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d7248 Flash: did i miss anything?
d7248 Flash: Sorry for arriving late
ecaf0 Mak: *Does her proverbial “two year peek of reminiscence”….. Then pokes the chat with a stick because it is so sad to see it so dead*
2d2e6 *Barry Allen: *blaaaam*
8d50f ºJenny: BLAM
f8565 *Kaldur'ahm: .
e71ad 'Duck: :|
8d50f ºJenny: Hmm...
050b2 *NikkuSan: *burp*
22de2 Turd Ferguson: Can't fade away
e71ad 'Duck: my fav was quickly reading "the earth is" and selecting blue..
e71ad 'Duck: hah
b4681 *Peter Parker: *test*
67e27 NikkuSan: What do you mean my anti-spam answer was wrong!? Cars do to have mammals! That's all that drive them! Have you ever seen a car driven by a fish!? I don't THINK SO! \
67e27 NikkuSan: ... *Peers* ... >.>
9c1c9 Turd Ferguson: Pffffthahaahahaha
e71ad 'Duck: ._.
e71ad 'Duck: Sloooooooth
e71ad 'Duck: *thumbs ip*
19d75 ºPeanut: I'll be making a sleuth later today, so I'll bite!
e71ad 'Duck: and that's a free plot to go after. Any sleuths digging up more clues, PM here or facebook. i gotta get to bed
49def *Samantha Lafaber: ((i was going to go somewhere else with that, but changed last minute)) *yes, being the same company links the 3 events. It could be written off as a mob strike. The CEO wasn't squeaky clean, could have had lots of underhanded dealings. Maybe one such deal went sour? There might be more evidence at the bombing scenes, but they would have to be sifted through. There was the parts left at the shooting scene though. Thus far, the only thing out of place.*
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *And finally in Gotham, a much smaller but bloody event. The CEO of the same insurance company was found dead in his deluxe condo, the victim of multiple gunshot wounds. Bullet casings would be found at the scene, .38's and with typical features. Also left behind were some miscellaneous parts that were not from a gun or anything related to a break-in. The inner doors of the condo were left open, as was a window, while the main entrance was left closed and locked. The style of shooting was typical of a mob hit. Again there would be no fingerprints or DNA left at the scene*
e7660 *Spider-Man: *test*
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *srry*
e7660 *Spider-Man: *cue friday leanback* DAAAAAAAAMN
32b67 *Protostar: :(
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *no one important lives in Detroit.*
32b67 *Protostar: Just stay out of Detroit.
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *In Metropolis, it was another bombing, this one more typically explosive, and this one with more injuries from shrapnel. A larger office of the same insurance company. More of a main office, this one was populated with actual insurance adjusters, even late at night. The building was secured, and security evidence would only show the usual traffic of workers and mail, in and out as normal. The blast was large enough to blow out some of the windows of the office high-rise, causing panic on the street below, and while no one inside was directly killed by the blast, the injuries on some were indeed life-threatening and put them in critical condition*
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *But wait there's more*
e7660 *Spider-Man: Aw, dammit. that's my turf.
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *One such site is an insurance company's office in NYC. As the fire bombing came at night, there were no casualties there. The custodian was injured but very much alive. He would report that he saw no one, and only realized he needed to run when he heard a click and saw fire leap up suddenly in the back office.*
05e49 *Shayera Hol: *blink*
9317d 'moth: Kingdom Hearts! Mobilize!
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *Getting to that*
19d75 ºPeanut: Anyone hurt? What kind of damage?
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *Here's a decent plot to start on.. A series of seemingly random bombings and burglaries. In Gotham, Metropolis, and NYC. The only connecting feature is that there seems to be no actual people involved in them. No fingerprints, no DNA, no sightings of people or even vehicles.*
19d75 ºPeanut: I could reg someone if anyone has any requests.
14f04 *Sharon Heart: Test.
e7660 *Spider-Man: *hmm..*
32b67 *Protostar: ...-ds.
642aa *Iris Dana: *Jason, I think you could use a little more therapy*
32b67 *Protostar: Sorry I like redhea-
642aa *Iris Dana: *stays NPC for now*
19d75 ºPeanut: Anyone want to play? I only have 3 right now.
19d75 ºPeanut: I need hot tea, I think.
e71ad 'Duck: quite similar
9317d 'moth: You can NPC him. I don't know enough about him to do him justice. Is he like the Tinkerer?
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *profile stare*
49def *Samantha Lafaber: ((also does anyone want to play as Toyman or shall I just npc that stuff))
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *location kinda random. Toyman might be a Bat-villain but that doesn't mean he's limited to Gotham*
b4681 *Peter Parker: *makes mental note to web sling through Gotham*
49def *Samantha Lafaber: No one even really knows I exist yet, so...
