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e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *Yawns and enters, blinking, looking around, surprised our little world even still exists*
cdbc5,  Emily Darkwolf: for the record for whenever someone else checks in here... a world reset could work.. would only suck for you and I because we already have Em and Ryu pretty established and would... kinda undo all that
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: oo
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(We could do a universe reset if we need to. I don't see why it would hurt anything..we haven't gotten much established so far, so a reboot would be pertinent.)-*
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((Well...that's that idea fucked....seems like the FTP server that had everything on is dead.....I'm going to have to rewrite it all.....**ponders**....wonder if it's worth just having a universe reset))=
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: o.o)-*
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((Biggest hit was that the Hard Drive which contained all the art and also all the FTP server details (including passcodes and access paths) completely fried I've lost all of that....I'll try to recover the FTP access and look to updating the art for the page as well as world details, etc))=
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((I've come up with how the previous plot would have played I'll share that in the community board soon and we can look to getting back to some RPage and look for someone else to put forth their ideas on running the next RP. Hopefully we'll have someone who will be able to follow through this time))=
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((Not dead....just
cdbc5,  Emily Darkwolf: ((*sad that this place died, but leaves hugs and cuddles for her friends none the less*))
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: Baconpressticles. )-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Rawwwwr...)-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Bacon broken)-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: oo
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: oo
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Breakin' Bacon. )-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: SHAZAM!)-*
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((Couple of things I'm going to need to fix/change....The chat's E-mail address is no longer valid, as that account is I'll need to change that or register it again. Which also means I'm going to have to find the access details for my server space and the FTP access stuff for it in order to update the detail pages, well as adding more mythos and the like.))=
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Sounds like a plan to me. )-*
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((Okiedokes.....there's been a large handle purge. I've removed handles which appeared to be obsolete for users who don't look like they'll be using the chat again. Everyone should, currently, be left with 2 character handles and an OOC handle (if they registered one).....Apologies if anyone lost handles who is going to be active or lost a handle they wanted to keep. I think, to start with, it would be best to stick to 2 characters each as we get going again....that way it maximises interactions while we're rebuilding))=
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((As part of getting this place going again, I've worked out a finalisation for the current plot arc which should be easy enough to follow through with. On top of that, I'm going to have a look through all the handles which are currently registered and purge a number of them from the system. At the end of it, there should only be a few registered handles remaining, If anyone finds they've lost a handle, just punt a message my way on AiM and we'll get things sorted))=
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((**blows the dust of the tome of Elutheria and looks at the cover**..methinks this might be worth another read....though...**looks at the bookmark on the current chapter and frowns**....hmmm....It might be worth bringing a quick end to this current plot and taking a month or so for people to commune in Oak Village again.. Then we can start taking ideas on the Large Scale RPs forum for what should happen next))=
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: derp
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: oo
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: o.o
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Bacon is delicious..but not when it's lonely bacon.. )-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-( ;____;...miss you guys..)-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Just keeping the place alive..hope everyone is doing well. )-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Schvonshtucka)-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(LIederhosen)-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(THat plot ender ever going to get wrapped up?)-*
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d6f3a,  Conrad: Okies then...I'll draft up a quick "finish" for the plot so that we can RP an end and then push on for something new. If anyone's looking to do something after this, head into the Large Scale RP thread and make your pitch.
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(We be Jammin. )-*
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e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(I'm all for drawing a line under it, but if you have something that will refresh it, I'd like to see that, too! )-*
2184d,  BlitzKrieg: ((Anything would work from me, as long as we get a chance to do something here))
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: ((same here either or works for me))
cdbc5,  Emily Darkwolf: either works for me...
d6f3a,  Conrad: I'd like to get this place going again. Would you guys like to see the current RP revived and finalised or would you prefer us to draw a line under it and continue anew? If you'd like to draw a line under it, I can write up something which will round it off nicely and allow our characters to make their way from the location and back to their homes.
