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Chat TitleDescriptionActive ChattersCurrent ObserversStatus
117 of 334Show Full Descriptions17/117/28-
WOD: MiamiNo Description [R]15Open
The Cantina, a Cross-FranchiseA Multi-Universe Role-Playing Extravaganza! Based chiefly in a smokey little bar on Tatooine, any characters, stories and settings are welcome! [R]00Open
Whatever!No Description [NC17]00Open
The Danger ZoneNo Description [R]00Open
A Den Of Wank+++ OOC insanity..leave your presumptions at the door and chat subversively. permissive moderation. potential adult content, oh! +++ [R]00Open
Star Wars : Tides of War Planet Vallera, 30 ABY. The only important thing you need to know is that there is no Vong. [R]02Open
True BloodBased on the hit HBO television series of True Blood, set in the small city of Bon Temps, Louisiana. A society in which humans have to try and get alo [NC17]00Open
Equestria TalesEquestria Tales: Magic is Friendship in Ponyville and at Canterlot High. Come in, make new friends, and stay awhile [R]00Open
Megaman Roleplay ChatA Megaman-based roleplay chatroom. [R]01Open
Real VampiresThis chat is for all interested in the truth about real vampires, dispelling both old and new myths about them, plus providing some guidance and assis [R]00Open
HorrorNo Description [NC17]03Mod
Planet Mobius Chat Planet Mobius, home of the famous Sonic The Hedgehog. This is an rp chat that takes place on this world, open to many who wish to join. [R]03Mod
PonyvilleAll ponies, all the time in a welcoming and friendly environment. [PG13]01Mod
VeilIt's so much better when everyone is in. Are you in? [R]01Mod
WoS: Afterworld500 years after the events of WoS: Nations Divided, on the heels of the Caellyra war, Spyridon is in ruins and the inhabitants of Spyridon have coloni [NC17]01Lock
Abaddon When the lights go down in the city, Hell opens its eager mouth. Welcome to Abaddon.... [NC17]00Open
AEGISSet in a multi-genre setting, Aegis-Earth is much like our own, but with a twist. It serves as the backdrop setting for an earth combined cross-wielde [R]00Mod
Age of RediscoveryThe first Survivors emerge from the magical Sanctuaries after the Last War. [TL;DR Sword&Sorcery 'Fallout'] [NC17]00Mod
AlphasAlphas - people with extraordinary abilities - have more options than they used to - if they're willing to play by the government's rules. [R]00Open
\/ampire RevolutionThis chat is for real vampires, and people that are interested in learning about real vampires. All are welcome, this is an anarchy style chatroom. [R]00Open
Ben's ~Be Seen~ [R]00Open
Bettenchi This is a darn cool chat. :o) [PG13]00Open
Bloody '65What if the worst case scenario of the Vietnam War happened? [R]00Open
Crater LakeW20 set in Crater Lake, Oregon. [NC17]00Open
Crip CryptCRIP CRYPT: A chat room for Physically disabled individuals and Friends. 18 or older. Not for the easily offended. E-mail for membership. [R]00Open
Dark AgesNo Description [NC17]00Open
Dead of Night A zombie survival RP in the vein of Left 4 Dead and the Walking Dead. [R]00Lock
Digimon: Dimension DriftersThe Digital world has been rediscovered. New portals to strange places are appearing. And Goddramon sees he may be in need of new Digi-destined... But [R]00Open
DnD campaignDnD run campaigns. Heavy focus on missions, if casual is your cup of tea, this isn't really the best place for you. [R]00Mod
DR: Axis of Blood and Iron [R]00Open
Dreams of Dying LightNo Description [R]00Open
Dungeon of the DamnedT he Dungeon of the Damned as it used to be. Alternative Culture! OOC..**Not A Roleplaying Room** -Moderated-< /b> [R]00Open
. duress .No Description [R]00Open
ElutheriaWelcome to Elutheria! A roleplay chat dedicated to originality and community. Original characters only, please! [R]00Mod
Empire XEmpire X, a new world revisited. [R]00Mod
Epic CrossoverWhat if JLA/Avengers never ended? Epic Crossover is a combined DC/Marvel world. OCs welcome in moderation. [R]00Mod
FantasiaThe War for Fantasia has begun! [R]00Mod
Fate AcceleratedOver The Top Fantasy Anime is the current campaign but many may be run here in the Fate Accelerated game system. [R]00Mod
