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30026, *Mebent: I am so - a human blood vampire - and these days have been harder than hard
30026, *Mebent: Cypher?
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a04dd, **Louis Cypher: hi
92bd2, ºLuna: LMAO roflmfao
d04ff, *TheBatt: remind me to never fuck a vampire
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92bd2, ºLuna: Usually they have been lovers or friends. I make sure they don't have diseases by having them get bloodwork done. Only a select few of my friends know why I need blood. Lovers are easier because they just think the testing is for stds and that I'm kinky, lol.
d04ff, *TheBatt: well where do u find your humans
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92bd2, ºLuna: We need to keep well fed in order to use our abilities. I prefer human blood but others feed on energy. Energy feeding didn't work out for me.
d04ff, *TheBatt: Is it true that human blood enhances the vampire abilities
d04ff, *TheBatt: Well now this chat is just dead, wouldn't it be better to change it back to the way it was before
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92bd2, ºLuna: I haven't found one which was part of the reason I created this one. It was more active in the past but I had to close it to nonmembers because of some horrible trolls and spammers.
d04ff, *TheBatt: Where can i find a more active chat for vampires
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92bd2, ºLuna: Welcome to the chat, TheBatt. Sorry that I missed you. If you have any questions for me post them and I will respond as soon as I check in again.
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d04ff, *TheBatt: sad
d04ff, *TheBatt: sad
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d04ff, *TheBatt: I am new here
d04ff, *TheBatt: hello
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92bd2, ºLuna: We do have an awakening, usually around the time of puberty, where we begin to understand what we are.
92bd2, ºLuna: Vampires are born that way. We are not made into vampires and we can not turn average people into vampires. That is just a myth.
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1a8c9, *vamp2020: Hello please I need help turning
1a8c9, *vamp2020: I need help
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30026, *Mebent: I am here
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aaca9, *Kaus : drinking coffee
aaca9, *Kaus : drinking coffee
aaca9, *Kaus: anyone here ?
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a04dd, **Louis Cypher: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RWVzVrla8HQ
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a04dd, **Louis Cypher: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XetplHcM7aQ
MSG: Louis Cypher sent a message to Mebent.
MSG: Mebent sent a message to Louis Cypher.
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a04dd, **Louis Cypher: safe<
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: be sfe my friend
30026, *Mebent: ok I have to go if I can come back later I will - be safe
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: we can start here and then go to email or other meas of communication
30026, *Mebent: sending you a message
30026, *Mebent: I will try to be there - everyone show start to think this way if e want to communicate you know,
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: I wonder who the lirker is.........
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: i can't promise when I can get online too much happening to be sure but I can try for tomorrow say around 6PM or so mountain standard ime
30026, *Mebent: I could look at those options - sounds intriguing - when I am on my way I am going to contact you - hopefully I can live close - its almost a sure thing - conversation tho - for another day...
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: sorry about the typos
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: if you can get t least 10 acres of land here are no building restrictions and a few greenhouses combined with livestock along with hinting and fihing you won't have to worry about starving
30026, *Mebent: I have to leave when will you be around?
30026, *Mebent: I want to live in a cold place so bad
30026, *Mebent: If I move I have a lot of crap to get rid of
30026, *Mebent: thats cool
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: the good thing is after you can prove that you lived here for at least year guns and ammo are easy to get and hunting and fishing licenses are cheap
30026, *Mebent: I am there with you man - makes sense
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: I just tell everyone that there's 2 topics that are off limits religion and politics...we can talk about anything except thse 2 things
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: be careful here this is a state oftrump lovers
30026, *Mebent: I hope
30026, *Mebent: maybe he left and went away
30026, *Mebent: I saw - it happens
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: a bored ashole had nothing better to do thspam the room wth a lot of horseshit
30026, *Mebent: hence my move north
30026, *Mebent: I see Luna locked the chat down - good call
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: I'm in a small town Hamilton. in mon..it's a good place to be for whatever is coming
30026, *Mebent: has*
30026, *Mebent: NV - have had its time - and time for me to move on
30026, *Mebent: Well Missoula or Grand rapids is my next hunting ground
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: it would be AWESOME to meet up with you
30026, *Mebent: I know what you speak of man
30026, *Mebent: there is a darkness
30026, *Mebent: Yeah I know the times are near - I am just trying to roll
30026, *Mebent: I might be coming your way -- hence moving north from my location ...
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: it's all part of the plan...introduce fear and then ddivide and conquer...
30026, *Mebent: its not easy
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: all><
30026, *Mebent: I am good - I am totally in my own little world - I have shut off everything
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: Hey!! I hope you sll is well with you...under the circumstances
30026, *Mebent: So we can all connect
30026, *Mebent: man there needs to be a real vampires time for all to log in lol
30026, *Mebent: i am here
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: smiley happy114 1
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: I hope you're still here
30026, *Mebent: I wiil stick around - we have much to discuss
30026, *Mebent: I missed you dam!
30026, *Mebent: I am here
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: are you there??
a04dd, **Louis Cypher: are you there??
30026, *Mebent: we need to schedule times to just chat - really I miss people like me
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a04dd, **Louis Cypher: anyone here??
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