen. Seemed relevant to the Den:
350,  Amort: Oh yeah. I should actually post sometimes as well as check the place. Duh.
a93,  Snowy: deds
5ff, Yub-Yub: fap fap fappity fap
a93,  Snowy: here's a pic i took today
a93,  Snowy: ded image
a93,  Snowy: oopsie
5ff, Yub-Yub:
5ff, Yub-Yub: fap fap
5ff, Yub-Yub: fap
602,  the latter: where'd you go?
350,  Amort: P.S. It's a beast. You may touch it if you like, I guess. But careful not to get crushed under it.
350,  Amort: All is right with the world. You know, except everything else.
350,  Amort: Back with a working home PC and back in the Den.
602,  the latter: anything that comes from mr. Maynard is gold
a93,  Snowy: spooky show bay bay
602,  the latter:
602,  the latter:
602,  the latter:
a93,  Snowy: which one looks spookier..hrrmmm
a93,  Snowy: beep
a93,  Snowy: honk hoooooooooonk
fac, Mr. Roy:
fac, Mr. Roy: pff.
350,  Amort: Seriously though. I feel I almost understand why Japanese tourists infamously take so many frivolous photos in "western" countries. Every little damn thing just has such a thoroughly different aesthetic here.
350,  Amort: Deal. Will try to restrict myself to sending less than one hundred. I mean, we do still have a week to go here. *deadpan*
a93,  Snowy: email me some good piccies
a93,  Snowy: lol taters.
350,  Amort : Some carp here are massive and VERY hungry for mashed potato. That is all.

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