2184d,  BlitzKrieg: ((You guys need to put life into this place anew))
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6d0a8,  Ekaterina: *she smiled. The young girl seemed to be happy that she was able to help out her friend and giggled at little once she took in what Tanek looked like.* Salali has become a good friend *she would grin as she reached up and scratched the little critter who was sitting on her shouldder. even though they had known one another a short amount of time it was clear that the two already shared a special bond.*..whoa!,..*she didnt expect to be picked up and was caught slightly off guard but she quickly recovered*....hmm....*the young girl would turn her head one any and then another, her ears twisting this way and that as her eyes scanned the forrest floor in search of civilization.*...I think that way..*and she pointed in the direction that she thought was best to head. rather or not that was the direction that would lead them to the village that they had first arriaved at she had no idea*
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e722c,  Tanek Xavier: Tanek accepted the leaf, nodding graciously. "Thank you.." Shi said, tying it around hir torso. Shi say the very least, wearing this makeshift get-up. "Your little friend there is quite useful, isn't he?" Shi asked, reachign down and picking Eka up and hefting her onto hir shoulders before shi started walking. "Sooo..kiddo..which way is civilization?"
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Heya, uhh, CHris, at your earliest convenience, I'd liek to talk to you about the Rise of Robotnik RP in PMC. If we're ever going to get it off the ground, we need to do so, soon, and go over the details therein. )-*
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: *the young girl would watch her friend with a puzzeled look. she had no idea what "it" was that she was talking about. it was probably just a nightmare that Tanek had she figured. at the mention of hunger Eka would gather a handfull of the nuts that were spilled when she made the makshift underpants and pass them to Tanek gently. She didnt know why but she was still puffed up somehting about Tanek just appearing out of nowhere made her feel uncomfertable. The child really knew nothing of powers that some peopel could possess (not knowing that her ability to talk to animals is a power she thinks everyone can do it) what they could do when it came to travel among other things so she had no answer for Tanek as to how she had gotten in the forest with her. She would shrug in response to her friends question becasue it had been some time since they had seen one another ((more then two weeks less them two months if I had to guess)). As she watched her friend try and figure out this questionable surcumstance that they had found themselves in Salali would return, climbc up the short distance from the ground to Eka's shoulder and "whipser" something in her ear. Eka would nod and walk a little off the path that the three of them were on, still within visual distance of Tanek, and pick something large up off the ground. When she came back Tanek would notice that it was a leafe that was not only long but fairly wide as well. Eka would take the last boot lace she had and would tie one end to each end of the leaf and hand it to Tanek so that shi may cover the northern half of her body so to save her from any further embarrassment*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: Tanek scratched hir head a little, yawning. "Geez...mmf..I wish I knew what happened...I dreamed I was back real.." Shi said, hir ears drooping. Shi really had thought it was all real. Shi stood, shakily. "Damn..I'm really hungry.." Shi said, having had nothing to eat except whatever was fed to hir introvenously. Shi didn't even know shi was in the lab at all. "I remember going to sleep...and then I woke up here...How long was I out?"
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: *Eka giggled and smiled as she watched Tanek reaction to hir nakedness. She knew that it wasn’t funny but on the other hand it kind of was though the young girl didn’t know how grave the situation was, she just thought that it was cute that Tanek was blusing like a little school girl* we are in the forest…you came out of the sky…in a bright flashing light…*she turned her head slightly and whispered something in the ear of the young critters ear who would instantly scamper off into the forest to do who knows what*…last time I saw you…you were sleeping in the hotel room…
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: Shi lay prone, unconscious still as Eka clothed hir.Shi suddenly coughed, a luminescent green fluid spouting from hir mouth and seeping into the ground. Shi shuddered and raised hir head, coughing a few more times. Shi blinked several times, feeling as though shi'd been asleep for a very long time. The light of day made hir eyes smart. Shi turend hir head to see the blurry visage of Ekaterina kneeling over hir. "Uhnn..E...Eka?" Shi slowly sat up, holding hir head. "What...what happened? Wh-where am I? I..feel like I was in a really long dream..." Shi then noticed that shi was all but naked, and shi quickly moved to cover hirself. FInding the coiled straps of the makeshift loincloth, shi tied it quickly around hir waist, blushing profusely.