Forgotten MemoriesBased in on a original planet for original characters only(No canon). From modern technology to medieval era the only limitation if your imagination. [R]00Lock
Free Role Play ChatNo Description [R]00Open
Galeforce HarborNo Description [R]00Mod
Grimm WarsIn every fairy tale, a shadow remains to taint it. Welcome to the Grimm Wars. [R]00Lock
Grimm Wars: Path of ProgressA hundred years has passed since the Grimm Wars. Now the scene has changed, as in a 20's era sort of world of progress, a new threat has rose up. [R]00Lock
H.A.C. 1 ©2008Hide Away is a Free Style Multi/cross universe Role Play chat, for those of us into things like D&D, sonic, anime, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, what ever [NC17]00Open
Hyborian Age“Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirt [R]00Open
Legends of GensokyoNo Description [R]00Open
Legion Of DoomNo Description [NC17]00Open
LizdoonvarnaNo Description [R]00Open
Lost Galaxy.A lost galaxy has been discovered. An entire universes resources, open and ripe for the picking. Whether spacer, conqueror or otherwise...This is your [NC17]00Mod
LothianFrom mysterious stone circles of Callanish, to ancient tales of banshees & sea spirits - the Lothians have long been shrouded in cabalistic myth & sa [NC17]00Open
M20Truth until Paradox. A Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition chat. [NC17]00Mod
M.A.D.E. - Lex Ordo UniversumNo Description [R]00Open
MarvelA Chat based on the Marvel Comic Universe. Adult content/situations Viewer discretion advised [R]00Open
Marvel/DC UniverseBack in business. [R]00Open
Marvel: Old SchoolThe less complicated Marvel times. Come create some plots, assemble some Avengers, cause some havoc, be an angsty teen, or save the world. [R]00Open
Marvel UndergroundNo Description [R]00Open
MobiusWhat sort of adventures will you get into on the Planet Mobius!? A chatroom based around the Sonic Universe! [R]00Open
Montgomery Alabama Dark BrotheNo Description [NC17]00Open
New York NightsWelcome to New York: Freeform roleplay [NC17]00Open
Noir1920s Noir with a few twists: Steampunk and Urban Fantasy. Established D6 Game System - Not a Dollhouse. [R]00Mod
Operation:SyndicateThe World has changed since the end of World War 3, Supernaturals have emerged from the world in droves. Some are tasked to defend these people and [NC17]00Mod
PalaEscape. [NC17]00Mod
Path of the BladeNo Description [R]00Open
Philadelphia: City of ShadowsUnusual things have been occurring within the Philadelphia area. Things unexpected, things which go bump in the night. [R]00Lock
POKEMONWelcome young trainer..your journey has just begun.. [R]00Open
[ polina & dominik || fine looNo Description [R]00Open
PurgatoryThe city is wide open, no one rules no side reigns. Creatures of darkness roam the streets unchecked. You are not safe! [NC17]00Open
Quests of Arcadia Arcadi a. [R]00Open
ReignNo Description [R]00Lock
RifthavenRifthaven, the World between Worlds, a place where multiple continuities, canon and OC, meet. Chaos at it's finest. Not to be confused with the game R [R]00Open
Rogugetsen NSD RPThe world of Rogugetsen is a culmination of all canon,fan character, and Original Characters' worlds mixed together. Come in and RP! [PG13]00Open
Roots of AlthessaNo Description [R]00Open
SAILOR MOON CHATRemember BeSeen? REMEMBER SMC?! So do I! [NC17]00Open
Shadow of Deceit: Main RoomThe Original Star Wars Chat Room upon Projectjj. Can the NR halt the terrifying advance of the Ne'kressis? [NC17]00Open
Skyward DreamsThe School for the Arcane that rests in a world unlike any other. This is not Earth. All are welcomed for now. [Work In Process] [R]00Mod
SLUGNo Description [R]00Open
Spell SkoolSchool of spell teaching and mastery. Looking for teachers and enrolling students now. [NC17]00Open
SpoonsThis is Spoons! We are now open for public, because we want to share our awesomeness. Enjoy it, and feel privileged. [NC17]00Open
Star WarsThe Galactic Rebellion Era [NC17]00Mod
Star Wars BattlefrontsFight for freedom or the glory of the Empire. [R]00Open
