Just Another Day On Payroll....__________

Name- Blinx M. Soft
Species- Cat

Gender -Male
Height- 3' 5"
Weight (74 lbs)
Age -Incalculable due to time travel

Occupation- janitor Time Sweeper

As a worker, Blinx is able bodied, hard working and self sacrificing. Always on time, and, even when it gets tedious and boring, still completes it.

As a person.... he's still an immature cat. Fickle, nosy, and girl centered if he can find one. A great guy all and all, but if he can get a day off, he'll take it in a second. And as such, he's had his share of goof ups and mistakes, much like anyone would. Though, he loves doing his job to the best of his ability. Which you would too if you made $23 dollars an hour.

All he's doing is risking his life daily to fix time and space. ....no biggie.

_____________________[First Game Events And Backstory]_______________
Blinx, an anthropomorphic cat works at a facility known as the Time Factory. The Time Factory is a facility located outside of Time, dedicated to the creation, distribution and maintenance of the flow of all time throughout the universe.

When glitches or corruptions in time are found, the Time Factory dispatches Time Sweeper agents to locate and correct them. Left unchecked, temporal glitches can manifest themselves into malevolent Time Monsters, roaming freely among dimensions, distorting everything with which they come into contact. When a gang of evil pigs known as the Tom-Tom gang begin stealing and destroying Time in dimension B1Q64, it becomes temporally unstable to the extent that the Time Sweepers decide that it is safer for all dimensions if the supply of time to B1Q64 be halted, suspending it and its inhabitants indefinitely. When Blinx receives a message from a young princess trapped within the doomed dimension, Blinx grabs his Time Sweeper and dives into dimension B1Q64 through the Sweepers' Time Portal moments before it closes.

After he manages to catch up with the Tom-Toms and the princess, they suddenly freeze and get spun around. This creates a time monster made out of rocks, which can use time controls as well, so it forces Blinx to fight four previous bosses by using REW. After he defeats them all again, he fights the final boss, wins and saves the princess while the Tom-Toms get away. Then he jumps into the Time Portal and ends up back in the Time Factory to be welcomed by an applause from the other Time Sweepers and a nice bonus for his efforts.

[Employee of the Year Moment ]

Afterwards, Princess Lena uses the time crystals Blinx gave her, she rewinds the ending back to the part where Blinx is about to leave. Before he jumps in the Portal again, she wakes up and gives Blinx a hug. And thus ends the first adventure he's been on.

O O C Notes
- Yet another character Doctor K registered that most would have forgotten about until seeing in the room. Blinx's main purpose is time investigation and to rewind events RP wise when things get too out of hand. Much like a clean up character which I'm approving my damn self.

- Blinx, depending the mood of the moderator RPing him, will end up broken. However, after seeing Dragon Ball Z characters enter the room and various others of seeming "god like" power, I'm not taking any arguments over this. You have the option of NOT RPing with this character.

* Blinx's middle name, respectively is "Micro" like the company that made him when you put it together with his "last name."

He's been to Mobius already. Just out of panic, he rewound time BEFORE this event.

Blinx The Time Sweeper © 2010 Microsoft Studios