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: *It had been just over a week since Eka had met her new little friend who she had named Salali. The tiny chipmunk had become invaluable when it came to searching for food and water, this is mostly because the woodland creature was familiar with the surroundings. Where things could be found, what was poisonous or what was safe to eat, even what nuts and what barriers tasted better together. Back home the child had many friends that belonged to the forest but there was something special about Salali. They way that they communicated for one was different. It took some time but Eka eventually figured out that Salali could only understand her if she spoke out loud, whereas before it was always a silent communication. She didn’t understand why this was the case but she also didn’t care. She had a new friend, someone to talk to and share a laugh with and that’s all that was important to her. Eka had run out of all of the food that she had brought with her and thus she and Salali were hunting for an assortment of nuts that she could keep in her handkerchief pouch. Said pouch was about half full when the young girl and her friend started to play a game of chase through the forest floor and up and down the trees. Her giggles mixed with the squeaks of Salali could be heard by anyone nearby. As Eka was chasing her friends down a path the chipmunk would stop dead in her tracks, Eka almost stepping on her.*…why’d you stop?...*Eka looked confused because for the first time she felt like a secret was being kept from her.*…what’s wrong?...*as soon as the question was asked she could feel it too. The hairs on the back of her neck stoop on end. It felt like (to put it simply) wrong, like the air itself was changing. She couldn’t explain it. Eka crouched down so that her knees were touching the ground into a half ready position of run away or spring up into the trees. As the young girl looked around for the change when a could formation caught her eye. What was going on? Ekas ears would flatten on her head as she shrunk herself down, a small nearly pathetic wimper would escape from her as she started to back away scooping up Salali as she went and placing the creature on her shoulder. Suddenly there was a bright flash but Eka didn’t wait around to see what it was, she instantly ran back several feet to take protection behind a large tree. It would be several moment before she was able to gather the courage it would take to peek around the trunk of the tree and what her eyes showed her was enough to make her rush back towards the thing that had frightened her. She had never seen a naked person before and when she realized that Tanek was not wearing any clothing she skidded to a stop. She haistly took off her hand made pouch and unbraided the strap. She recreated her pouch into a makeshift pair of underpants that she lay across Taneks front end and tied it around her waist the best she could. She wasn’t strong enough to loop the other strands around her back end Tanek would have to do that hirself. Eka would bend down at Tankes head and would gently place a hand on her friends mouth just to make sure that shi was still breathing.*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: Something strange occurred in the stasis pod. Readings on the displays began to fluctuate rapidly, increasing dramatically. Tanek was still dreaming, but the technician was losing control of the sequencers. Tanek felt afraid. Shi knew somethign was a miss, even in a dream-state. Electricity began to arc along hir form. There was a blast of electrical energy within the stasis pod. The felinid writhed as shi inadvertently electrocuted hirself, but the charge continued to build. THe stasis pod became a blinding light, It cracked and shattered. A bolt of lightning arced from the cracks, reacting with the shields, which overloaded, then dropped entirely. By the time it was all over, the Stasis pod was destroyed, and Tanek was gone. Technicians ran around the room, looking at screens and rolling back video footage. "Blue Room to Major Clannia! The specimen has vanished!" Back on Elutheria, electricity arced across the sky, clouds seeming to form out of nowhere above Ekaterina. A few moments later, A single bolt of lightning struck the ground about 100 feet away, and there, laying prone on the ground, naked, was Tanek, unconscious.
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: Tanek suddenly felt angry, and shi lashed out at the person causing it. It was hir brother, a bully, to say the least, but usually not so muc toward hir. THey quarrelled, hir emotional state growing worse as an all-out brawl ensued. Storm clouds covered the Isles. Electricity arced through the sky, but no rain ever fell. It struck the ground all over the isles, causing incredible damage. In the waking world, electricity arced from hir body, violently striking out at anything in range. The shield was raised again, and the female figure raised an eyebrow. " is this electricity being generated?" The technician shook his head. "Unknown, sir." He said, keying in commands again. Tanek's fight ended, all was forgiven, and shi went about helping to rebuild what had been destroyed by the storm. OUtside, the woman looked at a readout of the electrical charge Tanek had buil,t up in a matter of seconds and discharged in hir unconscious state. "Interesting...Everything seems to originate from the core of hir being...but there's no visible source..." The technician looked up. "That's what's confusing us all...It's as if shi's generating it from thin air...Shi's like a living rechargable battery.." The female shifted her hips a little. "Shi could prove useful to us in more ways than one..Keep me informed of any changes or discoveries." She ordered. "Yes, sir!" The technician said, standing and saluting before returning to his duties. The woman walked out of the Blue Room.
