Registration Application

Admin notes: We, the people of Elutheria, want to create a community of RPers who enjoy their interactions with one another and want to create an environment for everyone to enjoy. To that end, we work on an invite/recommendation system for new users.

If you wish to create a character to use in Elutheria, you must first be recommended by a current user of the chat who will pass on your E-mail details to one of the Administrators. You may also approach an Admin to discuss joining the chat who may then extend an invite and request your E-mail details.

A member must have been active in the chat for at least one month prior to recommending another user. Invites from one of the Admin team mean that you do not require a recommendation or need to wait a month prior to recommending other people. Please ensure you have read the rules and chat setting as well as having your E-mail address registered with the Admin prior to applying for a handle.

Character Creation Guide

Elutheria has been created with the idea of providing an established framework for roleplay to flourish. As a result canon characters are strictly prohibited. Also, please do not just insert one of your old fully formed/advanced characters into whatever fits. When you start in Elutheria, you start with a completely new and original character, though it can be a rework of one you've used before.

The Island is divided into three main sectors which are very important to consider when designing your character. Also remember that 'normal' people live and work in these areas, in fact they make up the majority of the population and have no particular affinity. These are listed below but refer to the geographical section for further information:

Technological: Big business and technological achievement rule supreme. Magic is actively suppressed, it is possible to perform magic but there is a guaranteed and heavy punishment.

Magical: Magic and the flow of energies dominate, the most powerful magic users wield the ultimate authority. Technology is actively suppressed, it is possible to utilise technology but there is a guaranteed and heavy punishment.

Feudal: This is a mixture of magical and technological users but neither is allowed to come to dominance. The balance is maintained with heavy application of force.

Your character needs to fit into one of the sectors above, it will define their entire upbringing and environment. It is possible for them to have originated outside of the Island but this is exceptionally rare and needs to be discussed with an Administrator.

You can create a new character or revamp an old one but all established history is disregarded in this chat room. They should not be overly powerful, by all means give them some ability, resource and/or power but allow room for development and have some basis. For example a low level mage would be in training in the Magical sector, so would have some powers but a lot to learn.

Also try to create a profile such as the one listed below. You can choose to omit certain details but provide a description of what people will be able to see so they will have some basis for reaction. This is especially useful if you do not have an avatar image.

Name: Lucy Smith
Age: Young child, doesn't look more than 14 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Cat
Sector: Magic
Clothing: Usually a tunic and leggings.
Description: Lucy is a small, slender child possibly suggesting she doesn't eat as much as she should. She has inky black fur with no markings and vividly yellow eyes. Her hair is also black and cropped close to her skull prominently displaying her torn ears. Typically she's seen lurking in the corners and always seems to be on the verge of mischief.
History: Lucy was born into the mage life and has lived in one of the greater towers since birth, training in the various magic's practised there.

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