Star Wars: SagasSet 10 years after Episode III. The Empire is firmly in power and the Jedi are all but extinct. All are welcome, come play with us! [R]00Mod
Star Wars: The Warrior's EraA Star Wars themed chat where you have the chance to make the grab for power. Will you make an alliance or fight? (Newly improved : Open System) [NC17]00Mod
Stillwater, A Western FantasyNo Description [NC17]00Open
StorybrookeCome tell us, what is your story? [NC17]00Open
Teenagers From Outer SpaceNeo Tokyo High School, where the students can be from anywhere! Just watch out for the Monster of the Week! [R]00Mod
Terre d'Ange ~ Love As Thou WiWelcome to Terre d'Ange! Our official launch date for this RPG is February 14, but feel free to stop by and check us out. It's a work in progress! [NC17]00Open
The Chatting DeadA chat inspired by The Walking Dead and zombie movies everywhere. [NC17]00Open
The Glitter GulchNo Description [NC17]00Mod
The Like Minded IndividualsFor serious discussions on all topics. To learn and share for mutual personal growth. Looking at subjects from every collective perspective. [R]00Open
The Marvel UniverseNo Description [R]00Open
!The OOC Chat!Where you banned from another chat? Come vent your frustrations right here! Or perhaps the chat is members only? Come one, come all! Speak your mind! [R]00Open
The Snake DenNo Description [R]00Open
The Spires of TuulanNo Description [NC17]00Open
The TapestryNo Description [NC17]00Lock
The Unknown Roomjust a chatroom [R]00Open
The Warehouse DistrictDilapidated buildings covered in woody vines. [R]00Open
The X-MansionDiscover your true potential at Xavier's School for the Gifted. The one and only X-Chat. [R]00Open
The X-Mansion: OriginsNo Description [R]00Open
This is the Matrix WARNING: Possibility of character death. || Board || REGISTRATION || Rules and Regs || [R]00Mod
Tides of AdventureA fun RP environment for all those that are creative and seek out adventure! [NC17]00Lock
Universal Survivors'Warriors of the multiverse, when you die it shall be to the sounds of applause....Welcome to Raid World.' [R]00Lock
Universal WarriorsWelcome to the multiverse. Worlds of wonder, of fantasy. All connected by a tenuous thread of life, and all under attack by the shadow of the Old Ones [R]00Lock
Universal Warrior's tournamentChaos vs. Order in a war to save the multiverse [R]00Mod
UWT:AbsolutionNo Description [R]00Lock
VWe are of peace. Always. [Based on the 2009 version of the series.] [R]00Open
Vampire Scene ChatFor all those chatters left out in the cold when The Scene vanished. Again. And for any and all who like to chat about Vampyres. [R]00Open
Vienna Dark NightsWelcome to Vienna. Crowded city with lots to do, for those that live there or those merely visiting. The city has much to offer anyone of what ever b [NC17]00Open
WeHoWelcome to West Hollywood! Be who you are. [NC17]00Open
World of AmalgamA world of multi-genre roleplaying! [R]00Open
World of AtlesA rp chatroom for those who crave adventure, storytelling and freedom. Also fun. We have fun. [R]00Open
World of Harry Potter: RisingSet before Harry, Hermione and Ron came to Hogwarts. Now watch as James, Sirius, Remus and Peter attend school. But Voldemort is recruiting.... [R]00Open
WoS: HavilundWorld of Spyridon: 500 years ago, Havilund is a near barbaric territory in the nation of Shareem on the northwest area of the Seridian Peninsula. Pir [NC17]00Lock
WoS: Nations DividedWorld of Spyridon: Modern Spyridon ravaged by 100 years of drought. Not many villages survived the devastation, but then the rebirth happened and rain [NC17]00Lock
WoS: Silver Raven InnFreestyle RPG, unmoderated [R]00Open
XPATMarvel Alternate Universe. [R]00Open
117 of 334-1717 (28)-
Chat TitleDescriptionChattersObserversStatus
Chat Title: Very simple, and exactly what the name says.
Description: The chat theme/setting as the admin writes it.
Chatters: Number of people in the chat.
Observers: Number of people looking on the chat. Includes chatters.
Status: Open, Moderated or Locked. Access ranges from View/Chat over View/NoChat to NoView/NoChat for unregistered users.

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