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: Meanwhile, in the waking world, scientists wandered around a brightly lit blue room. When I say blue, I mean blue. The lighting was blue, which threw everything into a blue hue, even the doctors, all of whom wore special protective goggles so that their vision would not be affected. They all wore what appeared to be form-fitting hazmat suits with broad faceplates. There, in the center of the room, was Tanek, floating in a transparent green fluid, curled up in the fetal position, wearing a strange harness on hir head that covered hir eyes and ears. THe corners of hir lips twitched upward into a faint smile. "HIr emotional states seem normal.." Said one of the figures, a tall, female figure, standing beside a console where a man was busily typing in command lines. "The subject has taken to the projections rather well. There was a bit of a flux in the subject's mental state when we roused her to anger, but it was nothing we couldn't handle. THouuugh we ~did~ have to raise the electro-static shield aorund the stasis pod at that point." THe female raised an eyebrow. "The Electro-static shield? Why?" "I think it would be easier to show you, than to explain it.." He keyed in a command, and a warning siren blared in a monotone, female voice. "Warning. Electro-static shield is going offline...Warning.." And the shield barrier came down as the technician keyed in another command.
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: Tanek had left Ekaterina at the Inn some time ago. Hadn't shi? It seemed like so long ago and so far away. Shi was home, now, enjoying hir life amongst hir people, but always feeling like something was...amiss. But any time that shi suspected that shi was forgetting somethign of utmost importance, some event in hir life would take hir mind off of it..a festival, a birthday, being asked to help construct new sky-boats, lead a commerce guild, make new clothing or build some structure. In all the time since shi'd arrived back home, hir bad luck and clumsiness seemed to have vanished. Shi was very glad of it. THough, sometimes, it would seem that shi was angry at people for no reason, for days, or shi would be sad. Shi experienced a range of emotions, for extended periods of time, but it always seemed that everyone was very understanding. Most of all, hir mother and father. SHi recalled hir father being the one who suggested exiling hir, but he seemed remoresful and resentful of the decision. THey treated hir better now than they ever had, and shi loved them all the more for it. Shi embraced them and smiled broadly.
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: *It had been a couple of days since she left the village that they had begun to call home and the young cub wasn’t even sure if the people they arrived with had even noticed that she had gone. Eka had almost forgotten how hard it was to survive on your own out in the wild and she was nearly disgusted with herself for becoming “domesticated”. Being in this strange forest of creatures that she couldn’t understand (who in return were unable to understand her) was making things a little more hard then she had expected. She was longing for her friends back home and was wondering how they were doing. Had they continued to dig the home she was making for herself? Were they worried that she was gone for so long? Did they even remember her? Eka shook her head to clear the thoughts from her mind, she had more important things to worry about. Opening the makeshift backpack that she had crafted from a handkerchief and boot laces the young girl would take an inventory of that food that she had left to sustain her. The cheese and fruit were the first things that she had finished, with only half a loaf of bread left and only a couple of sticks of the beef jerky left she knew it was time to go hunting. Shimmying down the large tree that she was currently perched in something would catch her attention. Landing softly on the dirt ground beneath Eka would open her ears, twist one ear in one direction and the other in the opposite direction. She could have sworn that she had heard something but what was it? Maybe she had lost her touch and was imagining things. Just as she was about to give up she had heard the noise again. An almost scurrying sound coming from one of the nearby bushes. Eka watched the bush patiently waiting to see if whatever it was would show itself and after what felt like an eternity a small chipmunk like creature would come running out stopping dead in its tracks when it noticed the cub staring at it. Her first instinct was to pounce on the critter and make a meal of it but a thought had struck her. If this woodland animal was able to survive out here then there must be some sort of food source nearby. The features on her face would soften and her ears and tail would relax and she bent down gently in front of the cute little guy.*…shh… it’s okay fella I’m not going to hurt you…*she tried to speak as softly as she could as to not frighten the animal. The chipmunk would scurry back inside of the bush out of Eka’s eyesight.*...I swear I don’t want to harm you…..I want to be your friend….*slowly Eka would move into a seated position with her legs crossed under her. Keeping her eyes on the small bush she would reach up to her shoulder and remove the bootlace strap and place the handkerchief in front of her opening it to show the contents that she was carrying around with her.* See? No weapons. Nothing I can hurt you with. *She heard something move from inside the bush and smiled when she saw a pair of shinning eyes peek out from between a couple of leaves* It’s okay little fellah *after several moments past the critter would ever so slowly and carefully come out from his hiding spot. This made Eka smile as this was the most progress she has had with any of the creatures here* That’s it, come on now…*as if on cue the little fur ball would walk up to the open pack and smell the dehydrated meat and stale bread. There was nothing here that he would have wanted to eat Eka thought to herself. Almost as if the little guy had heard her she would look up at her an expression worn on his face telling her that he had expected more. Eka would softly giggle to herself*…Its all I have…I’m sorry…*the animal before her would tilt its head to one side and then the other as she spoke to him. How could this be? It seemed that he actually understood her! Why only now after all this time was she able to communicate with one of the native creatures of this forest? Eka didn’t know and frankly she didn’t really care either. She gently and slowly (trying not to scare her new friend away) would reach out to the little animal. Her hand open and turned upwards she would wait to see if the chipmunk would be brave enough to come to her. Much to her own surprise he no longer seemed to be afraid of her and would scamper right into her hand. Eka wore a smile almost literally from ear to ear. Finally it would look like she was finally getting somewhere with the local animals. She still had no clue as to why all of a sudden this one animal seemed to understand her but she didn’t care.