49def *Samantha Lafaber: I'm not a prude. Not making it easy either. *pulls her hoodie back down*
b4681 *Peter Parker: (ohai 8HUGZ*)
49def *Samantha Lafaber: ((*hugs the peanut*))
19d75 ºPeanut: *Hugs all around.*
32b67 *Protostar: So you're saiyan there's a chance.
dc345 *Jason Todd: They're the same, except for the "damn color."
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *covers up* Keep like that and you never will
32b67 *Protostar: Hiiiiii
19d75 ºPeanut: hi guyz
32b67 *Protostar: I've never seen albino tits
19d75 ºPeanut: Damn color.
19d75 ºPeanut: Boo.
49def *Samantha Lafaber: what NO
32b67 *Protostar: Show me your boobs, Sam
b4681 *Peter Parker: *swaps color*
b4681 *Peter Parker: Kinda hope not. Takes...well...more than humans can do. *scrunches face up* aaaaand now that I made myself sound like a freak..Way to go, Parker.
49def *Samantha Lafaber: Don't worry, I'm not going to start web-slinging
49def *Samantha Lafaber: Yup.
b4681 *Peter Parker: aw hell. another inventor.
49def *Samantha Lafaber: *tinkers*
e71ad 'Duck: dooooom.
8d50f *Jenny: fuckin DOOM
e71ad 'Duck: *tosses apps in*
e71ad 'Duck: *and finally takes a nap*
e71ad 'Duck: *makes things*
e71ad 'Duck: Stop fucking around, phone.
e71ad 'Duck: The spice must flow and Jason Todd must brood.
e7660 *Spider-Man: ...Aw. Sadface.
dc345 *Jason Todd: Dammit.
e7660 *Spider-Man: *pushes Jason's cheeks together* SAY CHUBBY BUNNY DAMMIT
e7660 *Spider-Man: Aw, someone's got a frowny face.
dc345 *Jason Todd: *Sullen look.*
19d75 ºPeanut: Right!? Dan picked a great avatar.
e71ad 'Duck: dayamn, Todd is almost good-looking enough to overlook his murderous streak
dc345 *Jason Todd: *Mopes.*
e71ad 'Duck: non-specified 10 minute break while I wait on the centrifuge to finish
e71ad 'Duck: im also still at work
e71ad 'Duck: she was originally a Bat-support character. wondering how it would configure into mdc space
19d75 ºPeanut: We're playing WoW but I'll RP with whoever, whenever.
19d75 ºPeanut: Reg saaaaa .
e7660 *Spider-Man: *crotch grab*
e71ad 'Duck: i'm really getting the itch to play Sam again.
8d50f *Jenny: SO FILTHY
8d50f *Jenny: Also...
e7660 *Spider-Man: He's like "Hey Jameson! print THIS!"
19d75 ºPeanut: 'Cause he's holding his junk?
e7660 *Spider-Man: This av just doesnt stop being funny ROFL
19d75 ºPeanut: Blergherlblarghel.
e71ad 'Duck: * stares*
e7660 *Spider-Man: *pic*
8d50f *Jenny: HAAAAAA
19d75 ºPeanut: *Fires up WoW like the non-nerd she is.*
8d50f *Jenny: Goddamn. Right.
19d75 ºPeanut: Fucking. Nerd.
8d50f *Jenny: Im working on a Be A Pro season as a Right Wing for the St Louis Blues.
8d50f *Jenny: Of course XD
9317d 'moth: NHL?
8d50f *Jenny: downloaded my first EA Access game.
8d50f *Jenny: healing steadily, though its starting to turn interesting colors lol
19d75 ºPeanut: So tired tonight. How's the arm?
8d50f *Jenny: blorp
19d75 ºPeanut: Bam.
9317d 'moth: Boom.
8d50f *Jenny: more doooooooom
e7660 *Spider-Man: *and again*
b4681 *Peter Parker: *testin*
8d50f *Jenny: *skitters about*
e71ad 'Duck: Damn phone. That was in my autocomplete
19d75 ºPeanut: You're a sick puppy.
19d75 ºPeanut: *Shoves Jenny's face in the gas cloud.* No! Bad!
8d50f *Jenny: *fuckin blasts ass*
19d75 ºPeanut: I bet it feels like time is going too fast.
13823 'Nate: Not yet! She starts kindergarten this fall
19d75 ºPeanut: Is Quinn in school yet, Nate? Like, first-grade? For some reason I think she should be in first grade.
13823 'Nate: Niiiiice
19d75 ºPeanut: It's just a very refreshing beverage. It's going to put me out.
19d75 ºPeanut: It's ginger ale, gin, mint, and lime juice over ice.
9317d 'moth: A Gin Mule.
13823 'Nate: What is it?
19d75 ºPeanut: He is the best.
19d75 ºPeanut: This drink Dan made me is delicious.
9317d 'moth: Have a good night, Duck. Hope it's a good birthday when all is said and done.
e71ad 'Duck: Bbl. Gonna wrap up work
9317d 'moth: I know we had originally been doing Justice League as an international team and Avengers as a government funded team, but having only one main team would probably be better.

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