* Now maybe you can show me where your nuts and barriers are hmm? *her new friend would squeak in reply as he ran up her arm and would perch himself on her shoulder. Giggling happy to have someone to talk to she would fold up the handmade pouch and stand brushing off the dirt from her clothing*
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: *It had been some time since they first arrived in the modest village that was found near the base of the volcano and the young child known as Ekaterina was growing tiresome of always being told to “stay here” and to “keep out of trouble”. She was never allowed to go out on any excursions because she was “too young” or would just “get in the way”. So one night the youngster decided to sneak out and explore the strange forest on her own, not thinking of the consequences that could arise from her adventure. It had been a long time since she last entered the tree line on her own at night that she had almost forgotten what it was like, or that the animals here seemed to have their own language then the ones from back home. She quietly packed a large handkerchief with some essentials (bread, cheese, fruit and some beef jerky) and tied a knot so not to let anything fall out as it was being carried. Borrowing a lace from one of Taneks boots the young girl made a small braided like strap and attached each end to one side or the other of the handkerchief so that it could easily be carried over her shoulder. She would slowly sneak out of the two bed hotel room stopping only for a moment to look back at her roommate before gently closing the door. Tiptoeing down the hallway Eka would make very careful not to make any noise as she had memorized what floorboards creaked when walked on. Once outside she would make quick use of the back alleys of the village, she knew that she was less likely to be seen by any of the night city folk who may wish to harm her, as well as any of her friends that might be out and about at this time of night. Knowing of the dangers on staying on the ground in the spooky star light forest Eka would make quick work of the first tall tree she came across. Using the almost fully bloomed leaved tops of the trees the young girl would almost gracefully (and nearly soundlessly) climb to a vantage point that she was happy with, stopping only for a moment to listen to the ground below*
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6d0a8,  Ekaterina: ((its always dead in here....we need to fix that *nods*))
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e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *_(So dead in here..)_8
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Cheddar?)-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(Bacontits)_*
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: ((*sits on will*))
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-9Peanut brittle)_*
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6d0a8,  Ekaterina: *Eka was finding trouble sleeping in the little hotel that they had started calling home. So when the protective eyes of the adults she had started to consider her family were more focused on helping the local people she would sneak into the forrest and dig herself a bed under a bush. Now for the first time in a couple of days, and that her food supply had run out, she would make her way back to the small village that they had setteled in. She would smile when the dull lights would slowly grow brighter, but as the smile grew it also faded as the thought of how angry her friends would be with her. wanting to avoid the guit trip she would take a small unused grown over path back into the village that entered near the barn. She would stop in to check on the horses grabing a few treats as she entered the doors she would visit each stall one at a time patting the animals on the nose and giving them kind words to listen to*
cdbc5,  Emily Darkwolf: *For the first time in months, it was actually a slow day within the canvas walls of the temporary medical tent. There were still many to be treated, but the task was so much simpler now, routine as she was charged with tending only to the most sever of patients. Bright blue eyes gaze out at the black turned earth that indicated the graves of those she could not save, a heavy feeling felt within her heart as each face seemed to swim before her eyes. She had brought herself to the point of exhaustion as used every ounce of available magic to try and save whoever she could, and even that did not seem to be enough as Ryushi had found her several times now collapsed on the ground. Unseeing eyes flicker down as she folds her paw out before her as if inspecting it, but in memory seeing her paws caked in blood and ash. As the memories came back so vividly of those she had lost, in the recent weeks, the vixen would suddenly be rubbing her hands together fervently, to remove the blood and soot that was no longer there and a single tear would streak down her cheek. A child's cry would bring her back to the present, giving her head a shake as she pushed the tear away and tilts her head skyward. Letting the heavy and still pungent air run through her hair before shifting her weight and gaze to once more look at the scene before her. Sighing to herself briefly before turning on her heel and walking away from the canvas tent that had consumed her life to head towards the dark tree's*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *_(oo)-*
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-(I'm in the Inn that Eka is in, awaiting word from Abigor, or Ryushi, or anybody whom they set out with.
e722c,  Tanek Xavier:
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: ((do what?))
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8f3a1,  Abigor: ((Nashwa why you do that ;o;))
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6d0a8,  Ekaterina: ((Abi and I were on our way out but i came back. Tanek and Eka did little RP a while ago and then there is the post *points below*))
3260c,  Gunnar Lunatri: ((last I checked? still in Troile))
cdbc5,  Emily Darkwolf: ((I ish in a village healing people to the point of passing you and you needing to watch over me..., lecture me till I am well enough to heal and continue the cycle again *nodnod*))
d6f3a,  Conrad: =((Can people remind me of their characters locations so that I can work on getting this going again?))=
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: ((waves back*))
cdbc5,  Emily Darkwolf: ((*waves to lurker*))
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: *It had been several days since she had found her way back to the small village that she and her group of friends arrived to and settled down in. She had grown in a way that she did not expect in the weeks and months that she was seperated from the group of familiar faces. Her time "alone" was not as easy in this forrest as it was back home. ~~She found that she could not at first depend on the wild animals as she once had. It was like they had a more hightened sence of mistrust about anyone who walked on two legs. So in this place she for the first time in her life truly felt alone. Everytime she had found a "pretty" berry to eat she would be horribly sick. It took her several days and weeks to figure out through trial and error which berries she was able to eat without horrible side effects, but after some time she oddly found herself craving meat, something she hardly ever had a craving for. Between her strong thirst and her growing hunger she had somehow managed to come upon a small stream. After spending several minutes drinking the water from the stream she set out to try and catch whatever may be swimming in the waters. In the stream there was (what to an adult) a very small fish to her it was the perfect size. So after several failed attemps, scraps, scratches, bruises and hours she was finally able to catch one of the small fish but with no fire to cook it with she was forced to eat it raw, something she enjoyed more then she thought she would. Sadly she was not smart enough to fish for more and she had set on her way to try and find the small village. She was not aware of how much time had passed as she gave up on counting the days but when she found her good friend Tanek an excitment that she didnt know she could muster counsumed her. But as she ran towards her friend Shi seemed to get further and further away. Eventually panic set in and her heart felt like it was going to jump out of her chest and just when she thought she couldnt take it anymore~~ she was jolted away from the memory dream like nightmre as she had fallen off the bed and onto the hard floor. Eka reached up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes taking a moment to look around. How much time had passed since she came back? a grumble from her stomach would prompt her wimper a little and thats when she noticed a big red apple sitting on the night stand. But who could of left it there? She didnt care and took the apple eating it quickly to calm her talking tummy. She then stood up and shook the rest of her body awake and set out to find somebody she knew*
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: ((eggs))
e722c,  Tanek Xavier: *-9Bacon. )-*
Ekaterina exits
6d0a8,  Ekaterina: ((*sneaks into lurk for something to do as is bored as heck!*))
Ekaterina enters
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ff777,  Enoch Gyan: =((Methinks I'm gonna head to bed...**blinks a few times**))+
2184d,  BlitzKrieg: ((Sure, we have no hurry at all ^^))
3260c,  Gunnar Lunatri: ((it wouldn't affect me,as I'm still away from Blitz XD))
ff777,  Enoch Gyan: =((I'm looking forward to doing more in here too....With Gunnar being at a different location, he could continue can both continue character development...interact with NPC's etc?))=
2184d,  BlitzKrieg: ((Well we could leave it here and Gun Gun may not mind, we just were dusting off our characters here and I asked him XD, want to do more in Elu now that Im on vacations))
ff777,  Enoch Gyan: =((Damnit...I think I just nodded off for about half a second...**chuckles**...if you wanna continue with Blitz sorta wondering the ship, tis shiny. I think we could assume that Enoch went to the buffet, got something to eat, came back, sat quiet etc....if you want to RP out to Blitz leaving etc...))=
cdbc5,  Emily Darkwolf: ((No he doesn't... he needs to stay online then sleep in late tomorrow *nodnod*))

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